66 Examples Of When Justice Was Rightfully Served, Shared In Online Community

Some say that in an ideal world, the law is not needed. However, our society is far from perfect and there are plenty of people who deserve a hot steamy plate of justice. After all, what goes around comes around, and there’s a whole online community to prove it.

Justice Served is a subreddit where more than 1.8M members share stories showing that fairness still prevails. Whether we’re talking about bike thieves, abusive police officers or offensive taxi passengers, these are the evildoers that were put in their rightful place.

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Bored Panda has collected some of the best posts from this online group. Continue scrolling, upvote the pics where you think karma did its job and let us know if you have any similar stories in the comment section below.

#1 Meet Issac Wright Jr – American Hero

Image credits: 13artC

#2 This Is Griffen, He Is A Very Good Boy. Two Weeks Ago He Tracked And Caught The Scum Bag That Attacked And Attempted To Abduct A Young Woman. Despite Getting A Kick To The Head, P.d. Griffen Did His Job

Image credits: philed1

Since 2013, the subreddit has been steadily growing and bringing our attention to people who got what they deserved. From seriously gruesome crimes to petty thefts, the community is dedicated to sharing the best examples of how law and order gets gradually restored.

According to the moderators, “Posts must include a clear display of justice. ‘Justice’ includes charges—not just convictions; justice outside the courtroom, and justice that may not be inherently physical altercations.” This does not apply to protesting, call-outs, and viral or staged clips. The mods do not want to see memes, image macros or screenshots of articles, they wish to hear the whole story. 

#3 Nature Is F**king Metal

Image credits: caio_joojingo

#4 Good Ol’ Grandma Serves Some Bad Guys Fresh Justice

Image credits: NewCarthagea

The phrase “The king is dead, long live the king!” is written at the top of the page. Originally, it was used as a way to announce that a monarch has just passed away and to introduce the new king who immediately takes over. In modern times, the saying often serves as a headline for articles or ads on themes of continuation or replacement. 

One could think that the phrase is about immortality—an idea might die, but the institution will live on. It will be replaced with something else only to keep the function of the previous thing or person alive but will not bring any real improvements to the table. Over the years, the justice system has seen many changes and still, it remains flawed and requires our immediate attention.

#5 Great Lawyer!

Image credits: zBlackouttz

#6 Justice Served!

Image credits: agility_physics

According to the Sentencing Project, the U.S. is the world’s leader in incarceration and the criminal justice system today is like a bicycle stuck in one gear—the prison gear. Over the last 40 years, the population in prisons and jails has increased by 500%, with more than 2M people serving a sentence today. 

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One explanation for this is the change in the sentencing law and policy, and not in the crime rate itself. This has resulted “in prison overcrowding and fiscal burdens on states to accommodate a rapidly expanding penal system, despite increasing evidence that large-scale incarceration is not an effective means of achieving public safety.”

#7 An Illegal Dumper Receives A Home Delivery

Image credits: helladiabolical

#8 Not Sure If This Is A Repost Or Not

Image credits: Weeb_Memestar

While sentencing people to prison has had some impact on crime, it’s not as successful as one might think. First, imprisonment is not as effective when it comes to youth and drug crimes: “When people get locked up for these offenses, they are easily replaced on the streets by others seeking an income or struggling with addiction.”

Next, people tend to “age out” of wrongdoing. There’s research that shows that crime starts to peak during the teenage years and begins to decline when people are in their mid-20s. Because of this reason, lengthy prison sentences are a counterproductive and costly approach, with the exception of targeting extremely dangerous criminals. 

#9 You Get What You Deserve

Image credits: SilversRayleigh04

#10 Everyone Liked That

Image credits: JangoSkett

#11 What Goes Around Comes Around

Image credits: studentactivism

Most Americans agree that the country’s criminal justice system is an ineffective, purely punitive approach to crime, as stated in the research by the Open Society Institute. They conducted a nationwide telephone survey of 1,056 adults where they found out that Americans want to prevent crime rather than deal with the aftermath. 

The majority of the recipients favor dealing with the roots of crime. For example, today people see drug abuse as a medical problem and not a serious felony, as it was seen earlier. They think that it should be handled by counseling and treatment, not by courts and the prison system. 

#12 All Governments Need To Do This

Image credits: TheDarkIsMyLight

#13 A Few Weeks Ago In Morocco, He Blocked The Tramway For Some Likes On Social Media. Today He Was Sentenced To 3 Years In Prison

Image credits: modianos

#14 Busted Not Paying For Your Taxi!

Image credits: Unitron07

“Americans believe that today’s prisons are no more than “warehouses,” providing little or no rehabilitation or reentry programs, that instead simply store criminals for a period of time and then dump them back on the street, no different than when they were first incarcerated,” Open Society explained. 

#15 California Woman Who Coughed On An Uber Driver Says She’ll Only Use Lyft, Lyft Says No

Image credits: Hipple

#16 Racist Gets Fired By His Own Dad

Image credits: pukechuke

#17 It’s Shops Like These Which Rob Us

Image credits: zaynthelegend

Needless to say, most people want fairness and this subreddit is a great place to see that justice does not fail to prevail. Still, if we wish for some positive shift in our society, harsh prison sentences should not be the primary tool for fighting crime. Using prevention, treatment and long-term public safety solutions should lead to change in the crime rates in the future.

#18 She Completely Deserved It

Image credits: asdfpartyy


Image credits: AlarminglyConfused

#20 Solidaritea

Image credits: marblechocolate

#21 Very Cool Judge

Image credits: ishyfishy321

#22 Not Sure If This Belongs Here. Spotted On My Evening Walk

Image credits: rgilligan85

#23 The Annual Monsoon Ritual Of Mumbai’s Ocean Giving Back What Has Beendumped In It

Image credits: earthmoonsun

#24 Don’t Honk In The Drive Thru

Image credits: SomewhatFrat

#25 Enjoy Your Dosage Of Acid

Image credits: outcrazygamer

#26 Thoughts And Prayers

Image credits: grove4lyf

#27 It Took A Long Time, Sure, But She Got The Justice She Deserved

Image credits: NewCarthagea

#28 Catching Up On My Crime-A-Day Calendar And Came Across This Absolute Gem

Image credits: SereneAdler33

#29 People Wouldn’t Stop Mudding In This Farmers Field. So The Farmer Put Up A Dirt Barrier At The Fields Entrance. Today It Caught Someone!

Image credits: ysl448g

#30 The Two Cops Who Shoved A 75 Year Old Man To The Ground Have Been Arrested And Charged With Felony Second Degree Assault

Image credits: FreedomIsUniversal

#31 Cop Gets Served A Parking Ticket

Image credits: pauliep84

#32 This Guy Calling Himself “The Peddler” Wearing A Velodrome Helmet And Balaclava Is Returning Stolen Bikes (Including Mine) From Online Sellers And Patrolling The Streets Making Sure Bikes Are Properly Locked Up And Registered Online. He Was Just Interviewed On The Radio!

Image credits: edude10

#33 Caren Karen

Image credits: sarab3201

#34 Wife Dumps Abusive Husband’s Ashes In The Trash

Image credits: cbuswerc

#35 This Brightened Up My Day

Image credits: 2112OBSRVR

#36 Not Much To Say

Image credits: germanrussianboi

#37 Anti-Vaxxer Gets It Handed To Them

Image credits: Photo-Synth

#38 Employees In A Supermarket React To A Customer That Left The Car In The Middle Of The Parking Lot, Blocking The Way

Image credits: velocifasor

#39 Stole From A Local Car Wash Company, Ended Up Significantly Damaging Her Car

Image credits: deeba_

#40 Bike Barry Loses His Job And Is Arrested

Image credits: GokusTheName

#41 Greedy Man Has His Hoard Of Hand Sanitizer Confiscated And Donated

Image credits: DinerEnBlanc

#42 Cop Going To Jail

Image credits: ImpressiveFace4437

#43 They Found Her From The Video

Image credits: RealMsDeek

#44 Mexico For The Win

Image credits: juaninazio

#45 This Car Was Graffitied For Illegally Occupying A Handicap Spot From 2am To 4pm

Image credits: director__denial

#46 Road Sweeper Dealt Out His Own Version Of Street Justice To Punish An Illegally Parked Car

Image credits: unknown

#47 Not The Brightest Light Bulb Obviously

Image credits: True-Ad7084

#48 Feds Shut Down Capitol Rioter’s Request To Be Released Due To ‘Long Term Chronic’ Back Pain: ‘You Had No Problem Swinging That Axe Handle At A Cop’

Image credits: deadstatedotorg

#49 Sweet Justice Tears

Image credits: seether18

#50 The Revenge For Not Getting Paid

Image credits: Schadufffcat

#51 What A Moron

Image credits: TemporaryComplaint

#52 Star Educator

Image credits: DiscoHeaven

#53 That’s What She Deserved

Image credits: Yigiamo

#54 Bar Plays Chicken With Covid Mandates, Get Burnt. Two Days Before Easing Of Mandates

Image credits: pragmaticbastard

#55 The Amount Of Courage This Man Has

Image credits: beanieboy666

#56 Kidnapper Takes The Train To Escape At The Next Station, Train Doesn’t Stop At Any Stations Until It Reaches The Station Where The Police Were Waiting.

Image credits: reddit.com

#57 Southlake Pd For The Win

Image credits: Sonny516

#58 I’m Sitting In Starbucks And A Bunch Of Cops Are Here Too. This Guy Parks In A Handicap Spot And Has His Kid Run In To Pickup Their Drinks. As The Guy Is Backing Out 2 Cops Run Out And Give Him A Ticket

Image credits: reddit.com

#59 This Made My Monday A Little Easier

Image credits: irishrugby2015

#60 There Was An Attempt

Image credits: absitasuperiore

#61 Sweet, Delicious Justice

Image credits: UniqueBrowser

#62 Two Highschool Seniors Who Made A Racist Tiktok Will Not Be Allowed To Graduate

Image credits: bl0ndie5

#63 It’s A Child! Why?

Image credits: BigGeak

#64 What Goes Around, Comes Around.

Image credits: si1entassasin05

#65 UPS Delivery Driver Caught Peeing In Elevator En Route To Deliveries In My Old Building. The Building I Lived In Had A Strict Hoa And I Had Just Gotten A Puppy. I Was Always So Nervous The Smell Of Urine In The Elevator Was From Her Peeing Without Me Noticing. This Was A Relief To See

Image credits: ediesdad

#66 Racist Lady Loses Her Cocker Spaniel

Image credits: mcflyjr

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