69 Posts With Plot Twists That Are Funny And Unexpected

Real life is more like the plot of a novel or the screenplay of a movie than you think. We’ve got awesome protagonists (that’s you, dear Pandas!), intrigue, mystery, and… unexpected twists. After all, what’s a good story without a proper twist? A story that makes the audience gasp, and brings a smile to their faces.

Well, our team here at Bored Panda has traveled over the hills and far away, across the far reaches of social media, to find some of the best real-life stories with twists you likely won’t see coming.

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So make yourself a big mug of tea or coffee, grab some biscuits, get comfy, and scroll down to have a good time. Remember to upvote the stories you enjoyed the most, Pandas. And if you’ve got any real-life plot twists to share with us, the comment section is waiting for you with open arms. (Or it would if it had any.)


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While some people thrive when dealing with unforeseen circumstances and easily adapt to the unexpected, others have a harder time. Far from everyone has a good and easy time dealing with surprises. And some real-life plot twists can be quite shocking, in the worst possible sense. Not everything is as light-hearted and fluffy as on social media.

Plot twists, while great in books and movies, might not lead to the same enthusiasm and adoration when they happen to these people in real life. Unpredictability isn’t for everyone; however, life is unpredictable, so we have to learn to deal with it.


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During an earlier in-depth interview, Bored Panda spoke about how to live with the fact that life can be unpredictable at times, whether for good or for ill, with psychologist and wellbeing consultant Lee Chambers. He went into detail about building emotional and mental resilience so we’re able to weather any surprises or plot twists that life throws at us.


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“As human beings, we have a desire for certainty and routine that keeps us feeling safe and able to plan what lies ahead in an organized manner. When unpredictable situations or accidents impact us, it can be traumatic, and we will likely feel a sense of disappointment, frustration, and loss,” the psychologist told Bored Panda.


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“It is important, however, that we embrace the fact that the world can be unpredictable and uncertain, and become more tolerant of this being a reality,” the expert noted that unpredictability might not be what many of us like. But we still have to learn to accept that it exists as a phenomenon.


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“Understanding that things are sometimes out of our control helps us to accept that not everything goes to plan, and accept when things happen to us that are negative. This acceptance allows us to embrace the change and difference, and manage our expectations so we can become more resilient to the ups and downs that all our lives lead,” he said.


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In the psychologist’s view, in the case of negative, even traumatic, unpredictable experiences, it isn’t always easy or straightforward to see if the individual will turn everything into greater resilience. In other words, some bad experiences don’t always lead to growth in some individuals. In other cases, however, it can have a galvanizing effect.


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“Post-traumatic growth isn’t always simple to explain or utilize, but often the adversity we face can create a precedent for what we can overcome, help us to see what we need to be grateful for, and give us an understanding of the support we do have,” psychologist Lee explained to Bored Panda.


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“A big part of opening the door to grow from our struggles is finding acceptance and taking ownership over what you can control and finding healthy ways to express the negative emotion that comes with challenges that test us,” he said.


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Lee also revealed to Bored Panda what strategies helped him when he had to learn to walk again. “Using journaling and talking about how I felt played a significant part in my recovery when I had to learn to walk again, and gave me the space to grow to become mentally stronger as a result,” he opened up.


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“It is also important to reflect on all the hurdles you’ve overcome, so you can see what skills and lessons you’ve learned to apply in the future, and adversity often helps us to see what really matters, and gets us closer to knowing our values and purpose.”


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