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68 Before & After Pics That You’ll Find Hard To Believe Show The Same Girls

Amongst all the seriousness on social media – the carefully chosen outfits and locations, the perfect poses, the filters and photoshopping needed to craft that perfect image of oneself – there are some people who choose to do things differently. These people like a laugh and don’t take themselves too seriously; they are also confident enough to show their friends and followers their silly and, dare we say it, ugly side.

Because although a brief skim through Instagram might leave you feeling that everyone is just perfect except for you, nothing is further from the truth! Even the most attractive people can quite easily ‘uglify’ themselves, and this is celebrated on the subreddit r/PrettyGirlsUglyFaces. As a follow up to our previous post on this hilarious trend, we decided to share some more of these gurning classics with you, for your viewing…pleasure? Scroll down to enjoy these hilariously gruesome girls for yourself, and don’t forget to vote for your favorites!

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Image credits: KennKennyKenKen

I Am Very Proud Of The Photo On The Right

Image credits: leggiiiii

Photos Of Me Taken Within The Same Week

Image credits: Thomtits

My Mother Told Me I Shouldn’t Keep Posting In This Subreddit Just In Case A Boy Saw. Helloo, Boyz.

Image credits: imgur.com

Gotta Make The Most Of A Good Hair Day 💁‍♀️

Image credits: AliceBunny88

This Face Scares My Dad

Image credits: tdyyy92

This Is So Embarrassing To Put Out Into The World, But The Photo On The Right Has Brought Tears From Laughter To My Close Friends…so I Wanted To Spread The Joy.

Image credits: moonshineknox

First Time Poster, Finally Somewhere I Can Show Off My Talents.

Image credits: ashda1st

This Was On The Same Day- The Contrast!

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Image credits: funky_s

Good Angles And Lighting Are Everything

Image credits: maddykerr7

Hey… At Least He Put A Ring On It.

Image credits: _vika17

When Someone Says Dinner’s Ready

Image credits: unanatkumot

My Submission. Sorry For My Terrible Formatting Skills!

Image credits: dm_me_bitchlasagna

Expectation V Reality: Exam Season Edition

Image credits: Dipitydoodahdipityay


Image credits: Rebekahflowers

The Good Ol’ Gremling Look

Image credits: lalulav

Finally Got The Balls To Post My Only Skill. Enjoy.

Image credits: Howtomakethinhamster

Til How Stretchy Noses Are

Image credits: hellabathwater

I’m Sorry You Have To See This:

Image credits: aikosunny

They Said Whitening My Teeth Would Make Me Prettier…

Image credits: Dipitydoodahdipityay

I Have Very Flexible Nostrils.

Image credits: blippoframpus

When I Take A Particularly Ugly Snap, I Save Them As Stickers… Behold The Collection

Image credits: Badkola

I’ve Struggled With Self Esteem Issues My Whole Life And Am Internally Screaming At Myself To Not Post This, Yet Here It Is. Enjoy My Face.

Image credits: ohsopoor

Been Ugly-Face Training My Whole Life. My Time Has Come.

Image credits: ekksmo

Time To Embarrass Myself For Some Sweet, Sweet Fake Internet Points

Image credits: Pluvy

My Dad Walked In As I Was Capturing The Ugly

Image credits: reddit.com

I Think I Did It Right?! 😂

Image credits: PaleMakeup

I Think I Did Better This Try

Image credits: TheWitchofWonderlust

When Your Coworker Actually Thinks The Person On The Left Is A Completely Different Person From The One On The Right (True Story —he Thought The Person On The Right Was A New Hire 😓)

Image credits: isavibe

Nutria Or Human Female? One Of My Proudest Moments.

Image credits: rain3y_

Me Posting On Social Media vs. Me Snapchatting My Friends..

Image credits: chloeeviee98

Just Found This Sub. My Mom Has Always Told Me, “My Daughter, You’re Very Pretty, But You Make Some Ugly Faces”.

Image credits: prettylittlenutter

I Just Enjoy Making That Face

Image credits: MatteChili

Me Doing A Video Interview vs. Me Having Spied Some Sausage Rolls At My Parents House

Image credits: librarygirl

My Talents Include Skeeball And Face-Making.

Image credits: Kilikinah

Does This Belong Here?

Image credits: twithers75

Peer Pressure And Alcohol Made Me Do This.

Image credits: erindipitous

I’m A Snek

Image credits: CoconutCookieCrumble

Oh Hey 😜

Image credits: lazarus_lateralus

Bedroom Eyes, Deadlift Face

Image credits: queenofthemeeps

😉😉😉 How U Doinnn

Image credits: cheltsied

Me Before I Went On A Date And Me Literally 2 Seconds Ago After Eating Some Ramen

Image credits: MatteChili

Post Gym vs. Post Shower… It’s A Pitty I Lose All That Volume 🙆🏼‍♀️

Image credits: PaleMakeup

Tfw Your Lactose Intolerant Ass Finally Shits Out The Queso From Last Night, But It Was Totally Worth It

Image credits: throwawaylololol94

The Right Is Me 99.9% Of The Time

Image credits: kbtyson3690

How I Think I Look As A Nurse vs. What The Patients See On Night Shift #4.

Image credits: missvanjie85

Siren Of The Sewers

Image credits: toast_and_jam24

Move Over Fiona…

Image credits: Irishisin

Somewhat Pretty / Definitely Ugly

Image credits: HeardFourKnocks

Long Time Stalker, First Time Poster.

Image credits: monkeyCmonkeyDoo630


Image credits: somedumbretard666

Just Plain Embarrassing

Image credits: energypizza311

Taken 30 Seconds Apart

Image credits: MakeMerkinsGr8Again

Made A New Account For This

Image credits: grendelsmam

Going For That Mid-Sneeze/Laugh Look

Image credits: unanatkumot

My Cat And I, Pretending To Be Thumbs 😹

Image credits: lazarus_lateralus

When You Tryna Be Cute For A Boy vs. What To Send When They Ask For Nudes

Image credits: akki019

What I Post To Instagram vs. Me In My True Form

Image credits: Springrose-tac

The Picture I Post/The Picture I’m Tagged In

Image credits: ohyeahfruitloops

Before And After: Chips And Queso Edition.

Image credits: FezzieandMeatball


Image credits: greendaruma

I Got New Glasses! Still Aunt Edna, But Like… Classy

Image credits: Dipitydoodahdipityay

Very Proud Of My Freckles Though

Image credits: morgothlovesyou

My Fiancé Wanted To Share This With You All.

Image credits: Tacoboutnachos

How To Check If Your Foundation Shade Matches Your Neck

Image credits: geekcheese

My Armpit And Neck Rolls Are Twinning.

Image credits: Koruteni

Nightmare Inducing. Enjoy.

Image credits: messedupmermaid

Tinder vs. Reality

Image credits: gondutgondut

Prime Example Of A Catfish :

Image credits: karleebabe

I Just Love Being A Potato

Image credits: badblabla

My Mother Tells Me Im An Angel At Every Angle

Image credits: penyapenya

My Last Post Wasn’t Deemed As Ugly(Which Thank You But That’s Not The Point Of This Sub) So Here’s A Redo.

Image credits: TheWitchofWonderlust


Image credits: pamo45

Methinks I Belong Here. Yes?

Image credits: tnnoodles

Librarian To Gopher

Image credits: samsainlove

One Of The Few Pictures That My Mum Wanted Me To Remove From Facebook…

Image credits: Alana200598

I Created A Monster Using A Mirror Effect Omg

Image credits: lunaxoxoxo

Entering The Competition For Most Chin Rolls

Image credits: mermkat

On The Left Here, You See Me At My Finest.

Image credits: blondebiscuit

First Time Poster, Long Time Double Chin Master (1 Week Ago => Today)

Image credits: verucaassault81

My Friends Call Me The Hulk Because I Have Abnormally Large Trapezius Muscles. I Got Dat Thicc Necc Boi

Image credits: judo8934

The Line At The Drive Thru Was Really Long…

Image credits: Rebekahflowers

The Face You Make When You See The Waiter Bringing Your Food Over

Image credits: shieraaa

Pre Night Out vs. Post Night Out

Image credits: imgur.com

Me During The Day vs. Me In The Evenings. Yep.

Image credits: Otipuh

Images I Post vs. Images I Send To My Friends

Image credits: _kawaiiasfvck

How I Think I Look When I Find A Joke Funny, And What I Actually Look Like. The More I Look Like The Right Picture, The Better The Joke.

Image credits: amysplat

Am Ugly Enough For The Ugly Club?

Image credits: marvsac

I Hope This Makes You Breathe Through Your Nose A Little More Than Normal

Image credits: I_am_sometimes_funny

Hey…how U Doin?

Image credits: plaksnorkler

At The Pub vs. Home Alone

Image credits: snappeaexpress

I’m Slightly Afraid Of Birds

Image credits: anna_alabama

I’m A Catfish

Image credits: Erodoriel

I Should Put This Skill On My Resume

Image credits: luxxlily

Caring Slightly vs. Not Giving A Fuck

Image credits: sarahae

I Don’t Know How I Do It

Image credits: blippoframpus


Image credits: pamo45

I’m Getting Married Today. On The Left Is What He Thinks He’s Getting. The Right Is What He’s Actually Getting.

Image credits: j_bastian_knapp

Really Getting Into That Thumb Look!

Image credits: radiohysteriaaa


Image credits: Laine1986

Second Photo Was After I Found Out My Friend Had Eaten All The Creamed Honey.

Image credits: Shadowsaftersix

My Strawberry Bubblegum Floats Bring At Least One Boy To The Yard

Image credits: Pengusta

Trying To Become All The Character Actors

Image credits: stanaqueenmorrison

Thanks For The Love For My Last Burlesque Post. So Here Is Another One For You!

Image credits: Breenber

“Why Don’t You Smile With Your Teeth?”

Image credits: crazycatlorde

Behold, Your Queen.

Image credits: jiarb

I Tried

Image credits: badblabla

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