72 Times People Surprised Their Neighbors With These Funny Or Bizarre Posts They Shared In Neighborhood Online Groups

We have never spent so much time in our homes as we have since the start of the pandemic. And it’s likely not going anywhere. With more and more workplaces shifting to hybrid, or to entire work from home models, homes are likely to remain our safe office spaces that have obvious perks. In fact, this 2019 survey found that a hybrid working environment would make employees happier (83%), feel more trusted (82%), improve their work/life balance (81%), and make them more likely to recommend their company to a friend (81%). Are we then now living our best lives, well, at least in that sense?

Not so fast. Staying at home means that you not only gotta spend more time with your family members, whether you like it or not, but that you’re not alone doing so. Your neighbors are also here too. That means a lot of noise, from construction sounds to loud quarrels or dance music smashing through the speakers. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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Some people are (un)lucky enough to have real weird neighbors to deal with. And when I say weird, I mean it. Thanks to a subreddit called “NextDoor,” we can now get a glimpse into what it’s like to live next door to someone that makes you wonder ‘what on earth is wrong with some people?’

#1 Someone Sure Is Cocky

Image credits: malipupper

#2 He’s Just Trying To Feed His Family In These Tough Times

Image credits: Belatryx84

#3 I Would’ve Paid Cash To Have Witnessed This

Image credits: nottelling411

#4 I Hope He Does It

Image credits: tlaquepaque0

#5 My Neighbors Are Loosing It…

Image credits: eventualist

#6 Perfect Little Soup Boy

Image credits: Becks467

#7 I Have So Many Questions

Image credits: jul1992

#8 Meanwhile

Image credits: bestofnextdoor

#9 Because Nextdoor Isn’t Always Racist Or Trashy, Here Is Something On The Lighter Side

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Image credits: rabidstoat

#10 All The Best Hoods Have Great Lawn Care

Image credits: _Rickety__Cricket_

#11 Not All Boomers Are Bad

Image credits: shayocean

#12 Runaway Roomba

Image credits: cecilomardesign

#13 Diarrhea

Image credits: phargmin

#14 Get Paid To Stop Baby Fever

Image credits: reddit.com

#15 Need Immediate Help

Image credits: DrRockstar99

#16 Lost Bird

Image credits: MoralDiabetes

#17 Just Because It’s Upside-Down, Doesn’t Mean It Can Be Parked On The Lawn [denver]

Image credits: Threedawg

#18 Alert

Image credits: bestofnextdoor

#19 A Joke Or A Cry For Help?

Image credits: amonson1984

#20 Anybody Out There??

Image credits: craggy_isle

#21 Doesn’t Ring A Bell…

Image credits: threelostsocks

#22 Literally The First Post I Saw When I Downloaded Nextdoor

Image credits: Lkasso

#23 Stop

Image credits: bestofnextdoor

#24 A Neighborly Reminder

Image credits: amonson1984

#25 Here Is A Great Idea For Increasing Property Values!

Image credits: Tickslady

#26 Oh Teenagers….

Image credits: slskowron

#27 A Warm Welcome

Image credits: yungsemite

#28 Ice Cream Truck Uproar

Image credits: hfk2udkwlalhq3

#29 This Was Posted On My Local Nextdoor Today…

Image credits: VajraPurba

#30 These Are The Posts I Like To See

Image credits: ElleMcQueen

#31 He’s Eaten All Of My Cereal

Image credits: DrRockstar99

#32 Lol

Image credits: Rotisserie1719

#33 Poor Lisa, Forgot What The American Flag Looked Like

Image credits: RasheedAbdulWallace

#34 That’s A Bit Too Descriptive

Image credits: thatonedesignerguy

#35 Lady Sent Me A Dm With My Home Address And Threatens To Come To My House Because I Left Sad Face Reactions On Her Comments About Homeless People. Yes I Actually Did End Up Calling Police

Image credits: reddit.com

#36 Shut Up Todd

Image credits: sprinklytits

#37 Neigbors

Image credits: bestofnextdoor

#38 I Never Mentioned A Poop Bag

Image credits: kap_pek

#39 You’re All Going To Hell Kids

Image credits: ogcaryts

#40 Did I Ask, Linda?

Image credits: aceysaid10percent

#41 Someone Get This Man A Job At The Cdc

Image credits: Roboctopus11

#42 “Unaccompanied Poultry” On The City Sidewalk

Image credits: kcur42

#43 Or Maybe It Was A Coyote?

Image credits: dndmast

#44 It’s Always Awkward When People Treat Nd Like Their Facebook Feed

Image credits: malipupper

#45 Getting Deep With Your Neighbors

Image credits: jews-for-jesus

#46 Random Outburst From Mike

Image credits: MargaretMaloney

#47 Waffle Stomper

Image credits: Umphreak416

#48 I Love This

Image credits: NapkinTheBatDad

#49 Computer Goose

Image credits: jcgs16

#50 The Terrifying Oj Bandit

Image credits: thatdrunk72626

#51 Must Have Been A Bummer BBQ…

Image credits: Chicken26

#52 Alright Then

Image credits: annie332

#53 It’s Very Important For The Attorney To Be Christian

Image credits: AsfAtl

#54 How’s Your Neighborhood Handling The Pandemic? Mine’s Full Of Ignorant People Like These

Image credits: pwrof3

#55 The Brown Eye Bandit

Image credits: hammonjj

#56 She’s Been Asking For Money And Threatening To Kill Herself For Weeks. Please Don’t Come Back

Image credits: UnicornCatzz

#57 Cat Cat Cat Cat Goose?

Image credits: purget

#58 This Guy Thinks He Lives In A Small Town

Image credits: mayjanolis

#59 Illegal Activity Reported By Karen…

Image credits: romeosgal214

#60 Oh No, Not A Jewel!

Image credits: patrickclegane

#61 Mysterious Bath

Image credits: borntoperform

#62 Can The Kids Find A More Convenient Time To Go Missing?

Image credits: fraack

#63 Neighbors

Image credits: bestofnextdoor

#64 Upset With My Neighbor’s WiFi Name

Image credits: BarefootUnicorn

#65 I Hope Whoever Scooped Up This Deal Appreciates It More Than This Guy’s GF

Image credits: slightlyasian

#66 Did Anyone Else Have Strange People Come By Last Night?

Image credits: BeaucoupHaram

#67 Started With An Argument About Fireworks Past 12am And Ended Up With Him Showing Up In Front Of My House With This Sign For About Two Hours

Image credits: amznfx

#68 Don’t Let Your Dog Pee On Walks!

Image credits: annierayban

#69 No Need To Fear, Vigilante Vedran Is On It

Image credits: MargaretMaloney

#70 Suspicious Duck

Image credits: useless_mermaid

#71 Neighbor Sees The Light And Realizes ‘Illegals’ Can’t Actually Vote In Elections

Image credits: Beyond_Re-Animator

#72 Kristen’s Cat Is Probably Wondering Where’s Lunch

Image credits: doppelstranger

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