72 Times People Spotted Funny Pride Signs And Just Had To Share Them With Others

June is coming to an end, which means Pride month is too… but there’s still time to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and its individuals, defend equal rights, reject discrimination, and support the right for every individual to live the life they are and love the way they wish. It’s celebrated annually in June in honor of the Stonewall riots, which took place in New York City in June 1969.

You can tell your LGBTQ+ friend and family member how much you love them, maybe some activism, join the community, attend a workshop or symposia or simply put a rainbow sticker on your laptop, and most importantly, have fun!

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What’s not addressed enough about the LGBTQ+ community is how hysterically funny its people are. Just take a closer look at the signs and posters of Pride parade participants. Below we selected some of the funniest and the wittiest ones for you to chuckle at and spread that feel-good vibe to you!

#1 Could Be A Phase

#2 I Went To Pride For The First Time Yesterday, This Is My Favorite Photo From The Whole Day

Image credits: Untakenusr

#3 Supported My Friends As An Ally At Our Local Pride And The Church Protesters Kept Calling Me Names And Just Made Me Laugh

Image credits: Masterzombie26

#4 A Brave Little Girl Who Wants Equality

Image credits: jamiebruesehoff

#5 Best Sign I’ve Seen So Far

Image credits: GaryNunn1

#6 An Old Man With A Sign At The Brighton And Hove Pride

Image credits: reddit.com

#7 Pictures From The Equality March For Pride & Unity At The Texas Capitol. My “Homophobia” Sign Made It Into A Gay Rights Magazine

Image credits: CatYuracka

#8 Pride Day

Image credits: aidan.laws

#9 Love This Equality March Sign

Image credits: bennyc80

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#10 Harry

Image credits: UKinUSA

#11 Placard Of The Year

Image credits: bowen__ally

#12 When Protestors At The End Of The Pride Parade Meet The Pride Community

Image credits: julious29

#13 Tired Hands

#14 From Sunday’s Gay Pride Parade In Chicago

Image credits: stardust7

#15 Pride Month

Image credits: malcolmfromthattime

#16 This Was One Of The Best Protest Signs At Pride

Image credits: LilLizardBoi

#17 Look Who Showed Up At The Gay Pride Parade

Image credits: MrTypie

#18 Vienna Pride. What A Ride

Image credits: markusmorianz

#19 Love Will Win

Image credits: es8ch

#20 Zurich Pride Was Amazing Today. Met So Many Friends, Saw So Many People, Couples And They Were All Looking So Happy. Also, I Loved This Sign

Image credits: dogsog

#21 The Sky Spread Rainbow In Kolkata, India

Image credits: lgbtpride.india

#22 Sauron Didn’t Discriminate

Image credits: thomasgskinner

#23 Pride Parade

Image credits: bri_sacks

#24 Marriage Equality

Image credits: alexa_blaire

#25 Pride Parade In London Sign

Image credits: gtiso

#26 What It Says On The Tin

Image credits: drdoolydia

#27 Love Is Love. Milano Pride

Image credits: rainbowsquad.official

#28 Toscana Pride 2019

Image credits: hocus.lotus

#29 Make America Gay Again – Amsterdam Canal Parade

Image credits: jasperzieboon

#30 Mumbai Pride

Image credits: shuchatterji

#31 Hard To Bet This Banner

Image credits: fabulousdavey

#32 Seen At The Delhi Pride Parade Today

Image credits: bekd70

#33 Los Angeles Pride

Image credits: lgbt

#34 God Said

#35 Mocking The Protesters At La Gay Pride Parade

Image credits: dev27

#36 Pride India 2017

Image credits: manasclicks

#37 A Shout To All Who Went To The 3rd Szczecin Equality March

Image credits: fluids.berlin

#38 Mojang Walking In The Stockholm Pride Parade, July 30th, 2016

Image credits: JoelWiklund

#39 Definitely The Best Sign

Image credits: ersal

#40 This Is Beyond Huge. Loving The Truly Hilarious, Witty Placards

Image credits: burpbbpy

#41 Great Pro-Gay Marriage Protest Sign

Image credits: ravenclawredditor

#42 Love Is Love

Image credits: alexa_blaire

#43 Strong Sign Game In Sydney Today

Image credits: _elisecullen_

#44 Best Gay Parader Ever. Spotted By A Friend In Brighton, UK

Image credits: ComputerFeathers

#45 Some Signs From Today’s Pride March In Washington D.C.

Image credits: mjs_DC

#46 Taste The Rainbow

Image credits: fryingpansexuals

#47 At Pride Rally For Marriage Equality

Image credits: pennysharpemlc

#48 This Sign Wins

Image credits: crisdoherty

#49 Asexual Pride

Image credits: meanderingwhale

#50 No, But My Pride Signs Were Amazing, To Be Honest

Image credits: bi_cycleracee

#51 This Sign At Sf Pride

Image credits: schrute___farms

#52 Pride Parade Sign

Image credits: DebVaughn

#53 Photo From The First-Ever Bosnian Gay Pride

Image credits: dank_castle

#54 The Pride Parade At School

Image credits: agust_fei

#55 Best “Vote Yes” Sign Ever – Equal Marriage

Image credits: stevensydney

#56 At Pride Rally For Marriage Equality

Image credits: cmooresydney

#57 Pride Sign

Image credits: GeorgieLBridget

#58 My Favorite Sign From Today’s Straight Pride Counter Protest

Image credits: kcall123

#59 Just Love Everywhere

Image credits: viiintaaaaaaaa

#60 Tim Tams

Image credits: _Nnooo

#61 These Girls

Image credits: bri_sacks

#62 Magic Word

Image credits: ozlozmartin

#63 Brilliant

Image credits: bearleft

#64 Saw The Same Pride Banner Last Year, Nice To See She’s Upgraded With Extra Eye Candy

Image credits: thepoetryyoustirredinme

#65 So, I Seen This Masterpiece At The Pride Parade In NY

Image credits: astaaric

#66 It’s We Are Proud Wednesday

Image credits: freemomhugs

#67 At A Pride Rally For Marriage Equality

Image credits: pennysharpemlc

#68 Sydney

Image credits: hellojeffkhan

#69 Vote Yes

Image credits: JohnGrahamALP

#70 What’s A March Without A Banner

Image credits: sophiegreens

#71 Tony Says Yes

Image credits: PennySharpemlc

#72 When I Came Out To My Dad, Watermelon Sugar By Harry Styles Was Playing On The Radio. I Saw Harry Perform 2 Weeks Later, So I Made A Poster About It

 I thought I’d post this in honor of pride month

Image credits: sashi_is_super

Source: boredpanda.com

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