69 Men That Got Dragged For Their Horrid Habits And Making Their Partners’ Lives Hell

No matter how ‘perfect’ your relationship is, no matter if you have the patience of a literal saint, there will come a moment in time when your partner is going to make you feel utterly exasperated. And it might be down to something small that they do at home. Something that frustrates you beyond all measure.

Our team here at Bored Panda has collected photos from all over the internet of the most hilariously annoying habits that some boyfriends and husbands have. Filling the fridge up with half-eaten jam jars and eating only the tops of muffins is just the tip of the iceberg! Get ready to have a good laugh, scroll down, and upvote your fave pics. Warning, if you like things extremely neat and tidy and everything in its proper place, these pics might make you feel deeply uncomfortable.

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We reached out to Samantha Scroggin, the founder of the very witty ‘Walking Outside in Slippers’ parenting blog, to hear her thoughts on navigating chores and neatness at home, as well as just how important it is to look for compromises. Read on to see what she told us!

#1 I Went Grocery Shopping, And My Husband Put Everything Away. It’s A Blue Box, So It Must Be A Pasta

Image credits: HarleenQuinzel0330

Though there are exceptions, broadly speaking, women spend far more time doing housework than men, even in the West. This happens even in egalitarian marriages where women earn as much or even more than their husbands.

“Even as financial contributions have become more equal in marriages, the way couples divide their time between paid work and home life remains unbalanced,” the Pew Research Center notes. “Husbands in egalitarian marriages spend about 3.5 hours more per week on leisure activities than wives do. Wives in these marriages spend roughly 2 hours more per week on caregiving than husbands do and about 2.5 hours more on housework.”

#2 I Asked My Husband To Buy Some Cheap Plastic Drinking Cups So That We Wouldn’t Break Them. This Is What He Bought. And No, We Don’t Have Kids

Image credits: ArchieFartsy

#3 My Husband Has Been Sticking These Rollers In Places I Can’t Reach To Annoy Me. It’s Working

Image credits: Kimmer22

Bored Panda wanted to learn about tackling the topic of neatness in a marriage. Parenting blogger Samantha, from ‘Walking Outside in Slippers,’ was kind enough to shine the spotlight on the importance of compromise.

“Neatness is a scalding-hot topic in my happy 14-year marriage. My husband is not very tidy, to say the least, and neither am I. Except next to him I’m the queen of clean,” she opened up to us.

“He loves to leave his laundry in messy piles next to his side of the bed. I can’t stand it and am always asking him to please clean up after himself. My husband makes a little effort sometimes to try to make me happy, but not nearly enough in my opinion,” she said. 

#4 I Was Looking Forward To Having Mini-Muffins For Breakfast This Morning, And This Is What I Found. He Ate The Top And Left This For Me

Image credits: Science_Girl49

#5 My Husband Keeps Opening New Jars Of Jam Before He Finishes The Other Ones

Image credits: badassmamabear

#6 I Think My Husband Was Tired This Morning Because That Is The Dog Food And Not Coffee Beans

Image credits: CaptnChristiana

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“I’ve had to accept that if being a bit of a slob is my husband’s worst trait, I’m a lucky wife. I think the bigger relationship lesson is about compromise and letting some things go. On both sides.”

Meanwhile, we were also curious about what couples can do to divide the household chores up in a fairer way. “My husband is not much for cleaning the house, so I made the decision to hire a house cleaning service that comes every two weeks,” the founder of ‘Walking Outside in Slippers’ told Bored Panda how she solves this issue.

“We both work full-time and are busy with the kids, and I’m not about to bear the brunt of all the cleaning. Fortunately, housecleaning is an expense we can budget for. I know that’s not possible for everyone,” she said.

“That said, he does do all the cooking in our house while I pick up between housecleaning visits. So once again, compromise is so important in a relationship.”

#7 How My Husband Wrote The Date That He Opened This Orange Juice

Image credits: Sleepless_in_MA

#8 I Found My Husband’s Stash Of Empty Wrappers

Image credits: littlehollie

#9 I Love My Husband. I Love Cheese. Brian, What The Hell?

Image credits: bunkerbash

Most of the photos in this list focus on either a chronic lack of neatness or a deep desire to avoid doing household chores. Of course, whether or not a person is tidy or the opposite will depend on their character, how they were raised, and what they value the most in life.

Someone whose parents expected them to pick up after themselves and to look after their siblings, for example, might be more used to doing chores, consistently, and without grumbling. Meanwhile, someone who was coddled their entire life might not actually know how to do basic things like cook for themselves, do the laundry, and keep the entire house in order. They simply don’t have the skills or the habits. Or the truth might be something more grounded: they don’t clean because they really hate cleaning. And many of us have at least one chore that we hate (e.g. vacuuming) and some that we don’t mind doing (e.g. washing the dishes).

#10 My Husband, Everyone

Image credits: tunnelingballsack

#11 My Soon-To-Be Ex-Husband Has Been Taking Advantage Of Local Food Banks “Just Because He Can,” He Says But Ends Up Tossing Much Of It Out Because It Goes Bad

He (and I) can easily afford to buy food. I can’t tell you how disgusting and wasteful this is. 

Image credits: SpeethImpediment

#12 I Picked Up A Fancy Cake For My Husband On Our Anniversary

Image credits: Long_live_Broctune

A person’s character, attitude, and values have a lot to do with how they treat their environment, too. Someone who’s completely focused on work or lost in a massive passion project might forget to wash the dishes, take out the trash, or eat. Or they might simply not be aware that their habits are causing a lot of tension at home. Their Trembling Tower of Trash might seem an obvious issue to a bystander, but this isn’t always the case for someone who’s spending their entire time in the same place.

Meanwhile, an individual who knows that it’s important to balance personal goals with family life will carve out the time to help out with mundane tasks—even if they detest doing them. Being in a relationship and raising a family means being part of a team and taking on responsibilities that aren’t always pleasant but help keep everything running (semi) smoothly.

#13 My Fiance Refuses To Finish A Bottle Of Coke Before Opening Another One

Image credits: mthom234

#14 I Asked My Boyfriend To Put Some Toilet Paper In The Bathroom

Image credits: pcat77

#15 This Is How My Boyfriend Packed Up A Moving Box With Kitchen Stuff While I Was At Work

Image credits: Late-Style4892

Life is full of these unpleasant grinds, both big and small, and they are unavoidable unless you happen to be extremely well-off and pay people to do, well, absolutely every menial task for you. However, you can look at the situation in a more practical way even without being a millionaire. You could, for instance, hire a cleaning service every few weeks to help out with the housework. You could also hire someone to clean the pool and mow the lawn. Every couple needs to determine for themselves where they might want to save on time and energy, rather than money.

#16 I’m Very Patiently Waiting For My Fiance To Wake Up So I Can Find Out Why There Is A Bite Mark In The Butter

Image credits: ravens_revenge

#17 I Asked My Husband To Seal An Envelope For Mailing

Image credits: northernCan81

#18 I Brought Home A Couple Of Groceries. I Asked My Husband If He Could Put The Pizza Rolls In The Freezer. This Is What I Found

Image credits: DessaStrick

Now here’s the core issue: people aren’t mind-readers. Nor is everyone an expert at picking up subtle hints and reading their partner’s tone and body language. Your partner might think that it’s obvious that they’re mad at you for failing to clear out the garage, again, just like you’ve been promising to do for the past six months. However, to you, things might not be so clear. This is why constant communication is so essential to a healthy and happy relationship.

Ideally, you want to be as non-confrontational as possible while also not ignoring the problem: focus on the issue at hand, don’t be overly aggressive, and try to look for a solution instead of showing off how right you are (and how wrong your partner is). Remember—you’re a team. And you don’t want to end up in a massive argument that spans days or even weeks just because they like to stack the toilet paper up really high in the bathroom.

#19 My Family Members Think Towels Will Dry Like This Or On The Floor

Image credits: Jessicaadxx

#20 My Boyfriend Tried To Wash A Pillow

Image credits: splanderson

#21 My Husband Carries Doughnuts Vertically, And They Become Like This

Image credits: ArtisanGerard

According to ‘Glamour,’ couples should avoid blaming their partners. Saying how you feel instead of attacking them won’t get them all defensive. “If you lead with accusation or blame, they won’t hear what you want them to hear. They’re going to feel at fault and you won’t get through,” explains New York-based couples psychotherapist Meg Batterson.

#22 I Tore My Rotator Cuff, So My Husband Told Me He Would Finish The Interior Painting Downstairs Instead Of Me. Now He Says He’s Done

Image credits: sleepdeprivationland

#23 I Found My Boyfriend’s Glass Bottles In The Freezer Like This

Image credits: AriValentina

#24 I’ve Just Done My Business And Saw That “Someone” Left This. Yes, I’m Posting This, To Personally Call Out My Boyfriend

Image credits: beepboopwannadie

At the same time, both sides should avoid name-calling and attacking each other’s character. Bringing up old issues or unrelated problems is also going to add fuel to the fire, instead of helping you look for a compromise that’ll actually satisfy both of you. It helps to think about the argument from an outsider’s perspective and to try and see the humor in discussing each other’s (lack) of neatness.

#25 My Husband Tried To Do The Laundry

Image credits: iwillsurvivor

#26 Pettiness Level 100,000,00. My Husband Was Angry This Morning, So He Decided He Was Only Making His Half Of The Bed

Image credits: bearfoxmousemushroom

#27 Husband Attempted To Put The Silverware Away

Image credits: thekatshow

Something else that’s important is making the effort to genuinely listen to your partner’s side of things, no matter what side of the argument you fall on. You need to show that you understand where they’re coming from and put yourself in their shoes (which may or may not be muddy and strewn about in the hall, and why you’re having the conversation in the first place).

#28 My Husband’s Version Of “The Kitchen Is Clean”

Image credits: PhirePhrey

#29 When My Husband Gets Mad At Me, He Puts Things Where I Can’t Reach Them And He Also Hides My Step Ladder

Image credits: ArdenElle24

#30 My Husband Is The Driest Texter

Image credits: jmyang5054

Which of these pics got to you the most, dear Pandas? Does your partner do anything similar? What mildly irritating habits do they have? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. Meanwhile, for some more frustrating things that people do, check out Bored Panda’s earlier feature right over here.

#31 This Is How My Boyfriend Cuts An Avocado

Image credits: chinky_cutie

#32 My Husband Somehow Managed To Put His Cup Upside Down When Making Coffee This Morning

Image credits: potatoefudge

#33 I Woke Up To This. My Husband Told Me Last Night “Not To Worry” About The New Shelving Unit. I Wasn’t But I Should Have Been

Image credits: FascinatingFall

#34 The Way My Husband Stacks Up His Used Coffee Spoons And Won’t Put Them In The Dishwasher

Image credits: Tipsy_Cat_1420

#35 My Boyfriend “Washed The Dishes” And Left The Sink Like This

Image credits: lululock

#36 My Boyfriend Made Croissants This Way

Image credits: AdComprehensive114

#37 The Way My Husband Unpacked The Book Boxes

Image credits: the_real_meghatron

#38 I’ve Been Trying To Tell My Husband That Our Oven Runs Hot And He Should Cook Things At A Lower Temperature For Less Time. He Just Doesn’t Believe Me

Image credits: Nikkerdoodle71

#39 My Husband Put A Plastic Cutting Board In The Oven

Image credits: jezzabeth87

#40 I Asked My Husband To Hang The Mirror Above My Dresser

Image credits: eighteightfivesix

#41 I Get Mad At My Boyfriend That He Finishes Everything In The House Without Buying A Replacement. Here’s His Solution

Image credits: OhhHunnyBunny

#42 How My Boyfriend Folds Socks Versus How They Should Be Folded

Image credits: sehwyl

#43 Instead Of Putting A Bag In The Trash, My Husband Puts It On The Counter For Me

Image credits: ThekawaiiO_d

#44 The Way My Husband Cut This Pie

Image credits: dreamkatch

#45 The Way My Husband Opened The Cheese

Image credits: A__SPIDER

#46 I Asked My Husband To Make Sure The Kitchen Counter Was Clean

Image credits: HardPass10

#47 My Husband Always Forgets To Put A New Roll Of Toilet Paper, But Today – He Didn’t

Image credits: embracingfit

#48 A Partner Who Opens A New Jar Of Peanut Butter When There’s 1/10th Of A Jar Left In The Old One And Then Leaves It To Sit In The Cupboard

Image credits: cantbeatwagnersmeat

#49 So I Let My Husband Cook Dinner Last Night. I Found This While Cleaning Up This Morning

Image credits: SeptemberSquirrel

#50 This Is How My Husband Puts The Dishes Away

Image credits: SirCornyWeaver

#51 How My Partner Puts Away The Cutlery

Image credits: Fancy_Confection445

#52 When Your Husband Asks You To Buy More Ranch Because You’re “Running Out”

Image credits: DisastrousCampaign6

#53 Mom’s Boyfriend Never Puts The Soap On The Soap Trays

Image credits: Lia-chan__

#54 My Husband Leaves His Takeaway Containers In The Microwave After He Finishes Eating Instead Of Throwing Them In The Trash

Image credits: Nishiwara

#55 My Husband Refuses To Learn How To Cook, So He Made Himself Boiled Eggs And Naan Bread For Dinner

Image credits: IReallyLoveNifflers

#56 My Husband Insists This Is Normal

Image credits: spicyicecream

#57 I Came To The Kitchen To Find Out That My Boyfriend Hung The Towel Like This

Image credits: contasecundaria567

#58 My Husband “Cleaned Up” Yesterday

Image credits: togostarman

#59 I Bought My Husband This Expensive Knife For Christmas. He Put The Knife Into The Dishwasher

Image credits: ranchtacosalad

#60 I Came Home To A Smokey Apartment And A Boyfriend Asleep On The Couch. Not Even Sure What These Were

Image credits: Interesting-Duck6793

#61 I Found One Of My Makeup Brushes In My Husband’s Workshop

Image credits: whatintheworld77

#62 My Wife Asked Me To Put All The Toilet Paper We Bought In The Basket. So I Did This

Image credits: cosmicgeoffry

#63 My Husband Is A Jerk. Every Cookie Has A Bite Mark On It

Image credits: Anaria32

#64 My Husband Asks Me To Wrap My Own Christmas Gifts Every Year

Image credits: Scrollingnews

#65 My Boyfriend And His Buddy Somehow Snapped A Solid Ceramic Pestle In Half. Both Claims To Have No Idea How It Happened

Image credits: Anemone-ing

#66 My Fiance Refuses To Use The Remaining Portion Of Just About Anything Before Opening Another. A Continuation Of His Coke Bottle Problem

Image credits: mthom234

#67 How My Partner Leaves The Sugar After Making Coffee

Image credits: cheeky-ninja30

#68 My 21-Year-Old Boyfriend Made His First Pot Of Coffee This Morning

Image credits: kyie734

#69 This Is What Happens When I Leave My Boyfriend Alone To Clean His Tools. Someone Remind Me, To Never Eat Dinner At His Place Again

Image credits: kaybz91

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