73 Times People Encountered Such Awesome Female ‘Power Moves’, They Had To Share Them Online

Attacking a crocodile to save a friend, getting a pink mohawk at 90 years old, getting a huge billboard ad to call out a cheater—this is just the tip of the iceberg of female awesomeness. They’re called ‘power moves’ for a reason. They resonate. They echo. They stick in your memory better than bubble gum to the pavement on a scorching summer’s day.

Scroll down to see the very best posts about women who deserve respect for their power moves, collected by the Bored Panda team. Remember to upvote your fave pics and don’t forget to share your opinion in the comments. And when you’re done with this list, you’ll definitely want to check out this (gender-neutral) article about awesome power moves.

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Meanwhile, be sure to read Bored Panda’s exclusive interview with British comedy writer, aspiring pop star, and single mother Ariane Sherine, a woman of more talents than we could list. We had a chat with her about the indicators that you’re living a high-quality good life, why women shouldn’t be pressured to get married, and the challenges that women still face today in the West.

#1 A True Madlass

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#2 Madlass

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#3 Madlass Researcher

Image credits: nuniabidness

London-based comedy writer and multitalented creative Ariane shared with Bored Panda what she thinks are the main things that help lead a high-quality life, no matter what gender you might be.

“I think four things are essential for a full life: being true to yourself, being kind to yourself and others, having fun, and working hard to achieve your dreams,” she shared.

#4 Mad Lass Pretends To Not Know English

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#5 Zoinks!

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“Also, stop caring so much what other people think (you learn this as you get older!). We know we’re on track if we’re happy. Emotional pain signals that we need to change something in our lives,” Ariane explained to us how we can gauge if we’re on the right path in life or if we should consider changing some things.

Bored Panda wanted to get Ariane’s opinion on why some women are still pressured to get married as soon as possible, even in the West, in the 21st century. “Maybe not as soon as possible, but certainly at some point,” she said.

“I felt the pressure so badly, I went and married the wrong guy and regretted it,” Ariane opened up to us.

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#7 Nice

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#9 Madlass Walks Around Nude

Image credits: PurpleIvyVI

She also offered a good comeback for when a woman gets asked why she’s not married yet. “I guess the comeback depends on the person asking, but try sighing and joking, ‘I guess I’m just not over your dad!’”

According to comedy writer Ariane, there are still many challenges that women face in this day and age, even in the West. She told us that “there’s still a lot of misogyny” and the sexual assault conviction rate is “shocking.”

“In the UK, only 7% of cases get to court and convictions are only 1.7% when it’s estimated that 95% of perpetrators are guilty. There’s definitely still a lot of work to do,” she said.


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#11 Thanks Emma From 1877!

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#12 Madlass

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Writer and human rights advocate Elizabeth Arif-Fear previously explained to Bored Panda that women still face barriers to entry, sexist attitudes, and harassment because of their gender. This can occur in the workplace, as well as at home. For instance, there’s still the expectation that women ‘should’ be the ones to do the lion’s share of the housework, even if they work full-time jobs.

#13 Mad Lass Wrestler Beating All The Boys With Her Bare Hands- They Don’t Look Too Happy About It Either

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#14 The Madlass Thief

Image credits: Nazikiller____

#15 Madlass

Image credits: shantanu011

“If both partners are working full-time then they should be sharing the housework equally. Sadly, research shows that women still do more housework than men even when working. On a practical level, if a couple is committed to an equal level of partnership, drawing up a chore timetable can be useful, as can designating roles by working out who does what based on their likes and strengths,” Elizabeth said.

#16 Madlasses Must Not Be Messed With

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#17 The Maddest Of Lasses

Image credits: Darth_Nibbles

#18 This Muslim Woman Took A Photo In Front Of An Anti-Muslim Protest Like A Pro

Image credits: muse-esum

“These attitudes go beyond chores. They are a symptom of sexism. In such a relationship, both partners are not equal. No woman should be expected to work two full-time jobs—one paid and one at home—while her able-bodied husband sits back and does nothing at home,” the expert said.

#19 Now This Is How A Madlad Breaks Up

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#20 Marilyn Monroe Was A Madlass

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#21 This Is How You Stand Up To Government!

Image credits: austin5733

“In today’s world, looking after the home and/or children is a full-time job in itself and such work needs to be shared. Families often have to rely on two incomes and women have the right to pursue professional goals—something which their spouse should encourage as part of an equal partnership,” she told us.

#22 Mad 11 Yr Old

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#23 Definitely Should Be Here!

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#24 Madlass

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“Being financially dependent on a man is not a healthy or safe option. Spouses must be equal in opportunities and shared duties. As working patterns have shifted with the economy in the past decades, outdated sexist attitudes also need to shift. A women’s role is where she wants to be—just like a man’s.”

#25 Madlass Strikes Twice!

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#26 Goldie Williams Was A Rebellious Woman Arrested For Vagrancy. ‘She Refused To Unfold Her Arms And Stop Making This Face For Her 1898 Mugshot – Omaha, Nebraska

Image credits: 2Salmon4U

#27 This Is 90 Year Old Suzanne Hoylaerts Of Belgium. She Passed Away After Refusing A Respirator To Combat Covid-19 Telling Her Doctors “Save It For The Youngest Who Need It Most, I’ve Already Had A Beautiful Life”

Image credits: acangiano

According to Elizabeth, it’s not a woman’s job to pick up or look after her male relatives. “If she chooses to stay at home as the family is financially able to manage on one wage, that must be the couple’s joint decision. Even then, there must be mutual respect, sharing of responsibility, and a fair equitable division of chores.”

#28 Power Move

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#29 The Trickster Indeed

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#30 Model And Actress Anita Ekberg, After Being Followed And Hounded By Photographers, Beat One Of Them Up. When They Threatened To Call The Cops, She Retrieved A Bow And Arrow From Her Villa And Shot Another Photographer (1960) The Last Thing A Journaliste Sees :

Image credits: Science_Hippie_Chick

#31 Rule Number One: Curtsy To The Queen Or Something. Rule Number Two: No Running At School Events I Guess

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#32 Power Move

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#33 Madlass

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#34 Nina Simone On Girls’ Talk

Image credits: TamponBagel28

#35 Absolute Madlass Changes Bio To Make Fun Of The Potus

Image credits: TheMa_son

#36 Madlass Cyclist

Image credits: 156-

#37 Fan Wears A Ryan Reynolds Shirt To Meet Hugh Jackman

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#38 Madlass

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#39 This Sister

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#40 Madlass

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#43 Madlass

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#45 Madlass Steals Declaration Of Independence Because She’s Vaccinated

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#46 Well That Didn’t Go As Planned

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#47 We Didn’t Know Because They Didn’t Want Us To! G Nbc

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#48 Did That Just Happen…

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#50 What A Madlass

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#51 Taylor Swift Being An Absolute Madlass…

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#52 Madlass

Image credits: dementedfrost

#53 Madlass With Vibranium Balls Saves Christmas

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#54 Some Madlasses Of The 1930s

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#55 Acute Madlass

Image credits: General_NakedButt

#56 What An Absolute Madlass Move

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#57 Little Miss Madlass

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#58 Madlass Just Said No

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#59 Noice

Image credits: RiccYeetersonDicc

#60 Madlass Professor Puts On The Pressure.

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#61 Now That’s A Madlass

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#62 My “Birthday At The Beach Trip” Got Cancelled Bc My Husband’s Boss Got Leukemia (F*ck Cancer), So He Has To Work. Gramma Knew I Was Bummed, But Understanding (F*ck Cancer). So This Is What She Put Inside My Birthday Card

Image credits: BaptistinaFey

#63 Bought My First House! Got A Scam Letter Concerning My Mortgage And Decided To Send Back Their Pre-Paid Envelope, Empty And Sealed With Just This Sticker. Suck It Random Company In Missouri!

Image credits: straightblather

#64 It’s About Time Too!

Image credits: RED_FETT

#65 This Madlass Doesn’t Need A Doggie

Image credits: ab624

#66 Evil Madlass

Image credits: RevolutionaryCamel6

#67 Madlass

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#68 She Is Mad

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#69 Waluigi Will Always Be Foever

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#70 Madlass

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#71 My Friends Grandma Passed Away Recently. She Hadn’t Registered Her Car In Years… This Is How This Mad Lass Pulled It Off

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#72 Madlass Mom

Image credits: Beeeeeeeeny

#73 Absolute Madlass

Image credits: FloppyWaffle142

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