70 Creative, Petty, And Totally Ruthless Ways People Got Back At Their Jerk Exes

Committing to a relationship with someone means you’re putting your heart into their hands and letting them decide what to do with it. If you’re lucky, they will nurture it and the two of you will form a connection like no other. But they might break it, too. Which is why the people we love the most are the ones that can make us the maddest, too.

A breakup or divorce can be one of the most stressful and emotional experiences in our lives. The (abrupt) end of a relationship can turn our whole world upside down and trigger all sorts of painful and unsettling emotions. Like a burning desire for revenge.

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We at Bored Panda compiled a list of vivid examples to show you what things lovers are capable of if their (ex) partners hurt them badly enough. They may not guarantee a path toward a healthy recovery, but everyone has their own way of coping.

#1 This Break Up Letter

#2 Grandma Put A Magazine Cut Out Of Leonardo Dicaprio Over Her Late (Not So Nice) Husband’s Face. The 80-Year-Old’s Version Of Photoshop

Image credits: JoshPatson

#3 Tattoo Revenge

Image credits: _Breyonnn

#4 Found Out My Girlfriend Is Cheating On Me. Giving Her This Card Tonight At My Birthday Dinner

Image credits: reddit.com

#5 My Friend Decided To Cover Up The Tattoo Of His Ex Wife

Image credits: SomeJagaloon

#6 This Soon-To-Be-Ex Wife Went Big

Image credits: Harsh Agrawal

#7 Educated Ex

Image credits: placelikethis

#8 Came Across A 10-Year-Old Photo That Had My Brother’s Ex-Wife In It And My Ex In It. Instead Of Deleting It I “Fixed” It

Image credits: gknick

#9 Let’s Review

Image credits: sheecoulee

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#10 Woman Confesses To Facebook Her Successful Plan Of Catching Her Husband Cheating On Her With Her Best Friend

Image credits: m_chellen

#11 Angry Girl At My School Posted These All Around Campus, I Spotted 11 On My Walk To The Library This Morning

Image credits: reddit.com

#12 Ex-Girlfriend Gets Revenge

Image credits: TheMehr

#13 Savage Evil Genius Revenge On Cheating Ex

Image credits: KieranMark

#14 I Bet There’s A Dude Sitting With Just Salt And Pepper In His Cubbard Right Now Wishing He Had That Old Bay I Snatched Back

Image credits: deelalz

#15 You Know How Mad You Got To Be To Carry A Refrigerator

Image credits: karlousm

#16 My Friend’s Girlfriend Moved Out And Took Everything, Including The Drawer Handles

Image credits: whatcanieattoday

#17 Best Wishes To You, Her And Your Baby. Love, Your Wife

Image credits: kavien

#18 Best Use For Ex-Wife’s Wedding Dress. Snow Camo

Image credits: ticktock44

#19 While Preparing For My Garage Sale, I Found A Pendant My Ex Gave Me… I Decided To Be A Little Creative With Selling It

Image credits: PatriarchVespa

#20 My Ex Sent Me A Postcard

Image credits: ronlechler

#21 A Japanese Woman Discovered Her Boyfriend Was Cheating, So She Gathered All His Apple Devices And Dumped Them Into A Tub Full Of Water

Image credits: potetosarada000

#22 The New Cold War

Image credits: YoungTiempo

#23 I’m Sure The Band Was Thrilled To Help A Random Woman “Destroy” Her Ex

Image credits: TIGVGGGG16

#24 Stranger Proposes To Get Back At Cheating Ex

Image credits: NenharmaTheGreat

#25 Spotted This Sign Driving Past. Handled It Well

Image credits: KJAYS

#26 Emotional Ex Eviscerates Estate With Eyeshadow

Image credits: Sazley

#27 Girl Sabotages Cheating Boyfriend’s Drug Test

Image credits: Horekunden

#28 When Love Is Over

Image credits: recklessbehav

#29 Guy Gets Cheated On By His Long-Time Girlfriend And Decides To Revenge

Image credits: kaijuno

#30 I Went To A Party Where My Ex-Girlfriend Was Present With Her New Boyfriend. This Was What I Was Wearing

Image credits: Princekwg

#31 Alpha Male Stumps Cheating Ex And Her Lover

Image credits: Esociformes

#32 Taken This Morning In My Hometown In Washington

Image credits: reddit.com

#33 A Girl I Know From High School Got Cheated On By Her Husband And Had To Move, So Naturally

Image credits: 98Toyota4Runner

#34 Revenge On Ex

Image credits: GirlsNoteBook

#35 Caught Wife Cheating, Free Corvette

#36 Subtle But Genius

Image credits: ourjourneyends

#37 My Neighbor Caught Her Husband Cheating

Image credits: reddit.com

#38 Dave Is Genius

#39 Damn Ex Wifes

Image credits: Jahmay

#40 Slow Burn

Image credits: nodaybuttodaytodefygravity

#41 The Bride Continues With The Whole Wedding And Just Happens To Have Photos Of The Groom Cheating To Expose Him At The End With

Image credits: LifeSpanner

#42 Sold The Ring I Used To Propose To My Ex-Fiancé, And Bought Myself Something Nice With All The Cash

Image credits: Upvoteyours

#43 Maybe Next Time He’ll Think Before He Cheats

Image credits: reddit.com

#44 Ex Fiancé And Ex Best Man Are Now Dating. He Left His Wii At My Place. I Made Sure To Get It Back To Him

Image credits: PM_me_your_Jeep

#45 Well Deserved Revenge

Image credits: omgrobertowtf

#46 Cheat On Me? I’ll Destroy Your Relationship With Your Mother

Image credits: 70127

#47 Five More Tasks To Complete

#48 My Ex Loves Hot Sauce And I Finally Found The Perfect One For Her While Traveling In Korea

Image credits: corderoroman

#49 Ex-Girlfriend Drama Outside My House

Image credits: zodiac200213

#50 Anon Gets A Divorce

Image credits: nessfkrz

#51 Tiktok User Gets Revenge On Ex By Signing Him Up To Email Newsletters. “I Sign Mine Up For Home Visits From Jehovah’s Witnesses,” Someone Else Admitted. “It’s Been 3 Years”

Image credits: Balcacer

#52 You Won’t Believe How This Girl Breaks Up With Her Scumbag 6th-Grade Boyfriend

Image credits: francescakate

#53 After More Than Half A Year Of Cheating, This Husband Finally Gets What He Deserves

Image credits: dstorms492

#54 Afraid Santa Won’t Be Coming This Year

Image credits: jlowrey10

#55 Guy Gets Revenge On Cheating Ex By Sending Her Pics Of Topless Trio In His Bathroom

Image credits: The_Sun_Serpent

#56 So My Friend Was Caught Cheating

Image credits: stankycheese

#57 Made My Ex A Valentine Cookie. Nailed It

Image credits: muncho

#58 Guy Goes Full Savage Mode And Proceeds To Bang All Of His Ex’s Close Female Friends

Image credits: The_Sun_Serpent

#59 Cheating Husband

Image credits: fewthingsbotherme

#60 This Punishment

#61 In Your Face, Cheating Ex-Boyfriend

#62 Revenge On Cheating Ex-Boyfriend That Will Take About 17 Years

Image credits: Harriet

#63 My Friend Caught Her Husband Cheating On Her. She Cleaned All Of Her Belongings Out Of The House While He Was At Work And Left The Shirt He Wore To His Bachelor Party

Image credits: gmb83

#64 Man Conveniently Sits Directly Behind His Ex On The Bus Without Her Knowing. Concocts The Perfect Plan

Image credits: itsfarishilton

#65 When Your Ex Can Still Control Your Thermostat

#66 The Five Dislikes Are His Ex-Wife’s Last Few Hairs

Image credits: renrenrenjun

#67 Has Intimate Relationships With Ex’s Family As Revenge

Image credits: voodoo_wavelength

#68 Crazy Ex

Image credits: insommilly

#69 My Ex-Boyfriend Encrypted My External Hard Drive To Get Revenge On Me

Image credits: sara-fawx

#70 Cheated On Girl Gets Pro Revenge

Image credits: Mcjome

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