70 Hilarious Examples Of Awful Taste But Great Execution, As Shared By This Online Group (New Pics)

Purpose and function are just a couple of words that cross our minds when we think about design. After all, professionals put in mountains of effort to create something clever, timeless, visually pleasing, and convenient for the user. So it feels almost like a given that they have good taste too, right? Well, apparently not! And there’s a whole online community dedicated to proving it.

Let us introduce you to the ‘Awful Taste But Great Execution’ (ATBGE) subreddit where a whopping 1.7 million members share overwhelmingly gaudy, tacky, and tasteless examples of product design that are, surprisingly, produced in the most elegant way. “Work done so well, you won’t know whether to love it or hate it,” the moderators explain in the description. After diving into their feed, we totally see why.

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We at Bored Panda have scoured the community and gathered some of the most painfully hilarious examples to share with you all. So continue scrolling and get ready to applaud the craftsmanship these designers demonstrated while poking fun at their complete lack of sense for aesthetics. Then upvote your favorite entries and let us know what you think of them in the comments!

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#1 What’s The Matter Babe, You Haven’t Touched Your Shrekfast

Image credits: DimitriTooProBro

#2 I Think Thats Cool?

Image credits: Zew5

#3 A Handheld Side-View Mirror

Image credits: major_minus

#4 This Crossover Tattoo

Image credits: justcallmefafara

#5 Barbie Foosball Table

Image credits: dittidot

#6 Scorpion Hair

Image credits: rekharose

#7 This Garage-Door-Style Kitchen Window

Image credits: agent_max_the_mick

#8 This Actually Took A Lot Of Talent To Sew

Image credits: Uminx

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#9 This Was Shared By One Of The Brands On The Cake

Image credits: cos_css

#10 I Mean, Why?

Image credits: arnoldsomen

#11 Mural In A Fish & Chips Place

Image credits: nthensome

#12 But Why Though

Image credits: Sky_High8422

#13 Have A Seat

Image credits: kitchenmutineer

#14 I Feel Like This Genuinely Belongs Here

Image credits: Pork-Piggler

#15 Denture Funeral Flowers

Image credits: sleepylittlesloth

#16 Airbnb Rental In Spain

Image credits: Iccarys

#17 Lots Of Storage Room

Image credits: vrphotosguy55

#18 I Feel Like I Can Smell The Chlorine While Sleeping

Image credits: Ok-Practice-5864

#19 Cake, Anyone?

Image credits: BeckyKidus

#20 Mirror Dimension Kitchen

Image credits: meta_hn

#21 Poo(L) Thermometer

Image credits: splurgeoverthem

#22 This Bulldozer Shaped Building.

Image credits: marktherobot-youtube

#23 When You Ask Your Boyfriend To Buy New Silverware

Image credits: woctaog

#24 Sharkberries?!

Image credits: ihrie82

#25 This Is Very Well Done But It Also Makes Me Queasy

Image credits: Ash_Friday_2

#26 Heart Cake

Image credits: LowYak3

#27 This Epoxy “Bad Guy Table”

Image credits: Sniper_Chicken_

#28 The Headquarters Of Mussolini’s Italian Fascist Party (1934)

Image credits: fyflate89

#29 Chernobyl-Themed Snow Globe

Image credits: MooseBoys

#30 Louis Vuitton Fire Extinguishers

Image credits: mikeymiggz

#31 $1.2 Million For A House That Looks Like A Reptile Exhibit

Image credits: gamingman471

#32 The Cup Noodles Phone Charger

Image credits: Impossible-Cup3811

#33 This Truck, Check Out The Windshield Wipers!

Image credits: gabriel3374

#34 This Looks Fun

Image credits: desertmamba

#35 Chicken Lamp. It’s Hideous But I Want It

Image credits: NightOwl0920

#36 Genuinely Impressed By The Dedication.

Image credits: KaterWaiter

#37 Rake And Shovel Table Set

Image credits: Majorpain2006

#38 Biblically Accurate Fidget Spinner

Image credits: Bitzenstein

#39 Diamond Knuckles

Image credits: Xander395

#40 The Olive Bowl Acts As A Pop Socket!!

Image credits: cheesuscharlie

#41 Piranha Plant Cake

Image credits: Highest_five

#42 Nose

Image credits: desertmamba

#43 Love Me Some Human Flesh With My Cheese

Image credits: SirLagALot420

#44 Apparently, It Can Also Swivel.

Image credits: Legithmus

#45 Bunny Chair

Image credits: SumsOfAnyKey

#46 Gucci Baby Bed I Saw For Sale

Image credits: ItsIdaho

#47 I’ll Take “Things You’d See In America And No Where Else” For $500

Image credits: covfefe-china-trade

#48 Have A Seat On A Saguaro (Chair)

Image credits: Beelazyy

#49 Boot Mirror At A Hostel In New Orleans

Image credits: sebestyen13

#50 This Toilet At A Hotel

Image credits: Locsnadou

#51 But Why?

Image credits: lysergic_818

#52 Bird And Human Hands Hybrid

Image credits: fyflate89

#53 This Couch Has Fat Rolls

Image credits: gingerblz

#54 Last *suffer

Image credits: kotonizna

#55 Especially The Curved Exhaust

Image credits: Oms19

#56 Moss Sandals… Not Every Small Business Needs To Exist

Image credits: reddit.com

#57 Mmmmmm Yummy

Image credits: UZIP_prime

#58 This Friends Themed House

Image credits: thebigfella

#59 This Rug Found In R/Punchneedle (No Offense Op)

Image credits: picklesfoley

#60 This Table Haunts My Nightmares

Image credits: DancingInMyBlood

#61 I Feel Sorry For The Porsche

Image credits: Eyesengard

#62 …wood Floors?

Image credits: veggieplant

#63 I Wanna Bleach My Eyes After Seeing This But They Went All Out Ngl

Image credits: insert_ausernamehere

#64 Princess Diana Cabinet

Image credits: ButtMunchSupreme420

#65 This Tattoo

Image credits: finch_worm

#66 Saw This In Another Sub

Image credits: moldytreesap

#67 Flip Phone Nails

Image credits: ewzoe

#68 Saw This In My Neighborhood, Thought It Fit Here

Image credits: MrBirdsReddit

#69 Pizza Hut/Chuckie/Tmnt/Garfield Deck

Image credits: theseyeahthese

#70 This Donald Trump Buddha

Image credits: Jack_Madee

Source: boredpanda.com

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