76 Pics That Perfectly Illustrate “What Will Happen If…”

Our brains are naturally curious things. But no matter whether we like it or not, they usually crave finding out some really weird stuff. Instead of loving that lonely book you promised yourself to read in January, or enjoying the history paper for tomorrow’s class, they wander mysterious ways.

If it was their choice, trust me, our brains would love to find out what will happen to a spoon after years of stirring the same soup or if you put a marker in a hot oven, or if you leave a banana for months to sit on an office table before you leave for quarantine… Call it odd, random, irrelevant, but that doesn’t change the fact that we secretly love learning all the what ifs, especially the most absurd ones.

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In order to save you from odd looks and the potential dangers some of these experiments could bring, Bored Panda has compiled a whole bunch of photos that perfectly illustrate our lives—full of what ifs and I told yous.

#1 What Happens If You Leave A Coconut In The Freezer

Image credits: tw272727

#2 What Happens When You Use The Same Shovel To Plant 90,000ish Trees

Image credits: AgrajagDaMadBat

#3 What Happens If Tourists Don’t Touch Bamboo During Quarantine And It Grows On Its Own

Image credits: watercatte

When you think of it, life is really just a big turn of the wheel. No matter how much we’d like to think we own it, things usually go totally at random. The same is true for accidents. Some are mildly interesting and make us go “wow,” like this blossoming purple head of artichoke which wasn’t eaten right away, or this forgotten bag of grass seeds that seeded out.

On very rare occasions, such unintentional and totally unexpected “accidents” become much more than amusing pics that end up on your camera roll. We owe a debt to some of the most important discoveries of our lives, like Teflon, nylon, x-rays, penicillin, safety glass, and many more.

#4 This Is What Happens If Your Cell Phone Vibrates While Trying To Take A Picture Of The Chicago Skyline

Image credits: poppinpez333

#5 What Happens When You Heat An Ordinary Marble Over A Flame Then Immediately Drop It Into Cold Water

Image credits: unicornheabutt

#6 What Happens If I Open A Decade-Old Play-Doh Container (And Find Out It Had Grown Crystals)

Image credits: sumthininteresting

When you think about life in this way, we all depend on random chance. No matter how much we feast on horoscopes, what a fortune teller would say, or how much we believe everything’s in our control, we’d like to think we make decisions about things.

In this article on the neuroscience of chance, writer Michael Shermer comes to the conclusion that extraordinary events do not always require extraordinary causes. “Given enough time, they can happen by chance.”

Even if such a claim demystifies the magic of human power, free will, and hard work, it can also alleviate our heartaches when things go against the plan. If something bad happens, we tend to blame our ill decisions, but realizing that chance plays a vital role in any accident too can be liberating.

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#7 This Is What Happens If You Polish A Coconut

Image credits: Roctopus420

#8 What Happens If You Leave An Apple And A Banana For 6 Months In An Office Locker Because Of Quarantine

Image credits: RedCatBro

#9 What Happens If You Blink Faster Than The Shutter On Your Camera

Meanwhile, the physicist Leonard Mlodinow of the California Institute of Technology suggests that “We can improve our skill at decision making and tame some of the biases that lead us to make poor judgments and poor choices…”

If we judged decisions by their potential outcomes rather than the particular result, we’d see how different the decision would appear to be.

Interestingly, our inability to both recognize or produce randomness can be our weakness. But taming it can be key to a peaceful mind where life itself can bring you the good and the bad when the time comes.

#10 What Happens If My Black Shirt Gets Crammed In The Back Of My Car Under The Sun For Years

Image credits: IntrepidFlow

#11 What Happens If My Grandma Uses The Same Spoon In Her Coffee For About 45 Years

Image credits: cistfurcharlie

#12 What Happens If The Fog Gets In The Way Of The Windmills

Image credits: Christian Steiness

#13 What Happens If A Soggy Stump Goes Through A Hard Freeze

Image credits: BarnabyWoods

#14 What Happens If You Put On A Spray Tan And Then Cry

Image credits: thiscontradiction

#15 This Is What Happens When Lightning Strikes A Flag On A Golf Course

Image credits: Tuff_spuff

#16 What Happens If Hair Gets Caught In A Zipper

Image credits: mathiasbloodaxe

#17 What Happens If There’s A Storm So Intense It Literally Picks Up And Moves The Road

Image credits: Craigrets

#18 This Is What Happens If The Roots Of A Tree In A Graveyard Find Their Way Into The Cavity Of A Decayed Skull

Image credits: visk0n3

#19 What Happens If You Spend A Lot Of Time In The Water And Your Index Finger Has A Severed Nerve

Image credits: WhiskeyForElephants

#20 What Happens If An Insect Gets Stuck Between The Printer And The Pillowcase

Image credits: GAMERGRILLE

#21 What Happens If Wood Is Burned With High Voltage

Image credits: mtnman7610

#22 What Happens If A Bear Breaks Into My Car

Image credits: whiskythief209

#23 What Happens When You Throw Water On An Oil Fire

Image credits: Benjah-bmm27

#24 What Happens If You Freeze-Dry Gummy Worms

Image credits: sexytimespanda

#25 What Happens If I Refill My Soap Container With Clear Soap

Image credits: G00Punch

#26 What Happens If A Sphere Of Aluminum 1 Cm In Diameter Hits A Block Of Aluminum At ~15,000 Mph (Space Debris Impact Research Conducted By The ESA)

Image credits: ESA

#27 What Happens If I Leave The Maple Syrup Sitting In The Back Of My Refrigerator For A Few Years

Image credits: cutelyaware

#28 This Is What Happens If I Go Swimming In An Outdoor Pool At -40°c

Image credits: youracat

#29 This Is What Happens To A Basketball Court If The Pipes Burst

Image credits: longjohnsilvaa

#30 This Is What Happens When Tens Of Thousands Of People Bring Road Flares To A Soccer Stadium

Image credits: bigmeat

#31 What Happens If I Accidentally Leave A Bowl Of Beet Juice On The Counter

Image credits: ThePhantomDullbooth

#32 This Is What Happens If You Put Dish Soap In A Fountain

Image credits: Erectile_Crocodile

#33 This Is What Happens If I Do Not Eat An Artichoke Right Away

Image credits: buddymurphy2020

#34 This Is What Happens If You Swing A String Of Glow Sticks With Burning Steel Wool At The End

Image credits: cbrady411

#35 This Is What Happens If Lightning Strikes Asphalt

Image credits: mosesmcclure

#36 What Happens If I Take A Photo Of My Left Eye, Which Is Partially Blind

Image credits: Nightmareshella

#37 What Happens If You’re Dyeing Hair With A Broken Glove

Image credits: CriticalReality

#38 What Happens If You Put Hot Charcoal From A Grill Into A Trash Can

Image credits: TheCubeZero

#39 What Happens If My Neighbour Uses The Longest Possible Drill Out There

Image credits: p4r4v4n

#40 What Happens If You Put Blue Food Coloring In A White Rose’s Water

Image credits: lyssiemiller

#41 This Is What Happens When Lightning Strikes Dornoch Beach In Scotland

Image credits: xycryy_1

#42 What Happens If My Mom Microwaves Birdseed To Disinfect It Before Putting It In A Beanbag

Image credits: xXBonerPrinceXx

#43 This Is What Happens If You Put A Highlighter In The Microwave In Case You Were Wondering

#44 What Happens If Water Freezes On A Spinning Wheel

Image credits: NeoVeci

#45 What Happens If The Water Flows Through The Cement For A Long Time

Image credits: ClearMyFuckinShit

#46 This Is What Happens If You Put Lemons And Limes In Water

Image credits: verygoodwood

#47 What Happens If You Spin A Basketball For Two Weeks

Image credits: OrthorienWHOMP

#48 What Happens If You Leave A Bag Of Grass Seed Out

Image credits: Domidod1d

#49 What Happens If A Bag Of Chips Is Microwaved

Image credits: landz12341

#50 What Happens If You Keep Your Driver’s License Photo In The Same Wallet For A Long Time

Image credits: 3D_Sock

#51 This Is What Happens If A Marker Is Accidentally Left In A 350°f Oven For Ten Minutes

Image credits: Lunhala

#52 What Happens If You Shine A Flashlight Down A Kaleidoscope

Image credits: thadcorn

#53 This Is What Happens If You Go 84,000 Miles Without An Oil Change

Image credits: slothsandstuffyeh

#54 This Is What Happens If You Have Hyperhidrosis, Which Means That Hands And Feet Sweat A Lot

Image credits: Najam99

#55 What Happens If You Leave A Vinyl Record In A Hot Car

Image credits: whalejazz12

#56 What Happens To A Fork If It Lies On The Side Of The Road

Image credits: Graphyt87

#57 What Happens If You Take A Photo While A Phone Vibrates

Image credits: Mooshoo_123

#58 What Happens If An 8-Year-Old Puts His Hand In A Petri Dish Of Agar

Image credits: Tasha Sturm

#59 This Is What Happens To An Uncooked Egg If You Soak It In Vinegar For 24 Hours, Corn Syrup For 24 Hours, And Then Distilled Water For 24 Hours

It was my sister’s science experiment to show selective permeability.

Image credits: Brexa101

#60 What Happens If You Leave A Soda Can In A Hot Car

Image credits: Trumpeter1112

#61 This Is What Happens If You Leave A Half-Full Bottle Of Peppermint Schnapps For Over A Year. Had To Cut The Bottle Open To Get The Big One Out. It’s Pure Sugar

Image credits: BassRiderX

#62 What Happens If A Watermelon Grows Too Close To The Fence

Image credits: waxedbrownstar

#63 What Happens If The Beams Of 4 Light Bulbs Shine Through An Almost Closed Door

Image credits: cashmo

#64 What Happens To The Furnace Filter After Two Weeks Of Wildfire Smoke

Image credits: Im_alwaystired

#65 What Happens If You Take A Photo Of A Windshield During A Car Wash

Image credits: ObnoxiousSeizures

#66 What Happens If You Put A Baby Spoon In A Dishwasher

Image credits: moieoeoeoist

#67 This Is What Happens With Time If You Get A Thorn In Your Fingernail

Image credits: dusty_trendhawk

#68 That’s What Happens To Liquid Antibiotics If Left Unrefrigerated

Image credits: DefectiveDonkey

#69 Apparently This Is What Happens When Light Passes Through The Blinds And Hits A Trash Can

Image credits: beernerd

#70 What Happens To A Long-Sleeved Shirt In 180 Mph Winds

Image credits: Dsams

#71 What Happens If You Leave A Wine Glass Outside Overnight

Image credits: cheese_puff_diva

#72 What Happens If You Leave Your Avocado Seed In A Shot Glass Of Water For Too Long

Image credits: pocketnotebook

#73 This Is What Happens To A Gourd If Left In An Extremely Dry Climate. Found In Southeast Colorado

Image credits: SpaciousTables

#74 This Is What Happens If No One Keeps An Ornamental Cabbage Trimmed

Image credits: FillsYourNiche

#75 What Happens If You Turn The Gas On The Stove That Has No Tops

Image credits: Febtober2k

#76 What Happens If You Put Corn On The Cob In The Microwave

Image credits: HepatitisC-U-later

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