73 Artists Who Got Shamed Online For Being Out Of Touch With Reality

We at Bored Panda have written about choosing beggars again, and again, and again, and still haven’t even scratched the surface of their ridiculous demands—there are simply too many!

But this time, we decided to look at the other side—the one that does the offering—and see if we can find any opportunists among them as well. Pretty soon, we discovered the subreddit ‘Delusional Artists’ and it gave us exactly what we were looking for.

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This online community of 514,000 members constantly shares pictures that expose people with a warped understanding of their prowess. Thinking they’re the next big thing, these folks ask for thousands of dollars for their work, and probably expect that the Museum of Modern Art will give them a call any day now, begging to buy a piece for its collection.

I guess the key takeaway here is that people are funny. No matter where you look, someone will find a way to surprise you.

#1 Excuse Me What

Image credits: reddit.com

#2 Well Then…

Image credits: Psychonaut6767

#3 Okay What??

Image credits: tayferg

#4 Instagram “Influencer” Originals!

Image credits: sharamighty

#5 $2000

Image credits: letsredditgabby

#6 They Clearly Just Put A Filter Over The Picture

Image credits: sodastreammmmmmmmmmm

#7 Infecting A Laptop With Malware Is Art?

Image credits: hexafraction

#8 It’s Not Bad Until You Get To The Tail…

Image credits: SligPants

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

#9 Only $588 For A Coloured Zip Tie? Great Deal.

Image credits: TheFRHolland

#10 Unsure Where To Post This. Sims In A Higher End Hotel Restaurant?

Image credits: perroibksat

#11 My School Cut Down A Perfectly Healthy Tree For This…

Image credits: PolarRood

#12 ‘portraits’

Image credits: Fisher212121

#13 Does This Count?

Image credits: scuczu

#14 I Know Orange Sea Glass Is Rare Find But…

Image credits: EatAndGreet

#15 Comic Sans And Crappy Printer Paper For £55

Image credits: TheWizardGoat

#16 The Universe Is A Great Artist.

Image credits: thatcoolcat1

#17 Some Of The Laziest ‘Art’ I’ve Ever Seen (This Is In One Of My Country’s Biggest Art Galleries…)

Image credits: xzmaxzx

#18 Hang My Old Mattress Springs On Your Wall For Only $70!

Image credits: MyUsernameIsRedacted

#19 60 Dollars For This Pin Made Of Scrap Fabric. The Audacity.

Image credits: reddit.com

#20 Artist Suing Smithsonian For Not Hanging His Painting

Image credits: denim_duck

#21 Literally Thought This Was A Joke Image At First. It’s Not.

Image credits: CrazyPyro516

#22 Bridal Zip Ties On Etsy.. Alrighty Then

Image credits: VikingPieLordess

#23 A Painted Eggshell… For $50???

Image credits: reddit.com

#24 My Boi Weest Dun Got Scammed

Image credits: reddit.com

#25 Does This Count?

Image credits: ghostiekat

#26 $100 For This God Awful Sketch Of Elon Musk

Image credits: RealRavioliJones

#27 This Was Selling In A Painting Store On Sale For $10000

Image credits: Mr-KYS

#28 We Live In A Society

Image credits: kirsty112

#29 Lol

Image credits: phares_wheel

#30 Delusional Photographer Needs To Quit While She’s Behind

Image credits: tukerdale

#31 Somehow This Made It To The National Gallery Of Art In Dc

Image credits: PiIsKindOfTasty

#32 I Can Find No Satire And I Must Scream

Image credits: moon_cultist77

#33 This Dude Thought His Paintings Were Good Enough To Get Him Into Art School In Vienna Lol

Image credits: Weesnaw_wanseeW

#34 Design School I’m At Paid 5000$ For A Painter To Paint A Lightbulb, But It Just Looks Like A Noose.

Image credits: IcelandicCartBoy

#35 Yeezy

Image credits: RealityKing4Hire

#36 £50 For This Lamp With A Shade Made Of Twigs.

Image credits: CallumsColumn

#37 Do You Think $260 Is Fair? Because I Kinda Want One…

Image credits: gabsteriinalol

#38 Very Rare!!

Image credits: haiku0230

#39 Aww He Has Your Eyes!

Image credits: LittleAmbitions

#40 Filmmaker And Painter, Copied Works Out Other Artists, Claimed Them As Original And Sold Them In Galleries.

Image credits: sina-s9

#41 Saw This On My Friend’s Instagram

Image credits: raginggorillaz

#42 This Was Hanging In The Guggenheim

Image credits: youngsqwood

#43 Was At A Local Art Festival. The “Artist ” Wanted Somewhere Between $250 And $300 For Each Of The Paintings.

Image credits: pologoth250

#44 Kinda Worth It Tbh¿?

Image credits: Grednalf

#45 Professional Pet ‘Super Enhancement’ Photoshop Service

Image credits: zwickksNYK

#46 Thanks, I Hate It.

Image credits: jeffe3000

#47 Alex Jones Tries His Hand At Art.

Image credits: fellsound

#48 She’s At It Again Y’all

Image credits: piaapx3

#49 I Might Just Buy It.

Image credits: TheWriterJosh

#50 This One Made Me Uneasy

Image credits: RuralRedhead

#51 A Gaming Buddy Of Mine Likes To Sharpie Doodle On Designer Brand Clothing And Try To Upsell Them As ‘Collabs’ (I Have More Of These Atrocities If You Want To See Them).

Image credits: zakkwaldo

#52 Tom Cruise Portrait

Image credits: perditiousPenguin

#53 Delusional Artist And Buyer

Image credits: loveyourselffff

#54 I Looked A Flat Earther’s Profile Out Of Curiosity And

Image credits: Poopyoo

#55 Found On Etsy Kind Funny Kinda Like It But 1,200$ Is No

Image credits: MrguyOp17

#56 Fb Marketplace Find

Image credits: dfrojas11

#57 One Of My Fb Groups Posted This

Image credits: morgue_monstr

#58 The Gentleman Applying For My $500 Freelance Book Cover Art Gig Uses This Image As An Example Of His Skill.

Image credits: hepafilter

#59 Is It Kesha Or Lady Gaga? You Get To Decide!

Image credits: JStray63

#60 Excuse Me??

Image credits: TheGhostOfACactus

#61 These Shoes…

Image credits: geckogrenades

#62 How The F**k Is There A Market For This?

Image credits: Devil-JC

#63 Even Batman’s Tiny Head Cant Believe The Price.

Image credits: xXx_potato_xXx

#64 Kanye West Has Peaked. Also, That $250 Gets You Access To A Presale Ticket, Not The Ticket Itself.

Image credits: ErosRelosa

#65 Op Ordered The Left Painting From An Instagram “Artist” Who Then Blocked Them After Delivery

Image credits: theco0lguy

#66 I See Your Funfair Yoda And Raise You Texas State Fair Nic Cage

Image credits: ApoopooJ

#67 I Know What I Have.

Image credits: WolfieVonD

#68 Bruh

Image credits: Ceilingmaster212

#69 “Steampunk” Indian Squaw Loin Cloth-Skirt $185

Image credits: png2jpg

#70 Photographer Selling Photo Editing While We’re All Isolating. Is It Just Me, Or Does The Second Photo Look Worse?

Image credits: reddit.com

#71 I Paid 20$ To See This.

Image credits: YmirHugi

#72 Not Your Typical Delusional Artist But £595 For The Most Standard Hoodie Going

Image credits: StarshipRanger_

#73 This Painting Of Dwight For $200

Image credits: HollyJolly12

Source: boredpanda.com

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