70 People Share The Small Habits That Make Their Life A Little Better

According to a study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology, it takes 18 to 254 days for a person to form a new habit. (The study also concluded that, on average, it takes 66 days for a new behavior to become automatic.)

Depending on how tight your schedule is, this may sound like a lot of hassle. However, even the slightest changes in your lifestyle can snowball into substantial, palpable results. And there’s a fresh Reddit thread to get some ideas.

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Created by user iam_robas, it asked everyone the question, “What’s a simple habit you practice daily that helps you stay positive?” It’s not the most popular post on the platform, but the discussion in the comment section provides interesting insights into how people navigate these turbulent times.


Singing in the car. It’s tough to be in a bad mood while singing

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Feel your emotions, pick them apart, try to understand why they came up, but don’t let them control you.

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I sit outside in silence and be in the moment listening to nature.

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I try and go out for a few hours any day I’m off work and just go for a coffee, food and walk around my city for a few hours. It’s such a simple yet nice thing I do that keeps me being positive. My friends make fun of me for it though :/

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Play with my sisters cat

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Talk yourself up with positive phrases throughout the day. Wake up a little before work, an extra hour ideally, and have some time to yourself. I like listening to music and drinking coffee during this time.

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Stay in contact with friends, see what they’re up to, offer to help if there is something I can do.

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Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.


Stretching for 5 mins is almost a ritual for me

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Toxic, dramatic people. Just shut them out. Coworkers, family. Don’t care, can’t hear you. I have an average life to live. Don’t try to spice it up with your reality tv show nonsense

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Being grateful

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I smoke cigarettes and drink coffee.

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A do list! It helps me to visualise what I’ve actually achieved that day

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Force myself to smile for a few seconds

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Before I get up out of bed, I give gratitude for many blessings. I give thanks for simple things like having a roof, a pillow, a bed, comfy blankets, a safe place to live, plumbing…and then go on to bigger things like people who love and support me. I do this throughout the day, even giving thanks for difficulties (thank you, asshole driver who gives me the opportunity to practice patience ha).

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Drink lots of water

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Morning wank to get the day started

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running, drinking, coffee, eating good food, petting cat


Staying single


Walk my dog


Spend some time in nature – walk, run etc. Sounds cliche but works wonders.


Play the ukulele


making myself an egg sandwich in the morning with a glass of water, and enjoying my quiet hour long bus ride


Songs that match my thoughts or mood


Being appreciative for how much easier my life is than previous generations’.

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Wherever you feel a lot of pressure just go out of that place breathe in and exhale out Life will be much better

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Try to be nice to everyone, no matter when or where


I have an issue with taking things personally, what helps is for example if someone comes off as rude to me or dismissive I usually remind myself that they are probably going through a bad day or something. Most of the time I pry and ask and they end up revealing an issue to me or what happened to cause them to be in a sour mood. It has helped me a lot 🙂


Flexing and makeing faces in the mirror while saying ‘ayyyyee’

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While waiting for the shower to warm up, I put on a banger of a song and dance. Wakes me up a bit and it’s fun.


Playing Xbox and racing cars


20 minutes on the cross trainer



(weather permitting)


When something bad happens I immediately find the best thing I can think about the situation


Going for walks everyday, starting about 15 min after I wake up with a hot drink, magazine and my dog


Greeting strangers in a friendly manner everywhere I go.


The holy trinity: exercise, sleep, diet. These three things alone will go a long way, don’t neglect them.


I tell myself that whatever negative feeling u get dsnt exist then hype myself back up. Like when Sad “No such thing as sadness don’t be a little bitch get up, look proud and live this day that tomorrow you wont get back” i also fake smile a lot

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making bed,just shutting down every mobiles,laptop and other devices and being at the moment and being outside in fresh air




I try my best to tell myself all the things I like about me and all the important people that I have helped with in my life. And then I practice breathing exercises to calm myself down


Forcing myself to get out of bed. A lot of days I don’t want to at all. But once I do, it makes everything seem a little easier. Cuz even if the day is rough, I still got out of bed to take care of my family.


Waking up


My therapist has me writing down affirmations.


Listen to old music on repeat


Exersize outside near some birds. Mental and physical health just skyrocket


I remind myself where I’m heading in life, but even more important, I remind myself where I would have been if I didn’t change path.


Take my pills on time


Take a moment to absorb some sun straight to the dome- imagining that its energy penetrates into a third eye,- then send rays of gratitude back to it. Just a few seconds makes a difference to me; doing this for half an hour and more gives me a good high

When the wind is blowing I like to picture the vast oceans of air moving above and remind myself that i’m just flowing on a rock


Daily stretching. Just a quick touch the toes, stretch your neck, your wrists, your shoulders. You’ll feel much better


I have several tattoos that all are very personal and important to me. Every day I see the rubber ducky on my hand – it represents my wife. Her love, her caring, the special and fun times we’ve shared in our 24 years together all come back every time I see that duck, which is always


Being grateful for at least one thing that has happened to me every day. It doesn’t have to be anything major, it doesn’t even have to be something positive. Just something that you I am grateful for having in my life


I block people online that has an energy or attitude I don’t wanna be impacted by. This is my time and I am here for my needs.


Giving others


Starting my day by actively thinking about how I want to approach problems/issues. The act of making this a planned process rather than just reacting helps.


Prayer, making offerings to the gods, ancestors and spirits.

I always take time, especially in the morning, to stand outside, breathe deeply and remember that everything around me is full of life and energy, the ground, the plants, the animals, the stones…and I give thanks to them all.


I take notes constantly in order to keep myself accountable and keep a record of tasks and chores I complete each day. It motivates me in two ways: having a to-do list makes it easier to be productive, and looking at a week of lists all checked off makes me feel really good about myself.


Practicing Gratitude, Going on a Drive. Looking in the mirror and saying “You Sexy Beast, People go Crazy in Love with You”.


Be proud of what I achieved


Remind myself of three P’s peace, passion, and persistence


Sleeping. If I’m too energetic to sleep, I walk around until I am lost.


Negative visualization


Meditate every day! It makes a life changing difference on your mindset and happiness


Daily edible. Really balances me out.




Organizing everything by size and convinience


i look at titties on the internet…life can be bad but there’s always at least two good points to it


stopped constantly trying to alter my state of mind.


Bottle it up, lock it in a chest, behind a door, in Fort Knox.

Proceed with my day


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