75 Of The Worst Stair Designs Ever

As far as designs go, stairs are ones that you want to get right. Any flaw in the execution could lead to an embarrassing trip or, even worse, a serious fall.

We are so used to walking up and down stairs all day every day, that we don’t even think to look if everything is in order. These truly horrific designs, collected in a list by Bored Panda, are on another level. Poorly planned, dangerous and maybe even deadly, after seeing them you might want to look twice before you take your next step!

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Seriously, what were these designers thinking? Scroll down to check out the very worst staircases you’ll ever see, and take care out there!

Image credits: ThatJustWontWork

Camouflage 101

Image credits: shortround10

My God

Let Them All Fall From Those Stairs

Built the staircase exactly as designed, boss

Image credits: MenacingBanjo

Stairs Of Death

Image credits: palegreycells

These Aren’t Stairs. They Are Decorative Waterfalls. My Friend Walked Into Them And Slipped, I Laughed My Ass Off.

Image credits: Johantm

For When You Want A Near-Death Experience Every Time You Use The Stairs

Image credits: Peeped

Not A Good Carpet Choice For Stairs If You Ask Me

Image credits: scienceyeaux

These Double Stairs

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Image credits: adynako

I’ve Seen Some Crappy Stairs, But This One Takes The Cake

Image credits: TeeMestoil

Source: boredpanda.com

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