75 Before-And-After Pictures Of Men Who Ditched The Razor And Let Their Beards Grow Free

From weirder-than-weird facial hair trends to turning into a whole other person after shaving, people on the internet truly seem to appreciate some delightful beard content. Luckily, there’s plenty of men who believe it’s a great time to ditch the razor and let their stubble grow.

You would be surprised how some hair on the lower cheeks and chin can change someone beyond recognition. Today, this post will be all about before and after pictures of men who decided to let their beards roam free. And even though some of them probably found a completely different person in the mirror, it seems to be just what they needed.

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Thousands of men shared their incredible transformations with everyone online, and we selected some of the best ones to wrap them up in a list for you to enjoy. So continue scrolling and upvote the ones you liked most! And, if you’re up for it, share your own experiences in the comment section below.

#1 My Yeard. What Do You Think Friends?

Image credits: iamhashiem

#2 I Was Inspired By The Beard Migration Post From The Other Day

Image credits: lexybeast

#3 My 5 Month Transition From Boy To Man

Image credits: alechere

#4 Transformation

Another year has passed since the “before and after” circus and I realised the photos being shared is not really a true reflection any more seeing after “after” photo is coming up to being 5 years old. Time bloody flies ey!

So here’s a revamp. Not far off 15 years time difference between the two shots. Age 21 – 35! Mental.

Bit of reflection in the before photo I thought I knew everything. In the after, I realise I know nothing. Something to think about on a Wednesday night.

Image credits: gwilymcpugh

#5 What A Difference A Beard Makes

Image credits: Wise-Knowledge-3471

#6 Hey Brahs, The Push Up Bra Works

Image credits: mattmase

#7 Taking Up The Challenge Of “Beard Season”

Image credits: roque_80

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#8 Beardless And Beard Challenge

Image credits: muktidr

#9 Kinda Crazy The Difference A Couple Months Can Make

Image credits: imgur.com

#10 I’m Glad I Can Grow An Artificial Jawline

Image credits: Samdinavian

#11 My Beard Is Exactly One Year Old Today. I Made It

Image credits: CryptikDragon

#12 35 Weeks In

Image credits: Taiwan_Tom

#13 Half My Age Now. Law School Graduation Picture When I Was 26, Not A High School Picture

Image credits: ptmcfrostybehr

#14 Beard Growth Graph

Image credits: ViktorErikJensen

#15 4 Months Of Growth, And Proper Care. Don’t Let Them Tell You You Can’t Do It

Image credits: Blkwulf2020

#16 Finally Out Of The Military After 6 Years. Couldn’t Wait For This. 2 Month Progress, 26 Years Old

Image credits: Codeeena

#17 Beardless And Beard Challenge

Image credits: allanews

#18 Well, I Wouldn’t Recommend Shaving Your Beard Off

Image credits: bandholz

#19 My Friends Have Dubbed Me “Father Time”

Image credits: mustachiopotato

#20 About A Year And A Half Of Life With A Beard

Image credits: reddit.com

#21 Thank God For Facial Hair ⁣

Image credits: devimon.png

#22 Time Inverted My Hair

Image credits: passatempo026

#23 2014 On The Left 19 Years Old. 2020 On The Right 26 Years Old. About 10.5 Months Of Beard Growth Out Of My Year Long Journey

The amount of growth I have experienced both on my face and as a human in the last 6 years has taught me that patience and self awareness are some major keys to success. Go at your own pace and take time to reflect on yourself.

Image credits: dr.saucey.rossy

#24 13 Weeks In Of Growing Out My First Beard At Age 28

Image credits: jhenderson_90

#25 And The Beat Goes On. I’d Go For 1999 vs. 2019 – Things Change

Image credits: berzinsky

#26 In Six Months, I Have: Moved To A New City, Grown Out My Hair, Gone Back To College, Changed Jobs Twice, And Last But Not Least – Grew This Beard

Image credits: johnthomaslumsden

#27 This Is What 10 Years And A Beard Does To You

Image credits: ThatAverageJo

#28 47 Years vs. 57 Years

Image credits: fit1962

#29 The Difference A Yeard Makes

Image credits: SoFloSpearo

#30 Beardless And Beard Challenge

Image credits: warpath_dylan

#31 Everybody Loves A “Before And After” When It Comes To “Beard Life”

Image credits: mattswifty

#32 Reversed Polarity

Image credits: Geko7591

#33 My First Beard. Hard To Tell From The Last Pic But I Actually Don’t Have Great Coverage At All, Very Patchy. Took A Lot Of Patience And Bad Days To Get Here

Image credits: ghoulwranglerrr

#34 Am I Doing This Right?

Image credits: omgheykyle

#35 6 Months With 2 Minor Trims

Image credits: brochillthefuckout

#36 Beardless And Beard Challenge 2014/2020

Image credits: badotisrex

#37 Taking Up The Challenge Of “Beard Season”

Image credits: gwilymcpugh

#38 Well Here’s Mine

Image credits: boswellgreg

#39 My First Beard – I’m Never Going Clean Shaven Again (Before/After)

Image credits: Cottonsoft

#40 My Beard Started On Top, And Gradually Slid Down

Image credits: reverendjeff

#41 Here We Go. Before And After “Beard Season”

Image credits: danzbeard

#42 Men’s Hair = Woman’s Makeup

Image credits: Fluffmaster5000

#43 New Years Eve 2019, 2020, 2021. Happy New Yeard To You All

Image credits: OlGarbonzo

#44 2009 vs. 2019

Image credits: lasselom

#45 Went Through Chemo, Decided To Beat Cancer And Try To Grow A Beard For The First Time. Never Looked Back

Image credits: tembrander

#46 6 Month Pandemic Beard, Before And After. Thank You All For Inspiration To Grow It Out For Real For The First Time In 36 Years

Image credits: MaxwellEdison13

#47 Find The Difference

Image credits: m_c_m_savy

#48 Big Beard Movement

Image credits: mcnarly

#49 Beardless And Bearded Challenge

Image credits: svens_beard

#50 Are You Bearded Enough To Take The Challenge?

Image credits: babba_beard

#51 This Photo Was Taken Half A Year Apart, But Are We The Same Person. Or Not

Image credits: wilco_duijzer

#52 Half Year Transformation

Image credits: hito.nn

#53 Officially Six Months. Side By Side For Comparison

Image credits: Bufooner

#54 I Wanted To Share My Weight Loss And Beard Gains

Image credits: jonny_D_N

#55 10 Months Beard Progress, Trimming Every 3-6 Weeks

Image credits: brendoug

#56 1 Year Before And After Transformation

Image credits: sahilkumar92

#57 With Or Without Beard?

Image credits: darek20s

#58 Both Photos Taken 2 Months Into Growing A Beard A Year Apart

Image credits: Lachy_Stack_reddit

#59 25 And 35 Years Old. A Lot Of You Ask What I Look Like Without A Beard. I Basically Look 15

Image credits: acearmstrong

#60 6 Months After

Image credits: Gevaudan00

#61 Before And After

Image credits: im_a_scallywag_77_bvlaog

#62 Before And After

Image credits: alwaysfamily102615

#63 40 Years From There To Here

Image credits: rochebeard

#64 Beardless & Beard Challenge. Are You Bearded Enough To Take The Challenge?

Image credits: billy.soza

#65 Beard From February To Now

Image credits: din7

#66 3-Month Beard Progress

Image credits: imgur.com

#67 Grew Myself A Chin Boys

Image credits: kingsly990

#68 18 Year Olds – Don’t Worry If You Can’t Grow Much, Just Wait 10 Years

Image credits: Mikeosis

#69 Halfway Through My “No Shave 2021” Project

Image credits: NewOne10000

#70 I’ll Jump On A Band Wagon

Image credits: aj_holde

#71 Beardless And Beard Challenge Accepted 2010 vs. 2020

Image credits: jerbear_tx

#72 Beardless And Beard Challenge Accepted

Image credits: tommywiles

#73 Beardless And Beard Challenge

Image credits: rj.flavio

#74 Beardless And Beard Challenge

Image credits: jan.kristof.schliep

#75 Nature Didn’t Bless Me With A Strong Jawline, So I Grew One Myself

Image credits: GentleFroste

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