70 Frugal People Share Everyday Life Advice (New Pics)

If you have other hobbies than your work, food, and sleep, you might have stopped to think about how to save money for things that bring you joy. Or maybe sometimes, you would like to get yourself a more expensive but quality product that will serve you better and longer. Well, for some people, frugal living is the answer.

Though frugal living can have a negative connotation, it does have its perks. To save money does not mean exchanging everything that you consume for a cheaper version of it. Most of the time, frugal living contributes to more sustainable living, like buying better quality clothes at thrift stores instead of fast fashion. Or, planning your meals instead of eating out every day, which also benefits your health. However, in some cases, you literally cannot afford something and have to improvise with what you already have.

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So today, Pandas, we have selected some tips from the subreddit r/Frugal that might help you save an extra buck or just reevaluate what is actually important for you so that you can spend your income more wisely.

#1 I Love The Library Most Because It Saves Money

Image credits: _Phantom_Queen

#2 The Perks Of Having A Connection To A Local Egg Farm. They Sell Eggs Commercially, But The Biggest Ones Don’t Fit In Their Cartons And They Sell Me A Dozen Of Them For $2! Most Are Double Yolkers

Image credits: Dandan419

#3 I’m An Avid Reader And Have Saved Over $8k Using The Library This Year

Image credits: More_Ice_8092

#4 13 “Empty” Lotion Bottles Clam-Shelled Produced 36oz That Would Normally Be Tossed. I Can’t Be The Only One Out There, Right?

Image credits: ArmyVetRN

#5 Made My Own Swiffer Pads With My Brothers Old Sweat Pants

Image credits: UnderproofedBaguette

#6 Mom Always Said “Don’t Waste Your Money On Stupid Books!” So Here’s My Collection Of Fully Thrifted/Donated Stupid Books

Image credits: SanguineStars

#7 One Year Ago Today I Made This Cremation Casket When My Dad Passed Shortly After Being Diagnosed With Cancer. The Cheapest Cremation Box Shown To Us Was $850cad, I Made This For $120. Don’t Let Funeral Homes Hit You When You’re Grieving

Image credits: -Yacht_club-

#8 I Needed Something To Hold My Shampoo/Conditioner Bars, So I Made This With Chopsticks Leftovers

Image credits: dorkass-loser

#9 We Live In Northern Canada, Land Of Runaway Food Prices. Some Of Our Harvest Saved For Winter. What Started As A Hobby Has Become A Necessity

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Image credits: spiraloutkeepgoing42

#10 $8 Worth Of Food At My Local Discount Grocery Yesterday (Pennsylvania, USA)

Image credits: bugzrcool

#11 U-Pick Farms Are A Great Way To Get Very Inexpensive Produce! 22lbs For $22 And We’ll Make Enough Jam For A Couple Years

Image credits: dsuff

#12 Can’t Afford A Home Or Yard For My Kid, So I Built One With A Pool And A Sandbox On Our Tiny Patio

Image credits: Llama20222022

#13 Frugal Win: Extended The Life Of My Grubby Looking Converse With A Bottle Of Black Dye!

Image credits: DarrowtheHelldiver

#14 Refinished My Old Bag Instead Of Buying A New One

Image credits: Fenryder

#15 Social Media Is Full Of Elaborate, Costly Van Life Builds. Anyone In A Van May Be Frugal, But I’m Too Frugal To Build Mine Like That, Focusing On The Functionality Of It Rather Than The Looks… You Know What? It’s Basic, But It’s Been Perfectly Awesome For Six Years Now. Frugality For The Win!

Image credits: thestinger8

#16 Made Professional Looking Candles From Babybel Wax, And Old Tuna Cans

Image credits: deathwishdave

#17 Cutting Open The Makeuptube To Use It All. Had About 10 Days Worth Left

Image credits: Skipping_Shadow

#18 Just An Example Of Right Place Right Time These Normally Go For Around 9-10 Dollars A Pound In My Area But They Had Just Switched To New Packaging And The Marked The Old Label Down To 99 Cents At My Local Kroger

Image credits: sometimes-its-edwind

#19 Found These Pretty Plates And Mugs Sitting By The Trash Collection Area!

Image credits: blueberry-rabbit

#20 Replaced Luggage Wheels For 13 Bucks

Image credits: pingpingmoe

#21 Bought 30 Pounds Of Bananas For Super Cheap

Image credits: bethany_katherine

#22 Best Cat Litter Ever…you Choose: $18 (20lbs) vs. $7 (40 Lbs)

Image credits: Navi36

#23 We Get Our Kids To Design Labels For Home Made Preserves To Give Away As Gifts At Christmas

Image credits: spiraloutkeepgoing42

#24 Ex Wife Was Gonna Throw This Out So I Refinished It. Happy With The Results

Image credits: Technical_Corgi6561

#25 Low Effort, Try A Food Processor Or Butcher Knife, But Cute, Frugal, Earth-Friendly Fall Confetti

Image credits: Frank_Jesus

#26 This Redditor Turned Their Old Jeans Into Pot Holders. I Think They Look Great

Image credits: Cheensly

#27 Put Your Green Onions On Your Windowsill To Keep Them From Going Bad And To Grow An Unending Supply

Image credits: MikeOKurias

#28 4 Months Ago, I Planted Some Sprouted Potatoes In A Small Pot On My Balcony. Here’s My First Harvest!

Image credits: aeline136

#29 I Had So Much Fun Making These Cartoon Gift Wrapping! Inspired By The Borderlands Videogame

Image credits: jijiopas

#30 My Dryer Has Been Doing Laundry Flawlessly Since It Was Made In 1976

Image credits: Justinschmustin

#31 I Broke My Broom Killing A Wasp. A Couple Of Zip Ties + Some Tape, And It’s Been Fine For 3 Years

Image credits: quirked

#32 Don’t Throw Away Your “Empty” Lotion Bottles

Image credits: Ruler_of_Zamunda

#33 My Freebie Fire Pit! Made From Bricks I Got On Fb Marketplace

Image credits: dobsco

#34 70 Lbs Of Potatoes I Grew From Seed Potatoes From A Garden Store And An Old Bag Of Russets From My Grandma’s Pantry. Total Cost: $10

Image credits: OKMountainMan

#35 I Recently Had A Very Large Tree Collapse In My Back Yard. Rather Than Paying The Arborist Several Hundred Dollars For Stump Removal, I Turned It Into What Is Now A Very Fertile Vegetable Garden

Image credits: RelayFX

#36 I Don’t Know Who Needs To Hear This But Mason Jars Will Perfectly Preserve Your Berries For Several Weeks

Image credits: ip_address_freely

#37 Hot Sauce From The Garden. Besides The Bottles Which I Reuse, This Cost Less Than $1 To Make

Image credits: rickbeats

#38 My Two Tomato Plants Have Been Giving Me An Abundance!

Image credits: trash_cat92

#39 $30 Total Thanks To The “Too Good To Go” App. Plenty Of Baked Goods For The Whole Family And The Rest Will Be Frozen

Image credits: XpensivPasta

#40 Needed A Flat Dryer Rack But Don’t Have Room For One So I Repurposed These Tension Curtain Rods That Were Headed For A Garage Sale Otherwise. It’s Not Much But I Love It

Image credits: Melalias

#41 New Skill Unlocked! I’ve Been Learning How To Sew And Altered The Neckline Of This $3 Shirt I Thrifted

Image credits: transient_drop

#42 We Have Sent The Same Card For Nearly 20 Years

Image credits: GandalfslargeChurro

#43 We Had A Good Run. 20 Years Of Service-Finally Used The Last Of It Today

Image credits: vikmomma

#44 My Lesson For Today: Check Prices Carefully! We Found These In The Regular Meat Section Today And The Price Was Honored!

Image credits: moonshot214

#45 I Was About To Order A Pizza But Made One Instead

Image credits: VapeDrinkWork

#46 I Have Hope For My Spending Problem & Frugal Rehab Plan. 2023 Is My No More Starbucks Or Panera Year. 100% DIY Soups, Sandwiches & Fancy Coffee Drinks!

Image credits: reddit.com

#47 Making Use Of Soap Slivers

Image credits: GeekyGrannyTexas

#48 Don’t Forget Your Free Birthday Food!

Image credits: sxckmytitty

#49 Some Of The Sauces I’ve Hoarded For The Husband. He Has Any Kind Of Sauce He Could Possibly Want For Free

Image credits: IllustratorBig8972

#50 Neighbor Threw This Awesome Chair To The Curb. One Screw Fixed The Tilt Problem!

Image credits: 38DDs_Please

#51 Forty Years Ago We Started A Store Cupboard Of Household Essentials To Save Money Before Our Children Were Born. This Is Last Of Our Soap Stash

Image credits: twoshillings

#52 Maybe Most People Already Do This, But This Is For Those Who Don’t. Put Those Butter Wrappers To Good Use And Grease Your Baking Dishes With The Butter Left Stuck To The Wrapper. You Might Be Surprised How Little Can Go A Long Way

Image credits: katydidkat

#53 Infant’s And Children’s Tylenol Are Both 160mg/5ml, But Infant’s Is Usually Almost Double The Cost. It’s Just Marketing And The Inclusion Of A Syringe. Save The Syringe Once And Then Buy Children’s

Image credits: NuminousMycroft

#54 Little Time And Energy Saver, Bake Potatoes For 1hr 20 Then Freeze Them. They Are Ready In 5 Minutes In The Microwave For Fast Lunches 🙂 I’ve Tested It And It Works Really Well, They Taste Great!

Image credits: islaisla

#55 Picked Up This Moldy, Broken Vanity For $25 And Only Bought New Knobs And Feet. Now I Have A Piece Of Solid Wood Furniture

Image credits: BitterYetHopeful

#56 McDonald’s Gets A Lot Of Hate. But A Fast, Decently Sized Lunch For $3 Is Very Hard To Argue With Nowadays

Image credits: bicuriousAF

#57 Using Pen Springs To Reduce Wear On Your Especially Fragile Power Cables! (Darn You Apple)

Image credits: DANGEROUS_DAIRY

#58 Rip Kirkland Foodservice Foil. We Had A Good 7 Year Run

Image credits: shakeyjake

#59 9.99 vs. 5.99. Always Check Bulk Prices

Image credits: carterothomas

#60 Sold My 2018 With A Car Payment And Picked Up This 2001. I Call It My Recession-Mobile

Image credits: Smail_Mail

#61 How My Under $25 Thanksgiving Meal Turned Out! Surprisingly Not Bad At All…

Image credits: Historical_Panic_465

#62 Frugal Living: Moving Into A School Converted Into Apartments! 600/Month, All Utilities Included

Image credits: PivotalPosture

#63 10¢ Worth Of Freezey Pops From Dollar General Summer Clearance

Image credits: lettuceprey4

#64 My Airport Breakfast Hack – Free Hot Water And Oatmeal Packets

Image credits: AllAboard_ChooChoo

#65 I Didn’t Want To Spend $300 On A Little Library, So We Made Our Own For $40

Image credits: thompsonc12

#66 Turned This Dirty/Broken Powerwheels I Got For Free Into A New One. Only Had To Buy A Battery For $50

Image credits: WafflePeach

#67 Making Our Own Chicken Tractor Saved Us Hundreds Of Dollars. Plus The Chicks Dig It!

Image credits: bekiroo

#68 Sorry If This Is An Old Idea, But These Veggies Cubes Are A Great Way Of Using Up Old Bagged Salad

Image credits: hoesindifareacodes

#69 Hit The Jackpot, 10lb (Yes, Pounds) Of Mushrooms For $9!

Image credits: TheDisasterItself

#70 Birthday Freebies

Image credits: ThisLaserIsOnPoint

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