77 People Are Spilling The Tea On What Made Them Quit Their Toxic Jobs

Most people don’t enjoy being called quitters. When you’re taught not to take things for granted, pushing forward and keeping at it seems like the right thing to do. But sometimes, your job and working conditions become so toxic that you often catch yourself daydreaming of dramatically walking away.

When el1te1nferno asked fellow Redditors to share the moment that made them quit their jobs, hundreds of people started telling infuriating stories. Whether it was employers who took the last straw or customers that nearly drove them mad, people revealed what pushed them over the line.

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So buckle up because we’re going for a wild ride through some of the best responses this viral thread had to offer. Keep scrolling and share your thoughts in the comments below! And if you’re hungry for more juicy and dramatic quitting tales, make sure to check out our previous posts about them here and here.


I worked at a pizza parlor for about a year in high school. My boss was a constant source of stress for me as he was controlling, rude, and just downright degrading. One time, when I went slightly off script on a phone order, he mocked me while I continued to handle the call. The straw that broke the camels back happened on a busy Friday night. Someone came in and placed an order. I got their name and told them it would be about twenty minutes. During this time, the same customer left the store to wait in the car. Twenty minutes later, they sent someone else in to pick it up. Problem was, this person didn’t know the order, and claimed that it was under their name. When i struggled to identify their order, my boss grabbed one of the giant wooden pizza spatulas, swung it full force, and shattered it over one of the ovens. After about five minutes of attempting to serve the customers in the store, I walked into his office and told him I was out. I walked to a nearby Wendy’s in the snow and waited for my dad to pick me up. I’ll never forget how freeing that feeling was

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it was my wedding… that I had already paid $7,000 out of pocket, my parents paid $11,000, and wife’s parents paid $23,000. The day I got hired, I told them I had it coming in 5 months and needed the day off, preferably a whole week after too. Came two weeks before and they said “oops, our bad. However, we can’t do anything about it now. You can get married or you can keep your job.”

I’m still happily married.

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Was getting screamed at in a meeting by some marketing jerk that was literally demanding my technical group perform magic on a completely unrealistic time schedule with almost no resources. Literally screaming at me in front of about 8 of my peers, calling me incompetent, “just do your job”….all of that. I stood up, said I refuse to be talked to like that, and left the meeting. Normally if you just get up and leave these types of meetings, you’re fired. Boss scheduled a meeting with me later in the afternoon after hearing about it. Figured I’d be walked out…..was told they fired the marketing guy.

That was my “eff it, I quit” moment. But the company kept me on and fired the other guy. Pretty happy, it’s been a solid place to work ever since.

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We reached out to Kristina Leonardi, a nationally recognized career coach, speaker, and writer who helped hundreds of men and women change careers and improve their job performance. She told Bored Panda that if you consistently dread going to your job, have the “can’t get out of bed in the morning” syndrome, or get sick often, “you know it’s a bad situation.”

The career coach mentioned that another sign that shows your work environment might be toxic is if you “feel constantly depleted by it, or need to shrink or diminish the majority of who you are in order to be there.”

After all, when you’re not feeling energized or expansive from your work and cannot use your time in a way that feels useful, you’re not able to lead a fulfilling life. If you think that your job is harming your physical and emotional well-being, there are a few things you should do.  


First job, working at a little BBQ place with a drive thru. My day off. Manager calls me at 8:30am (30 mins before we open) saying she doesn’t feel good and needs me to open. I rush in and end up working all day. 5pm rolls around, manager comes in with the owner of the business, who she’s dating. They were at the fair all day and completely forgot they lied to me about her being sick. I bite my tongue and ask if I can go home, they say no and keep me until close (9pm). At 9pm I took my shirt off, handed them my keys, and said “today was my last day” as I walked out the door shirtless.

Best part, when I got home my dad was pissed that I quit my job. I told him what they did and said I wasn’t making enough money. He looked at my pay stubs and saw they hadn’t been paying me over time the entire time I worked there! He made me go back in and demand my overtime pay. When I came in with the pay stubs the manager started crying and gave me cash out of the register to cover my overtime and then some. They called me the next day making sure I wasn’t going to report them to the BBB. I didn’t, but my dad did.

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My manager accused me of stealing money from the store… during the month I wasn’t in the store because my father had just passed away. This is after scheduling me for 65 hours (yeah, 25 hours of overtime in one week) the week dad passed away.

I quit via text.

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My first job (at a pizza delivery place), I was almost 18 and I overheard my manager (in his 40s!) and a few delivery drivers talking about throwing me a birthday party and spiking my drinks so they could “do things” to me. They had no idea I was around the corner listening. Maybe they were joking, maybe they weren’t, I didn’t care I quit right then and there.

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“Take an honest assessment of the situation,” Leonardi suggested. “Is it temporary or can it be fixed with a personnel change? Namely, is it just one bad actor or is the tone being set at the highest levels of management?” If you believe that toxic behavior is “initiated, tolerated, or emanated from the top down, there is a good chance that nothing will change, so it’s best to have an exit strategy.”

Kristina Leonardi mentioned that she has worked with many clients who found themselves in a similar situation. Whether it was due to childhood traumas or their family history, most of them had a pattern of being mistreated and tended to show “a certain lack of self-worth and no boundaries, which others take advantage of.” 

“In other words, the client repeats this dynamic in other relationships, their job being the main one,” she explained. “Because a toxic situation simply feels familiar on the most subconscious levels, they often tolerate things until they get so bad that they cannot.” 


After taking a few days off work while my father was having a brain tumor removed (and still checking emails and attending conference calls from the hospital) my boss gave me a new project. On a Thursday afternoon, she gave me a Monday morning deadline for a project that would take 6-8 days to complete. I worked 16 hours a day to get it done. When we met on Monday she asked how my weekend was: “I worked all weekend.” Then she asked if i got to visit my dad in the hospital “No, I didn’t get a chance because i worked all weekend.”

A couple of weeks later she pulled me into a meeting and said: “I feel like you were resentful because you had to work and I feel like I was really good when your dad was sick, maybe you’re just tired. are you tired?”

she’d also make comments when i would leave the office on time – not early, on time. “it’s great that you just get up and go when your day is over like i have to go because i have a daughter, but you don’t have any kids and you just leave at the end of the day”

um yeah, I don’t live here. I don’t go home and sit in a dark room counting the hours until I get to come back here. I’m also not curing cancer, nothing we do here matters to anyone outside of here. I give you 100% when I’m here, but when my day is done, it’s f**king done. i no longer work there

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My mom’s: I was studying overseas and my parents booked a trip to come out at the end of the school term, bringing along my 2 siblings – 1 who lived away from home, the other about to start college. It was a month long trip, with lots of pre-paid flights, trains, hotels plus it would likely be the last big trip we all took together. Obviously, both my parents requested and secured approved PTO months in advance. It was the month of June – typical summer vacation.

A couple days before the trip was to happen, my mom’s boss hands her an assignment. Mom hands it back, saying she can’t take it on as she has a month long vacation about to start. (My folks don’t believe in hyperbole, but trip of a lifetime would be a fair description). Boss says, oh yea, sorry, you can’t take vacation anymore. Mom says if you cancel my PTO, I quit. Boss, blank stare.

Mom handed in her notice and left. We had an amazing trip. She got a new job on return.

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I worked at a well-known pizzeria in my city for awhile when I was younger. Definitely put up with a fair amount of s**t for the year and a half I worked there. Terrible managers, lazy co-workers for pretty much minimum wage.

Well, a couple months before I was planning on leaving to go to school in a different city, they were having an issue with hiring and firing new people because they kept hiring anyone with a pulse regardless of how many brain cells were between their ears.

Back in January, I had requested the time for spring break off, as I was planning a surf trip out to California. Had the time approved in writing and that was that. Fast forward to March, they hired and fired three people in the same week, so it became apparent staffing was an issue.

The schedule came out for the week I had requested off and was surprised to see myself on the schedule almost every day that week. I approached the store manager with the schedule and my written approval of time off request and was like “What the f**k, dude?” He then proceeded to tear up my request in front of me, and said “we don’t have enough people right now, so you’re gonna have to make some sacrifices. You’re just going to have to deal with it” .

That week was about three weeks out, so I made a snap decision then and there and replied, “No, you’re gonna have to make the sacrifice, I’m giving you my two weeks. I’ve had this trip planned for months and you can’t even ask if it’s okay to cancel my trip.”

The last two weeks go the smoothest I’ve ever worked there, that manager trying everything to get me to stay and I keep saying no while he decides to retaliate in small, irritating ways. I’d had enough and decided I’m not going in on my last day to close the shop, I’m starting my spring break a day early.

About 10 minutes into the start of my shift, I get a call from said manager asking where I was. So I tell him, “oh I’m on I-10 heading west right now” “Well, when are you going to get here?” “Dude, if you haven’t gotten it yet, I’m not coming in.” He starts going off about how he’s going to have to close and work extra since he opened the store that morning, etc. I said to him, “Sounds like you’re gonna have to make some sacrifices and just deal with it. Remember that? I’ll be in when I get back to pick up my last check in two weeks.” and hung up. Definitely the most satisfying way I’ve ever quit.

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Luckily, many ultimately realize that they deserve a healthier environment and kinder treatment. “Once they recognize this and do the work on themselves to get to a better place of inner value and self-esteem, their next situation will improve. Otherwise, they will keep repeating the pattern until they learn (it will be a case of ‘same boss, different name’).” 

Leonardi wanted to remind you, dear readers, that your time and energy are your most precious resources. “No job situation is perfect but no one should tolerate a toxic environment; everyone has a unique set of skills, talents, and abilities they can apply in some shape or form,” she added. Moreover, people can always find something new “where they can develop, learn, grow, and then use that opportunity to get to the next best place on their career journey.”


I used to work at a bowling alley in the cafe kitchen when i was like 19. One particular night, i was the only one in the kitchen during a slammed rush. I get everything out (somehow) in a timely manner, clean the kitchen, then go it for a smoke. The GM walks out a minute later and proceeds to ream me, telling me im a lazy no good piece of s**t, etc. Etc.

I finish my smoke, go back in, pull off my uniform shirt and name tag, set it on the cafe counter and walk out the front door without a word.

F**k you, Paul.

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I’m a nurse, and I was working in a nursing home 2 years ago. I need a liver transplant from medication used to help treat my arthritis. I was still healthy-ish, and able to work at the time.

One of the downsides to my liver decompensating is the inability to control my blood sugar, which would drop down into the 50’s. Low blood sugar can be dangerous, makes it very difficult to focus, and makes it seem like you’re drunk and high at the same time, (at least for me). During one shift, my sugar dropped twice. The first time, I ate some protein and took a break to get it back up before I started passing meds/narcotics.

The second time, it was in the low 50’s. I asked for someone to come take over for me, so my husband could pick me up and take me to the hospital. After an hour, they came and told me that there was nobody available, and then I would have to stay to the end of my shift. Despite the fact that there were four RNs sitting on their asses is in their office.

I called my husband, crying because I felt so bad and so frustrated. He freaked out, and drove to my work while on the phone with the state board of nursing and the county health department. He came in, packed my things, helped me walk to to supervisors office, and went ballistic. I have never seen my husband angry. We’ve never fought, so seeing this was kind of scary for me.

After lots of swearing, while still on the phone with the county health department so they could hear the exact conversation, he told them I quit, and we left.

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I worked for a relatively large transportation company. Was setting myself up to get a promotion. All 3 supervisors and the assistant manager (they all worked with me every day) recommended me for it. I technically had the 3rd lowest seniority at our facility, but i talked to all the guys ahead of me, and they all made it clear that they didn’t want the position, and encouraged me to take it. One day in a meeting, our manager complained about nobody stepping up to fill the position. I raised my hand and said that I would do it. “Oh really. So you think you’re ready for it?” Keep in mind I’d studied my a** off for months in preparation for this. “Well, everyone is telling me I am, so yes.” He proceeded to spend the next 20 minutes grilling me, trying to find things I didn’t know/would trip up on. I missed only 2 or 3 of the things he asked. When he was done, he says “Your mouth says things that your brain doesn’t understand. Keep your mouth shut from now on.” Everyone I worked with told me that his questions were BS, and even the supervisors didn’t know them all. 2 days later, I get a call from an old friend who ended up being a manager for another company, offering me the promotion PLUS extra money. Needless to say, I took it in a heartbeat. When I told my manager, he said “First you whine about us not promoting you, now you leave?” “That’s exactly WHY I left.” Everyone else was amazing and supportive. Miss them… Not my boss

Certified career and life coach Allison Task told Bored Panda that some of the main reasons people consider leaving their job are terrible bosses, inadequate pay, stagnation, and lack of autonomy—not being able to do their job to the best of their ability. If you experience any of these issues and also feel moody, sad, or depressed at work, she recommended you to start looking around and see what else is out there. 

“Like overnight sensations, a ‘quit on-the-spot’ is usually a long time coming,” she explained. “People have been wondering if they should and then finally—the proverbial ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’ happens and it’s time to quit.” So at the end of the day, trust your gut. If you’re in a harmful and toxic situation at work, start thinking about your backup plan and move forward to a happier life.


Got a summer job while I was in high school at a place that made fibreglass tanks. I was told I’d be doing groundskeeping and yard work. Figured I’d scored an easy gig of bombing around on a ride-on mower and whatnot.


The first day I show up, in a t shirt and jeans, I was told the yard equipment ‘wasn’t ‘ready’. So they had me cut raw fibreglass for 8 hours with an exacto-knife and no ppe. Being a dumb s**t kid I didn’t immediately quit and did this for three more days. At least after the first day I’d brought my own gloves and long sleeve shirt.

However on said fated day three was when they were doing tank coatings. So about ten feet away from me are two dudes in full PPE. We’re talking coveralls, rubber gloves, glasses, face shields, and respirators. Ten feet away from me. In a poorly ventilated room. Spraying the exterior of a tank with presumably fibreglass coating.

I only made it a few hours before having to go to the bathroom to puke. Was told to quit being a p**sy and go back out on the floor so I fortunately had a moment of not being a stupid kid and said I quit and walked home. Both parents were mad when I told them I’d quit.

Joke’s on them though because a few years later that company took two dudes’ lifes. A guy asphyxiated while working inside one of the tanks and the person that tried to rescue him also ended up passing away. Whole place got shut down permanently.

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When I spoke to HR about a harrassment issue and she straight up told me, it wasnt possible that he was harassing me bc 3 other people had come to her to say how awesome he is.

I literally said “f**k this, I quit.”

After 5 months of harrassment and no change or repercussions.

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I was working as an ice cream vendor at an amusement park. It was the kind of ice cream that comes in tiny little flash frozen pellets.

So I was selling my tiny overpriced cups of frozen ice cream balls, and has a line of a half dozen people, when a manager came over and said he saw someone walk by with a cup that hadn’t been leveled off.

I acknowledge his comment and then continue preparing the ice cream cup for the next customer. After filling the cup I use the scoop to scrape across the top of the cup and level off the excess pellets because God forbid people almost get their money’s worth. The manager said I didn’t level it off well enough and snatched it from my hand, dumped it back into the bin and made me do it again while standing over me. The customer and I were both now silent and uncomfortable.

So I filled the cup and leveled it off again the same way because that’s the only way to do it. This time he apparently approved and said “that’s how you should have been doing it the whole time. It isn’t hard!”

Then he stormed away.

Well, the previous day I had worked my entire shift without a break because the manager forgot to send relief to cover my stall while I took lunch, so I was already annoyed at the company. But being yelled at and belittled in front of customers was over the line in my book.

So I hand the customer back his money and then similarly handed out free ice cream to the other people in line. Then I simply left. I didn’t lock the ice cream freezer or empty/power down the register, I didn’t let anyone know I was leaving, I didn’t stop to turn in my nametag or polo shirt, I just f**king left.

And I’ve never regretted that for a second.


I was a few hours from a 2 week vacation for my wedding and honeymoon when I got written up. Manager pulls me into his office and says he’s got a wedding present for me and proceeds to go over the write up and has me sign the paper saying I was “coached”. The rest of my shift was horrible, I cried most of it. Got back from the time off and cleaned my desk out discreetly, sent an email to the program director saying I quit and just walked out. F**k that place.

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My first job was working at an Amazon distribution warehouse. Granted I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I figured “Hey I need the money for bills.”

Starting off there was “interesting” to say the least. Hundreds of isles on two sides of the warehouse with a single conveyor belt separating them all. All of us workers huddling up into groups for stretches every time a shift started. The buzzwords all along the cafeteria made it feel like I was in a cult. Our demographic make up was a mix of young and elderly men and women from all walks of life.

As time went on I was overworked and I quickly realized the managers didn’t give much care towards us. They only loved the new expansions to the building with more racks and conveyor belts. They tried little things like rewards and catering from Chipotle and Boston Market but the workers who’ve been there since the building opened noted various complaints about working conditions (working in 90+ degree temperatures with no ceiling fans, spillages, overflowing isles, shifting 50+ pound boxes, scanners not working, etc.)

My final straw was when I was assigned to shift 24,000+ packages on the new split conveyor belts with a woman who was pregnant during Prime Week. The belts overflowed that night. I realized if this was the type of thing I was going to do then I didn’t want it anymore. By that point I lost more than 20 pounds. I weighed 175 when I started and when I quit I was 151 lbs.

I quit after 5 months with no regrets.

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A little Greek Restaurant I worked at early in high school.

Got hired, and spent the first two days cleaning everything the owner and son were to lazy to clean. Years worth of old grease in the deep fryer’s interior, mold in the fridges, stains in the bathrooms etc. Just f**king gross.

Ask about payday on the end of the second day and it went something like this:

“So, how does payday work here? Is it weekly, bi-weekly, what?”

“you are on training, if we like the job you do we will hire you with pay”.

Confused, I ask “so you’re saying that you’re not going to pay me for cleaning years worth of mold, grease, and bathroom stains?”

“No, you will be paid for work once your training is done”

“Oh! Ok. F**k this, I quit”

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I worked for a group home. We had a difficult group of residents, but the company things so much worse.

Every resident was 14-22 years old. They had moderate mental development delays (65-75 IQ range), they all had a psychiatric disorder (from severe ADHD to schizophrenia), and they had also all been convicted of a violent sexual crime.

I worked 3rd shift. My normal hours were 10:30pm to 9am. Four days a week.

About six months into working there, they did a massive layoff.

They went down to bare minimum staff to student ratio each shift, with nobody extra to call in if needed. That meant if someone called out, a person on the previous shift was forced.

It got to the point, where I was being forced 3 out of 4 shifts per week. And not just a few hours. I was working 10:30 pm to around 4:30 pm the next day, and still having to come in for my following shift. I had an hour commute each way.

So I’d get home at 5:30 pm from a 16 hour shift, and have to leave the house again four hours later.

Managed that for about a month. Then one morning I was told last minute I was being forced. Told them I was f**king done and walked out.

That month took a huge toll on my mental health. Swear it took me like a year to recover.


I spent one summer working at a large chain grocery store in the Midwest, stocking groceries 3rd shift. One night I left my price gun sitting at one end of the aisle on a cart for about 15 seconds while I walked something to the other end of the aisle. Came back and the price gun was gone. The store was empty except for employees, as it was about 1 or 2 am. Came in the next morning and one of the d**khead managers hands me MY price gun, pretending like it’s a replacement, and tells me its 70-some bucks for the replacement that I gotta cough up. At the time, making minimum wage, that was almost a week’s pay. I’m normally a level-headed guy but I made it maybe another few days before I told them to f**k right off. They asked if I put in two weeks notice with one of the managers and I just said nope and walked out. Still get pissed off thinking about it haha.

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pizza hut – it was ok at first until they hired a newly minted 23 year old MBA manager who acted like a guard at a prison camp.

messed with the breaks, water, scheduling and had general contempt for us.

There was a huge local event going on and I was scheduled to work and someone had called out and the line was out the door. I show up and he starts going off on me about the other staff and tells me “You’re luck you showed up on time else I would have fired you on the spot.”

I was like “ok”.. and stared at him..

“you can’t take any breaks today because we’re so busy and you’ll have to work a double…”

I was like “ok”.. and stared at him..


walked out.

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Worked at a Spencer’s Gifts for a bit during uni. I was working and saw that I was scheduled for an evening shift the day before a morning exam, so I asked the manager if I could switch. She said no, the schedule is already made up. Went back and forth trying to negotiate with her. She ended with, “You’re going to have to decide what’s more important, the shift or your exam.”


First job at mcdonalds. 3 different managers all telling me to do different things, and getting mad when I listen to the others. I overheard the worst manager say to the people at the register (and many customers behind the counter) that “Someone need to teach Alice how to do her job.”

I didn’t even say anything. Just walked out.

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I worked at a casino doing security. I had just gotten out of the military where I had previously been qualified in a bunch of things that revolves around security and response to active shooters etc.

One night during a busy evening, the panic/hold up alarm went off, and the station that sounded could not be reached. It was treated as a legitimate situation. I cleared out my section of the casino, and moved to clear or other sections/help old people get away.

After that I started clearing staff out as well ((it seemed to take the security staff, including the director, a ridiculous amount of time to investigate and or clear the situation)). It turned out to be nothing. Someone bumped a panic button and went on break or something.

I was pulled into the office where I was berated by the security staff supervisors for clearing out the building and sending everyone outside. When asked why I did it, I said current FBI guidelines are Run, Hide, Fight. So the first priority is removing everyone from the area that’s under threat. The second would be hiding said people, but I was able to remove them so I didn’t have to. My director told me that was incorrect, I was responsible for everyone leaving, and was going to be reprimanded. Told I had no experience with said situations and should be sent to training again. I asked her to clarify the FBI guidelines, which she couldn’t do. When challenged, and asked if I ever had active shooter training, I stood up, said I’ve been trained in responding TO the active shooter as an armed law enforcement officer, and that her lack of understanding of simple guidelines was terrifying to me. I told her I quit. I won’t be giving my two weeks notice, this is the last time I’ll be in this building.

She laughed and said well then we won’t be able to recommend you as a reference. To which I laughed and said, “ I won’t be telling anyone i ever worked here. It won’t help my chances.”


My fathers story: he was a 22 year old millwright and he had been working for the company for 4 years. He asked for a raise because one was given to a coworker who had the same job.

He was told that his coworker has kids and a family to provide for and that’s why he was given a raise, and since my dad had no children at that time he didn’t need one.

My dad applied for a job that paid almost twice as much with great benefits, he gave in his notice and the manager said “will you stay if we give you the raise you wanted”… he declined and worked for the second company for 35 years and retired last December

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Asked for a small raise after one year, $1/hr and was making $20. I was underpaid and we all knew it, they offered me 50 cents. I showed them I was saving them 70-100k/year, they wouldn’t budge. I gave my notice right there.

Got my last check – no yearly bonus. I was owed $1000. They told me they didn’t have to pay me since I quit. I said that’s cool, I’ll call OSHA later today and cited 5 big violations they hadn’t addressed. Suddenly I got my bonus.


Sixteen and working minimum wage at a movie theater. For a while it was great fun, got to go see movies for free on my off days, free popcorn from whatever was left at the end of the night, s**tty coworker who showed me her b**bs.

Then new manager came in. I’m sure a lot of us have had this type. Overnight no more free movies, no more free popcorn, she drilled a hole in the wall between the office and the concession line to make sure we were constantly working and never talking to each other. She was a huge fan of the phrase “if you don’t like it then leave, you’re all a dime a dozen.”

Final straw came when I was working the box office with a line out the door, and she walked in with her six month old screaming kid, put her in the box office and told me to watch her while she counted drawers.

Nine of us quit the next week. The day before Phantom Menace came out. He might have been lying, but a co-worker claimed when she was near tears about what she was going to do without half the staff, he handed her a dime and told her to go hire some more

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Was ringing up a customer and he had a pack of light bulbs on the bottom tray of his cart. I didn’t notice and assume the customer forgot they were there, either way he wasn’t charged for the bulbs. My boss at the time lit into me like I’d just bankrupted the company, and just as I’d reached my point of beyond pissed he suggested that the customer and I knew each other and I deliberately didn’t charge him helping him steal them (f**king light bulbs!) and even went as far as to say I was probably meeting him after my shift to ‘split the take’! (again, f**king LIGHT BULBS!) That was pretty much it and we had a fairly decent word of curse exchange then I was out. As I walked out the door one of my life’s greatest moments unfolded, the customer was on his way back into the store to correct the mistake and pay for the MOTHER F**KING LIGHT BULBS!!!!! Never the less I saluted my boss with the ol’ middle finger and we never spoke again.

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I was fractured my orbital socket in an industrial accident. Another employee lost focus at the wrong time was supposed to wait for a hand signal and didn’t. We had been working over 90 days straight of 13-14 hour shifts and living in c**ppy motel a 45 min drive from out worksite. We were supposed to be on a rotation were we didn’t work more than 3 weeks at a time. It was a close call and could have been alot worse. I’m glad I “saw it coming” and had time to at least try and get out of the way.

I got sent away after a night in the ER while the rest of that crew continued to work. After spending 2 or 3 days at home the boss called to say that he “needed me in Alaska” in 2 days and that my flight was already booked. Told him I quit right on the spot.

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Worked for a boss who micromanaged everything and was just an a** about everything in general. I came into work at 6:56 AM and clock in time was 7:00. Instead of clocking in then going to the bathroom I went to the bathroom first instead of using company time. I clocked in at 7:01 AM and he went off on me for being one minute late. He saw me sit my stuff down and go to the restroom so he knows I wasn’t truly late. This wasn’t the first time he yelled about something so small, but that day was the last. I didn’t say “F**k this, I quit!” I said “F**k you, I quit!”. I reported him to Human Resources two days later for the ridiculous behavior. Come to find out this was not the first time he had been reported for a toxic work environmental. My friend in that department told me he was fired that next week. Happy ending to my “F**k this, I quit!” story


I worked for a big chain tire store in a very rich part of town for a while. I was overqualified for the job, but its what was hiring. One day I get a call saying another tech got fired for failing a piss test.

I get in and our lead tech comes in with a torn bicep and has to be gone for a few months.

So I’m now the most knowledgeable person in the shop, taking on a ton of extra duties and extra hours. So working 60+hrs a week as the only tech with ANY diagnostic abilities I ask for a raise/promotion.

The guy that was hired on a week earlier, amazing tire buster but can’t do any mechanical repair past changing an air filter, get a double promotion and a dollar per hour raise.

Put in my notice on the spot


My first job was at a fast food restaurant. I only lasted about three months. The manager was sleazy, the employees were straight up lazy. I had to mop up one day. There was an area in the kitchen where you kinda have to lean forward so you can slide the mop under a counter. The manager decided to come out of the office and just stand behind me and watch. I looked at him and asked “is there something wrong?” He said no but just wanted to make sure I cleaned correctly. Right, because there was no worry about how well I cleaned the rest of the kitchen, but now that I’m bending over there is. I immediately stopped and walked out.

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Had a catering job at this restaurant. We had a big event and had to move all the furniture downstairs. The event lasted until like 2am and then they made us move all the furniture back upstairs while all the servers were literally sitting there counting their tips from the night that we didn’t get any of. Ended up getting off work at 4am and they expected us to be back at 8am for a breakfast event. Said f**k it i quit and never went back. It sucks when you are the hardest working person at a job and get no recognition.


I used to work at a grocery store and there were 3 of us that stocked the shelves. Well the 2 guys ended up quiting on the same day because the boss was a total d**khead. That d**khead boss comes up to me when I started my shift and he told me they quit and that I would have too stay until I finished all of their work on top of mine. Then he tells me that they dont plan on hiring anyone in the future to replace them and that they were going to expect me too carry their load. I laughed and said f**k this I dont get paid enough to do 3 peoples jobs so I turned around punched out and flipped off the boss and left.

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Worked for a company for a few years and got pregnant, had a baby, etc. My husband deployed and we have no family around here so I figured it would be pretty tough to work full time with doctors appointments and not wanting to leave her at daycare for 10 hours a day. I was going to quit but was talked into staying with promises from my supervisor and the CEO to work with me on sick days and let me have a reduced schedule for 6 months. After my husband came back, the supervisor and CEO pulled me into an office and told me that because of my reduced schedule and time I took to pump during the day I would no longer have lunches until they deemed that I had earned it again. I quit immediately.

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I was denied a food break after working for close to 10 hours straight.

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I was a waitress at a s**tty diner. The fellas there were always flirty and handsy. They’d talk about me in Spanish so I only understood a little of what they were saying. One guy tried to follow me home so I went to a friend’s house instead. The customers would complain about the cockroaches and the owner would yell at us for relaying the message. The waitresses all did a lot of drugs and would try to pressure me into their lifestyle.

One day while I was filling the rice pudding cups one of the boh employees mopping walked up and demanded I move. I asked him if he could ask instead of being rude and he hit my legs with the mop and knocked me over. I went to the bathroom and cried in private for a minute pulled myself together. Handed my tickets to the manager and walked out.


All throughout the interview process and onboarding I was told “We will work around your school schedule, you won’t have to work at any time you have class.”

Day 1 of the training “You’re required to be here monday-friday, 8-6 for the first 6 months. If you miss a day or are more than 30 minutes late you will be fired.”

I didn’t return for the second day.


Office job with a certain “A family company” company, 1 year’s FTC, came to and end and just before it ended, we had some financial advisors come in, nothing to worry about (lies) etc.

UK HQ is where I was working.

They decided to move the procurement team, my team, to Italy, who also had procurement team.

I was called in to a meeting room with my boss and HR, and was told there’s some downsizing going on but we’d like you to stay with us.

Okay, cool.

Catch is that the role will be based in Milan with the Italy team.

And because I’d be on contract again, they can’t offer me a moving package or full time contract either, so I’d have to move myself.

I just said “So you want me to take another fixed term contract with no guaranteed full time contract at the end because, let’s face it, that’s how FTCs work and the fact that I’m not getting a full time offer after a year is proof, and you want me to move myself to Italy with no help from yourselves, using my own money for flights and anything I want to ship over, which by the way is a country that has pretty darn high unemployment levels for someone in their mid 20s like me, so if this all goes t*ts up I’m left in a new country with no help from the company that brought me here. Oh and presumably no raise either?”

“Well we’d have to reduce your pay to fall in line with what the analysts out there are making otherwise it wouldn’t be fair on them.”

“Okay, I’m gonna say no thanks and thank you for the opportunity.”


Doing some side work on a farm where we would be bailing Hay. which is notoriously hot and miserable work. I inquired to the farmer I was working for about when I could expect to be paid for the hours I had already “about 40 hours already that week”. That’s when he broke the news to me. “Well I usually pay all of my help at the end of the season” The end of the season was about three months away, and I have bills to pay unlike most of the high school kids that were working on this farm with me. I then requested that I be paid bi-weekly at the very least or I would no longer be able to work for him. He said that he was not willing to do this. so I said okay then I will require my pay by the end of the day and that I will not be returning tomorrow. I felt bad leaving him High and dry for the rest of the week but how does he expect an adult with bills to pay to work for months on the promise that I would eventually be paid.


I was a truck driver working a regional route that required me working nights. So basically I would drive all through the night, deliver a load, sleep through the day, and take a load back to my original place the next night.

The thing is, sleeping during the day at a warehouse where yard dogs (the guys that move trailers around the lot of the warehouse with little tractor deals) were constantly moving s**t around, knocking into my truck, and often times literally waking me up to move my truck.

I was barely getting any sleep and the only time I had to ever get a good nights rest was during the weekend.

So driving to my first delivery, I told my manager I’m taking an extra day off because I’m exhausted and I have to get a few days of sleep. I was literally getting maybe 3-4 hours of solid sleep a day and energy drinks were worthless at this point. They gave me the go ahead, I dropped my delivery, slept as best as I could at the warehouse and picked up the load to take back with a message from my managers telling me to have a good weekend and rest up.

When I was about an hour and half away from my destination, after driving all night for about 8 hours reaching pure exhaustion, I get a message saying “nevermind, We need you to work this weekend”

Mind you, I know this stuff happens and you sometimes have to pick up the slack of other employees at times. Things happen, I get it and 99% of the time I’m all for helping out other employees and my managers if they need it.

But this was about the third time this happened. I haven’t had a good nights sleep in 3 weeks at this point and I kept trying to call my managers or anyone who would answer me, but it was the weekend and no one would respond to their messages or phone calls. I was literally being ignored and I just snapped.

Luckily, the demand for truckers is massive. I mean I get texts non stop asking if I’m in the market because a company needs drivers. I haven’t even been in the industry for two years currently and my phone still gets blown up with calls and texts asking if I want to drive again.

So literally all I did was call one of the numbers that would contact me constantly and immediately was hired after 5 minutes of talking on the phone. Sent in a message saying I quit and good luck.

Funny enough THEN they started responding to my messages and tried calling me.

I know it was probably a d**k move to f**k them over and I normally would never do that, but I just broke and could not take it anymore.


I was hired to bus tables in a s**tty little restaurant, after about an hour or so of just clearing tables I started wondering who was going to wash all the dishes (they were just pilling up). No surprise I was also expected (but not told to or instructed in any way) to do the dishes. The rest of my day consisted of being yelled at for either not clearing tables or not doing dishes. I never went back.


Was working at a restaurant in M’boro TN. Found a better job that actually gave me hours and went in to put my two week notice(was more like a week a few days due to timing of the new gig) in out of courtesy. I got a lecture about how I could never come back to the company since it wasn’t a full two weeks. I then suggested politely that “that’s great, let’s say today is my last day then.”.

Was such a relief.


Working in a fast food restaurant, 3 people working. In the middle of the kitchen floor, as in sitting on the floor, of the tiny kitchen, was the 55 year old owner, playing candy crush on full volume. This went on for 30 minutes while everyone is running around him. At the end of the shift, the tip jar mysteriously was empty.

Those 3 didn’t come back next day.

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Worked in a healthy eating restaurant that also served coffee. A customer wanted milk in theirs so I go to the fridge in the backroom to grab some and what do I find? 20 day old milk. I bring it to the owners attention and they tell me it’s fine . Blew my mind that they wanted me to put sour milk in the coffee. I walked out and never looked back


Kinda long, sorry. I was a manager at a company where the executives were ineffective. I worked 60 hours a week most of the time and had to do all of my director’s duties because he didn’t understand our systems. The work environment was also pretty hostile and passive aggressive. People cried on the job daily in other departments, slightly less in mine. Managers and staff would snap at other departments the same way the executives did because of the stress. I tried to take care of my department and make sure they weren’t being abused or taken advantage of. I had three days leave for a death in the family, but had to work every day from home and the funeral itself. It was especially vexing because it was to re-do the same thing every day that my boss would just forget to complete and need done again the next day. I brought this to his attention, as well as all the other issues, and he said he would try to do better. Months went by and it got worse.

Finally, our team sat down with him and told him things needed to change. I told him that the environment was more hostile and aggressive than ever and the team agreed. He told me that was my perception and we needed an attitude change, then left for a meeting (which I had provided him the data for). I cleared out my desk and left, quit with HR.

For me the kicker is that he kept assigning me tasks and insisted that I was still working there for days. Never been more relieved to quit in my life.


I worked as a server at a fancy theater. We were all students but were expected to be professional servers even though they hired everybody without experience because there was such a high turnover rate. So new years eve comes by. Nobody wants to work and my best work friend (female) volunteers to work that night. The night is a huge s**tshow, the manager already had some existing anger issues and because of a misunderstanding he thought my friend was trying to steal money. What could have been talked out easily escalated to him pushing her against a wall so hard that she dislocated her shoulder (she went to the hospital after because the police told her that she needed a doctor’s confirmation if she wanted to press charges). 1 week goes by, she decides she will not press charges and the guy is still working there. She is getting no shifts and when another server gets sick she just takes the shift and shows up. The manager that pushed her and a higher manager that also worked there call her into the office and tell her that she is fired. I just took of my apron and walked out with her. After one month about 3/4 of the staff also quit and it really f**ked them over.


I was doing a managers job without the title or pay. I was asked to train all of our new seasonal staff without any additional pay. I was pulling 12 hour days, without being paid for all 12 hours.

Then I had my yearly evaluation. She gave me an average rating and when I asked what I could improve so that I could get a pay raise next year, she said there was nothing I could do. Let slip that they would only be giving an “exceed” rating to 1 person per store. Performance didn’t matter. The minimum wage also happened to be bumped this year. I was making more, because I had been there for 5 years. But we were informed that those of us who had been there, and were earning the new minimum wage would continue to just earn the same amount. Meaning a person who had started a week prior was now making the same as someone who had been there for 10 years.

Then, one day, my alarm didn’t go off. So I missed my first day in 5 years. I panic called my assistant manager and told him. And got to work. We had just hired a new manager, she touring the store with some higher ups. She took that opportunity to chew me out in front of them. I apologized profusely for being late. But that wasn’t good enough. She decided to scream at me for “only” telling my assistant manager and not telling her.

I called the store, he picked up, he told me he would tell her.

She decided she didn’t like me, so she cut my hours in half. The only reason why I kept the job after all of that, was because they were still giving me full time hours and I knew I wouldn’t get that anywhere else. Well, if they’re just going to give me 20 hours a week, f**k it.

So I handed in my two week, to a manager I had worked with and loved. New manager took personal offence to this too, and started talking s**t to everyone who would listen.

So instead of working out my last 2 weeks of shifts, I just stopped coming in. I was going back to school anyway, I didn’t need their reference.

I heard that a month later, there was a mass exodus. So glad I got out when I did.


I was working retail and caught the store manager destroying clothes that had been zeroed out (basically been on clearance so long they couldn’t sell it anymore) with scissors. Stores had the option of either destroying them or donating them which is bulls**t. I offered to take the clothes to the local thrift stores with my own car/gas/time but she blatantly told me to mind my business and continued shredding. She said if they can’t afford to come in and buy it off clearance then they don’t deserve to get it at a thrift store. That was my last day.


Worked nights (10pm – 6am) at ASDA (British supermarket) while I had some time off from uni a few years back. I’d been there for 2 and a half months and was just about to finish my probation period, got pulled into a meeting and was told that my probation period had been extended by six months because of two unauthorised absences (one was through illness and the other was because I was in a car crash 3 hours before my shift started), while obviously annoyed I let that slide. The next night, 29th of December, I went in as normal and around 3am I was cornered by my section leader who told me that I had to work 2-10pm on New Year’s Eve. This fell on a Saturday which I wasn’t contracted to work, and I was already working until 6am on the 31st. Section leader said that this was non-negotiable after I told him that I hadn’t been informed that I was required to work NYE prior to that conversation and that I’d already made plans. I finished my shift and just didn’t show up for my shift the next night and refused to answer their calls.


Had a job that had flexible hours, I worked 7 to 3. Our clients left at 2 and I usually wrapped all my work up before 3.

Well our manager quit one day and this enormous c**t took his place. He came in began ranting that people weren’t putting in 8 hours started saying that he was going to report our department head to upper management and the people that worked 10-6 he would try to force them into the office by 8

This guy was a massive c**t. I actually completed the most tickets and mentored people one day he pulled me into the office and told me he wanted me to stay later and that I was doing a terrible job. Asked this piece of s**t to check the metrics to which he said he didn’t care. I just stood up and yelled at him. Turned in my notice


Back in ought-one I was working at Blockbuster as a cashier. My boss called me up and said that there was some new policy that said men were not allowed to have long hair. At this time my hair was around my shoulders and I had been growing it out for about a year or so. I was not about to cut my hair because f**k that, so I told my boss I am not cutting my hair. He said something about how it was policy and they could work with me if I cut it a little or something. I was like nah man, I’m not doing that I quit. And that was that.


I work at an ice cream place. During the winter season we get almost no business. About 10% of the summers business. With the corona virus many businesses are being closed. I had to leave early one day because my mom did not want me at work (I still live at home.) I work with a few different managers / shift leads but our boss is very selfish and careless. He called me the next day to tell me how f**ked up it was that I left that day. He knew the whole story and knew it wasn’t my fault and I said “im sorry, but I am not even 18 yet and don’t want to get kicked out of my house for not obeying my parents.” He then said that he needs me to be reliable which was the last straw, mind you this is the first time anything has ever happened like this since I started. I’ve never called out once. I was 16 last summer and at an ice cream place there are a lot of teenagers who call out half of their shifts. The whole summer I worked 6 or 7 days a week because I always took peoples shifts when they called out. I was so reliable all summer and him saying that to me was the end. I’m not working a minimum wage job and not being appreciated for anything I do there.

F**k him, I quit.


Worked at a big box office store, on my first week I got held up by a train and was 5 min late. By the time I had gotten there the manager had blown up my phone (15 calls), but since it was winter and I had a big wool coat on plus a sweatshirt, I didn’t feel my phone go off. I got a lecture when I walked in and all morning he kept looking at me like I had taken away his pet’s life, about two hours later I got called into the office for a write up. I went in and was very calm about the whole thing, he kept saying I should show more remorse, I told him if 5 min was getting me a write up and a lecture, plus being told I obviously don’t care since I’m not remorseful enough he could keep the job.


Worked at a Direct TV call center. Had 100% customer satisfaction. One day my manager called me to her office. We listened to a recording of a malfunctioning headset where I ended up having to terminate the call. She said they wanted to fire me but were going to make an exception. She knew it was 100% equipment failure. I quit on the spot. That place was the thirteenth grade.


I worked in a restaurant in Christchurch (which, because of the eartquake has limited job opportunites outside of construction) the owner wanted us to arrive half hour before shift in uniform and work until our assigned time and then clock in. It was a split shift, she wanted us to do the same for the second half of the shift. At the end of the day she gave us until 10 to clean and finish and signed us out at 10 before she left. We got dockets in past 10:30. The next morning I was there 30 mins before my shift and the head chef comes bolting in the door. He asked em if the owner was here yet. I was like no. He was relieved that she wouldnt know. 30 minutes later I see him clock in.

I was like f**k this noise and went to her mid shift and said I quit. She was surprised and suprisingly upset. I explained I’m not working two hours for free everyday. She said that she knows for a fact that the doors were locked at 10 the night before. So i should her the receipt of five dockets that came in between 10 and 11.

She said she was shocked and surprised and asked me to stay, I said it hasnt worked out and in fairness to her she paid me for the full day, and the day before including the two hours and said she isint here to rip anyone off. But the problem was I think nobody stood up to her, with very few restaurants in CHC I reckon the staff just put u with it and accepted it.

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Had an internship at a big supermarket chain in my country. It was July and it was hot as f**k, in fact, it was the hottest ever recorded in mu country during the last 2 decades and it was also ramadan where we have to fast all day. My internship should’ve consisted with desk duty and how paperwork is conducted, instead, i was told to go to the delivery area and help load and unload trucks. I had a whole month of this, i did 5 days and i almost broke my fast a few times because of how hot it was and working directly under the scorching sun, i just said f**k it, it’s not worth doing slave work with 0 pay and people yelling at me every 10 minutes.


Worked on a cruise ship and busted my a** everyday to make sure my section was running smoothly. I had been gone for 3 months after the birth of my son and when I returned we had a new supervisor. He took me aside 2 months later and told me I wasn’t doing a very good job. We work totally different shifts and never really saw each other. I had enough stress in my life being away from my family and went straight to our HR department and put in my 2 weeks.


I was hired as a intern and getting paid $16 and they extended my contract 3 times for 4 months.

Then they called me back and offered me a full time getting paid 45k for a job that I should have been getting paid 75. I had a f**k this I quit moment when the boss said anyone else doing your job we will have to pay 3 times as more but you were originally hired as a intern so we dont feel so bad giving you that. Like they were giving me a oppurtunity. Next guy came in demanded 75k plus and refused to do some of the low level tasks that I was happy to do.


Two cases.

Sixteen-hour days at an amusement park. There’s an exception in the US Labor code that says that amusement park employees don’t have to be paid overtime if they’re seasonal, and wouldn’t you f**king know, every employee in the park was seasonal.

One work day at a greenhouse was 8:00 AM to 1:00 AM. You’re not misreading that. I didn’t even bother coming into work the next… ever. F**k that s**t.


A job where, amongst innumerable other things, they kept track of bathroom breaks and questioned you on them. Only job I’ve ever quit without a backup plan.


Joined a call center with the obvious shady pay structure. They said the calls are inbound so I thought hey that’s not too bad then. Turns out the inbound calls were generated by their robocall system indirectly implying that they were google but never saying so and we were directed to use some dubious answer if someone asked ‘are you google?’

After getting yelled at and cussed out and constantly getting people who had been called many times before and were clearly irate, I just got up and left in the middle of the day.

I also complained to google that these guys were pretending to be google. And these guys were s**t scared of getting complaints like that. Seriously f**ked up people.


My first job… I was assigned to a specific area, and I thought I was doing my job well. One Monday, I was pulled in to the office and asked why (whatever thing it was, I don’t remember) hasn’t been done for the last two weeks. I replied i wasn’t aware it was part of my duties. My supervisor said he was putting me on a “mandatory non-paid vacation” for two weeks. No warning, no explanation on why I all of a sudden had to do work for a different department. So I said “don’t worry about it, I quit.”

It was a lousy job anyway, I was only getting paid 18 hours a week but was doing more than that! Sixteen and stupid, I guess!

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I used to be a server at a restaurant that was a quarter mile down the road from a large concert venue in northern Michigan. Concert nights were always f**king crazy but paid well so it was all good. I was assigned patio which had 13 tables split between two servers. The issue is, my other server didn’t show up so I had the entire patio to myself for ZZ Top night. On top of this, I had a 21 top come in and take up half of my section. They weren’t attending the concert and I told them that due to it being super busy and them being a large group, food would be at least an hour. They were fine with this. I’m with them every 3-5 minutes filling drinks and bringing booze/wine. It took about 1:30 for them to get their food and everyone was in good spirits the entire time. They ended up staying for 4 hours raking up a 4 digit bill (thank you booze for that) and everything was fine until I being that out. It was like a switch flipped. They started yelling and complaining that I was horrible and all went inside to speak to my manager who mind had not helped out a bit during the entire ordeal. She comped everything but alcohol, removed the 20% auto gratuity, and the table ended up leaving me 12 bucks. My manager then pulled me aside and gave me a warning telling me she didn’t think I could handle being a server. Yeah I was pretty well f**king done. If you are reading this Barb, f**k you. You were the worst boss I have ever had.


Worked at The Source (Canada) and had a weird situation. We had a playstation 1 in the back that never hit the shelves many years before and kinda just sat there. After almost a year of working there, we got to talking about this playstation to find it didn’t show a normal price in the system. A month goes by and we’re still discussing it when a fellow employees playstation died. Another employee sold him the one from behind at the price listed in the system. 6 months later get a list from corporate to return items and sure enough, somehow this many years old item is on the list.

The Source came in and cleared house of anyone thought to have interacted with the transaction. I was the only employee remaining.

They had me run a store solo for a week (impossible) before bringing a manager from a neighbouring town. The manager walks in and starts running his mouth about everyone and everything while literally having me do every single task by myself while he yelled.

By lunch break I had enough. Walked out back, grabbed my things, sandwich in hand I walked out telling him to have a great day and went back to my previous tech job.

Worth it.


Worked as a valet during the summer between my senior year of high school and college. The location was in the busiest part of my city and parking was limited. I made $400 a night on weekends easy. I worked one location and my boss (owner of the company) told me to park in the alley where our stand was so there was room in our lot. At some point when I was running for a car, I got a ticket for $80 for parking a No Parking area. I was pissed and annoyed as this was the first ticket I ever got, to make it worse my boss refused to pay.

I was 18 and still naive, so I paid it and went on my way. In July, I am at one of the locations and the boss tells me to move my Jeep and block a side entrance where people are sneaking into our lot. I park it inside the lot. When I go to leave, I see there is another ticket. Boss refused to pay. I was pissed, so I ripped off my shirt (he technically owned it, I hadn’t paid) said “F**k this, I quit!”

Only job I have ever quit.


As part of a college course, I had to get some work placement hours at places related to the field of study. Because it was hard to find available places, they allowed charity shops. We were allowed a maximum of 16 hours a week and we needed 500 hours to pass the course.

When I started, I was averaging 10-12 hours but a month in, I needed a minor procedure on my foot which meant I had to miss a couple days, after which I would have been fine to return to my normal hours. When I came back, I was scheduled for an hour and a half. They told me they didn’t want to push me to far. I thanked them and let them know that I was fine to return to my normal amount of hours and showed them the information pack that said as such. Next week, the same thing happened. An hour and a half for the whole week. There were others from my course volunteering there who were still getting 10-16 hours a week. The third week, I asked for my hours to be increased only to be told that “it wouldn’t be fair on the others”.

I stayed for 5 weeks after my hours were cut before I said f**k it. If I stayed, I wouldn’t have met the course requirement. It wasnt the only reason I left but it was the final straw. The general manager was a bit of a b**ch but the assistant manager was cool.


Worked for a low cost airline in finance. Saw the maintenance and safety issues called it out, also saw a ton of illegal insider contracts and spend… called that out too. Got yelled at for not putting profit over people and integrity. I said, when you are all in jail after one of these planes goes down or the SEC finds out about all the insider stuff think about this moment…


I worked for a small medical software startup. The CEO asked me to create a system to use machine learning to identify patients who might develop expensive illnesses so the insurance companies could drop them before they started to cost money. It took a little while to get out, but that was the moment I decided to leave.


When I was managing McDonald’s on black friday night. Every night you have to close down the computers and cash system and do orders by pen and paper while manager counts the safe etc. Basically the manager cannot help employees run the store. That whole night there were cars wrapped around the entire building all night, and I had 2 people working other than me. I closed the store without permission and turned out all the lights… We needed 7 people at least.


I was a dish washer at a sea food restaurant, the process is when waiter/waitresses bring the dishes back to the pit, they are to rinse them or soak them in a solution due to all the baked on cheese and what not. Well on this particular night none of them were doing what they were supposed to, which was making my job really difficult, so politely I asked if they can please rinse and soak their dishes, since its making my job more difficult than it should be.

Well, the boss heard that and didn’t like it at all. He asked me what did I had just say? I told him exactly what I said even though he heard me, and he straight up said, you’re just a dishwasher you don’t talk to them. Needless to say, I got really upset and almost punched him on the spot only to realize I will be charged if I do so, I just walked out and never went back.

What a prick.


I worked at Kmart as a cashier for about 3 weeks. After the 50th person complained about a price being a nickel off I couldn’t take it anymore and walked out.

Not proud of my actions but I don’t regret it.


I worked for a brand new Target that promised everyone full benefits if you at least worked an average of 30 hours a week. After hiring us, they cut everyone’s hours under 30 hours to ensure that no one received the health benefits when it was time to enroll.

They also continued to hire people despite there not being enough hours to go around. There was a single mother of two that had been recently hired and was only working 12 hours a week despite being promised a lot more when they hired her. One day, she broke down in front of me saying that she couldn’t afford to feed her kids. I found a manager and quit without notice so she could have my hours. I found a job less than a week later and never looked back. Screw Target.


I was working for UPS unloading semi trucks every morning, and I was pretty good at it. They have like a quota for how fast you should unload packages from the truck onto coveyor belts. It was something like 1000 packages per hour, but my average everyday was something like 1200-1300. I was definitely one of the top 3 fastest. I usually only ever had around 1 foot between any packages on the belt, and most guys had like 3.

Well, every morning for a couple weeks, my supervisor’s boss was in our area to see how we were doing, and for some reason, this guy just wanted to find something to tell at me about. He would stand at the end of my truck and watch me, something’s for over 10 minutes, until I would hit a huge 140 lbs trampoline or something like that. Well, you couldn’t or those on the conveyor belt, so I would have to move out of my way to keep working. This would end up leaving me with a 10-15 for gap between packages. As soon as he would see that, he tell at me “hurry it up, you’re showing everyone down!” Or something like that. I asked around and he only was doing it to me.

Well, after a 8 hour morning where he had done it like 10 times, I told my supervisor I won’t be coming back tomorrow.


So I was a manager, and the company I worked for was s**t about raises. I made it my mission to get my staff fair raises each year. The first year, I took a hit on my raise so my staff could get fair raises. Found out instead of the 3% ownership agreed to, they only got 1%. The second year, I went full force and asked for a raise to compensate for the previous year and also fair for the current year along with the same for my staff.

Ownership reluctantly agreed. We had increased overall revenue by a whopping 24%, the best the company had ever seen. I let each of my team know what their raise would be in their performance review.

Ownership then went behind my back and told each member of my staff that I lied to them, and that they never agreed to it, and that on top of not giving them a fair and well deserved raise, they were removing all bonuses.

I told the ownership what’s what, apologized to my staff, and accepted a position with a huge raise, great bonus package, and wonderful benefits. Left them behind, and last I heard they a suffering bad. Hemorrhaging accounts that I worked hard on, serves them right.


Worked at a dog salon, washed dogs. Everyone else clipped, trimmed, brushed etc. I was in a back room. One day a dog bit my face, pretty bad, face was bleeding a lot. Went out into the front to say “um what do I do about this”, three colleagues and the owner didn’t even look at me. F**k this I quit.


I worked for an orthopedic surgeon—the type of guy who, if he wanted to tell me something, would turn to the office manager (standing right next to us), “Tell her [me]…” The office manager was her own brand of crazy. She would ask for help getting a patient onto the X-ray table, then as we were doing it, would complain and gasp and make all sorts of dramatic noises, practically in the patient’s ear. We were cutting the cast off of a little girl once, and the kid was crying the whole time because she was afraid; my manager was huffing and rolling her eyes throughout, right in front of the mother. She was also one of the most micromanaging people I’ve ever met, and I just reached a breaking point. When I did, I suddenly went from being a great worker to a total loser, according to her. Ok.
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