68 Parents Who Probably Have No Idea How Cringey They Are

If you read Bored Panda, you’ve probably heard about the subreddit r/Cringetopia — an online community whose members torture each other with the cringiest content they can find. But if you missed it and this is the first time you’re hearing about this corner of the internet, fire up our earlier publications here and here and catch up.

Nobody is too good to get a pass from these folks. Whether you’re just a “prank YouTuber” using dirty tricks to clickbait viewers into watching your video, or a famous singer who is having a quarantine meltdown in a multi-million dollar home, if your behavior caused someone to suffer from second-hand embarrassment, chances are, it will earn you a feature.

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But while covering the subreddit, we noticed there was one group of people who consistently ended up there. Parents. And believe me when I say it, moms and dads know plenty of original tricks to make themselves the stars of r/Cringetopia. Here are some of them.

#1 Is This Funny Or Nah

Image credits: GirlsArentReal69

#2 Ah Sweet Unconditional Love

Image credits: KeGenek

#3 It’s Time To D D D D D D D D Duel

Image credits: DrSixSixSix

#4 Found In One Of My Pregnancy Groups

Image credits: BananaLana_

#5 I Have Several Questions

Image credits: GrieFeR69

#6 It’s Great That My Parents Still Love Each Other After 30 Years, But I Wish My Mom Knew How Group Messaging Works

Image credits: mstarrbrannigan

#7 Dad Is Such A Show-Off

Image credits: Cannondale1986

#8 Came Across This Parent On Twitter

Image credits: shelbia

#9 Great Parenting

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: SlavicWhiskey

#10 Really Bad Parenting

Image credits: Sheveksan

#11 This Sticker

Image credits: reddit.com

#12 My Father Tracking Me While I’m On A Date

Image credits: reddit.com

#13 Sobering

Image credits: amanda__daisy

#14 Can I Post This Here?

Image credits: mitch_watson

#15 Listen To Your Parents

Image credits: junkerow

#16 Parental Love

Image credits: Bild

#17 He’s Your Son, Not Your Boyfriend.

Image credits: cxntney

#18 Parents Who Do This And Then Wonder Why Their Kid’s Getting Bullied At School

Image credits: reddit.com

#19 My “Mother” When I Commented Facts On Her Anti-Vax Posts

Image credits: Fozzie3D

#20 Shooting A Schools Computer Because Your Daughter Is Talking To Boys…

Image credits: rosiesummer17

#21 Think About My Child’s Genitalia!

Image credits: boooooooksandhoes

#22 Broke Single Mother

Image credits: IShoutRacialSlurs

#23 Dad Posts This Convo He Had With My 8 Year Old Brother. Then Tags 40 People To Make Sure They All Like His Sexism. ?

Image credits: p-heiress

#24 I’m Sure This 10-Year-Old Kid Made His Own Informed Decision To Support Trump After Reviewing His Stances On Public Policy

Image credits: littlesqueal

#25 Sometimes Insane Is Just A Birth Defect!

Image credits: hooman26

#26 My Mom Is Putting Up Cameras In My Room Now

The Reddit user talked to Bored Panda about the unusual situation: “My mother is out quite a bit, so maybe that was the reason she put up the camera. Maybe she felt that she needed to watch me while she was out, but she never told me the exact reason.” They also said that they have “already confronted” their mother “with the argument that what she’s doing is illegal and an invasion of privacy. So now I’ve taken them down and plan to keep taking the cameras down if she puts up more.”

Image credits: cenny420

#27 Parents Of A Friend, Found On Facebook:

Image credits: Rollipollipotamus

#28 Responsible Parenting

Image credits: SuperKittenPrincess

#29 Mom Wants To Get Her 5 Year Old Child A Tattoo

Image credits: reddit.com

#30 I Rolled My Eyes Way Too Hard.

Image credits: JackHoffmanTheWise

#31 I Dont Even Know What To Say

Image credits: ATSosebee

#32 Yet Another Awkward Family Photo

Image credits: imgur.com

#33 Eventually She Will Hate Her Parents For This

Image credits: PapayaSF

#34 So Creative

Image credits: chlorofem

#35 I Could Feel The Cringe Increase The Further I Read

Image credits: cookiedough92

#36 My 2nd Year Of College (20f) I Went To My Friends 21st Birthday And I Texted My Mom When I Arrived To Let Her Know My Phone Was Going To Be Charging Across The Room, She Had My Locations On – Less Than 20 Minutes Later The Cops Were At My Friends Door. Wasn’t Invited To Many Parties After That!

Image credits: sheriidun

#37 Come On Child Support!

Image credits: reddit.com

#38 My Mom Friend Sent This To Me Today

Image credits: throwawayys6422

#39 My Mother’s Cringe Bumper Stickers. No My Flash Wasn’t On It Was The Reflection Of The Sun.

Image credits: Andrew2cool

#40 I’m Not Sure What’s Worse, That Caption Or Her Mom Grabbing Her Like That

Image credits: Maximusjohnson69

#41 Good Parenting

Image credits: joseph_Stalin1878

#42 My Mom Accidentally Got Hold Of My Instagram Acc And Sent This To My High School Friend. I Didn’t Know This Happend Until Now

Image credits: Chanti239

#43 Some People Shouldn’t Be Parents

Image credits: 93911939

#44 Mom Teaching Her Son To Swim Is Loving This A Bit Too Much

Image credits: MomoYaseen

#45 Taking A Trip To Disneyland…

Image credits: yellayahmar

#46 Rogue Karen Upset About Inclusion

Image credits: nipple_fiesta

#47 While Looking For An Example Of A ‘Cringe Family Portrait’

Image credits: imgur.com

#48 What A Good Birthday Cake From Mother

Image credits: whoframedrogerreddit

#49 Come Here, Son

Image credits: BertoliB

#50 Parents Be Aware

Image credits: unknown_ravioli

#51 This Person Is An Adult And Mother Of Two.

Image credits: DukeMaximum

#52 Great Parenting

Image credits: reddit.com

#53 Dear God My Parents Are So White…

Image credits: Commanderz_Derpy

#54 Another Parent Making Up A Fake Story About Their Child For Likes And Shares.

Image credits: CatBlepsOrBust

#55 My Dad Spewing Political Nonsense After I Told Him I Was Trans And Getting The Vaccine Then Swiftly Went Into No-Contact After He Verbally Abused My Mother (His Ex-Wife). We Are Encouraging Him To Go To A Therapist But I Don’t Feel Like Having A Relationship At All After This.

Image credits: eaturcucumber

#56 Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions

Image credits: melissadrew

#57 Imagine This Being Your Mother.

Image credits: Interceptor21

#58 I Have A Mother Load Of These On My Grandmother’s Facebook ?

Image credits: papa_bless520

#59 My Own Mother Posted This And I Feel Second Hand Embarrassment. The Comments Don’t Help

Image credits: sweetandsourcoochie

#60 This Painting My Parents Hung In Their Dining Room

Image credits: joeybagofdonuts80

#61 My Mother Charging Her Phone

Image credits: Ernobacsi

#62 Just Keeping Everyone Up To Date

Image credits: JustAnotherUser87

#63 Because Dads Don’t Know How To Handle Being A Parent Right?

Image credits: Iammattieee

#64 Oh You Think Your Mom Is Cool? My Mom Just Took The Picture Of Me Off Of Her Phone And Now Ray Is Her Wallpaper. I Wanted Her To Like Mcr. Not Become Obsessed

Image credits: RosemaryCrafting

#65 This Poster I Got From My Parents When I Was Twelve

Image credits: Big-Black-Nick

#66 Haha Holesum 100 Chungus

Image credits: SilentGamerXD

#67 What A Nice Mother.

Image credits: iDislikePeopleFor3pt

#68 My Blanket Cover That My Parents Bought In Their ‘Minion Faze’. I Would Get Rid Of It But It’s My Only Good Cover Hhhhhh

Image credits: TheRedAbsol1612

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