71 Times People ‘Had One Job’ And Totally Blew It (New Pics)

To put it pretty straightforwardly, every job is a chance to not just prove yourself but prove those around you. It’s a gateway to a career and a path to a fulfilling profession. Some people set out on this journey with the maximum dedication, giving all the best they have, making mistakes and learning from them on the way, making decisions both good and bad, while others not so much.

In fact, others seem to choose a whole different approach. Not only do they refuse to invest themselves in the job they have, they don’t care much about the task they have at work. The results often land in this beloved corner of the internet known as the “One Job” subreddit that shares the work failures of people who “had one job.” And now they don’t.

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Below we wrapped up some of the most interesting, funny and plain miserable examples shared on the community, so scroll down. After you’re done, be sure to check out more “you had one job” mishaps in our previous articles here, here and here.

#1 Whoever Edited This Advertisement Never Saw A Human Foot

Image credits: victim80

#2 A For Effort

Image credits: SqueakSquawk4

#3 In 1731 The King Of Sweden Sent A Taxidermist His Pet Lion Who Died. This Is What Was Sent Back. It’s Currently On Display At A Formal Royal Residence

Image credits: JohnnyRico92

#4 Don’t Mind If I Do

Image credits: TacticalNuke6969

#5 Cmon Dude…

Image credits: biromantic_hope_z

#6 Ground Staff Pulled The Wrong Handle And Md-80’s Butt Fell Off

Image credits: Yeetman7252

#7 Installed The AC, Boss!

Image credits: kokokolia-rus

#8 Handle With Care

Image credits: onebiscuit

#9 I Have To Look At This Every Day

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Image credits: May_be_your_doom

#10 If Only There Were Something In The Nest That Started With The Letter E…

Image credits: mopeiobebeast

#11 I Present To You The First Anti-Mold Paint For Walls That Managed To Make Mold In Its Original Container

Image credits: Ok-Force-9554

#12 Shape Shifters

Image credits: VPM1991

#13 Buffalo 911 Dispatcher Fired

Image credits: punchCuddles

#14 Terrorizing The Children With This One

Image credits: professionalNEIGHer

#15 Ah Yes, Pidgeon

Image credits: DevD_2022

#16 Laid The Pipe Down, Boss

Image credits: Rambos_Beard

#17 Labeled The Fruitables Boss

Image credits: Skaitavia

#18 Yup That’s How Acronyms Work. Job Well Done!

Image credits: Annoying__Usernames

#19 Ok, It’s Not An Easy Job But C’mon!

Image credits: lostproton

#20 Screen Orientation

Image credits: myself09

#21 Painted The Child Boss

Image credits: syracrow

#22 Yes Boss, I Put The Seats In The Correct Order

Image credits: taglia01allinot

#23 Men Clothes

Image credits: RoiHurlemort

#24 I Put The Giant Bodybuilder Sticker On The Front Door, Boss

Image credits: FeIixBaumgartner

#25 Metro In Paris : “Make The First Step”

Image credits: Amorcay

#26 Finished Painting The Line Boss

Image credits: Allnita

#27 So, Uh… Wanna Tell Me What Went Wrong With This One?

Image credits: xx-ANONYMOUS

#28 Vegan Noodles “Contains Pork”

Image credits: Cloudly_Water

#29 Css Struggles Be Like:

Image credits: AleiusLestat

#30 Ah Yes Eliminate Plastic

Image credits: HK_910

#31 Concentrating The Rain Into A Refreshing Seated Shower

Image credits: Arianfelou

#32 Was It So Hard To Get A Dog?

Image credits: fplanellas

#33 How On Earth Is This Possible?

Image credits: Mekeni04

#34 Canada ? Day.. A Thrift Store’s Sign In Abbotsford, Bc

Image credits: TechWizard2020

#35 Mph? I Prefer Fahrenheit

Image credits: SqueakSquawk4

#36 Ain’t That A Kick In The Crotch

Image credits: Leodracon

#37 Someone At The Fox Channel Gonna Be Fired For This

Image credits: Heavy-Ask-828

#38 Labeled The Yogurts, Boss

Image credits: lskerlkse

#39 It Says 24hours Though

Image credits: SempiKFC

#40 This Is Acceptable 🙁

Image credits: bitchy_buffoon

#41 Filled The Bins, Boss

Image credits: Many-Ad5016

#42 Faucet Placed Further Than Its Length In Hotel Room Resulting In A Cascading Waterfall

Image credits: jvjishnu

#43 Floor In My Apartment Building

Image credits: cekosfranz

#44 Uploaded The Image, Boss!

Image credits: c4ttskillzz

#45 It’s Literally Outlined Where It Should Go

Image credits: Heavy-Ask-828

#46 Walking Through Athens And Spot This Beauty. Definitely Getting My Door Mat Prited Here. I’m Sure They’ll Nail The Text.

Image credits: Warnie_ate_the_pies

#47 Maybe I Don’t Know Colours

Image credits: Cypher360

#48 I’m Assuming The Holes Are For Heat Dissipation?

Image credits: TheNanoPheonix

#49 Bro Why Dat Cake Regenerating Like That

Image credits: GoldenGiantesshasaYT

#50 Something’s Wrong, I Can Feel It

Image credits: HotGarbage2020

#51 How Not To Install A Metal Roof

Image credits: Xander395

#52 They Put The Lamp… Under The Ceiling…

Image credits: B0dis

#53 I Don’t Think They Even Tried.

Image credits: mmmmmmmmmmmo

#54 I Have To Suffer From This Everytime I Go Shopping

Image credits: Darby060

#55 Subtitle For Chinese Song

Image credits: Beautiful_Fishing569

#56 Depressed Traffic Light

Image credits: DvidBow

#57 Names On The Poster Mildly Infuriating

Image credits: Mad_Comics

#58 Your Text Here…

Image credits: jamiea10

#59 The Kids Will Learn So Much Boss!

Image credits: c4ttskillzz

#60 Don’t Tell Me What To Do!

Image credits: XYooper906

#61 Ancient Protein Bar

Image credits: tyw7

#62 At Four Corners Monument Coyotes Are Reptiles

Image credits: Hackermuffin307

#63 Installed The Toilet Boss!!!

Image credits: Mediocre_Market_85

#64 Exactly What I Asked For!

Image credits: Magical_Potat0e

#65 Three Cheers For Smoking On The Job!

Image credits: jojoslayed

#66 My Paintbrush Didn’t Come With Spellchecker.

Image credits: kouroshkeshavarz

#67 Apparently, My Cab Has Side Mirrors To See Incoming Cyclists Before We Open The Door

Image credits: uMuffin

#68 A For Effort

Image credits: arnnpp

#69 Done Designing The App Poster, Boss.

Image credits: NicholasCWL

#70 You Tried Your Best

Image credits: simplerick99

#71 Handled The Returns Boss

Image credits: michel210883

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