70 Curious Pics To Keep You ‘Mildly Interested’ And Slightly Amused (New Pics)

Usually, when you look at a photo, it evokes some kind of emotion. A kitty making weird faces makes you smile, and an old portrait leaves you feeling nostalgic. But have you ever seen a snapshot that piqued your curiosity and made you think, “Hmm, that’s interesting?”

Well, there’s a dedicated community that specializes in sharing such intriguing things online. The ‘Mildly Interesting‘ subreddit is full of captivating things that people come across in everyday life. Scroll down, Pandas, to see if you find something that surprises you just a little or maybe more. And don’t forget to upvote your favorite ones.

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#1 The Difference In Appearance Of This Nuthatch After I Found It vs. After A 2 Hour Nap In A Shoebox

Image credits: FunSushi-638

#2 A Sign Over A Urinal In Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean And Binary

Image credits: kalvinoz

#3 This Eclipse Survival Goodie Bag Our Cfo Made For Everyone [oc]

Image credits: olbeamreturns

Not everything in life needs to be a grand spectacle. If we keep chasing only the so-called perfect things in life, we might miss out on our surprisingly captivating surroundings. If we look closely, we will find joy in the small, slightly interesting things around us.

And the ‘Mildly Interesting’ subreddit has managed to do just that. The goal of this group, which boasts an amazing 24 million members, is to share pictures that are not exactly ‘wow’ but somewhere in the middle of being intriguing and boring.

#4 Lightning Struck My Home Gym And Left This Artifact Inside The Mirror

Image credits: PM_ME_INSIDER_INFO

#5 Bees Swarmed My Plant

Image credits: Splintercell581

#6 This Bonsai Plant Has A Hexagon Branch Structure

Image credits: SomberDUDE224

Imagine if everything in life was fascinating and mind-blowing. You visit a restaurant, and all the dishes they serve are scrumptious. Every song you listen to is soulful and catchy. Any dress you buy looks like it’s meant for a fashion show.

While the idea of everything being perfect sounds appealing, it’s not always the case. If we live in a world where everything is flawless, we will have very little motivation to do innovative things or improve ourselves or grow personally and professionally.

#7 The “American Garden” In The ‚gardens Of The World’ Exhibition In Berlin Is Simply An La Style Parking Lot

Image credits: Living_Double_3253

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#8 There Was A Square Hole In The Sky

Image credits: Drum-Major

#9 This 107 Year Old Hot Dog Place’s Original Menu Prices

Image credits: TheLoraxOfLouisiana

Self-improvement is possible when we work on things that we are doing incorrectly. If you believe that everything you do is phenomenal, you will never feel the need to improve yourself. Let’s say you are working on an office project with your team.

You think you have done everything faultlessly. Because of this, you are not taking productive suggestions from your colleagues and are not even listening to their ideas that might be better than yours.

#10 Underground Nest Of Garter Snakes At A Friend’s House

Image credits: Professional_Eye_480

#11 Found A Spider Living Inside My Radioactive Camera Lens

Image credits: antiphony

#12 My Hairy Legs

Image credits: Mugrevideo

It’s a possibility that our drive for creative expression might be stifled in a perfect world. Let’s say you tried your hand at painting, and everything you made was a masterpiece. In this case, you do not feel inspired to draw something new. Many of our creative endeavors are inspired by our imperfections.

If you make something that doesn’t look too good, you are tempted to keep trying. In the process, you sometimes come up with bright new ideas as well.

#13 The Bruise On My Arm Healing After K-Tape

Image credits: Beginning-Delivery54

#14 My Lyft Driver Holds A Stuffed Bunny While Driving

Image credits: Imfrank123

#15 Breast Milk Color Difference 3 Days Postpartum vs. 8 Weeks Postpartum

Image credits: lfpod

If things are not okay-ish, mediocre or incomplete, we might start taking everything for granted. The existence of flaws and struggles truly helps us appreciate beauty, success, and happiness in life. For instance, if every strawberry you eat is sweet, you might not feel that excited about buying berries. You will not be able to appreciate the yumminess of seasonal fruits.

#16 There Is A Waiver On My Receipt For Takeout Shawarma

Image credits: cgxo

#17 At The Doctor’s Office I Noticed This Pamphlet On Contraceptive Failure Rates

Image credits: KBranOoga

#18 My Antidepressant Is Actually 12 Smaller Pills In A Trench Coat

Image credits: plutoforprez

Think about a world where everything is perfect, where everyone dresses flawlessly and every product feels and looks the same. If there is so much uniformity, it will diminish diversity and individuality. We learn from and grow from our mistakes. It’s our unique perspectives and flaws that contribute to the richness of the human experience.

#19 My Finger Prosthetic Has My New Fingerprint On It

Image credits: Butt_F**king_Smurfs

#20 The Holes I Drilled In This Stump Are All Different Colors

Image credits: lightstrident

#21 Power Line Fell And Melted Sidewalk Into A Boiling Glass Puddle

Image credits: elvisBOY

Perfection can also lead to monotony. Imagine scrolling through only impeccable-looking photos that lack character and personality. Without goofiness, flaws, and emotions, a photo can be quite boring and unfulfilling. That is why it’s important that we appreciate even the mildly interesting things around us.

#22 This Charred Intercom System At Taco Cabana

Image credits: willcordell1998

#23 My Hotel Room Provided Disposable Salt And Pepper Shakers

Image credits: Gabgra11

#24 The Soap Dispenser At My Work Caught Fire

Image credits: bucket8a

Additionally, if we aim for perfection all the time, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves. We should accept the fact that not everything we do will be top-notch. Sometimes we might fail completely, or we might make a lot of mistakes. The important thing is to enjoy ourselves in the process and learn from our shortcomings.

#25 This Jar Of Coffee Seems To Imply That 1.6g Is A Valid Serving (195g ÷ 121)

Image credits: ImReellySmart

#26 A Bird Made A Nest On My Car While I Was At The Gym

Image credits: RubMyGooshSilly

#27 Old Ww2 Anti-Air Canon That Lives In The Middle Of Our Neighborhood

Image credits: ryanclicks2

#28 Someone Left A Ducky On My Car

Image credits: CleverTits101

These posts remind us that we don’t need to always capture perfect-looking sunsets or selfies. We can also find joy in the imperfections around us. What do you think? Tell us about a somewhat intriguing picture on your camera roll!

#29 The Difference Between A Trimmed Palm Tree And A Wild Palm Tree

Image credits: bullpendodger

#30 You Can See All The Colors Of The Disneyland Teacup Because Its Worn Off Where The Door Closes

Image credits: Sugarmugr

#31 Old Injury On Hand Now Gets Dirty Or Stays Clean Opposite To The Rest Of The Hand

Image credits: PositivelyUnpos

#32 My Hotel Room Came With Two Gaming Pcs

Image credits: jammy8892

#33 My Swiss Cheese Only Has One Hole

Image credits: MoroseOverdose

#34 Not A Single Person In This Dentistry Ad Is Showing Their Teeth

Image credits: verusisrael

#35 This Urinal At My Local Climbing Gym Can Only Be Used By Climbing Up The Bathroom Wall

Image credits: Narrow_Foundation_82

#36 This Woman Has The Biggest Head Of Hair I Have Ever Seen

Image credits: okitay

#37 Almost All My Store-Bought Strawberries Still Had The Flowers Attached To Them

Image credits: Dakduif

#38 This Tiny Freckle On My Hand Looks Like An Asterisk *

Image credits: YourChocolateMonster

#39 This Engagement Ring I Found Attached To A Statue At The Park

Image credits: Electric_Sundown

#40 Children’s Plastic Shovels One Year Apart

Image credits: Beautiful_Put2030

#41 This Hospital Is Using Its Chapel As A Storage Area

Image credits: TomNookTheCook

#42 My Cats Keep Sniffing This Certain Spot On This New Hoodie. Multiple Cats, Only This One Spot On This One New Hoodie

Image credits: passthegazz

#43 Lowe’s Won’t Accept Welding Mask Returns If They Were Bought Around The Eclipse

Image credits: willbuckley235

#44 The Stark Difference Between A Kroger And Farmers Market Strawberry

Image credits: DoodleNoodle08

#45 This Bar Uses Elementary School Erasers As Spout Covers

Image credits: elementchaos

#46 My Two Porcelain Crowns Don’t Glow In Blacklight Like The Rest Of My Teeth

Image credits: thickassgecko

#47 Shaved My Head And Found These Weird Lines In It

Image credits: thatdocman

#48 Noticed My Pupils Are Two Different Sizes

Image credits: Nerdlifegirl

#49 This Yard Sale Selling Hoarded Cases Of Hand Sanitizer

Image credits: dusty_trendhawk

#50 This Souvenir Sticker Still Has “Lorem Ipsum” On It

Image credits: rahal1996

#51 Every Letter On This Sign Faded In The Sun, Except For The Letter ‘N’

Image credits: BearDadBod_

#52 Our City Built Roundabouts For Pedestrians

Image credits: Downtown_Snow4445

#53 When I Squeeze My Partner’s Mouth Together It Looks Like He Has Two Identical Sets Of Lips Together Side By Side

Image credits: moozirt

#54 Vial Of Liquid I Found On The Beach

Image credits: No_Insurance_6436

#55 One Of The Vent Holes On My Hp Laptop Is Drilled Offset From The Others

Image credits: nullrecord

#56 There’s A Rusty Suit Of Armor For Sale At This Farmer’s Market In Japan

Image credits: sereneinchaos

#57 My Job Got New Microwaves And Only Allow Certain Foods In Them

Image credits: kanslice1738

#58 I Found A Locked Gun Safe In The Creek At The Back Of Our Property

Image credits: ntrent

#59 My Husband Broke Our Knife In Half Today By Accident

Image credits: robreinerstillmydad

#60 Orange Fanta Side By Side Europe/Portugal Left And The Us Right

Image credits: nohead123

#61 The Bananas Which Arrived In My Grocery Order Today Have A Noticeable Size Discrepancy

Image credits: SCG69

#62 Massive Color Difference Between My Hands

Image credits: Itsfizziks

#63 Found A Hat I Lost Three Years Ago Under A Couch

Image credits: jasonbice15

#64 Weird Rock Found In Backyard

Image credits: harrypottersimp

#65 High Security Toilet When I Went For Strep Test

Image credits: FightingWithSporks

#66 One Of Our New Chickens Laid Her First Egg Yesterday And It Didn’t Have A Yolk

Image credits: MallowsFlaming

#67 My Upstairs Neighbor Dropped A Quart Of Milk And It’s Dripping Into My Apartment

Image credits: akiraokok

#68 Brand New Battery vs. One I Had In My Laptop For Two Years

Image credits: iflim

#69 Had My First Ai Drive Through Experience

Image credits: lonelywhalien52

#70 Found A Used Razor Stash In The Wall

Image credits: THE-KOALA-BEAR710

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