77 “Regular” People Who Met Celebrities In Real Life Share Their Sad And Disappointing Encounters

There’s something about celebrities that just makes us want to know everything about them. We get caught up in their talent, stunning looks, captivating charisma, or enviable wealth that makes them seem worlds away from our regular lives. And let’s be honest, we’ve all created scenarios in our heads of unexpectedly running into our admired star at least once or twice.

But as they say, ​​never meet your heroes, and many people can tell you from experience that this is some solid advice. Redditor Netwinn decided to find out whether many starstruck fans felt devastated to discover their idols aren’t as remarkable as they believed.

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They asked, “Who was your saddest celebrity encounter?” and fellow members of Ask Reddit delivered a bunch of unexpected stories. Below, we’ve selected some of the most interesting replies, so continue scrolling and upvote your favorites as you go! If you’re interested in even more celeb goodness, be sure to check out our earlier posts right here and here.


Organized a good sized comic con, so I’ve worked with quite a few. But the saddest was really subtle:

Peter Mayhew (chewbacca), was in the green room for lunch on the 2nd day. He looks very tired and is almost totally wheelchair bound because of his terrible joint problems. I’m sitting across from him while we eat and his assistant asks if his hand is feeling alright to sign more autographs (terrible arthritis).

He closes his eyes and nods his head and whispers out “how much longer will this go today?” To which his assistant delicately replies “just 5 more hours.”

And he whimpers a little and sheds a few tears as they wheel him away from the table and back out to the fans.

The saddest part is that he’s the nicest guy and never denies a fan while he’s at the con and always smiles even though he’s in loads of physical pain.

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I used to go to a small gym. The owners were laid back and had their cats roam around all the time. It was never an issue and people who went regularly would pet them in between sets. My husband and I go to the gym one day. We’re the only ones there aside from a trainer in the corner with someone. My husband (a very observant man) tells me to go do some kettle bell swings. I thought it was weird but headed over to the kettle bell section. There is the trainer with Ben Affleck (training for Batman). I didn’t want to disturb him, so I completely ignored him. Except it’s a small gym. So I’m working out on the bench next to nice guy Ben, and I can feel him trying to acknowledge me. Suddenly I notice one of the cats starts to pee in the corner next to Ben. I shout “NO!” to stop the cat, and scoop him up. Ben turns to me and says “Hey, is that your cat?” Clearly trying to start conversation. I look at him and awkwardly say “It’s not my cat” and walk away. I had an opportunity to talk to Batman and instead became the crazy cat lady. My husband was watching from afar, dying laughing. Now whenever I do something awkward my husband will scream “It’s not my cat!!”

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My saddest celebrity encounter was also my greatest. When I was in college I was an extra in a few scenes of “We Were Soldiers”, a Vietnam movie with Mel Gibson and Sam Elliott. While I was waiting for a bus to take me back to wardrobe one of the casting guys came up and picked me out of the crowd and asked me if I wanted to be in another scene with Sam Elliott. Of course I was ecstatic. I sat in this van waiting for Sam to come out and it was going to drive us to the scene.

Finally he comes out looking all pissed off and sits in the front seat. Against my better judgement I said something to the effect of, “Mr Elliott I’m a huge fan of yours and it’s an honor to be in a scene with you.” He snaps back: “Shut the f*ck up kid.” Needless to say when Sam Elliott tells you to STFU, you do it. So that’s the sad part, though getting cussed out by a guy who typically plays the badass in movies was cool in some way.

We film the scene which is a short scene where he walks by Chris Klein and cusses at him about something. We film it over and over and I’m just some soldier walking by in the background. Occasionally between takes Sam would look over at me and scowl. After it’s done we get back in the van to head back and Sam is again in the van. He turns around and says, “Sorry about earlier kid, I just didn’t want to f*ck up my mood for the scene. I appreciate the compliment.” Suddenly it dawned on me that when he cussed at me he was trying to stay in character for the upcoming scene. Pretty cool experience.

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I got c*ckblocked by Brad Pitt.

I was an extra in World War Z and I met this girl there and we were talking and all was great until one time Brad Pitt walks by.

Was very friendly to her… totally blanked me.

His stunt double was a cool dude though.

Image credits: GrollTheLicker

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I became interested in evolution and physical anthropology in high school after exploring the topic in books and discovered Richard Dawkins. I was in the process of reading another of his recent books when I found out he was doing a signing in the city. So I went to his talk and waiting in line to get an autograph.

All through the Q&A session, people had great complex questions for him about his theories and ideas on evolution or certain species. I thought I would be clever and ask a simple and fun question. So in the cover of the book, I wrote, “What is your favorite animal?” I expected this to be refreshing when he went to sign my book.

I got to the front and as he opened my book to sign it, he was a little thrown off. He gave me a look like I was mentally impaired and just signed his name.

I was crushed and felt really embarrassed that my recent idol thought I was stupid. I wandered off through the racks of books and found a small group of 5 people huddled around one man speaking.

I was curious and still trying to forget my last encounter, so I listened to this energetic man speak about the universe to this impromptu gathering. He was very knowledgeable and interactive. When I got a chance I asked him the same question, “What’s your favorite animal?” He was very happy with the question and went on a long explanation of why the wolf was his favorite and when he first encountered one in Yellowstone.

I learned later that man was Neil Degrasse Tyson. What a day.

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I was drunk at a friend’s bachelor party in vegas in ’95. We are walking through the casino, and I see this glorious man with what can only be described as the aura of a movie star around him. I immediately recognize him as Sammy Davis Jr. I run up and say “Sammy can I get an autograph?!” and he just turns around like he didn’t hear me and starts walking. Thinking he couldn’t hear me I kind of yell “Sammy Davis Jr!”. He turns around, looks right at me, and says “You’re a real asshole”.

I was pretty oblivious and had no idea why Sammy Davis Jr. was treating me like I had slapped his little sister’s ass. For a few years after that every time his name came up I told people how big of a jerk Sammy David Jr. was. Fast forward to a few years later and I’m watching the movie Renaissance Man with Danny Devito and I’m like “wait I didn’t know Sammy David Jr was in this movie” ….which caused me to imdb it …and it all finally clicked.

I had called Gregory Hines Sammy Davis Jr. to his face 5 years after Sammy died. It was probably the most delayed embarrassment I’ve ever felt in my life.

tldr: I have no idea what Sammy Davis jr. looks like.

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My brother met Gene Simmons back stage at a show he was playing in. Gene complimented my brother highly on his guitar playing but then said “too bad you’ll never make it” and just walked away.

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Betty White. It was right after the Golden Girls (and Golden Palace) had ended. Her career was not in the best place at the time. I was at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles and saw a poster promoting Betty White signing her latest book about how much she loves animals. I liked the Golden Girls so I thought I would swing by the bookstore to take a gander at Betty White. It was so sad. I’ll always remember she was sitting alone at a big table with a stack of books in front of her. People were in the bookstore shopping but no one was buying her book or really acknowledging her. She just sat there, pen in hand, waiting. She would occasionally wipe off some imaginary dust to look busy. I’m getting the chills just remembering it. Of course, I was such a self-involved college kid that I just stared at her from far away. I should have just gone up and talked to her.

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I met Jane Goodall at my University and she had become so tiny and little-old-lady-like that I realized the world doesn’t have that much time left with her, and upon hugging her I burst into tears.


I met George R. R. Martin at the Blaze Pizza in Evanston a couple of months back when he was in town to accept an award from Northwestern University. At the time, I was listening to the audiobook of A Clash of Kings, and he very excitedly told me, “You’ve got a ways to go to catch up!” When I told him that I’ve already read what he’s published three times, and am listening to the audiobook as a new way to experience the story, he just kind of … deflated. He let out a big sigh, and just said, “Yeah, I need to finish the next book. People won’t stop bothering me about it.”

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Saw Robin Williams in a bar downtown Toronto. he was so hammered and non coherent. My girlfriend and I tried to speak to him but only slurs and spit bubbles came out of his mouth, he fell on the dance floor twice and looked ready to pass out. To see My childhood hero in such a mess made me really sad. Some girl at the bar was hitting on him then after my gf asked him for a picture.

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I was working as a concierge at a high end resort in Park City, Utah. Justin Timberlake was staying with us for Sundance, and one of his entourage called the front desk and let us know their internet was being flaky. I was the go-to tech guy, so I ran up to his room and restarted the router for them, and I was hero of the night to everyone in the room. Literally, high fives and chest bumps. As I was riding the elevator down, I heard Timberlake in the garage (great acoustics) BELTING out one of his songs as he was waiting on the lift. The door opened, and we were standing face to face, and I said “I dig your sound, man.” He looked at me dismissively and said “You should. I get paid for it.” and walked past me like a schoolyard bully, complete with shoulder bump.

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Joaquin Phoenix and the drummer from the Raconteurs once came into the bar I was hanging out at. (This was post crazy beard phase) He wasn’t acting weird or anything but a bunch of girls I guess he knew came in and they were all mingling. Having a good time. I thought it would be fun to buy him (Joaquin) a round of whatever he was drinking. The bartender served it to him, turned around and pointed to me, and Joaquin looked dumbfounded. Like totally flattered. He bowed and mouthed “Thank you so much!”

I felt kinda dumb for doing it. Later on I found out (from the bartender) that he was acting like a madman. Not a total douche but just kinda wild. Irritating folks. Walking in front of cars in the street and being loud.

When I asked for my tab (which had been pretty hefty) the bartender told me that he had picked up my bill. And all my friends bills as well.

So. Crazy weirdo or not. I’ll always remember that kindness. As sad as it was to see him drunkenly irritating the F out of people.

F*cking Joaquin Phoenix bought my tab.


After Katrina, my now-wife and her then-boyfriend were in Whole Foods in New Orleans, shopping. There was a guy there who looked like Laurence Fishburne, and the boyfriend turns my wife and says, loudly, “Damn! Laurence Fishburne got fat!”

The man turns around slowly and just stands there, looking at them, forlorn. It was Laurence Fishburne.

Image credits: Moobs_like_Jagger


This is more embarrassing for me…

4AM in an airport I ran into Adam Savage.

Strike 1: Don’t talk to anyone in an airport at 4AM. They’re just as delirious and tired as you are.

Strike 2: Don’t f**k up and say his co-hosts name when you try to say hi.

Bonus. He tweeted about 5 minutes later complaining about idiots in airports trying to say hi by calling him Jamie…

Learn from my mistake.


Went and saw Steve-O do his stand up tour. After his show, he said he would meet everybody there. We waited in line, and he was being super nice, laughing and taking pictures with everyone. Right before we got to the stage some fat, redneck asshole told him that he was funnier back when he was on drugs. It killed his whole vibe. When we got to him he just took a picture with us and said thanks for coming, but he was clearly in a bad mood. I don’t blame him at all, he was still extremely nice, but he was clearly irritated. It was cool that he still met us and took a picture with us though. Seemed like a really cool dude.

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Worked for a cell phone carrier call center a while back, canceled Heath Ledgers cell phone post mortem.


Been waiting for a moment to tell this one. When I worked at a restaurant in Florida a few years ago Muhammad Ali and his family came in to eat. Me being a fanboy and knowing who Ali was kept staring from a distance, and eventually ran next-door to Books A Million to buy his biography “King of the World” and have him sign it.

As he was leaving I stood and held the door open for them.

His wife was helping him out of the door. He was looking at the ground. No speaking. Slow walking. Shaking from the Parkinson’s.

He got to the car and his wife was helping him in. I asked her if I could meet him and have him take a photo and an autograph.

She was delighted and said sure! “Cassius, this young man would like to meet you” she said. I held out my hand and shook the hand of the greatest Boxer to ever live. The hand that knocked out Fraiser. That mighty right hook.

I immediately started crying. (And tearing up right now). She said “don’t cry, it’s okay!” I had to explain that it’s surreal to meet the famous “Ali”.

She handed him the book and the sharpie and said “Cassius he wants your autograph” and she opened the book for him and put the pen in his hand. He took at least (no joke) 2 full minutes to sign his name. And it was at that point that it killed me. This was Cassius Clay. Muhammad Ali. The most charismatic, float like a butterfly sting like a bee, man in boxing history. And he was such a shell of his former self because of the Parkinson’s. It was so heartbreaking. It really was.

She then took a photo of us together and I thanked him, and her and went on my way.

But god damn that will be the saddest moment meeting a celebrity I think I’ll have face.

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My dad once accidentally told Clint Eastwood to please kindly leave Canada.


I work for an airline, so I see some celebs from time to time. One time Tom Cruise cussed me out because I wouldnt violate federal law and bring his checked bags to him planeside. Made him go to baggage claim like everyone else.

Image credits: Axcalibur


I saw Bob Saget at the Holocaust museum. He was crying.


Demi Lovato. Just thinking of this story makes my blood boil.

I was at a restaurant downtown Toronto with my little sister who at the time was 9 and a huge Demi fan. We saw her walk in with a couple of people and one of them (not Demi) began chatting with the seating hostess over what looked like the menu. Demi wasn’t a part of the conversation and was just kind of standing there her eyes glued to her phone.

My sister was flipping out at this point and I gave her my cell phone and told her to go ask for a picture. Mind you I would not have encouraged her to go over there if Demi was eating or having an important conversation or whatever, I know some celebrities don’t appreciate being interrupted while they’re eating and I completely understand that, but she was literally just standing there doing nothing so I didn’t think it would be a big deal.

My sister walked over on her own and I sat and watched Demi tell her something along the lines of “No, can’t you see I’m f*cking busy?!” My sister came back to me in tears and we immediately paid for our unfinished food and left, because she was so upset. Her saying no is not what I had the problem with, it’s the tone of voice she used and the fact that she cursed at a 9-year old child that got to me. My sister was a very shy and timid kid so her going over there on her own was a huge deal and showed me how much that stupid picture meant to her.


Met Vince Vaughn in a bar in Hollywood. He was with his entourage or whatever, and had quite a few drinks. He hit on a (girl) friend of mine, and I was amazed to see her totally blow him off. Not that she should have gone for it, but it was pretty incredible to see a multi-millionaire movie star get rejected by an accountant.

Image credits: False9FC


Rachel Weisz. I never let on that I knew who she was and just chatted happily with her as the conversation dwindled and she became more sullen and withdrawn. Finally she snapped at me about something and I immediately sat back and went silent. A couple minutes after, she got up to use the restroom and her nanny leaned over and said simply and quietly, “She gets upset if you don’t acknowledge who she is.

Image credits: Shark-Farts


It’s not a celebrity but, I met a French-Canadian voice actor at a anime con panel, about 6 years ago. He let me voice act a character and I was super happy. The whole team of dubbers were really impressed with me and I was ecstatic.

He saw I had a pin that said “free hugs” and he asked me for a hug, so I hugged him, I was so happy he was one of my favourite voice actors and he kissed my cheek, it was really dark in the room because it was to see the projection of the huge screen with the film on it, so, while heavy breathing he kissed me again then kissed my neck and groped me.

I was so frightened and it really made me sad because he was such a hero to me and it crumbled my little 17 year old heart. I thought “If voice actors are like this, I don’t want to voice act anymore.” and I didn’t pursue that dream.


I interrupted a Daniel Radcliffe photo shoot at the Chelsea Piers a few years back.

I was in a hurry and had to get the truck I was driving out of a loading dock and to my next stop. I ran out and opened up the gates when someone tried to stop me. They decided that the loading dock was the perfect spot to take pictures of him.

I’m a big Harry Potter fan, and I spun around and he looked me dead in the eye like “What the f*ck?” and I swear, he has the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen and they stared right into my soul.

I was all sweaty and disheveled. I’m also not your typical truck driver. I’m 5’4″ on a good day, and I’m fairly girly as far as tomboys go. I probably had a big bow in my hair. I think I just yelled “I’ve got to f*cking go, f*ck this!” and ignored all of them. Jumped in the truck and drove off.

Sorry Harry Potter, but some of us have real jobs to do!


I had waited an hour and a half in line for a ride at Great Adventure. Was in the front seat line so the wait was even longer. Finally, I was next in line–watched gleefully as my train pulled in. And Chris Rock and his family come walking up from the exit and are given my spot, without waiting at all. I was both sad and mad and have held a grudge against him ever since.


Well, I once wanted to get Daryl Hannah’s autograph for my friend who had been crushing on her since FOREVER. I couldn’t summon up my courage to approach her directly, so I just asked the dude sitting next to her. He put me off very politely.

I went back to my friends emptyhanded and was complimentary of Mr. Nobody’s manners. They told me I’d just asked JFK Jr for Daryl’s autograph.

Image credits: FeatofClay


I was at a cheese shop in the West Village (I realize how douchey this sounds) when I noticed James Spader was at the counter. I was in the middle of a massive Boston Legal binge at the time and absolutely adored his work. So I went to the counter and started looking at the cheese (this is casual, it’s a cheese shop for f*ck’s sake). He was sampling cheeses and I just looked at this man whose work I so admired and respected and said “how’s the Gouda?” Apparently it’s delicious. Stupid. Stupid.

Image credits: talbottron


My mom found Paris Hilton incognito in an airport, came to find me, brought me to a tiny lady in a hoodie and big sunglasses in the middle of the airport, goes “hi are you Paris Hilton?” Then pushed me in front of her and said “here, say hi to my son!” Like I was a weird birthday gift or something.

She said “sup.” I said “sup” then she did this weird little laugh. Then my mom goes “okay bye!”

That was my sad and awkward meeting with Paris Hilton in an airport.

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Not me but my friend’s sister-in-law saw Jack Black walking down the street and eventually the crossed paths and her, not wanting to pass up the chance at meeting him, approached him. She said something like “Is it really you?” And he said yes. Then she said “This is so weird, its really you.” And he said “It’s not weird for me.”

Then he asked her where she was going and she said she was going to the weed dispensary, thinking he might find it funny but he turned a bit sullen and said he was going to visit his mom in the hospital. She said she wouldn’t bother him for a picture and he thanked her and left.


DMX very graciously held a door open for me recently. It was a nice encounter until I saw in the news the next day that he had been found unconscious in the parking lot later that evening.

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I sat next to Kevin Spacey on the tube when I was in London with my dad. My dad was so pumped that he was next to Kevin Spacey, he’s a huge fan, but he didn’t want to ask him for a picture while we were on a crowded train so he just let him be. He was just happy to have seen him. Then this guy randomly shouts from the other side of the train “hey Kevin, how’s the acting going?”, and everyone’s faces turned to him. Felt so bad for Kevin Spacey, no one would take their eyes off him and everyone was taking photos and what not. Just felt sorry for the guy, he looked like he had just come back from a run or something and wasn’t wanting to be recognised.

Can’t imagine living my life constantly trying to avoid being recognised.


Probably the time I interrupted Bobby Flay proposing to his current girlfriend at the time, Stephanie March. They’re getting a divorce so I guess the damage I did finally took its toll.


Jamie Lynn Spears (little sister to Brittany and star of Zoey 101) drunkenly waved a knife in my face while her friends fought and made a huge mess at my work.


I was in the seafood section of a massive Tesco, and the fat Chuckle Brother asked me to hand him some cod fillets. I did, he looked at the price, exhaled and put it back down, shaking his head.

It was not an expensive piece of fish.


I remember meeting Russell Howard at Marylebone station in London a few years back. I was with a group of people from uni. Some guys were kinda hassling him for pictures. He looked so tired, like he’d either been working or partying, or possibly both. I managed to persuade a few people to just leave him alone. I did the standard “alright” in passing as we were on the same train and he clearly knew we had recognised him. Got the standard “yeh good thanks” response and left it at that.

Some people kept talking about him, the guy was sat right f*ckin there! I felt so uncomfortable and sorry for him. The guy was clearly just trying to either get home or to his next show or whatever and was knackered.

Don’t get me wrong, he was polite and happy to oblige for photos and friendly to fans but everyone needs space from time to time.


I met Mr. Blobby once. Terrified me for life. I went from a 3 year old who absolutely adored him to meeting him in a shop and being scared of him forever…

Otherwise, working for events, I meet quite a few celebrities, but none of them have been sad. But I think it helps that I work in charity and therefore, even if something personal is going on, they have to put smiles on their faces for everyone.

However, I do find it quite sad that Dave Prowse says he can’t remember anything from Star Wars to avoid answering questions about it. But then answers every question we ask him about it. Clearly faking it, if you ask me! (Lovely chap to have over for dinner though!)


Sid Caesar, groundbreaker of comedy, Your Show of Shows. Incredibly talented and funny man, and I’m a fan of comedy to begin with! On the one hand, I was really excited to see him. On the other hand, it was at the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington DC and he was crying terribly while a small group of elderly women were crowded around him. It broke my heart to see him so upset and for these women to not give a sh*t. The teenage hero in me told them all off and demanded they give this man the quiet and respect he needs, but the real me just kind of made a mental note and filed it away for 30+ years.


Tampa Bay resident David Kramer was taken by surprise one day in April 2020 when Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady walked into his home by mistake. Apparently, Kramer lives next door to offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich, whom Brady was supposed to meet.

Kramer told TMZ:

I literally was just sitting here and I watch this tall guy just walk into my house… He didn’t even look at me. He just like dropped his duffel bags down on the floor and just kind of like looked up at me and I’ll never forget the look on his face.

Brady was apparently very apologetic and immediately left Kramer’s home, later tweeting, “Trespassing in parks, breaking and entering… Just making myself at home in Tompa Bay!”

The incident occurred just days after Brady was given a citation for breaking the stay-at-home order in place due to the novel coronavirus.


For a summer job in 2001, I worked at 6 flags, Fiesta Texas as a security job. One night the park had a concert featuring Aaron Carter. The stadium was filled with preteens who screamed and attempted to rush the stage. (weak attempts, came one at a time no mass rush, amateurs)

After the show, the park as a courtesy, stayed open and let Aaron ride whatever rides he wanted. Security had to make sure he was escorted around and “safe” from the empty park. Aaron was constantly eating a blue blow pop, his face was covered with blue sugary goop.

He began behaving like the 13 year old he was and his mother had to pull him aside and all but spank his butt. It was so awkward to watch a celebrity being reprimanded by his mom.


As I approach he looks up at me. I say, “Mr. Larry David, sorry to interrupt, but I am a big fan of your work and wanted to say thank you for making me laugh so many times. It would be an honor to shake your hand.” He looks down at the food, looks up at me, looks at my outstretched hand and goes, “Ahhhh, I just washed my hands, sorry.”


I was on vacation with the family in Hawaii when I was little. While in the pool, I see Pauly Shore walking through knee deep water with nothing but a red speedo on and visibly hammered. He is carrying some Hawaiian girl in his arms. He walks right past me and I state “Hey! You’re Pauly Shore!!” (my first celebrity encounter…I was young). He looks at me with drunk googly eyes and says “I am? Oh yeah. Whatever, man.”


Met Samuel L. Jackson at a celebrity golf pro am. Shook his hand after I found his ball in the rough and asked him to sign my wallet ‘the one that says BAD MOTHER F*CKER’ I’d bought off eBay since I love Pulp Fiction so much. Had the marker and all. He just said ‘No chance’. That feeling of disappointment will be forever with me.

Image credits: Jay-3fiddy


I met Hulk Hogan when I was four (latish 80s) at some wrestling thing in Dallas. All I remember is that my dad got his attention as he was walking toward the ring, and when he came around he stuck out this GIANT hand and said “Put it there, darlin’!” I recognized him but he was scary, so I peed my pants and cried. I guess it’s obvious now that he wanted a handshake or a high five or…. something? No idea. Anyway, scared the piss out of me. Dude is huge.


As a kid I saw Michael Jordan on a golf range in Hawaii. My Uncle and I were hitting in the space right next to him so he was literally 5 feet away. I was going to say something but all these other people started walking up to him and he just put his hand up as if to say “not now”. So I never bothered him.

We did see Charles Barkley later and he had a whole crowd of people around him and he said “Michael’s pissed today because I kicked his ass on the golf course.” At least that’s what he said…


Little late to the party but Michael J Fox has a house where I live and I was putting a grill together for him and he was leaning again his car talking to me and he was just all over the place, being an 80s baby he was one of the biggest actors for me growing up and it was hard seeing him like that, Parkinson’s is a hell of a disease.


Met Ben Stein in Florida when I was 6, asked him for his autograph, he told me and my brother to leave him alone.


Richard Kiel aka Jaws from the 007 films. It was a shock to see how deteriorated he looked. Riding a scooter because his legs were done, hands shaking, half blind…still signed every DVD and posed for every photo.

Passed away two weeks after that.

I also pissed of Joel Edgerton because he didn’t like my question, but that’s more funny than sad.


I had an entirely eyeball/body language conversation with Chris Pontius in a Guitar Center. He was playing an acoustic. I saw him, he looked at me. I realized who he was, he saw that I recognized him and he gave me a look that was so sad, like, “please don’t announce to the world that I’m here.” I nodded and he smiled and looked relieved. The end.


I got denied entry to a club once because of Evan Rachel Wood. I was outside making a phone call and she came up to me all sketched out and asked me for a light about 30xs in 5 Seconds. I turned and said “Get away from me you f*cking speed freak” and went back to my call. When I went to the door the bouncer told me I wouldn’t be allowed in that evening because she told him not to let me in.

On the flip side of that I then went towards Time Square in order to get back to NJ and saw Paul Mooney. I screamed out PAUL MOONEY and he turned and said “What do you want from me you white motherf*cker” and laughed and conversed with me for a few minutes.


This is my brother’s story, so I’ll tell it exactly how he told it to me.

“So this was my freshmen year in college. Me and a few of my friends were hanging around, real bored one night when we heard that Kel, from Kenan and Kel was over at some bar near campus.”

A sidenote: My siblings and I were HUGE fans of Kenan and Kel, watched the show nearly every day.

“So we headed over to this sh*tty bar, and looked around for Kel. I saw him drinking a beer over by the bar, so I ran over, made awkward eye contact with him, and the child in me yelled “WHO LOVES ORANGE SODA?”. Kel turned around real slowly from where he was sitting, looked me in the eyes, and in a very disappointed voice said “F*ck off, white b*tch.” Easily one of the worst nights of my life”


A buddy of mine was a student at the University of Michigan while Michael Phelps was training there under Bob Bowman. He and a few friends were walking outside the natatorium and ran into Phelps, who was eating a granola bar while heading in to practice. They were pretty awestruck, and headed over in hopes of a photo or potential blumpkin. Phelps quickly finished his granola bar in order to shake my buddy’s hand. As they were shaking hands he transferred the wrapper to my buddy, leaned in, whispered “you can keep that”, and promptly walked off.


Chad Michael Murray

It was the day the Nintendo Wii came out. I waited in line at Best Buy. People started lining up the night before. About 20 minutes before opening time, CMM pulls up in an SUV, parks right in front of the store, at the front of the line. He wasn’t even in a parking space, and it seemed like he was making sure that he was seen. He jumped out of the car wearing a black leather jacket and sunglasses. It was like 70 degrees.

He went and talked to a best buy rep. I was close enough to the front of the line that I could hear him talking to the guy. He said that someone was supposed to have a Wii set aside for him. The guy didn’t know what he was talking about, but said he would look into it. When he realized he may not get his way, CMM started name dropping, and playing the celebrity card.

Long story short, he ended up walking away with a Wii. They ran out of them, and I kept thinking about the kid at the end of the line that didn’t get one because of him.

F*ck Chad.


I ran into Carrot Top in the hallway between Wynn and Encore in Las Vegas. He was so drugged up he could barely stand up straight. He was running into the walls and he had a guy helping him get around.


I saw Micheal Cera board the L at Williamsburg headed to Manhattan. He was dressed just like he did in Superbad and Juno. Juno had just released. We had an eye conversation. No words exchanged, but he was terrified I was going to speak up or ask for an autograph. I just raised an eyebrow, smiled at him, and chuckled about it to myself for the remaining 20 minute ride. He kept nervously looking back over his shoulder at me. When he got to his stop he paused and nodded at me in thanks. Almost certain he remembers this.


I saw Nicholas Cage at a restaurant when I was 7. I tried to take a picture of him discreetly and the flash went off. He and his posse immediately got up and left.


Eminem. I just think it’s F*CKED UP he don’t answer fans If he didn’t wanna talk to me outside his concert he didn’t have to, but he coulda signed an autograph for Matthew That’s my little brother man, he’s only six years old We waited in the blistering cold for him, four hours and he just said, “No.”

Gold virginity popped cheers!!!

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Nichelle Nichols. Met her at a con literally a matter of hours after Leonard Nimoy passed away last year. You could tell she wasn’t all there in her panel, because her answers to any question would quickly turn into ramblings about her ventures in high school and her early singing career. I’m not sure if it was her age, the grief, or some combination of both, but it was really depressing.

It was Pensacon 2015.


1993, the Wetlands bar (hippie central) in NYC. River Phoenix’s band was playing, and he was clearly tripping balls. Sample between-song banter: /smooshes cr*ppy woolen hat around on his head silently for 30 seconds, then, “This is called a Lou hat…it’s called that…because Lou makes them…ok?”

Show thankfully ends, he wanders offstage and is standing by me, vaguely looking off into the distance.

Me: “Jesus, man, how many hits are you on?”

Him: “Hits? What’s that?”

Me: “Acid, dude. I’m impressed you were able to play at all.”

Him: “Aw, no, man, I don’t do drugs.”

Few months later, he’s dead on an LA sidewalk from a speedball overdose.


I once saw Frank Carson on the car deck of a ferry from Ireland to the UK as we were docking in Liverpool.

I merely glanced past him as I was getting into my car, thought to myself “that looks like that comedian who used to be on the TV” and thought no more of it. He seemed to think that my proximity meant I was a fan and was desperate to hear his catchphrase, so he winked at me and shouted “IT’S THE WAY I TELL ‘EM” as I shut the car door.

I felt sorry for him and so I grinned and gave him the thumbs-up. Maybe I made his day. RIP.


I worked at a pizza place in Santa Monica and answered the phone to a voice that sounded oddly familiar. I put in his number and lo and behold, it was Don Cheadle, the notes of his account read something like this:


I took his order and he was quite friendly, at one point he had ordered like five pizzas and was like “wait how many pizzas do I have? Five? I must be crazy, okay, forget those last two.” I asked the driver when he came back what his tip was like on the $50+ order, “Terrible, guy’s famous actor has a big house here and he tips me like he’s poor.”

Even though he was friendly on the phone, I can’t fathom why he couldn’t pop out a few more bucks and not get a reputation as a rich cheapskate.


Lostprophets were the first band my sister really liked and Ian Watkins used to message my sister on facebook. I remember thinking ‘what a cool guy, messaging his 12 year old fans’ but then the news came out and turned that memory sour.


Met Tiger Woods on a commercial shoot back 2010. Such a pretentious douche. That and his entourage of smarmy orange fluffers telling him how great his shots were. It made sad knowing how alone he really was.


Frankie Muniz was a friend of my step-sister’s and he came over my dad’s old house. I was like 10 or 11 and I knew him from Malcolm in the Middle and tried to act cool by just playing on my computer in the other room. I didn’t even go up to introduce myself, hahaha.


I met Stephen fry in south Africa during a convention at a resort. He was there to give a speech. I always loved his work and comedy (especially with Hugh Laurie) so I was curious how he would be in real life.

There was a group of people surrounding him, and I sat at the bar listening to their conversations. Fry was insufferable. He was pompous, rude and condescending. It was clear by the way he spoke that he thought quite highly of himself. He is eloquent and rather witty so at first he got away with it, but after a while the conversation got on the difference between American and English humour and people started to notice his attitude. To illustrate his point he invited an older American couple to join the group and proceeded to “cleverly” insult them in front of the bystanders.

He also had a young PA with him that he bossed around and who he kept referring to as “his boy”.

I know that he was an undiagnosed manic depressive at the time and that even the nicest of people can have an off day, but judging from the way he spoke and how he held himself it was evident that he was used to act like that.

I still really enjoy his work, but sometimes I can’t help picturing how much of a c*nt he was when I see him now. To me he comes across as insincere when be is being polite and friendly, which is a shame.


I met Ryan Jarman from The Cribs in a club in Wakefield – his hometown – a couple of years ago.

He looked completely worn out and honestly looked like a junkie.

I said, “You’re Ryan from The Cribs!”

He looked down and said, “Yeah, I used to be in The Cribs. I still am, I think.” Then he finished his drink and walked away down the road.

I just felt sorry for him. He may have just been having a bad day but he came across as a deeply unhappy person.


I’ve met Conan O’Brien twice.

The first time was awesome. My wife and I were visiting NYC for our anniversary and went to see his show. (Back when he was still doing Late Night at NBC.) The guy that warmed the crowd up before Conan came out asked if it was anyone’s birthday or anniversary, and I spoke up and said we were visiting for ours. When Conan came out, he came right up to us to shake our hands and give us a little present.

A few years later, we went to go see his show when he was touring inbetween the Tonight Show mess and his TBS show. We were taking a walk around the theater right when his bus happened to pull up, and he came to meet us and a few other fans that were there at the time. He was so visibly exhausted and gaunt looking, after everything that he’d gone through I could totally understand. He still talked with everyone for a few minutes and went on to do a fun show with his band later that night though.


Nichelle Nichols. Met her at a con literally a matter of hours after Leonard Nimoy passed away last year. You could tell she wasn’t all there in her panel, because her answers to any question would quickly turn into ramblings about her ventures in high school and her early singing career. I’m not sure if it was her age, the grief, or some combination of both, but it was really depressing.


Aziz Ansari hit on me years ago and I was too starstruck to remember how to talk.

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A sh*tfaced Andy Dick tried to molest my male friend on the Hollywood walk of fame, so that was more disturbing then sad.


I don’t know if anyone outside the UK will know who this is, but I performed at a festival where one of my childhood heroes, Craig Charles, was djing. I was a massive Red Dwarf fan so I was so excited to meet him. Seeing him backstage, he was just this middle aged guy in sunglasses and a leather jacket trying to hang out with all these young cool bands who didn’t know or care who he was. That was kind of sad.


Seeing a movie in Ottawa with my mother as a child, and Tom Green was behind us all alone, looking greyish. My mom told me not to bother him because Drew Barrymore had just dumped him.


I was at a music festival, and some guys were passing out some wrist bands promoting some music charity, and they said that the Weeknd was there at the festival (he wasn’t performing, he was just there) and was going to be signing autographs. I’m not a huge Weeknd fan, but I thought it would be cool to meet him, so I started searching and I found him. But I stood there like 3 feet away trying to google a picture of him just to make sure, I didn’t want to just walk up to a black guy with some resemblance of The Weeknd and ask if he was The Weeknd.

Once I confirmed that it was indeed him, he was gone.

Also, The Weeknd now seems like a silly name after typing it so much.


I met a local celebrity I grew up watching on local television. Forgot his name. But he was a cowboy and hosted a kid’s show in my city.

Anyway, around 12, I was at an event he was hosting and he was giving out prizes from the stage for kids with certain birthdays and I won. I was so excited to see him. I remember going up to the stage to get my prize and as he handed it to me I said something like, “Wow its so nice to meet you. I grew up watching you-” and he cut me off. “Yeah thanks kid.” Took me by the shoulder and turned me around to exit the stage.

Real bummed.

E. Totally was Buckshot.


When we were kids my Dad got backstage passes for me and my brother to CD:UK and we got to meet Cat Deeley (I think this was more of an excuse for my Dad to meet her than anything!)

She says to us ‘So I hear you guys really love Busted.’ Neither me nor my brother have ever had a particular interest in Busted so we just look at each other. I’m thinking of lying to be polite but scared she might ask who our favourite member was or something and we literally wouldn’t have been able to answer, so we both just mumble ‘No, not really’. Then I catch her assistant in the reflection in the dressing room mirror, sneaking back out with what look like two signed Busted albums. It was… awkward.

I’m guessing my dad was put on the spot when asked what music his kids were into and just mentioned the first band on the schedule. He probably didn’t think it would make any difference.


I saw Stephen King while getting some food in Exeter, NH once. I didn’t walk up to him and saw anything, but I saw two or three people following him trying to get him to talk to them, which looked annoying to deal with. Poor guy.
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