77 People Who Had Just One Job And Still Failed (New Pics)

Things happen. In life or at work, nobody is immune to failure. But let’s be honest, any workplace bears a very high probability of occupational mishaps, no matter what kind of job it may be. In a sense, it’s part of the definition of ‘being on duty.’

So this time, we’re looking at some of the funniest cases that illustrate how failing to perform one’s duties right actually looks in pictures. And thanks to the subreddit You Had One Job, we’ve got a seemingly endless fountain of occupation-related hilarity. Created 8 years ago, the subreddit is 421k-strong in members and aims at capturing posts that show what it means to hear “You Had One Job!” from your coworker, client, or boss.

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Colleagues and customers unite, because this time, no one who failed at bringing the bare minimum to their single job is getting away without being busted. Psst! More funny ‘one job’ posts, aka you wish you’d done it properly but it’s too late now, are waiting in our previous posts here, here, and here.

#1 No Wonder I Was Struggling…

Image credits: ItsyBitsyStumblebum

#2 Figured Out The Clan’s Age Boss!

Image credits: OkPreference6

#3 Apparently, Mermaids Have Butts

Image credits: reddit.com

Failing at whatever it is you’re doing is nerve-wracking. At that point, you may think you are the one making all the mistakes every time, and perfectionists are the ones who suffer the most because of it.

Failing poses a threat to our power and confidence, and this, in turn, creates just more stress. Add hectic schedules and never-ending commitments, and you get a toxic brew of low self-esteem. But what if we learn to deal with breakdowns and failures?

Dede Henley, an author and leadership strategist, suggests applying productive reasoning when it comes to occupational and professional failures. The first step is to self-reflect about “what you are holding as the ‘truth,’ what you don’t know enough about, and what your part in the breakdown may be,” she explained in an opinion piece for Forbes.

Sharing it with your team workers in a way that means you take accountability for your actions is a productive way to go about it.

#4 Literally Your Last Job

Image credits: SpenceBro

#5 It Was Almost Fine

Image credits: ShrektheGodabove

#6 Visible Confusion

Image credits: SmugHatKid12

Secondly, Dede suggests allowing your team to “reflect on what they’re holding as the truth that you collectively don’t know about.” In this way, the “collective group can engage in double-loop learning,” which is likely to bring fruitful results and valuable lessons out of the failures.

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And third, don’t forget to apply the newly learned knowledge. This, of course, doesn’t mean that your part of the job is over. On the contrary, the critical part in solving the work failure is owning your part in what happened and “reflecting critically on your performance.” “A big part of handling a failure better is not blaming others for it,” Dede concluded.

#7 Got The Christmas Lights Up. They’re… Candles. Yeah. Really

Image credits: PaleoGamer

#8 That Wasn’t Supposed To Happen

Image credits: CandySunset27

#9 Installed The Sink Boss!

Image credits: reddit.com

#10 I Feel So Safe

Image credits: nimernith

#11 That’s A Tall Girl, If You Ask Me…

Image credits: thompson743

#12 I Am So Confused

Image credits: ShrektheGodabove

#13 Posted The Sign, Boss …

Image credits: FurryAndWeird

#14 That’s One Short Cord

Image credits: real_dubblebrick

#15 Safety First

Image credits: shiglod1

#16 Finished Labeling The Package, Boss

Image credits: tuokcalbmai

#17 I’m Pretty Sure That’s An Avocado!

Image credits: Kazzook

#18 Legend Has It That It’s Still Good To This Day

Image credits: cope413

#19 I Ordered A Precision Screwdriver And It Got Delivered Like This

Image credits: Crusader_al

#20 One Space Was All It Was Needed

Image credits: MGSBlackHawk

#21 Nope, No Problem Here

Image credits: Otakawai

#22 My Kitkat Was Just A Bar Of Chocolate

Image credits: lilosaurus_flex

#23 Come On Man…..

Image credits: Cameron13o3

#24 Trick Or Trick

Image credits: tcatron565

#25 I Know This Year Has Sucked, But C’mon…

Image credits: skibum267

#26 Disappointed

Image credits: anteazeg4

#27 Elmo Born With Eyes On The Back Of His Head

Image credits: Newbo91

#28 One [friggin] Job, Traffic Cone…

Image credits: RaptureInRed

#29 “Write Congrats On Them” ( Two Cakes )

Image credits: iidrk

#30 To Fend Off Covid

Image credits: Fatbender11315

#31 Ah Yes Education!

Image credits: medoss2005

#32 They Changed The Title After Realizing It

Image credits: Slio_Marmare

#33 Now What Colors Would My Kid Use To Fill This In ?…

Image credits: TokagenoOssan

#34 I Found A Use By Date Sticker In My Burger…

Image credits: Derbycat1

#35 Light Up The Stars, Baby!

Image credits: IndrikusMaximus

#36 All Four Colors Lived Together In Harmony. Then Everything Changed When Green Went Rogue

Image credits: Lucario_45

#37 My Churches Anti Racism Slogan

Image credits: polan-can-into-space

#38 Ah, Scohol. Those Were The Days

Image credits: jaydon_epic_man

#39 Big Ben Looks Funny

Image credits: HDu2erA

#40 I Can See/Hear You

Image credits: harceps

#41 Good Cheese

Image credits: Dexter2005-69

#42 Barely Noticeable

#43 Yes, This Is How Reflections Work

Image credits: ReadySethGoYT

#44 Concordia University Of Michigan Merch

Image credits: Potato_Demon_ffff

#45 Not Sure If That’s How This Works

Image credits: zestybean97

#46 This Skeleton My Sister Bought

Image credits: ZojFe__

#47 But They Both Are Right Hands!

Image credits: Elegant-Sector8993

#48 Don’t Apologize, It Happens?

Image credits: Brownale78

#49 I Just Wanted Gas

Image credits: loki2002

#50 Left: How It Should Be Right: How They Did It

Image credits: lolthebest

#51 Hit Yourself You Will

Image credits: OxfordBlue2

#52 Mmm! Lung Damage!

Image credits: Lazarbeamfan1994

#53 Restored The Sculpture Boss

Image credits: Neeldore

#54 Drinking On The Job?

Image credits: arevalok

#55 Saw This Today Lmao

Image credits: GamingWithXpertYT

#56 Just A Click

Image credits: johnvosss

#57 Ah, Yes. O P T I O N S

Image credits: Chiaoats

#58 Ah Yes, My Favorite Chemical

Image credits: MrNagant11

#59 Umm, I Think It Goes On This Way?

Image credits: GrXffXnYt

#60 Well I Like My Bus To Pots Aswell

Image credits: JumpWithE

#61 Yes I Would Love Some Online Rings

Image credits: charger03

#62 What Happened Here ?

Image credits: JessyPkLover

#63 This Door Handle Protector

Image credits: gabriel_f

#64 My Daughter Could Not Wait For Her Dog Toy To Bark…chinese

Image credits: xhensishahini

#65 There Was An Attempt To Write Welcome In The Floor Using Stone Inlay

Image credits: sorrybabyxo

#66 He Was “Just A Little” Drunk When Painting

Image credits: PigConnor123

#67 And A First Grade Education Apparently

#68 Ceilings In My Highschool Be Like

Image credits: JustWak

#69 Opened A Can Of Corn And…

Image credits: kingkalamari07

#70 Found This While Shopping For Christmas Presents

Image credits: TheKeekses

#71 That Better Be One Flat Hot Dog…

Image credits: K-pop-Unicorn

#72 Lifesaver!

Image credits: be_bland

#73 I’m No Colour Expert But…

Image credits: X-LaxX

#74 Ah Yes, Skateboard

Image credits: DenkichuCalamari

#75 Ah Yes, The Barcode

Image credits: HugMePleaseIBegYou

#76 I Mean They Tried

Image credits: reddit.com

#77 Well Then

Image credits: Ledankyash

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