74 Times People Tried To Get Beautiful Bird Pics But It Went Horribly Wrong (New Pics)

Oh, how we adore our animal friends! Many times we feel compelled to capture every endearing moment with them through our cameras, hoping to freeze those precious memories in time. It’s just that… they’re always doing whatever they want and those pics may turn out ridiculous. Not only that, but the camera can do something it shouldn’t, or you get the wrong exposure, the shot gets fuzzy, etc.

Crap Bird Photography‘ is a hilariously entertaining Facebook group that captures all those lighthearted bird moments you will want to see. No need for perfect compositions or expert photography skills here – it’s all about embracing the unexpected charm and quirks that our avian companions bring to the lens. We’ve wrapped up a new collection of these funny and crap-tastic images, so feel free to scroll down and check them out.

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#1 When In Rome…take A Crappy Picture Of A Bird. *photo Credit To My Son. It’s A Proud Day

Image credits: Hope Stamback

We reached out to Kevin Bartram, the founder of the ‘Crap Bird Photography’ and here’s what he had to say about his love for birds and photography. “I’ve been interested in birds ever since I was a kid. With the advent of digital photography, I decided to take up taking photos of the many birds I see. It became an obsession, it’s such a great pastime & you learn so much! You also learn that some of the photos (perhaps more than some!) don’t come out so well. Sometimes that camera does not want focus on that bright red robin in the middle of the view! Sometimes the camera only focuses on the bird after it has flown away. You have it in your head how a bird photo should look, the ultimate result is often very different! I thought I’d put some images up on their own Facebook page & the amount of people with the same problem as me soon joined up & the rest is history. Many people who look at birds also have a sense of humor!”

He also added that he loves all animals, “but birds have a particular charm about them. They are smart & in some ways very similar to us, but in other ways very foreign. Of all the animals, they often associate with humans so are familiar, but also can be very cryptic and hard to find. There are so many of them, yet each species shows it’s own personality, some birds can be downright annoying! Birds can surprise and amaze us, and we are so lucky to have them as our companions, good or bad in this world. They do so many quirky things & of course they crap where they shouldn’t, I just think it’s nice that it’s only usually small crap & lucky they aren’t big mammals, because that would be smellier & look worse!”

#2 “You Took My Wetlands; I’ll Take Your Breakfast.”

Image credits: Sharna Clemmett

Bird photography is a special skill – it takes a lot of time and patience to snap a good shot of them. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with some tips & tricks to help you capture the beauty of our feathered friends in an image.

#3 Got A Picture Of The ‘Cute’ Baby

Image credits: Stephanie Newman

The power of a picture comes from its originality, thus you should aim for unusual behaviors, new subjects, and angles. Wait for the right moment and capture that birdy doing something peculiar. As much as you’d like, don’t expect them to pose for the camera. Birds move and they do it constantly, so you have to anticipate that. Try to predict their behaviors, and regulate your camera in a way that captures moving subjects the best. Wildlife photographers spend quite some time studying animals or birds to understand how they behave in different situations.

#4 Puffin In Flight – Nailed It (Partner Thought It Was Part Of The Island)

Image credits: Amy Perrett

#5 Got Any Games On Your Phone

Image credits: Sophie Judd

#6 I Think There Was A Smudge On My Lense

Image credits: Benjamin Lee

If you study bird behavior, you’ll learn that when chased, they move away. While the temptation to get closer for that perfect shot is strong, it’s wiser to allow them to come to you instead. By observing them closely, you can predict their landing, walking, or flying patterns and position yourself in advance. It will ensure a more authentic and intimate photo.

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#7 I Guess Two Halves Make A Whole?

Image credits: Isabelle Watson

#8 Officer, He Went That A Way!!!

Image credits: Neil Reid

#9 When I First Saw This Swan, I Thought It Was In Serious Difficulty – Then I Realized It Was Waving, Not Drowning!

Image credits: Terry McKenna

For better photos, make sure to start early and stay until the last light fades. The light right after sunrise and just before sunset enhances colors, with softer shadows and increased bird activity. These golden hours are the perfect time to make the most of your photography.

#10 The Lesser Spotted Parasol Gull

Image credits: Gem McGuire

#11 Not Sure Why He’s Giving Me Side Eye

Image credits: Laura Feeger

#12 And, The Legs Have It

Image credits: Keith Stedman

Perfection in photography isn’t necessary; it’s all about the process. It has to represent the moment you care about and evoke emotion. Try searching for the most iconic pictures over history. You’ll soon find out that they’re mostly poor quality, there’s a camera motion or the composition is awkward. What makes it special is the feeling you get from it.

#13 Ah Yes, The Mighty Peruvian Harris Hawk. A Creature Of Grace And Elegance!

Image credits: Mala Cee

#14 Slip And Slide In The Rain

Image credits: Sabrina Trottier Duguay Fortier

#15 “Yoo Hoo! I Say! Hello! Please Look This Way….” To No Avail

Image credits: Leesa Gawler Steyn

Almost simplifies the answer, doesn’t it? A perfect picture can stir emotions. But it’s not that straightforward. Photography’s appeal varies for different people, depending on the aspects or genres they prefer. That’s why photography is entirely subjective. Hence, there’s no easily defined answer.

#16 They Stayed Like This For Minutes Without Moving At All! What’s Crap… Is The Cigarette Butts They Were Having To Step Over To Get To Their Shiny

Image credits: Amanda Christy

#17 Missed It By That Much

Image credits: Alan Murray

#18 “Mom, Jimmy’s Trying The ‘Land On Your Tippy-Wing Tik-Tok Challenge’ Again…”

Image credits: Don MacKay

We are conditioned to crave certainty, right answers, and doing things the right way. In photography, only the physics part has a right or wrong. Everything else is subjective, making it difficult to determine absolutes.

#19 It’s Got 2 Legs, One Head But There’s Just Something Strange About This Bird

Image credits: Vicki Cheshire

#20 That Is One Pi$$ed Off Little Egret. The Face On It

Image credits: Reet Eaton

#21 Lovely Photo Of A Twig, Not Quite What I Wanted, Thanks Camera

Image credits: Julie Dall

As you venture forth with your camera in hand, may you discover the joy in every click, for in the world of “Crap Bird Photography,” even the most unexpected funny pictures can become imperfectly perfect. Continue scrolling to view our handpicked selection of the group’s favorite photos. Once you’re done, don’t forget to explore our previous posts on it here and here.

#22 Just A Bird Taking A Bath

Image credits: Raq Melluish

#23 I Wasn’t Going To Let A Failed Photo Put Me Off

Image credits: Baz Collis

#24 Wrong Legs!

Image credits: Jacob Krijt

#25 A Beautiful Barred Owl, Or Something Like That

Image credits: Héctor Segura

#26 Jackson Pollock The Golden Eagle

Image credits: Tomoko Shimotomai

#27 I Don’t Know If This Is Crap Or More Just An Invasive Encounter…but, This Birbs Had No Concept Of Why I Couldn’t Share My Chips With Hims

Image credits: Haley Mahoney

#28 Emily Robards

Image credits: Emily Robards

#29 Spikey Pigeon And Half A Galah

Image credits: Hollie Jordyn

#30 Enjoy This Malfunctioning Cockatiel That I Am Birdsitting

Image credits: Laura Barnes-Kadi

#31 My First Post! Juvenile Bald Eagle, Ketchikan

Image credits: Lori Fields McDonald

#32 A Glitch In The Blurdisphere Left Me Confused, But It Will Make Complete Sense In This Group

Image credits: Peter Sewell

#33 Can’t You Let Me Sh..t Without Taking Pictures Of Me?

Image credits: Héctor Segura

#34 Bathtime Makes For Awesomely Crap Photos!

Image credits: Bill Vandendool

#35 Excited To Share My First Photo In The Group. The Giant Canadian Chickens Were Looking Pretty In The Morning Sunlight And I Managed To Capture Their Bird Buttholes

Image credits: Adrienne Wisok

#36 I Went On A Boat 13 Miles Offshore To See Atlantic Puffins. It Was Foggy That Morning

Image credits: Dori Wagner Eldridge

#37 Thanks For The Butt View! How Many Times Does This Happen To Me?

Image credits: Glenda Cornwill

#38 Has Anyone Lost A Bowling Pin? Perhaps A Juggler Somewhere?

Image credits: Helen McDonald

#39 Id Please, What Kind Of Dog Is That?

Image credits: Maria Dinehart

#40 Onward Trusty Steed………… Tally-Ho

Image credits: Heather Linwood

#41 Well I Got Most Of It . .

Image credits: Lesley Wilson

#42 Saw A Cardinal That Looked Just Like No Neck Ed

Image credits: Heather Sadi

#43 Fighting Over The Breakfast Table

Image credits: Carol Anne Tucker

#44 When You Decide Its Just Too Damn Cold And Want A Fur Coat

Image credits: Heather Linwood

#45 There Was A Black Shouldered Kite I Swear. Feels Like The Universe Is Putting A Message Out There

Image credits: Ruby Pearson

#46 Caption It!

Image credits: Tara Guy

#47 Such A Graceful Mute Swan. They Look So Elegant, It Seems Almost Impossible To Get A Bad Photo Of One. And Yet

Image credits: Janet Landry-Borden

#48 The Beauties Of Oregon And Its Lovely Trees

Image credits: Leslie Schweitzer

#49 “Don’t Have The Bird In The Middle Of The Photo,” The Experts Say.” “Try To Include Some Of Its Environment.” “Capture It ‘Doing Something’ Other Than Just Sitting On A Perch.” Nailed All Three!

Image credits: Michelle Ovenden

#50 A Shy Herring Gull

Image credits: Kamilla Kamińska

#51 Hummingbird Contortionist

Image credits: Linda Rowland Kruschke

#52 I Was So Excited To Get This Black Skimmer Skimming! I Went Home Sad

Image credits: Rebecca Lawrence

#53 Such A Rare Sight For Me. Only The Second One I’ve Ever Seen! Behold The Bald Eagle

Image credits: Francine Martin

#54 Oh Well

Image credits: Nejaký Paťo Peťko

#55 Framed This Pigeon Perfectly

Image credits: RJ Campbell

#56 Pomarine Jaeger Is Beautifu… To Close, Crap!

Image credits: Karl Markström

#57 Ruddy Turnstones Quietly Foraging On The Beach At The Tip Of Point Pelee National Park, Ontario. Note The Striking Breeding Plumage

Image credits: Nancy Barrett

#58 No, I Swear To You This Is Not Batman!! It’s A Cormorant

Image credits: Julie Varney

#59 We Don’t Usually See Terns In Our Area. I Felt Like Some Sort Of Paparazzi Trying To Get A Photo

Image credits: Mary E. Passage

#60 Finally I’ve Seen A Red Breasted Robin, But This Was The Best Pic I Could Get!

Image credits: Linda Niere Bayly

#61 A Crap Bird Photo But The Shadow Isn’t Bad

Image credits: Kim Strong

#62 The Humble Meadow Pippit, Here Demonstrating The Remarkable Feat Of Turning Into A Fish. In The Blink Of A Shutter. Pembrokeshire Coastal Path

Image credits: Andrew Brooks

#63 Superb Blue Wren…really

Image credits: Jo McKeown

#64 Is Bërb

Image credits: Angel Bichev

#65 Out Of Focus Pelican Forgets How To Fly

Image credits: Oscar Lawson

#66 Superb Blue Fairy Wren In All Of His Magnificence…. Pity I’m Crap…

Image credits: Lisa Kettler

#67 “Hey Martha, Ya’ Wanna Go Get Something To Eat?” “No Thanks. I Just Lost My Appetite.”

Image credits: Sylvia Martindale Smith

#68 What A Perfect Photo Of The Table Leg, Id On The Bird Please, Good People

Image credits: Tina Moffatt

#69 They Will Eat My Food, But Wont Pose For A Family Photo

Image credits: Maggie Newman

#70 ?? Wings Of A Fish Body Of A Crow ? Mutation I Call ‘Snappercrow’ ??‍⬛

Image credits: Vanessa Gigliotti

#71 I Had To Take A Photo Of This New Platform You Only Had To Do One Thing! One Thing. Keep The Birds Away

Image credits: Gordon Fitzgerald

#72 Cardinal

Image credits: Suzanne Cullen

#73 Well At Least You Can Still Tell What Kind Of Bird It Is

Image credits: Joanna Szczepańska

#74 At Least There Is Something From A Bird In Focus!!

Image credits: Pauline Baldacchino

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