71 ‘Cool Guides’ People Shared On This Group That Contain Information About Clothing They Don’t Teach At School

The paradox of being a grown up is how very poorly prepared we often are for the adult world. Just think of the last time you called your dad to check on that suspicious blinking light on your car’s dash panel. Or the last time you asked your mom how to remove a wine stain from that new shirt you just bought. Speaking of the latter, I’ve lost count of how many perfectly fine pieces of clothing I ruined in my life just because I didn’t know how to wash, dry and take care of them. If you feel me, pull your seat closer.

Welcome to the amazing corner of Reddit named “Cool Guides” that’s dedicated to educating its whopping 2.8M members in know-how about virtually all existing things. Check out Bored Panda’s previous feature on this subreddit here.

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This time, we’re taking a look into practical and seriously useful cool clothing guides that are basically saving our phone bill and dignity of being a responsible adult who has control in life. From doing laundry like a pro to the best ways to iron a dress shirt, you can thank us later!

#1 Guide: How To Remove Stains From Clothes

Image credits: LIS1050010

#2 For All Your Laundry Needs

Image credits: Uppernined18

#3 Pants Shapes

Image credits: wheekwheekmeow

#4 Traditional Wedding Attire Around The World

Image credits: GandalfTheWhey

#5 Best Formal Shoes+pant Combinations

Image credits: MediocreChap

#6 This Guide On How Often To Wash Your Clothes

Image credits: pinkydkk

#7 Simple Bra Info Chart

Image credits: YOU_TUBE_PERSON

#8 How To Hang Your Dress Pants (So They Don’t Fall Off The Hanger)

Image credits: jpc4stro

#9 An Easy Guide For Measuring The Correct Bra Size

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Image credits: ineptnoob

#10 Types Of Collars In Women’s Fashion

Image credits: qss122

#11 Find The Best Shoe For Your Feet With This Simple Guide

Image credits: justadudechllin

#12 History Of Gendered Clothing, As Illustrated By Elise Gravel

Image credits: DarkRiches61

#13 Guide To The Types Of Skirts!

Image credits: Bogisa

#14 How A Shirt Should Fit (Masc Edition)

Image credits: possessed-pillowpet

#15 I Spent Forever Looking For A “Grid Pattern” Shirt Before I Found This

Image credits: i-am-a-potatoo

#16 Saw This On A Maker Page, Thought It Was Very Interesting If You’re Into Fashion

Image credits: tashielb

#17 Clothing Care Symbols

Image credits: _the_frenchiest_fry

#18 How To Dress Dark

Image credits: Engasgamel

#19 Guide To Cleaning And Preserving Wedding Dresses

Image credits: thesemeanstreets

#20 Men’s Guide To Perfect Pant-Shirt Combination

Image credits: some__kid

#21 Style Guide For Men’s Jeans

Image credits: Carnivalesque3

#22 How To Iron A Dress Shirt

Image credits: behrkon

#23 Different Types Of Shoes

Image credits: MrPartyPancake

#24 Basic Shoes Guide

Image credits: jpc4stro

#25 Dress Types

Image credits: lankancookie

#26 Lacing Up Running Shoes

Image credits: Fun_On_A_Bunn

#27 Skirt/Dress Length Reference

Image credits: reddit.com

#28 Dress Codes 101

Image credits: regian24

#29 What Are We Feeling About This?

Image credits: PaulN07

#30 Aztec Clothing By Daniel Parada

Image credits: OttoMagnus

#31 It’s Called Fashion, Sweaty. Look It Up

Image credits: MissaLayla

#32 Types Of Shirt Material

Image credits: TrueHerobrine

#33 How To Roll Your Shirt Sleeves

Image credits: adeptopeth212

#34 How To Pack So Your Clothes Don’t Get Wrinkled. Used This Method For Hundreds Of Thousands Of Miles And Can Attest That It Works

Image credits: trashpix

#35 Wondering What To Wear With Your Favorite Shirt ?

Image credits: LordCactusTheWise

#36 A Better Picture On How To Tie Shoes

Image credits: Hamudra

#37 Stain Removal Guide

Image credits: laurifroggy

#38 Regency Evening Dress Code

Image credits: NoCommunication7

#39 Dry Cleaning Clothes At Home!

Image credits: lenomcream

#40 How To Layer Clothing If You Plan On Going For A Run

Image credits: souljabri557

#41 How To Make A Pants Backpack

Image credits: 2n1c0l4s3

#42 Types Of Clothing Fasteners, Closures And Stitches

Image credits: DrSchwebel

#43 Tactical Order Of Dressing

Image credits: kc954

#44 Some Hats And Their Descriptions

Image credits: BB_67

#45 Choosing Shoes For Your Exercise

Image credits: purpleowlie

#46 Men’s Sock Guide

Image credits: OsamaMoloy

#47 Handy Post For Authors And Fashionable People Alike

Image credits: nshud2

#48 Types Of Dresses

Image credits: hearsdemons

#49 Hasidic Jewish Women’s Traditional Articles Of Clothing

Image credits: ThePolarizedBear

#50 Fashion Timeline Of Vietnamese Clothing

Image credits: reddit.com

#51 Knowledge: How Many Times You Can Wear Your Clothes Between Washes

Image credits: potatoooeee

#52 Which Tan Line Speaks To You The Most? Saw This At A Garage Clothing’s Store In Ky

Image credits: spicygarlicboo

#53 Visual Guides On Suits And Matching Shoes!

Image credits: Bloody_Eclipse_47

#54 Washer Settings By Clothes Guide

Image credits: dadschool

#55 Guide To Shirt Collars

Image credits: sliplock

#56 Guide To Choose Your Shirt And Fit

Image credits: lambda_99

#57 T Shirt Design & Style Ideas 2022

Image credits: chhanzlaijaz

#58 Running Shoe Choosing Guide

Image credits: ahmt0844

#59 A Guide To Men’s Dress Shoes

Image credits: big_macaroons

#60 Which UK City Spends The Most On Clothes?

Image credits: WonderfulGold

#61 Best Dress For Your Body Type Guide

Image credits: Healthsteps247

#62 How To Sew A Button

Image credits: luckprecludes

#63 The Financial Anatomy Of A $100 Nike Shoe (2015)

Image credits: CrashBangs

#64 Clothing And Folds By Juliajm15

Image credits: joshuasagarcollage

#65 Ideal Measurements For American Women In The 1920s

Image credits: JustBlue

#66 Guide On Clothes Washing 🙂

Image credits: MountLH75

#67 Folding Your Clothes To Fit Inside Your Luggage

Image credits: ebolakanker

#68 Color Combinations For Clothing

Image credits: twobirdsandacoconut

#69 How Many Of These Items Did You (Mis)use?

Image credits: ai-bees

#70 Shoe Material Guide

Image credits: Exciting-Maybe8661

#71 Iconic Celebrity & Royal Wedding Dresses Throughout History

Image credits: LuckyLaceyKS

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