66 Bartenders Share What Customer Behavior They Find Most Annoying

The bar, tavern, pub, call it what you will, but around the world, these are locations where people go to celebrate, relax, socialize, or drink away their sorrows. On the other end of the counter are the dependable bartenders who pour and mix the drinks, listen to the sob-stories, and deal with the inevitable effects of inebriation. 

Bartenders from around the world shared what customer behavior they absolutely abhorred in this online group. Bar regulars should make sure to take notes, and be sure to upvote your favorite examples, and comment your own bar stories. 

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#1 Sorry For The Confusion

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#2 Ppl

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#3 If Only

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While every bar is different, bartenders generally have to deal with customers who they are making drunk. Simultaneously, again, depending on the venue, they will also have to do the highly skilled work of mixing cocktails which involves precise techniques, measurement, and knowledge. Add in customer demands, managing payments, and working on one’s feet for hours and it becomes clear that it’s no easy job. 

Setting aside the economics of tipping culture, the US Department of Labor believes that around 55% of a bartender’s income is customer tips. In a perfect world, businesses would just pay their labor force and not outsource it to the kind or not-so-kind hearts of customers, but a dream of a perfect world doesn’t pay anyone’s bills. So consider typing your regular bartender. Plus, it can’t hurt to be on the good side of a person who is literally mixing your beverages.

#4 Bartending

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#5 I Couldn’t Help Myself

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#6 Genius Sign I Need At My Bar

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While the advantage of a good bartender is that they can mix and match your drink to make something unique to suit your tastes, it’s probably best to stick to the menu. Imagine needing to improvise on a busy workday, with multiple patrons, some drunk. all clamoring to order something. Then you need to figure out how much to charge for this new item, and how to garnish it. Even worse, if the customer likes it, this opens the gate for more complicated, personalized recipes that one has to make. Might as well keep that door shut.

#7 Lmao

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#8 Bartenders Hate When You Think They Have Some Sort Of Superpowers

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#9 Tell It Did’t Happen To You?

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Having to work on one’s feet for hours is also not the most enjoyable situation. Yes, it has health benefits and in the long run, standing workers tend to be healthier than people who sit around all day. Be sure to mention that to anyone who has to work on their feet all day, I’m sure it will go over well. Another hazard is being around drunk people. While most places will take some precautions to keep unruly customers in line, being completely sober around inebriated people is desperately unfun. You have to put up with weird requests, slurred speech, and unpredictable behavior. 

#10 I Used A ‘Quiet’ Sign From A Golf Tournament

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#11 This

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#12 When Your Regular Is A Lady’s Man

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The physical location of some bars can exacerbate these problems even more, for example, imagine bartending from a moving tram. This is not some sort of fever dream, it’s a real service in Helsinki, Finland. The SpåraKoff is a converted, retro tram that moves around the city and serves beer, a small selection of cocktails, and even wine. While this sounds like a great time for a passenger, it could be somewhat disconcerting to be zooming around the city while drunk. And let’s not forget the hardworking bartenders who have to stand at the back of a moving tram just to give you your drinks.

#13 This Is The Worst Thing I’ve Seen On Paper

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#14 “ Extra Creamy”

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#15 How To Make Someone’s Day

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While it’s obviously a business, since as far as I know, no charity bars yet exist, the need to take the patron’s payments is also a pressure on the bartender. Keeping track of a tab, tips, and explaining the costs and prices are something they need to do hour after hour. Add in the constant chatter, music, and drunken demands, it’s a miracle people don’t just go crazy. Let’s face it, inebriated people are not always the most understanding, particularly when they themselves no longer remember all the things they ordered and are becoming hostile to the idea of paying for the double they themselves demanded. 

#16 Cocktails

#17 Oh Chanell

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#18 Ouchie!

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#19 Telling A Customer You Are Out Of Mint For A Mojito And They Say “No Worries Just Do It Without”

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#20 Genuinely The Funniest Thing I’ve Seen In A While

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#21 There Are Some Truly Wonderful People In The World

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#22 At Least Once Every Weekend

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#23 Sure, Karen

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#24 After Years Of Trying Everything, I Learned To Just Charge Through Them. I Never Thought I’d Say This, But I Miss Them

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#25 “Are You Closed”? Every..f**king….night

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#26 Don’t Make Me Do This

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#27 Firmly Grasp It

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#28 I Think I’m Starting To Get Old

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#29 I Was Even Asked To Make Up Special Shots And Deliver Table Service Just For This Group

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#30 I Don’t Understand How People Are Able To Ask That Question With A Straight Face

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#31 Can’t Wait To Come Back In 48 Hours And See All This Hard Work Ruined

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#32 I Barely Remember The Classics

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#33 It Do Be Like That

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#34 There Should Be More Memes Here

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#35 Why They Gotta Set Everything On Fire?

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#36 Cringe

#37 I’m Ready To Play!

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#38 Bud Light

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#39 Thats A No From Me Big Dawg

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#40 Not Sure If This Has Been Posted Here Before But It Gave Me A Laugh

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#41 Ah Yes, 6 Star-Blast White Tea Bombs, Coming Right Up

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#42 This Is The One

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#43 Bartenders Hate When You Walk In Right At The End Of The Night

#44 Me At Last Call

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#45 Not Now, Chief

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#46 I Really Wish People Would Say Their Whole Order Instead Of One At A Time

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#47 “It’s A Blue Chase Card” —memoirs Of A Closing Bartender

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#48 Bartenders Hate When You Order This Exact Drink, Apparently

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#49 Has This Been Done? I Feel Like Maybe It’s Been Done

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#50 Bartenders Hate When You Open And Close A Tab A Million Times

#51 Boo!

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#52 Let’s Do This!!!

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#53 Relatable

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#54 I Know I’m Guilty

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#55 Sniper Level: Master

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#56 Me Today, Well Most Days

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#57 Chilling By The Register

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#58 I Know You’re Trying To Help

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#59 Music To My Ears Jk

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#60 Surprise

#61 Everyone Has A Weakness

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#62 Papa No Please Dont Go

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#63 Can You Make Me A Mezcal Negroni?

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#64 Do It For The Culture

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#65 I Would Do Anything To Be Three Rows Deep With Two Guys Called In Sick Right Now

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#66 Please, Don’t Say Dammmn… When You Hear The Price

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