73 Y.o. Youtuber Who Used To Make Massive Meals For The Poor Passes Away

The best part about the internet is its ability to give the platform to generous and kind people who are eager to change the world for the better. So when one such man, named Narayana Reddy, started his YouTube channel people couldn’t help but share the wholesomeness he broadcasted. Over just two years, Reddy, best known as Grandpa Kitchen, has gained over 6 million followers who enjoy watching him cook gigantic meals to feed the orphans. However, recently the heartbreaking news has emerged — one of the internet’s kindest grandpa has passed away.

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Recently, the news has emerged that the man behind Grandpa’s Kitchen YouTube channel has died

Reddy’s success on YouTube was not surprising. We all know how much people love cooking channels and grandpa’s video was exactly what people needed — simple, easy and just about as wholesome as they can possibly get.

The massive meals he prepared in each video weren’t just an elaborate trick to capture the attention of his audience. In fact, the meals were big, so that every orphan in Reddy’s community would get a bite to eat. The dishes all looked incredibly amazing and mouth-watering.

Narayana Reddy have gained over 6 million subscribers in just two years for preparing giant meals to feed the orphans

Reddy has taught his subscribers to prepare such dishes as KFC-style chicken, pizza, lasagne, chicken biryani, donuts, and many others.

Fans probably know Granpa’s Kitchen intro by heart. Grandpa begins each video reciting “Loving, caring, sharing: this is my family, and it’s clear these words aren’t just some catchphrase, but rather something Reddy truly lived by.

He firmly believed in helping less fortunate and supporting his community.

That’s why, the proceedings he received from his viral videos were donated to charities, so people in need would be provided with basic necessities.

Last week, people were left devastated when they saw what would be Reddy’s final appearance on youtube.

He made a video to give live updates on his health which quickly worsened.

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News that the kind-hearted grandpa passed away at 73 years old broke many hearts. However, the good deeds he has done won’t be forgotten.

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