68 Eerie Pictures Of Abandoned Places, As Shared In This Online Community (New Pics)

There’s something so eerie and breathtaking about the places that haven’t seen a human for longer than they can remember. Sadly, in our increasingly urbanized world, there are not many corners left like this.

So today, we are taking you on a walk through the mysterious abandoned places where time stands still, and where yesterday and tomorrow don’t exist. From ghost-like factories, ships, castles, islands, pools, and highways, below is a breath-taking collection that proves no force is as strong as that of nature. If left untouched, it swallows everything it crosses and that’s the whole beauty of it!

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#1 Abandoned Chuck E. Cheese Animatronic Found In A Landfill

Image credits: Import

#2 Soviet Buran Space Shuttles Abandoned In A Hangar For 25 Years. We Hiked 80km Across The Kazakhstan Desert To See Them Up Close.

Image credits: chrisluckhardt

#3 Bethlehem Steel, The Factory That Built NYC

Image credits: urbexandchill

#4 2019 vs. 2021 Bowling Alley

Image credits: ConnorRB

#5 Little Creepy But Cool Nonetheless, Abandoned Stitch Animatronic

Image credits: noezzz12

#6 An Abandoned School In Taiwan

Image credits: JoeyKaotykGWC

#7 Petrified Ladder In France

Image credits: TroubledReward

#8 Abandoned Winter Garden Of An Abandoned Mansion, France [oc]

Image credits: Abandoned_World

#9 Southern Gothic

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Image credits: Blessed_tangerine

#10 Very Impressive Abandoned Lighthouse.

Image credits: lochanakalana

#11 Abandoned Indigenous House In Papua New Guinea

Image credits: Redd1tor_

#12 Moorehall, House And Estate Built 1795 In Mayo, Ireland. It Burnt Down 1923 During The Irish Civil War And Has Been Abandoned Ever Since

Image credits: westcoastcdn19

#13 Retired Former Soviet Gondola Lift That Was In Operation For Over 60 Years Until Last Year [oc]

Image credits: explorationofdecay

#14 Flooded Church In The City Petrolândia State Of Pernambuco Brazil

Image credits: TheBoom1001

#15 Abandoned School In Missouri [2624×3936] [oc]

Image credits: FUCK_SHIT_ASS_CUNT

#16 Abandoned School Room (Oc)

Image credits: kalexis12

#17 Escalators To Darkness

Image credits: Jowevator3219

#18 Grocery Store Abandoned In The 80s U.p. Michigan

Image credits: Chrissmith2011

#19 An Abandoned Shopping Mall Is Taken Over By Exotic Fish That Were Once Part Of The Aquatic Pet Store

Image credits: ducktapepictures

#20 Failed Housing Project Outside Of Tehran

Image credits: JohnnyShadows

#21 Looking Down An Abandoned Icbm Silo In Russia

Image credits: Beneficial-Cucumber1

#22 Old Tanks Left Underwater

Image credits: zem204

#23 Abandoned Island In Japan

Image credits: Import

#24 Ever Seen And Abandoned Highway ?

Image credits: Mammoth_Aide1610

#25 Graveyard Of Disused Ships

Image credits: MathDant

#26 Electric Car Company Lot Left To Rot After Bankruptcy

Image credits: WideEyes369

#27 King Alfred’s Tower. Somerset County,

Image credits: lochanakalana

#28 Nature Takes Over This Abandoned Industrial Building But Adds A Rooftop Pool.

Image credits: modianos

#29 Ice Crystals Cover The Interior Of An Abandoned Apartment North Of The Arctic Circle In Russia – [photo By Maria Passer]

Image credits: Afferent_Input

#30 Abandoned Spaceship Ropeway, Japan

Image credits: robinsche

#31 Abandoned Castle In Ireland

Image credits: Angerriss

#32 Abandoned Train

Image credits: airborneANDrowdy

#33 Abandoned Restaurant In Victorville, California

Image credits: WideEyes369

#34 Old Ford In A Tree. Humboldt County Ca

Image credits: optikalj

#35 Abandoned Art Studio In Italy

Image credits: EnigmaQQ

#36 Imperial Staircase Inside An Abandoned 18th-Century Palace [oc]

Image credits: explorationofdecay

#37 Abandoned Orphanage Built In 1899 In Istanbul

Image credits: ex-igne-vita

#38 A Strip Club Or “Oppabu” In Japan. Abandoned In 1997.

Image credits: Full_Bleed

#39 Neat Reflections Inside An Abandoned Factory

Image credits: abandoned_adventures

#40 A Ship That Never Was Meant To Sail (By Gregabandoned) [1080×1350]

Image credits: earthmoonsun

#41 Abandoned Train At Salt Flat In Bolivia ?

Image credits: mikihak

#42 The Beautiful Dietla Palace – Sosnowiec – Poland

Image credits: Architechn

#43 Military Housing In Nj

Image credits: urbexandchill

#44 Abandoned Airplane

Image credits: Perfect_Gas

#45 The Village Of Pegrema In The Republic Of Karelia, Russia. It Is Situated On The Bank Of Lake Onega And Dates Back At Least 500 Years.

Image credits: WideEyes369

#46 Abandoned Ship Near Dakhla City In Morocco

Image credits: sisima_sharazd

#47 Bob Jagendorf: Detroit Train Station

Image credits: ElectronicRhubarb841

#48 Wild Bills Abandoned Haunted House. Bill Built This Place All By Hand.

Image credits: urbexandchill

#49 Abandoned Mansion

Image credits: JustinCurtisPhoto

#50 Built In 1655

Image credits: carmensax

#51 Scooby And The Gangs Abandoned Van.

Image credits: pedro_mc

#52 40 Years Later In The Same Place. Someone’s Childhood Is Left Here. Pripyat – An Abandoned City In The Kiev Region Of Ukraine.

Image credits: pupsikandr

#53 This Was Once Someone’s Home [4000×2667]

Image credits: Rfdshir

#54 This Moated Castle In Scotland

Image credits: mtlgrems

#55 Abandoned Psychiatric Hospital

Image credits: theshutteredworld

#56 Stone Staircase From The 1850’s

Image credits: tool1992x2

#57 Found On A Hike Through The Woods In The Middle Of Nowhere, West Virginia. Nothing Else Around, No Buildings Anywhere

Image credits: BootyIsAsBootyDo

#58 Abandoned House… Or What’s Left Of It..

Image credits: WideEyes369

#59 Abandoned House In The Republic Of Karelia, Russia

Image credits: iam_nobody

#60 Former Hydraulic Laboratory At Cornell University

Image credits: corneliusvancornell

#61 An Abandoned Lambo In An Auto Garage.

Image credits: JCPhotography_mi

#62 Abandoned Pentagon Shaped Complex In Shanghai, China

Image credits: tanmaypendse63

#63 Completely Empty Plaza Grocery Store With Cctv And Registers Still Running

Image credits: CurtisMarauderZ

#64 Most Impressive Ceiling I Have Encountered In An Abandoned Building

Image credits: Abandoned_World

#65 My Great Great Great Grandfather Built This House [oc]

Image credits: ThermalScrewed

#66 Staircase In Derelict

Image credits: WideEyes369

#67 Gary, Indiana Is Reportedly Home To 13,000 Abandoned Structures, Many Of Them Abandoned Houses Like This One.

Image credits: nickyjxx

#68 An Abandoned Sears Inside Of My Local Mall [oc]

Image credits: deven_smith_

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