75 Times People Came Across Something Interesting But Very Creepy And Shared It With Others On This Online Group

Nothing gives our brains the same kind of fireworks as watching creepy things. And if you’re not one of the horror aficionados it may be hard to understand the point of the thrill that horror gives.

But scientists say that the fright horror gives us while watching things like American Horror Story and The Walking Dead releases adrenaline, resulting in heightened sensations and surging energy. So biochemistry is to blame. And that thrill is so powerful, it’s often hard to look away.

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This corner of Reddit known as “Interesting But Creepy” is a real treat for not just horror fans, but those who appreciate the darker side of our universe. The posts shared on the community range from interestingly weird to curiously macabre and they will surely give your heart rate the exercise it deserves! Psst! More creepy goodness awaits in our previous feature right here.

#1 A Thunderstorm Can Sometimes Birth A Rarely Seen Phenomenon In Earth’s Atmosphere: Red Space Lightning Called Sprites That Look Like Jellyfish

Image credits: dendidan

#2 Here Are Some Skin Shoes Worth $10,000, These Are Made Or Silicon But Are 100% Creepy

Image credits: CoreyReynolds

#3 Thunderstorm From 30,000 Feet In The Air

Image credits: korabdrg

#4 Four Horned Hebridean Sheep. They Look Simply Bad A**

Image credits: GallowBoob

#5 One Of My Grandpa’s Cows (He’s A Rancher) Gave Birth To This Two-Headed Fella Back In The 1980’s. The Calf Lived For Less Than Ten Minutes, But Have No Fear. Grandpa Took It To A Taxidermist

Image credits: Coolderaj

#6 Lava That Looks Like Melted Bodies

Image credits: reddit.com

#7 A Disney Gas Mask – Designed To Make Gas Mask “Less Creepy” For Children During WWII

Image credits: antepenultieme

#8 Golf Ball Vs. Doll

Image credits: Letibleu

#9 Sheep? No!… We Should Wear Human Sheep Clothing

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Image credits: laurifroggy

#10 Racoons Reaching For Cat Food Under A Table

Image credits: taykaybo

#11 Scientist Holding A Basketball Covered With Vantablack, The World’s Blackest Substance

Image credits: Phylamedeian

#12 Sometimes People Stop In The Middle Of A Conversation To Stare At My Eye. Wonder Why

Image credits: johnny2late

#13 This Is An Intact Human Nervous System That Was Dissected By 2 Medical Students In 1925. It Took Them Over 1500 Hours. There Are Only 4 Of These In The World

Image credits: willburn61

#14 What Michael Jackson Was Supposed To Look Like

Image credits: KingDongs

#15 Spanish Dancer Sea Slug Spotted In Australia

Image credits: deltadeltadawn

#16 You Want To Hear The Song Now

Image credits: laurifroggy

#17 Titanium Implants Pulled From A Crematory

Image credits: Tittiesandtacos87

#18 A Close Up Of An Ant

Image credits: solkingnoon

#19 In The 19th Century, Due To The Lack Of Cameras Available, The Corpses Of Loved Ones Would Be Propped Up For Photographs With The Living Members Of The Family, So That They Could Be Remembered

Image credits: Hitchens97

#20 A Terrifying Web I Saw Above A Light Fixture A Work Today

Image credits: spartankork

#21 This Amoeba I Saw Through The Microscope

Image credits: LeekFever

#22 Someone I Know Has A Glassed Over Well In Their Kitchen From The Mid-1700s

Image credits: tgodwin13

#23 Hiroshima, Japan, 1945: This Shadow That Almost Seems Drawn On The White Of Five Steps, Tells The Last Moments Of A Person. All That Remains Is The Shadow Caused By The Flash Of The Atomic Bomb That August 6th

Image credits: IlConteiacula

#24 Mummified Monk Revealed Inside 1,000-Year-Old Buddha Statue

Image credits: Keri2103

#25 Don’t Make Eye Contact

Image credits: cajetin

#26 An AI Trying To Form A Human Face That Resembles Donald Duck

Image credits: Watermelana

#27 Oldest Surviving Diving Suit, 18th Century

Image credits: Import

#28 A Cemetery In Hong Kong

Image credits: ebjazzz

#29 The Statue Of Flayed St. Bartholomew Wearing His Skin As A Robe. Milan Cathedral

Image credits: jugalator

#30 Uprooted Tree Looks Like A Giant Spider

Image credits: Thundertech42

#31 Seeds Germinating In A Tomato

Image credits: callmeRira

#32 Shark Gills

Image credits: yummytuber

#33 This Is A Flat Hallway

Image credits: revolvingneutron

#34 Rather Creepy, Funny, Interesting And Weird… This Is What Curiosity Does

Image credits: Artificial8Wanderer

#35 So Anyways I Found Where The Grim Reaper Lives

Image credits: Ezra_Your_Beloved

#36 The Poison Garden (Alnwick Garden) Contains About 100 Plants That Can Actually Kill A Person

Image credits: Thundercats_4eva

#37 A Handheld Side-View Mirror

Image credits: DickStuert

#38 Church In Louisiana

Image credits: TexasDippin

#39 This Picture From Venus

Image credits: roland0115

#40 In 1871, This 10 Year Old Girl’s Grave Was Built With Easy Access Stairs So That Her Mother Could Comfort Her During Storms

Image credits: Fluid-Daydreamer

#41 Before Days Of Modern Medicine, Many Feared Being Buried Alive. As A Result, Safety Coffins Were Invented In Case The Living Were Mispronounced Passed Away. A String Attached To A Bell Allowed The Victim To Alert Those Above

Image credits: purpterp22

#42 Just A Window Lit Up In An Abandoned Hospital

Image credits: Synobye

#43 My Brother Went To Egypt And Saw Some Mummified Crocodiles

Image credits: Daniel-Mentxaka

#44 This Is What A Lethal Dose Of Fentanyl Looks Like. 2mg

Image credits: FartsMusically

#45 Biblically Accurate Angel

Image credits: Yachisaorick

#46 Snake Island – The Forbidden Island Of The Coast Of Brasil That’s Home To More Than 2000 Deadly Golden Lancehead Snakes

Image credits: ludingtonne

#47 Hanging Coffins

Image credits: SheAsks0

#48 The Cpr Doll’s Face Is Actually A Copy Of A 19th Century Drowned Woman’s Face

Image credits: willburn61

#49 When Sperm Whales Need A Nap, They Take A Deep Breath, Dive Down About 45 Feet And Arrange Themselves Into Perfectly-Level, Vertical Patterns. They Sleep Sound And Still For Up To Two Hours At A Time Between Breaths, In Pods Of 5 Or 6 Whales, Presumably For Protection

Image credits: qixle

#50 The Seeds Of A Paeonia Latifolia Flower

Image credits: Ram232605

#51 The Mouth Of A Leatherback Sea Turtle


#52 A Canadian Couple Took This Photo Moments Before Being Taken Away By The Tsunami That Devastated Thailand Back In 2004

Image credits: reapersplitter

#53 The Abandoned “President Heads” In Williamsburg, Virginia

Image credits: jhmcreationz

#54 Geladas Baring Their Fangs

Image credits: Pardusco

#55 Tyrano-Dude: Skilled At Deceiving And Misleading. He Will Bamboozle You

Image credits: Rodan-Lewarx

#56 Deer With Hairy Eyeballs!!

Image credits: ZigZag_Queen

#57 St. Lambert’s Church In Münster. Three Iron Cages, 7 Feet Tall And A Yard Wide And Deep, Hang Empty From The Church Spire. Once Home To The Mutilated Bodies Of Three Revolutionaries.

Image credits: mfergs

#58 The World’s First Automaton Was Assembled In The Time Of Louis Xvi (In 1773), By The Swiss Watchmaker Pierre Jaquet-Droz, Who Took 20 Months Of Hard Work To Do It. His Name Is “The Writing Boy”, And At First Glance He Looks Like A Toy: He Is A Small Wooden Doll With A Porcelain Head

Image credits: laurifroggy

#59 Traditionally, The Roles Of Priest & Clown Used To Be Held By The Same Person

Image credits: Fromfame

#60 Correlation Or Causation???

Image credits: ReYouu

#61 The Assassin Bug Uses Its Straw-Like Mouth To Inject Prey With A Toxin That Liquifies Their Insides, Which It Then Sucks It Back Up Through Its Straw Mouth

Image credits: TheOnlyKirb

#62 Here’s Gas Masks Made For Baby’s In Ww2

Image credits: reddit.com

#63 Skeleton Of A Pregnant Fruit Bat

Image credits: DraconianDebate

#64 This Ground To Cloud Lightning (Sometimes Called Upward Moving Lightning) In Australia

Image credits: joeurkel

#65 Broken Landscape, A Monument In Croatia Commemorating A Cameraman Who Was Killed By A Sniper While Filming The Frontline At The Beginning Of The Croatian War Of Independence In 1991. It Represents A Camera Lens And If You Zoom In, You’ll Find A Sniper-Bullet Hole In The Glass

Image credits: PepperBlues

#66 Made From Cicada Shells – Saw This Screenshot In A Facebook Group

Image credits: Number-6-no-mayo

#67 This Castle In Spain

Image credits: mtlgrems

#68 Jet Injectors Were Devices Used To Vaccinate Someone With No Needles Through The Use Of Pressurizing The Vaccine To Get Through A Patient’s Skin. You Just Had To Make Sure You Didn’t Flinch, Or Your Skin Would Get Torn By The Pressurized Vaccine

Image credits: Happy_Tobus

#69 200m Deep While Exploring The Optimistic Cave In Ukraine, I Find These Statues

Image credits: fearlessandfar

#70 Alaskan Door

Image credits: 4reddityo

#71 Octopuses Are Super Cute…until They’re Pale And Beginning To Turn Into An Elder God

Image credits: frazirfa

#72 Deep Sea Finds From Roman Fedortsov

Image credits: PC_Cuuhhrriiss

#73 In Late December 1977, Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin, Known To The World As “Charlie,” Died In His Home In Switzerland. A Few Months Later, His Body Was Stolen From Its Cemetery Plot And Held For Ransom, Kicking Off An International Corpse Hunt

Image credits: mfergs

#74 Ah Yes. Biblically Accurate Fish

Image credits: morow__hisoka

#75 This Coin Purse With Teeth

Image credits: BeardedGlass

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