68 Women Who Called Out Sexist Things That Are Still Blatantly Accepted (New Pics)

Laura Bates, the founder of the Everyday Sexism Project, says that it seems to be increasingly difficult to talk about sexism, equality, and women’s rights in a society that perceives to have achieved gender equality. “In this ‘liberal’, ‘modern’ age, to complain about everyday sexism or suggest that you are unhappy about the way in which women are portrayed and perceived renders you likely to be labeled ‘uptight’, ‘prudish’, a ‘militant feminist’, or a ‘bra burner,'” she explained.

But just like Bates, there are plenty of women who prove this notion wrong. And you can find many of them on the subreddit r/TrollXChromosomes. It’s an online community that invites to “come for the period comics” and “stay for the cultural awareness”, and many, in fact, do — the subreddit has over 817K members. The content they share and produce tackles important gender issues in all sorts of fields, including sports, health care, and work.

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Continue scrolling and check out some of its latest posts. For the earlier ones, fire up Bored Panda’s first article on r/TrollXChromosomes.

#1 Double Standards

Image credits: Navodita17

#2 Abortion Rights Is A Human Rights

Image credits: JenAshleyWright

#3 Truth

Image credits: michaelharriot

#4 Experiencing Both Sides Of The Gender Divide As A Professional

Image credits: delaneykingrox

#5 Makeup

Image credits: apocalypticalley

#6 Sounds Like A Better Solution Tbh

Image credits: sailorjupiter28titan

#7 So Close To Getting The Point

Image credits: emmaarossii

#8 F*cked Up

Image credits: mightbeluela

#9 I Think We All Know Why

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Image credits: BeBadassDotIn

#10 I Wish…

Image credits: apocalypticalley

#11 Friendly Reminder

Image credits: saltymermaident

#12 Worst Theme Park Ever

Image credits: StovardBule

#13 Planned Parenthood Is For Much More Than Abortions

Image credits: ExpertAccident

#14 Never Thought Of It Like This

Image credits: ShayS8296

#15 Where’s The Lie

Image credits: veganprincess

#16 It Really Is…

Image credits: ellyt4ylor

#17 Just Do Your Jobs!

Image credits: matthewjhendrick

#18 We Are Starting It Early, Guys!

Image credits: mixedseed

#19 F*ckzoned

Image credits: gennabruh

#20 The Tea Is Hot With This One

Image credits: LilliputianMouse

#21 The “Friend” With The Long Game

Image credits: StovardBule

#22 “Men Is Too Headache.” Sometimes, Sister

Image credits: kimhartley

#23 Truth

Image credits: DeaExLena

#24 The Governor Will Send Us All Back To Phase One If Y’all Keep F*cking Around

Image credits: misskatiecharm

#25 Og Post In R/Dundermifflin But I Thought You Trolls Would Appreciate It

Image credits: bootyiseverywhere

#26 #noragrets

Image credits: coffeeblossom

#27 My Last Two Weeks In Retail And I Can’t Wait To Be Done!

Image credits: GinnyMaple

#28 Oof

Image credits: Snow_Warrior

#29 Pressure

Image credits: ExpertAccident

#30 Yes They Can Be

Image credits: apocalypticalley

#31 Oh Well

Image credits: Gallade47

#32 Jameela Can You Imagine The Storm That Would Be Kicked Up If Men’s Reproductive Rights Were Changed?

Image credits: Karmabubble

#33 Sexualized

Image credits: apocalypticalley

#34 The “Men Will Fake Being Trans” Weirdos Always Forget About Fragile Masculinity

Image credits: emmy_zje

#35 If You Need To End A War, You Call Wonder Woman

Image credits: LilliputianMouse

#36 Only The Most Qualified Candidate Should Get The Position. Race And Gender Play No Part Of Our Selection Process ( Hopefully)

Image credits: braveenk

#37 Birth Control Is Healthcare!

Image credits: ExpertAccident

#38 I’ve Been Asking Myself This

Image credits: blankconfrontation

#39 The End

Image credits: BobPersis

#40 When You Can’t Get Parental Permission To Get An Abortion So You Become A Parent Yourself

Image credits: ExpertAccident

#41 Super Girly!

Image credits: sailorjupiter28titan

#42 Better Alone Than In Bad Company

Image credits: thekayanova

#43 I Can’t Even Watch The Notebook Without Cringing Now

Image credits: apocalypticalley

#44 Who Else Can Relate To This?

Image credits: AnyaVolz

#45 Call Them Out

Image credits: anoushkawho

#46 While It Is True That Girls’ Brains Typically Develop A Little Faster Than Boys’ Brains, That Doesn’t Excuse A Lack Of Discipline For Boys

Image credits: ExpertAccident

#47 “But Women Cause More Drama”

Image credits: reddit_is_real_bad

#48 Every Single One

Image credits: BitterPillPusher2

#49 Thank You Jameela Jamil For Spelling It Out Flawlessly!

Image credits: dylan_dumbest

#50 I’m Sure Selfawarewolves Would Love This

Image credits: ksck135

#51 You Hear A Lot Of Stories About Crazy Ex Girl-Friends, But Not A Lot About Crazy Ex-Boyfriends. Ever Wonder Why? Cause Most Don’t Make It Out Alive

Image credits: LilliputianMouse

#52 Some People Really Think That Pregnancy Is Easy, Huh

Image credits: ExpertAccident

#53 “You’re A Pretty Girl And Therefore Can’t Be Smart”

Image credits: LilliputianMouse

#54 It’s A Step In The Right Direction

Image credits: Frankly_Mai

#55 Because Apparently Only Old White Men Count

Image credits: BitterPillPusher2

#56 Period

Image credits: apocalypticalley

#57 This Is, Unfortunately, True For Me Too. How Old Were You The First Time You Had To Actively Try To Escape Some Creepy Adult Dude? I Was In Elementary School

Image credits: SouthernYankeeWitch

#58 Also Applies To The Show Sherlock

Image credits: LilliputianMouse

#59 Loyalty

Image credits: catfishtree

#60 We Need More Of This

Image credits: SouthernYankeeWitch

#61 You Can’t Stop Us

Image credits: Snow_Warrior

#62 Absolutely Hate The Way Our Clothing Was Policed In School

Image credits: bernicem

#63 Easier Ways To Stop Abortions. If You Actually Care About Abortion

Image credits: SouthernYankeeWitch

#64 Preach

Image credits: miss_meganx

#65 Another Example Of Women’s Bodies Being Policed

Image credits: SpilltheGreenTea

#66 One Of Us

Image credits: HandyMan131

#67 Mental Illness Versus Toxicity

Image credits: matthewjhendrick

#68 #texastaliban

Image credits: szechuan_sauce42

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