75 Absurd Movie Details That No One Should Take Seriously, As Shared On This Page (New Pics)

There’s a hidden detail in virtually all of our all-time favorite movies and sitcoms, from Forest Gump and Inception, to The Office, famously notorious for its subtle details. While most cinema aficionados are already well familiar with them, for many of us, the concept of Easter eggs is pretty new.

Well, today we’re challenging some of our beloved films, putting them under a magnifying glass and checking the tiny details we all have missed. And although some of them make sense, others make you wonder if the creators were overthinking it a teeny tiny bit. And the rest is purely made up fun by cinephiles who just love to challenge the logic we usually take as a given when watching the big screen.

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Thanks to this Reddit community with probably the sharpest eye for details when it comes to the big screen, there’s a lot to look at, or rather rewatch again, so get your popcorn ready!

#1 In Inception Leo Has A Wife Roughly The Same Age As Him, This Proving That Everything Was A Dream

Image credits: 2EyesClosed

#2 Why Root For Him?

Image credits: thekareem

#3 In Monsters Inc (2001), The Wealthy CEO Of Monsters Inc Is Held Accountable For His Actions. This Is To Remind The Audience That The Movie Is A Work Of Fiction

Image credits: reddit.com

#4 The Lighthouse (2019) Had To Be Shot In Black And White Because Robert Pattinson Looked Like Mario In Color

Image credits: alwayslate27

#5 In Monsters University (2013), Randall Is First Shown As A Nice And Respectful Man, But Then Joins A Fraternity And Becomes A Cold, Horrible Person And A Villain. This Is The Most Accurate Part Of The Film

Image credits: PutMeInAHeadlock

#6 In The Little Mermaid (1991), Ariel Meets An African Mermaid From The Ivory Coast. This Is Because Mermaids Are Fictional And Can Be Black

Image credits: PeterPorky

#7 In Batman V Superman (2016), Even Though Buildings Are Collapsing All Around Them, Employees At Wayne Enterprises Have To Get The Boss’s Ok Before They Can Evacuate, Which Makes It The Most Realistic Detail In The Movie

Image credits: reddit.com

#8 In Bullet Train (2022) The Main Character (Brad Pitt) Takes A Bullet Train From Tokyo To Kyoto, Usually A 2.5 Hour Journey. In The Story It Takes 12h And Gets Called An Overnight Train. This Is Due To The Fact That Americans Don’t Understand The Concept Of High Speed Rail

Image credits: Milton9000

#9 In Sherlock Holmes (2009), Robert Downey Jr’s Shirt Is Wrinkly. This Is Because He Forgot To Iron, Man

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Image credits: RiseOfTheRevenge

#10 In Despicable Me (2010) Gru Uses The Middle Urinal To Get Into The Bank Of Evil. This Is Because You Have To Be A Villain To Use The Middle Of Three Urinals

Image credits: 1mike_oxlong1

#11 In Cast Away (2000), Tom Hanks Is Stuck On An Island And Befriended A Volleyball Rather Than The Cameraman

Image credits: pale_guy_

#12 While Most Movies Nowadays Use Expensive Cgi-Technology To Let Actors Appear Younger, Saw 6 (2009) Used The Far Superior Method Of Tobin Bell Just Wearing A Baseball-Cap Backwards In The Flashbacks

Image credits: Mairess99

#13 In Lotr Series, Gandalf Wears A Wrist Watch While Other Characters Don’t. This Refers To The Fact That He Was Way Ahead Of His Time

Image credits: Open-Ad-4089

#14 In Cars 2 (2011), Not Only Is There A Car Pope, Implying Car Christianity, But A Car Pope Mobile, Implying That The Attempted Assassination Of The Pope Also Happened In The Cars Universe

Image credits: myanrueller

#15 If You Listen Carefully At The End Of The Iron Giant (1999), You Can Hear A Grown Man Crying, But Only If You’re Watching The Movie With Me

Image credits: JW_BM

#16 In Prometheus (2012), Dr. Shaw Literally Orchestrates A Space Mission To Get Out Of The Us And Have An Abortion As The Us Law Wouldn’t Allow Her To

Image credits: fixxxer2606

#17 In Shrek, Shrek Is Green. In Encanto, Bruno Is Green. I Don’t Think These Facts Are Related. I Just Wanted You Guys To Read All Of This Text For No Reason. Wasting Precious Seconds Of Your Life Away, Getting Closer And Closer To Death

Image credits: Tokyono

#18 In Coco (2017) The VFX Artists Spent Upwards Of 2000 Manhours Working On These Few Seconds Alone. But I Didn’t See Sh*t Because I Was Crying Hysterically

Image credits: KennKennyKenKen

#19 Zoe Saldana Is One Red Alien Away From A Complete Rgb

Image credits: AdvocateSaint

#20 In Revenge Of The Sith (2005) Anakin Skywalker Is Groomed By A Politician From A Young Age. This Is A Reference To Most Politicians Toda-

Image credits: btrappoXVI

#21 In Home Alone 6 (2021) Jesus F**king Christ There’s Six Of Them Just F**king Stop It Stopped Being Good After The Second One Stop Milking It It’s A 40 Year Old Franchise Jesus F**king Christ Disney Why

Image credits: ArcticFox19

#22 In Encanto (2021), It’s Implied That The Village Uses Pepa’s Weather Powers To Grow Their Crops. She Only Creates Rain When She Is Miserable/Angry. Therefore, At Least Several Days A Week Everyone Treats Her Like S**t

Image credits: Russian_Bagel

#23 To Attain The Status As “The Most British Actor”; David Bradley Had To Be In The Harry Potter Series, Game Of Thrones, Doctor Who, And Several Edgar Wright Movies

Image credits: fullautoluxcommie

#24 In Spider-Man 2 (2002), Dr. Otto Octavius Was An Ordinary Man Who Had Four Mechanical Arms Fused Into His Spine. This Apparently Explains How He Can Shrug Off Multiple Punches To The Face From A Guy Who Can Stop A Train With His Bare Hands

Image credits: AdvocateSaint

#25 To Prepare For The Role Of Mario In The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023), Chris Pratt Did Absolutely Nothing. Seriously, He Doesn’t Even Try To Change His Voice. Not Sure He Even Read The Script. This Is A Reference To How Hollywood Needs To Stop Hiring People Who Can’t Voice Act For Voice Roles

Image credits: SarcasmKing41

#26 In The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring (2001), The “Scary Bilbo” Moment Was Totally Improvised By Ian Holm Without Vfx. Peter Jackson Felt It Was Too Scary And Tried To Cut It, But Holm Kept Showing Up At His House At Night Making This Face Until Jackson Backed Down And Kept It

Image credits: Sir_Hapstance

#27 In Jungle Book (2016) They Had Real Animals At First But 5 Moglis Were Eaten Alive

Image credits: TheLehmi

#28 In Disney’s “Moana”, Maui Has Various Tattoos Depicting Important Moments In His Life. He Has One On His Back Depicting His Mother Throwing Him Into The Sea. This Is Because Disney Wanted The Audience To Know He Had A Tragic Back Story

Image credits: Major_R_Soul

#29 This Guy Has Been Playing Under The The Same Name In All His Casted Roles

Image credits: LewiRock

#30 In Avengers: Endgame (2019), Sam Wilson Is Able To Talk Through His Radio To Cap Even Though He’s A Whole Galaxy Away. This Is Because He’s Using Mint Mobile, Where You Can Get Premium Wireless For Just $15/Month. No Stores, No Nonsense, Just Direct To You Savings. Join Mint Mobile Today

Image credits: fuzzy_dice_99

#31 In Spider-Man (2002) The Twin Towers Are In The Background Implying That Spider-Man Could’ve Prevented 9/11 But He Missed The Part Where That’s His Problem

Image credits: yaboiBradyC

#32 In Avengers: Infinity War, It Is Hinted That Nick Fury Has A Very Close Relationship With His Mom. This Is Evident In The Fact That His Last Word Before Being Blipped Is “Mother..”

Image credits: higgsboson245

#33 In Need For Speed (2014) Aaron Paul Can Be Seen Stopping His Car Many Times In The Movie Which Means That His Breaking Isn’t Bad

Image credits: pale_guy_

#34 In “Oliver!” (1968), The Desperation Of The Orphans’ Hunger Is Demonstrated In This Scene Where Oliver Twist Asks For A Second Serving Of British Food, Which Is Something That No One Would Ever Do Unless On The Brink Of Starvation

Image credits: CarlWheezerFanClub

#35 Not Only Is Peter Parker, Spider-Man, He Is Also Abraham Lincoln. And I Am Also Drunk

Image credits: ThemeForAJackal138

#36 In Thor: Love And Thunder (2022), The Movie Simply Ignores All The Ways That Someone In A World With Gods, Magic Sorcerers, And Super Science Geniuses, No One Can Cure Terminal Cancer. They Can Time Travel, But Curing Cancer Is A Bridge Too Far. This Is A Reference To America’s Healthcare System

Image credits: Josh_From_Accounting

#37 In Monsters Inc., Mr. Waternoose Is Apprehended After The Cda Learns He Kidnaps Children For Energy. This Implies That Literal F**king Monsters Will Protect Kids Better Than Cops Will

Image credits: Ok-Republic-3210

#38 In Blonde (2022), A Movie About How Marilyn Monroe Was Exploited For Her Sexuality, Marilyn Monroe Gets Exploited For Her Sexuality. What The F**k Guys I’m Throwing Up This Movie Is So Disgusting I Wanted Her To Be A Girl Boss

Image credits: AgentJX7

#39 In Order To Portray Christian Priest In Flowers Of War (2011), Bale Studied Christianity And Became Christian Bale

Image credits: gh0st_runner

#40 In “Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring” Quentin Tarantino Guest Directed This Famous Scene

Image credits: tysonn101

#41 In As Above, So Below (2014), The Cast Accidentally Enters Hell When Exploring The Paris Catacombs. This Is Misdirection, As They Had Already Entered Hell Upon Arriving In France

Image credits: CaptainHogmeat

#42 In The Batman (2022), Colin Farrell Endured 8 Hours A Day Of Makeup To Become A Fat, Ugly, Balding Man As There Were None Available In Hollywood For The Role

Image credits: reddit.com

#43 In Once Upon A Time In… Hollywood (2019) Brad Pitt’s Character Turns Down Oral S*x From A Minor. This Is A Historical Inaccuracy As The Film Takes Place In Hollywood, In The 70s

Image credits: Steagster

#44 The Plot Of Zootopia Only Happened Because Judy Hopps Racially Profiled Someone, Which Is An Accurate Portrayal Of Cops

Image credits: KingKrap

#45 Arcane: League Of Legends (2021) Features A Drug Called Shimmer, That Makes You Feel Great For A While But Ruins Your Life For The Long Term. This Is A Clever Reference To The Game It Is Based On

Image credits: kingkeren

#46 At The End Of Rise Of Skywalker Rey Proclaims That She Is Now A Skywalker Even Though She Is A Palpatine. This Is A Subtle Nod To The Fact That Never Ever Had Any F**king Idea What To Do With Her Character

Image credits: Passionate_River

#47 In Awake (2021), Nobody Can Go To Sleep Anymore, Which Is Ironic, Since Everyone Went To Sleep 20 Minutes Into Watching The Movie

Image credits: VoodooOne_

#48 In None Of The Matrix Movies Does Morpheus Say “It’s Morphin’ Time”, Thus Costing Millions Of Dollars At The Box Office

Image credits: reddit.com

#49 In 2008’s Iron Man, Tony Stark Goes Without Eating Beef For So Long While Hostage That He Realizes That He Really Wants A Cheeseburger When He Finally Escapes. This Is Because Tony Learns From His Missed Steaks

Image credits: Draco137WasTaken

#50 In Prometheus (2012), Captain Idris Elba Says They’re “Half A Billion Miles From Earth.” Either He’s A Really S****y Astronaut, Or The Engineers’ Planet Is Somewhere Between Mars And Jupiter

Image credits: AdvocateSaint

#51 In Avengers (2012) There Are Zero Cops Or Military During An Alien Invasions, This Is A Realistic Depiction Of The Modern-Day American Police Force

Image credits: Hi_Im_zack

#52 In Toy Story 3 (2010), Sunnyside Daycare Has Security Cameras That Can Clearly See The Toys At All Hours Of The Day, Which Either Means That Their Security Guard Knows That Toys Are Alive And Just Isn’t Telling Anyone, Or That They Installed Security Cameras And Then Didn’t Hire A Security Guard

Image credits: GHarold101

#53 In Jumanji 2017, The Rock Had Already Been In The Jungle So It Was Easy For Him To Adapt To The Environment . Now What If I Told You That This Was Not Jumanji And Instead Journey 2. Now What If I Told You I’m A Liar And I Have No Idea What Movie This Image Is From

Image credits: BlueDogTristin

#54 Despite Being Called ‘American Psycho’ (2000), Patrick Bateman Is Actually Played By A British Man, Christian Bale. This Is Possibly Because Bale Is An Actor, And This Job Typically Involves Pretending To Be Things That You Are Not

Image credits: RadAustin

#55 In The Terminator (1984), The T-800 Has To Use His Finger To Find Sarah’s Name In The Phone Book, Even Though You’d Think That He’d Just Magnify His Eyes Or Something Since He’s An Advanced Robot

Image credits: SuperAlloyBerserker

#56 There Are Many Logic Leaps In The Mcu. However In The Latest Episode Of She-Hulk: Attorney At Law (2022), We Are Meant To Believe The Main Character Jen (Pictured) Has Trouble Finding Matches On Tinder. Get Tf Out

Image credits: KennKennyKenKen

#57 In Shrek (2001), 52 Minutes And 36 Seconds Into The Movie, When Shrek Is Taking Fiona To Durloc. They Get Attacked By The Most Vile Freaking Creature, A Frenchman

Image credits: ARKismyfav

#58 In Blade Runner 2049, Harrison Ford Looks Grumpy Because He Had To Go Through The Task Of Starring In All 2048 Movies

Image credits: enjoyerofsilence

#59 In Justice League (2017) We See Ezra Miller Lying On Wonder Woman’s Unconscious Body. This Proves That The Movie Is A Work Of Fiction, Since Wonder Woman Is Not A Minor

Image credits: reddit.com

#60 Instead Of Taking Another Photo Of Don Cheadle, They Just Copy Pasted Him

Image credits: EvilStreamer007

#61 Star Wars A New Hope Reused An Outfit From The Doctor Who Series Because They Thought No One In The Entire Galaxy Would Notice It

Image credits: Chiaseed2022

#62 If You Pause Exactly Here In George Of The Jungle Brendan Frazier Kisses His Massive Collar Bone

Image credits: DJBAandPMech

#63 In Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness, The Character America Chavez Reveals That She Has No Dreams. This Is A Subtle Nod To The Fact That The American Dream Is Dead

Image credits: compete8

#64 In The Pursuit Of Happyness (2006) We See An Unscripted Scene Where Will Smith Starts Crying In A Bathroom, This Is Because The Cast Pulled A Prank And Locked Him In The Bathroom. Director Muccino Thought This Scene Was Too Funny To Not Include In The Film

Image credits: CrayCrayStateofMind

#65 The Netflix Team Put A Description Of Jared Leto Instead Of Morbius

Image credits: reddit.com

#66 You Do Not Need To Watch House (2004) And House Of Gucci (2021) To Understand House Of The Dragon (2022)

Image credits: pale_guy_

#67 In Blood Diamond (2006), Jennifer Connelly Tries To Convince Leonardo Dicaprio To Get Medical Attention So He Can End Up With Her. Dicaprio Refuses, Because He Would Rather Die Than Date Someone Over 25

Image credits: Arsenica1

#68 In Transformers (2007) The Scene Where Megan Fox Was Bending Over To Fix The Car On A Hot Sweaty Day Was Vital To The Plot Of The Movie I Swear

Image credits: pale_guy_

#69 In Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie (2012), Sparky’s Tail Falls Off After He Is Brought Back To Life. This Is The Only Sh**ty Movie De-Tail I Can Think Of

Image credits: piblhu

#70 In Ice Age 3, In Order To Appeal To A Wider Audience, The Directors Decided To Add Furry Bait To Give All The Good Boys And Girls Wet Dreams

Image credits: scorreggiacaga

#71 In Disney’s Encanto, Dolores Is The First Character Who Points Out To The Viewers That Mirabel Doesn’t Have Any Powers. She Does This To Make Herself Feel Better That Her Super Power Is Super Hearing. What A Sh**ty Power. That’s Right You Heard Me You Useless Super Hero Wannabee

Image credits: scottydoeskno

#72 Due To The Fact That Only One Person On Twitter Has Finished Watching Eternals (2021), Kevin Feige Decided It’s For The Best To Not Make This Giant Thing Inside Earth Canon

Image credits: mcwm

#73 Aaron Paul Never Took Acting Classes In His Life, He Walked Onto The Set Of Breaking Bad By Accident Whilst Delivering Croissants When Vince Gilligan Convinced Him The Whole Series Was Real And His Performance Is A Genuine Response To The Situations He Believed Were Real

Image credits: Slow_Avacado

#74 In American Psycho (2000), The Restaurant Dorsia Is Mentioned Several Times, But Never Actually Shown. This Is Because The Film Crew Couldn’t Get A Reservation

Image credits: WarioWill

#75 In Joker (2019), There Is A Scene Where The Titular Character Is Sitting In A Bus And Staring Out The Window. This Is A Reference To The Movie’s Biggest Influence, The Critically Acclaimed Fred: The Movie (2010)

Image credits: kamaano

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