70 People Who Acted So Bad During The Holidays, They Don’t Deserve Christmas

As much as we are looking forward to the holidays so we can leave our troubles behind and spend a few days surrounded by our loved ones, there are plenty of ways this magical season can start going downhill.

Maybe one of your clients starts demanding a holiday discount. Or maybe your nephew is complaining about his gift. There’s no limit to human creativity when it comes to spoiling Christmas for other people.

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To remind you to be kind to others during this time of year, here’s a list of people who weren’t. Even the Grinch would think most of them pushed it a little too far.

#1 Selling A Used Imac For 1200$, Woman Asks “How Low” I Would Sell It For, Or If I’d Take 800 And Some Jewelry She Makes. Oh And I Also Ruined Christmas

Image credits: Vindictive_Barista

#2 Free Christmas Tree Isn’t Tall Or Full Enough…

Image credits: Lacroix_boiii

#3 How Are My Kids Supposed To Live Without Juice?!

Image credits: SnooDucks9912

#4 Cb Doesn’t Appreciate “Lame” Christmas Gift

Image credits: smaj27

#5 People Who Steal Christmas Lights

Image credits: ICA2015

#6 Strangers Wont Give My Kid AirPods Or Money?! Thanks For Ruining His Christmas!

Image credits: KetoMyLastHope

#7 Gotta Get That Christmas Money Some Way Or Another!!

Image credits: Twelves-

#8 This Pos Who Stole A $250 Present Off Our Porch That Arrived After We Went To Bed. Video Is From 3 Am Christmas Day

Image credits: trolldoll420

#9 Selling An $800 Drone With Accessories For $400 To Get A Little Christmas Money. Then This Parent Of The Year Shows Up

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: schmoogina

#10 I Bought A Friend A Season Pass As A Late Christmas Gift, A Day Later Wants Me To Get A Refund And Buy Him Something Else

Image credits: FuckOffYouPrick

#11 Christmas Day Discounts For Second Hand Cars??

Image credits: Terrifiedspork

#12 Ex Baby Daddy Photo Shops His & New Gfs Faces Onto His Ex Baby Moms Christmas Photos

Image credits: glamfaerie

#13 First Time In Years That I’ve Been Able To Afford Decent Christmas Gifts For My Niece And This Piece Of Shit Stole Them Off Of My Sisters Porch!

Image credits: cra-1994

#14 Using A Living Creature To Make Your Tacky Christmas Decorations

Image credits: Aquagenie

#15 Someone Cut Down A Neighbor’s Tree For Christmas Purposes

Image credits: KingsleyTheDog

#16 All She Wanted For Christmas Was A Pair Of Airpod Pro!

Image credits: soum91fuckshadowban

#17 Christmas Decorations In England

Image credits: eurfryn

#18 Give A Dog Away Cause It’s Aging, Wants A Brand New Puppy For Christmas

Image credits: glamfaerie

#19 My Aunt’s Skeevy Boyfriend Went From Asking What My Husband And I Want For Christmas To This Garbage In 2 Minutes

Image credits: kate_mili

#20 Local Needs Group. A Christmas Tree Is Requested. A Christmas Tree Is Given. But The Stand Was Lost Somewhere. Now Tree Recipient Has Useless Garbage From Jerks And Has To Haul It To The Dump

Image credits: CaptainEmmy

#21 These People In My Building Showing Cruelty Instead Of Love On Christmas

Image credits: praise_jeeebus

#22 Stealing A Chemo Patient’s Neuropathy Cream At Christmas Time

Image credits: Grusselgrosser

#23 This Person Who Allegedly Had A Tight Christmas Budget But Was Also Trying To Buy Art, For Some Reason

Image credits: Kateryna_Mazhuha

#24 This An En Employee Of 10+ Years “Gift” For Christmas From Wal-Mart.

Image credits: rmoney1269

#25 She Wants Me To Give Her An Apple Desktop For Free For Christmas….

Image credits: reddit.com

#26 Stealing On Christmas

Image credits: TacoHut_PizzaBell

#27 This Person Who Wanted Custom-Made Art For A Christmas Discount Of 100% Free

Image credits: caboose2253

#28 Hosted My Father Over 10 Days For Christmas. He Left This In My Yard As A “Thank You” I Guess. Note The Dry Brush And The Location Is Right Outside Of My 8 Year Old’s Bedroom

Image credits: ravenserein

#29 This Was On A Post About Giving Free Stuff For People In Need For Christmas

Image credits: Togic996

#30 Imagined Being This Ungrateful

Image credits: TheRobobGamer

#31 My Brother Won Some Basketball Tickets At Our Work Christmas Party Last Night. Not Being A Basketball Fan, He Decided To Try To Sell Them To Make Money To Go Towards Our Parents Christmas Present. As You Know, It’s Choosy Beggars Favorite Time Of The Year!

Image credits: rubecantcubeitself

#32 How Else Are People Going To Buy Christmas Presents?

Image credits: TheBestJamian

#33 Casual Christmas Excuse

Image credits: eggbeepbeep

#34 Home Invaders Pretend To Be Christmas Carolers

Image credits: Gracynvh

#35 It’s An Okay Deal For Christmas Time But The Last Sentance Just Kills It

Image credits: nostril_extension

#36 A Christmas-Themed Tale Of One Entitled Woman’s Quest For A Free Coffee Shop Journal

Image credits: whynuttzy

#37 Put Up Different Christmas Decorations!

Image credits: reddit.com

#38 Pay Me $100 And I’ll Let You Take Down My Christmas Tree, Lights, And Ornaments While I Sit There Watching You, Sipping My Drink

Image credits: realitydesign

#39 It Always Gets Worse With Christmas

Image credits: tellemifyoulike

#40 Aunt Turning Christmas Into A Generic Gift Exchange

Image credits: FerdaSkeetBoyz

#41 Someone Is In The Christmas Spirit

Image credits: MaleNurseGTA

#42 That’s That Christmas Spirit!

Image credits: Stvreps

#43 On Christmas Day She Spent The Time To Find Contact Info For Me, The Author Of The Book She Was Given For Christmas, To Complain That She Wanted A Different Book

Image credits: ImpossiblySalad

#44 Cbs Even On Etsy. Must Be Christmas Time

Image credits: Colieoh

#45 I Was Listening To Some Uplifting Christmas Music And Actually Considering This When The 2nd Message Came In

Image credits: onewordgo

#46 I Feel So Bad That We Ripped Him Off, I Probably Ruined His Children’s Christmas

Image credits: Roach4355

#47 Guy Goes To Public Facebook Site To Plead For Help With Christmas For His Kids, Proceeds To Get Wrecked For Lying

Image credits: dayngazoneee

#48 Guy Announces He Has Covid And Will Be Alone On Christmas And The Comments Are Full Of Giveaway Scams (These Were Not The Only Ones)

Image credits: owl3child

#49 Happy Holidays! It’s That Time Of The Year!

Image credits: halfgodesshalfhell

#50 This Guy Is 35 Years Old…

Image credits: mikethelabguy

#51 My Ex Girlfriend Fed Me Some Bullsh*t About Breaking Up With Me For Her Mental Health. She Got With Someone A Few Days Later. Today She Asked For The Christmas Gift She Gave Me While We Were Dating

Image credits: Andy1512

#52 Bragging About Destroying A Kids Christmas Present That He Stole… Outstanding Human Being

Image credits: wadef4

#53 People Buying Animals As Christmas Presents That They Don’t Intend To Love Or Keep

Image credits: reddit.com

#54 Returning A Real Christmas Tree To Costco The Day After Christmas

Image credits: mj2323

#55 Walking To The Christmas Fair Downtown

Image credits: derikc4

#56 I Went To High School With This Woman. She Doesn’t Have A Job And Makes A Post Like This Every Christmas Complaining About The Free Gifts Her Family Receives

Image credits: GroverCLE

#57 Asked Friend If He Could Get Titanfall 2 So We Can Play Together Tell Him I Have Money From Christmas And Birthday And This Happens

Image credits: Reyd-a-Book

#58 On My Way To Target For Some Light Grocery Shopping, And I Happen To Stumble Upon This Gem Of A Christmas Decoration. Yes, That’s A Real Toilet

Image credits: CorrosiveHero

#59 “Surprise!” You Now Have To Use Vacation To Cover The Christmas Holiday. Eliminating The Only Paid Holiday Of The Year

Image credits: bigguns8123

#60 Take My Baby For 12 Days During Christmas And New Years. $50/ Day Sounds Fair ?

Image credits: lesstocarry

#61 Someone Brought This To The Company Christmas Party Food Drive!

Image credits: lsharris

#62 Wearing This At An Elementary School Christmas Concert. “Nobody Needs An Ar-15. Nobody Needs A Whiny Little Bitch Either, But Here You Are”

Image credits: iluvtrashpandas

#63 Complaining About A Christmas Gift From Her Mother On Facebook Because It Isn’t High Class Enough

Image credits: reddit.com

#64 This Guys GF Made A Christmas Sweater Of All His Ex Gfs (From Atbge Wouldn’t Allow Me To Crosspost)

Image credits: Wtfatt

#65 Apparently I Ruined Someone’s Christmas?

Image credits: mcalel_

#66 Trying To Give Away A Free Trampoline But Ruining A Disabled Child’s Christmas Instead

Image credits: faith_plus_one

#67 Purple Is Looking For Free Christmas Gifts For Her Infant- But Suggestions Are “Not Worth It”

Image credits: neversaynoto-panda

#68 It’s Sad That You Have To Say This On Christmas

Image credits: anniefienning1314

#69 Christmas Village Beggar Returns. I Don’t Know How To Link My Original Post But You Can Find It In My Profile. Worth The Back Story. Honestly Was Excited To See A Message From This Guy Again Haha

Image credits: tlomo

#70 Merry Christmas! Thankful She’s Not My Mom

Image credits: DioTheSupaSaiyan

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