71 People Who Went All Out When Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, pandas! No matter where you are in the world, today is a great day to deck yourself out in green, learn a few step dancing moves and enjoy a delicious shamrock shake!

To provide some inspiration for how to celebrate this St. Patty’s Day, Bored Panda has scoured the internet to find fabulous photos of people embracing this wonderful holiday down below. So cheers to St. Patrick, and be sure to upvote the pics that remind you to wear green so you don’t get pinched today! And keep reading to find conversations with Susan Byron of Ireland’s Hidden Gems!

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#1 Happy St. Patrick’s Day From Murphy

Image credits: reddit.com

#2 School Crossing Guard Dressed Up For St. Patrick’s Day

Image credits: reddit.com

#3 My Mom Was Born On St. Patrick’s Day 1959, The Same Year Pyrex Debuted The Rare “Lucky In Love” Pattern. Here To Share Her Four-Leaf Clover Birthday Quilt I Made

Image credits: halycon_daze

To learn more about this special holiday and what the best ways are to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, we reached out to Susan Byron of Ireland’s Hidden Gems. Susan was kind enough to have a chat with Bored Panda and share why the 17th of March is such a special day.

“St Patrick’s Day is really important because millions of people all around the world can claim Irish heritage, especially in the US and Canada but as far away as Australia and New Zealand too due to mass emigration from the time of the famine (1840 onwards), political unrest and economic depression,” she explained.

“So, St Patrick’s Day is their descendant’s day to celebrate their Irish roots, which they absolutely love to do with many visitors coming from all around the world for our famous St. Patrick’s Day Parade,” Susan says.

#4 Dad Turns His 6-Month-Old Baby Into A Naughty Leprechaun

Image credits: Alan

#5 And The Award For Best-Dressed Cat Goes To

Image credits: Number10cat

#6 Happy St. Patrick’s Day From The Alps

Image credits: COYMFS

We were also curious how Susan likes to celebrate St. Patty’s Day. “We celebrate it quietly to be honest here in Ireland,” she shared. “We would normally watch a parade in our local village of Kinvara, which is great fun and mostly about local businesses, vintage tractors, horses and children from local GAA clubs of all ages.”

“We would definitely have a few pints of Guinness in our local pub or have a little glass of Jamesons, but it’s certainly not the big deal it is in America. And we would never dye our rivers green or drink green pints,” Susan added.

#7 Decided To Dress Up As A Leprechaun For A Friend’s St. Patrick’s Day Party. Another Friend Decided To Bring A Flamethrower. Results As Expected

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Image credits: ArmyMPSides

#8 Someone Doesn’t Look Too Impressed

Image credits: ProfNoelFitz

#9 My Students Asked Me If They Could Decorate Harry For Saint Patrick’s Day, And I’m Not Sure What My Expectations Were, But They Exceeded Them

Image credits: spinning_again

And if you’re looking for a great way to celebrate this year, Susan recommends watching a good Irish movie like The Wind that Shakes the Barley, The Field, Michael Collins or even The Quiet Man. “Perhaps have a go at making a batch or brown bread or scones and an Irish Coffee or Hot Whiskey?” she suggests.

And if you’re really interested in having an Irish experience, Susan says you might want to indulge yourself in finally planning your Dream Trip to Ireland. “My company offers exclusive 2 week Tours of Ireland’s Hidden Gems, so if they can’t be there on [St. Patrick’s Day] this year, maybe they might be inspired to visit in 2025?”

#10 I Need This Shirt

Image credits: otiswwe

#11 I Can’t Decide If I Look Totally Awesome Or Simply Ridiculous

Image credits: seanbriscombe

#12 You’re The Pot Of Gold At The End Of My Rainbow

Image credits: mytigerjojo

#13 Happy St. Patrick’s Day! It’s Easy Being Green

Image credits: No_Swag_Mitch

#14 Snoot Here, To Tell You Happy St. Paddy’s Day, And To Let You Know That The Seasonal Knit Can Koozies Make Fantastic Rat Sweaters

Image credits: jamiej27

#15 She Is Adorable

Image credits: Erineyy

#16 That Pretzel Looks Delicious

Image credits: KateFlannery

#17 Making Slurm For St. Patrick’s Day. It’s Highly Addictive

Image credits: Wishful_Traveler

#18 St. Patrick’s Day Mint M&M Cookies

Image credits: palomamel

#19 Celebrating The Art Of Understated Elegance This St. Patrick’s Day

Image credits: tallwoodcountryhouse

#20 Starting My St. Patrick’s Day In This Uber

Image credits: newreddituser6247

#21 Kayaking The Dyed Green Chicago River For St. Patrick’s Day

Image credits: PilliperGritz

#22 I Love This Country. Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Image credits: Wideskream

#23 I Dress Up My Life-Size Mr. Bean Every Holiday. Here Is St. Patrick’s Day Bean

Image credits: DavesWifey6969

#24 The Chicago River Turning Green For St. Patrick’s Day

Image credits: x2FrostFire

#25 May The Luck Of The Irish Be With You All The Way. Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Image credits: iamtunneyw

#26 I Just Found These Two Four-Leaf Clovers On St. Patrick’s Day

Image credits: thehighwoman

#27 This Is An Adorable Outfit For The Dog

Image credits: AnthonyFarnell

#28 Well Done, Very Festive

Image credits: jencoleslaw

#29 Tully And Georgia Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

Image credits: RL_CaptainMorgan

#30 Epic St. Patrick’s Day Costume Worn By My Friend’s Professor. It’s The Hulk Shorts And The Box Of Lucky Charms That Really Bring It Together

Image credits: GertrudeFinklestien

#31 I Made My Dream Dress For St. Patrick’s Day And I’m So Proud Of How It Turned Out

Image credits: CarbonChic

#32 St. Patrick’s Day Is My Husband’s Favorite Holiday

This year he took orders from friends and family and hid “pots of gold” in kids’ yards so they could watch him through the windows and collect his treasure after he’d left.

Image credits: IHateDolphins

#33 It Looks So Cold Over There

Image credits: amyklobuchar

#34 Who Needs A Pot Of Gold When You Have A Plate Of St. Patrick’s Day Pancakes?

Image credits: dietcokeanddiapers

#35 That Treat Looks Delicious

Image credits: GroverTdog

#36 We Have The St. Paddy’s Day Spirit

Image credits: partitzu

#37 Hope This Leprechaun Trap Works. Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Image credits: dogfishbeer

#38 I Met A Leprechaun Today! They Are Way Cuter Than I Thought

Image credits: WannaPetAllTheDogs

#39 I Guess I (On The Right) Got A Little Overzealous At This Year’s Shamrock 5-Mile Run. It Even Made The Local Paper

Image credits: laurev23

#40 St. Patrick’s Day Wreath

Image credits: blue.house1008

#41 May Your Home Be Filled With Laughter, May Your Pockets Be Filled With Gold, And May You Have All The Happiness, Your Irish Heart Can Hold

Image credits: davidnola

#42 Homemade St. Patrick’s Day Bread

Image credits: connorkmiec93

#43 My Sister And I Are Both In Our 50s. Each Year For Nearly 3 Decades, She Sends Me A St. Patrick’s Day Card With A Lottery Scratch Game And Lots Of Glitter

She always signs them “Leprechaun”. Sometimes I even win a few dollars.

Image credits: MickLittle

#44 Nice Bow Tie, Very Dashing

Image credits: romero

#45 Annual St. Patrick’s Day Beer Pong Game. 580 Cups

Image credits: Raxitus

#46 Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Image credits: Sneezy The Penn State Squirrel

#47 My Aunt Makes Costumes For Her Mutts

Image credits: bamalam427

#48 Happy St. Patrick’s Day From Seoul

Image credits: D0mhnail

#49 My Beard And Kilt On St. Patrick’s Day

Image credits: IActuallyLikeSpiders

#50 My Mother’s St. Patrick’s Day Christmas Tree. She Is Very Proud Of Herself

Image credits: -_Mocha_-

#51 Wishing You A Happy Saint Patrick’s Day Weekend! May Your Table Be Filled With Friends And Family You Love And Your Belly Filled With Plenty Of Food And Drinks

Image credits: kevin_towell_

#52 Happy St. Paddy’s Day To All, And A Very Happy 6 Years On Hormones To Me

Image credits: Former-Finish4653

#53 Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Image credits: Fusiontechnition

#54 Happy Saint Patrick’s Day To You Both

Image credits: trevor8sinclair

#55 I Decorated The Fence At Work For St. Patrick’s Day

Image credits: ferdiepoboy2

#56 Bagel Sandwich, Featuring St. Patrick

Image credits: Lofulamingo-Sama

#57 Today’s My Birthday And St. Patrick’s Day, So My Mom Made Me Green Eggs And Ham

Image credits: StriderElo

#58 A Dad Playing Catch With His Son Using A Leprechaun Hat On St. Patrick’s Day

Image credits: reddit.com

#59 Happy St. Patrick’s, Some Green Sourdough Up In A Green Ash

Image credits: meadow-mouse

#60 Our St. Patrick’s Day Display Window

Image credits: beachwinery

#61 St. Patrick’s Day Llama In Tullamore, Ireland

Image credits: mollyagogo

#62 Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Feeling Extra Lucky This Year

Image credits: FraNChlS

#63 Happy St. Paddy’s Day

Image credits: Blackcrusader

#64 Happy St. Paddy’s Day From Machu Picchu

Image credits: DaithiOMaolmhuaidh

#65 Looking Good, Boss

Image credits: benspoont

#66 Happy St. Patrick’s Day From My School

Image credits: DoDoBot48

#67 My Bread Caught The Irish Fever. Happy St. Paddy’s Day Everyone

Image credits: calvinpaluta

#68 Shamrock Shake Cheesecake

Image credits: ArcaneMead

#69 Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Now Who’s Ready To Party?

Image credits: CrazyCurious

#70 We Were Trying To Get A Cute St. Patrick’s Day Picture, But The Wind Wasn’t Cooperating

Image credits: DisgruntledPlebian

#71 St. Patrick’s Day Inspired Look

Image credits: pazialuz

#72 My Sister And I Are Both In Our 50s. Each Year For Nearly 3 Decades She Sends Me A St. Patrick’s Day Card With A Lottery Scratch Game And Lots Of Glitter. She Always Signs Them “Leprechaun.” Sometimes I Even Win A Few Dollars

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