75 Women With A Sense Of Humor Who Showed How Different The Same Person Can Be In A Photo (New Pics)

When it comes to social media, a little healthy skepticism is always a good thing. Just think about the face filters, airbrushing techniques, flattering poses, and facial expressions that exaggerate our daily lives over there. It’s full of carefully choreographed pictures that strive to convince us everyone looks flawless all the time and makes us miserable when we feel anything but. But in reality, nothing could be further from the truth!

While a brief skim through Instagram shows you some people living in a world of vanity where the levels of fakery are off the charts, others invite us on a wild ride straight to the land of hilarity. Like the ‘Pretty Girls Ugly Faces’ community over on Reddit. Nearly 95k members have set out to share before and after photos of themselves that poke fun at the well-curated and polished side of social media.

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Even though we have previously featured the subreddit here, here, and here, these women have uploaded so many new gems that we just had to do a follow-up! Below, you’ll find the newest batch of entertaining posts Bored Panda has gathered for you to enjoy. So continue scrolling, hit upvote on your favorite ones, and be sure to tell us what you think about them in the comments.

#1 Magical Goddess, Giver Of Life *throws Up*

Image credits: westcoast_pixie

#2 Maddy The Tank Engine

Image credits: maddydyko

#3 Tw: Disgusting. I Have Absolutely No Idea How I Did This

Image credits: Lizjizz16

#4 A Gift To You.

Image credits: thedesignedlife

#5 My Boyfriend Has To See, So Do Y’all. First Post

Image credits: TokyoAshy

#6 I Definitely Win This Sub! My Poor Boyfriend!

Image credits: broughmance

#7 Teacher By Day, Beaker By Night

Image credits: cbawesome26

#8 Maybe Not The Prettiest But Certainly Contending For Ugliest!

Image credits: theycallmejugzy

#9 U Know U Want Me

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Image credits: boo-sam

#10 The Two Kinds Of Snaps My Husband Gets From Me

Image credits: alcholicfemale

#11 This Made Me Lol So Much

Image credits: juicysox

#12 I Apologise In Advance For Any Nightmares Caused By This Post…

Image credits: doormatanddoormat

#13 Tried The Hanacure Mask

Image credits: wiffthecliff

#14 Instagram vs. Reality

Image credits: leaf-me-alone-plz

#15 How You Look Scrolling Instagram vs. The Pic You Post.

Image credits: rjlupin86

#16 Here We Go

Image credits: killedtherock

#17 Dolled And Appalled

Image credits: KaleidoKitty

#18 I’ve Been Saving, And Perfecting, My Ugly Faces Until I Had A Pretty Day Let Me Share My Masterpiece With You

Image credits: Tarrizard

#19 My Wife Looked Hot Today. I Asked For A Few Pics In Her Attractive State. She Did Her Best

Image credits: lyricalpoet66

#20 Jolene Jolene Jolene Joleeeeeene

Image credits: westcoast_pixie

#21 I Haven’t Posted In A Bit Just Because I Feel Like You Guys Like The Glammed Up To “Ugly” Pics And I Just Do Average To “Ugly” But Here We Are

Image credits: omgjelly

#22 I Am The Gift That Keeps On Giving ….

Image credits: Ruue82

#23 Thiiiiiiiis Is How We Dooooo Iiieeettt

Image credits: [deleted]

#24 Oh Please God Send Help. My Neck Is Swallowing My Face!

Image credits: tootyfruitysummerluv

#25 I Had Too

Image credits: creepyt0es

#26 When Someone Else Takes A Picture Of Me vs. When I Take A Picture Of Myself

Image credits: Nini_panini

#27 First Post Here!

Image credits: spitguurl

#28 I Took These A Few Minutes Apart, Lol

Image credits: KaleidoKitty

#29 Me Cosplaying As A Passable Human Being For My Work Outlook Profile Photo, vs. The Reality At Home

Image credits: porgasaurus

#30 You Freaks Inspire Me

Image credits: firfetir

#31 If My Mental State Was An Image, It Would Be Three Raccoons Fighting Over A Piece Of Cornbread

Image credits: lazarus_lateralus

#32 I Would Like To Introduce You Guys To My Ugly Mug

Image credits: victoriaisle

#33 Almost Always vs. Very Rarely

Image credits: km_eriksson

#34 Weddings: On The Inside And The Outside

Image credits: Dipitydoodahdipityay

#35 Don’t Worry I Took The Pretty One First Before I Channeled My Inner Ugly

Image credits: tdyyy92

#36 Trying Out The Eyeliner

Image credits: Megatron_Griffin

#37 Not Quite Sure What Call This One…

Image credits: joshhguitar

#38 Here’s A Transition

Image credits: Dis_Bich

#39 I Know My Good Angles

Image credits: SchmiriKiri

#40 Thumb Mode- Activated

Image credits: wendywinter

#41 Before And After Getting A Phone With Portrait Mode

Image credits: HoboTheDinosaur

#42 In The Blink Of An Eye…

Image credits: _bbyemma

#43 Yes, These Are Both Me

Image credits: KaleidoKitty

#44 Guess Who’s Back? Back Again! Jugzy’s Back Tell Your Friends!

Image credits: theycallmejugzy

#45 I Have Many Leather-Bound Books And My Apartment Smells Of Rich Mahogany

Image credits: islandfool

#46 I Think I Am Two Different People Sometimes

Image credits: wendywinter

#47 My Go To Face

Image credits: creepyt0es

#48 Hello My Lovelies

Image credits: vrnkafurgis

#49 I Really Do Love This Sub, Plethora Of Beauties!

Image credits: atomic_ange

#50 Don’t Mind Me, Just Casually S**tting Myself

Image credits: victoriaisle

#51 How’d I Do?

Image credits: [deleted]

#52 Commemorating My New Glasses!

Image credits: tootyfruitysummerluv

#53 What I Think I Look Like When Drunk vs. How I Actually Look When Drunk

Image credits: Mistynoon

#54 At The Bar vs. After The Bar

Image credits: tootyfruitysummerluv

#55 Feelin’ Good, Feelin’ Fine

Image credits: noice-tea

#56 So Many Chins So Little Time

Image credits: toadlipz85

#57 Left: During A Long Valheim Session. Right: New Year’s Eve!

Image credits: mariamisen

#58 Where Has This Sub Been All My Life

Image credits: HPBitchCraft

#59 This Isn’t Even My Final Form

Image credits: nutzrnutz

#60 Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde

Image credits: kaylanlarue

#61 Pov: Me Realizing There’s More Fries In The Bag

Image credits: the_amazing_junebug

#62 I Wish I Knew What Happened, But I Can’t Explain

Image credits: zenkibrit

#63 It’s That Time Of Month Again

Image credits: creepyt0es

#64 Ugly Face Is My Favorite

Image credits: cowsofoblivion

#65 I Finally Found A Subreddit That Truly Calls To Me

Image credits: MattandMarci

#66 Almost Strained My Neck For This One

Image credits: boo-sam

#67 How’d I Do This Time?

Image credits: toadlipz85

#68 I’m Not Even Mad, I’m Just Impressed

Image credits: Nute_Gunray_

#69 I’m My Own Nightmare Fuel

Image credits: FindMyPurpose

#70 Admiring The Plants vs. Finding Thrips On Them

Image credits: LayneeDivinee

#71 Absolutely Dapper

Image credits: luckymama1990

#72 Okay, Okay, It’s Not The Worst. But It’s Not The Best Either

Image credits: Fartfishes

#73 Same But Different

Image credits: reddit.com

#74 Long Time Lurker Luv U Gals N Ur Spicy Faces

Image credits: andriodgerms

#75 Currently Hiding From My Children

Image credits: awesometoenails

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