66 Times These Brands And The Media Tried To Act Cool For Younger People But It Turned Out Cringeworthy

Prepare yourselves for mass levels of cringe that are bound to send you spiraling deep into face-palm territory, dear Pandas. In my personal experience, there are very few things that are more cringeworthy (and deeply, deeply sad on a cosmic level) than seeing someone desperately trying to fit in with the younger crowd. They might think they’re hip, but they might actually need a hip replacement. “How do you do, fellow kids,” indeed.

It’s not just your neighbors, teachers, and professors, though. It’s entire companies, corporations, and conglomerates that try to appeal to the youngest generations by using their vernacular (read: slang), too. This, however, can backfire gloriously because it’s anything but natural and sometimes you can’t even get to grips with what’s going on. Imagine your grandparents shouting ‘YOLO’ and then doing the Backpack Kid’s dance moves—it’s that level of ‘oh Lord no, no, no, please stop.’

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What’s even better is that there’s an entire subreddit, r/FellowKids, dedicated to documenting and cataloging the very worst transgressors who try to be cool. Check out the best pics below, upvote the ones that made your inner child groan in embarrassment, and be careful so you don’t overdose on the cringe.

#1 For The Youths

Image credits: gab-mak

#2 Rent-Free

Image credits: TruStoryz

#3 Just An All Round Cringe

Image credits: RoboraptorSazz

I’m not even going to pretend that I ‘get’ the newest couple of generations. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I try to stay as up-to-date with what’s new as I can and I absolutely love watching how memes and their formats evolve over the years, but that’s not enough.

I’ve reached a point where I know that I won’t be able to get everything. And that’s perfectly all right—every single generation goes through this sense of alienation and isolation as it grows older. We think the world’s changing too fast/for the worse while the youngsters are complaining that we’re not cool.

#4 Upvote If You’re A Striminal

Image credits: etmua

#5 Local Army Recruit Center Posted This

Image credits: Jerry_Drendleberg

#6 Only Fools Rush In Blind To Join A Trending Hashtag

Image credits: ScipioA

So while I’ll shamelessly steal ‘sus,’ ‘flex,’ and ‘yeet,’ you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll steer clear of the likes of ‘skrt,’ ‘kiki,’ and (probably the very worst offender) ‘bae.’ Why? Because I don’t get them. And pretending otherwise would be to behave exactly like the people making you laugh in this very list.

Besides, I’d much rather be old-fashioned and eccentric in my own way than desperate to fit in. I like who I am, I don’t need to pretend to be a teenager. But, damn it, ‘yeet’ is just a fantastic word, isn’t it?

#7 I Believe This Belongs Here

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Image credits: StutteringSoliloquy

#8 Not One Soul Voted On Subway’s Twitter Poll

Image credits: gangbangkang

#9 The Official Conservative Party From The UK

Image credits: BoglinKing0611

The ‘Fellow Kids’ subreddit has just shy of 801k members and they’ve been around on Reddit since the late spring of 2014. The moderators are very straightforward when it comes to the community rules. In essence, try your best to be nice and make sure that your posts are on-point and actually belong on r/FellowKids. Otherwise, they might be yeeted out. Sounds simple enough, right?

#10 Finally Found A Friend

Image credits: whiskey_echo_sierra

#11 Spotted At My Local Barnes And Noble

Image credits: 6ixer_

#12 The Us Army Trying To Recruit People With Memes At My School

Image credits: lemonbrownies

#13 Found In My English Book

Image credits: yazeed105x

#14 Swedish Supermarket Is Down With The Kids

Image credits: Ampersand55

#15 Another Internetism

Image credits: heartofgold0

#16 New Zealand Police Trying To Meme

Image credits: JaumeBG

#17 Spotted In The Sun Newspaper

Image credits: Ookie_

#18 Visit North Korea’s Facebook Page Posted This

Image credits: pacman_the_great

#19 Youtube What You Doing…

Image credits: Icidel

#20 The Face Says It All

Image credits: TheGardenBlinked

#21 Not Gonna Lie, It Is Tempting

Image credits: MetsGo

#22 Good Use, But Def Fits Here

Image credits: SneepSnorping

#23 Good One To Be Honest, At Least For Me

Image credits: PizzaTime337

#24 An Actually Good Attempt

Image credits: Shadowfox642

#25 Chik-Fil-A Is So Hip And In With The Millennials

Image credits: CrispyShizzles

#26 New Sushi Bar Opened Up

Image credits: allitob

#27 Weather Memes By The Fellow Kid Weatherman

Image credits: MakeAmericaHangAgain

#28 I Am Tooth

Image credits: irishtown101

#29 Dbrand Brings In The Deep Fryer

Image credits: usvimal

#30 Someone Took This At Their Church

Image credits: nonconformistnugget

#31 Netflix Has Truly Ascended

Image credits: Gritara

#32 Netflix What The F Is This

Image credits: barlubar

#33 Dominos Pizza On Facebook

Image credits: StevenMiracle

#34 They’re Becoming Ironically Self-Aware

Image credits: HeroAntagonist

#35 Elon Trying To Win Back His Reddit Supporters

Image credits: MrRigatonii

#36 Actually Not Too Bad?

Image credits: rawrPaws

#37 This Was A Super Bad Idea, Man

Image credits: GoddessJoules

#38 Mistaken, But Admirable

Image credits: reddit.com

#39 Found This Gem At The Gas Station…

Image credits: Beanzos

#40 Yep Guys. Burger King Just Acknowledged No Nut November

Image credits: snapecastic109

#41 Even Dictionary.com Is Getting In On It

Image credits: manfred_eigen

#42 Doing The Dap

Image credits: asjonesy99

#43 There Is So Much Wrong With This Card…

Image credits: InvertedSkyTower

#44 I Was Told This Would Go Here

Image credits: reddit.com

#45 I Live In The Us, So I Don’t Know Why An Australian Police Force Is On My Twitter Feed But I’m Not Complaining

Image credits: buttraconteur

#46 Google Fitness Considers Flossing As Sport

Image credits: ya-boi-mees

#47 No One

Image credits: Dale_Gribble543

#48 Wow Guys Let’s Join The Army!

Image credits: King_JRP

#49 Ouch

Image credits: LampDoggo

#50 Yes, This Is Real

Image credits: luca_qu3

#51 This Hurt Me

Image credits: ReggieBen

#52 Pretty Sure Lose My License, Job Or Life Wouldn’t Be The Winning Answer

Image credits: peteroftheevans

#53 Boris Johnson Strikes Again

Image credits: geeeep

#54 I Don’t Know Why Monster’s Inc Still Even Has An Account But…

Image credits: Hyndergogen1

#55 I Hate Myself This Is Semi Funny

Image credits: ILaughAtSBubbyMemes

#56 So Meta

Image credits: anguspmc

#57 Why KFC, Why?

Image credits: KaoticSlothy

#58 Opened Up Hulu And Was Greeted With This Monstrosity

Image credits: ohmahjah

#59 UWU

Image credits: laughlinm

#60 Went To Nasa For A School Trip Today, Was Given A “Prize” For My Response To A Question

Image credits: antis0c1al_butt3rfly

#61 Nickelodeon Knows Its Audience

Image credits: UndeadKurtCobain

#62 A Bit Late To The Party, Lovato

Image credits: belugasoup

#63 So #millennial

Image credits: atpalm

#64 Sevilla Fc Tries To Burn Jk Rowling

Image credits: noahmerali

#65 God Is Really F-ing Dead

Image credits: 33superryan33

#66 Chipotles Getting The Hang Of It

Image credits: ljmiv

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