77 Times People Were Stupid Enough To Do Something Inappropriate That Their Bosses Just Had To Fire Them (New Pics)

With the economic crisis and inflation breathing down our backs, many employees hang onto their desks more than ever before. This is understandable, because prices of living are soaring with no end in sight, and that includes anything from rent, groceries, and gas to lifestyle.

Some people, however, take on a more chill approach to work. So chill that it borders on the verge of becoming jobless any minute. And in case they cross that line and mess up real bad, they end up on this corner of Reddit known as “Bye Bye Job.

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Created in 2020, the community is now home to 598k members coming in for the images, posts and stories of people losing their opportunities in life, whether it’s a job or a scholarship. Below we collected the most interesting posts shared on the group, so scroll down.

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#1 Russian Driver Who Raced Under Italian Flag Due To Sanctions Threw A Nazi Salute On Podium, Today His Contract Is Immediately Terminated By The Team

Image credits: Bedumtss

#2 Bummer Joe

Image credits: reddit.com

#3 Brazilian Politician In Ukraine Recorded Commenting On Ukrainian Women/Refugees, Including “They’re Easy Because They’re Poor”; Returned To Brazil To Discover He Had Lost Key Allies And His Girlfriend; Withdrew Run For Governor, Will Withdraw From The Free Brazil Movement (Mbl)

Image credits: DisruptSQ

#4 CEO Of B.c. Resort On Leave After Sexist Remark At Tourism Conference. He Told Women At Conference To ‘Go Clean Some Rooms And Do Some Dishes’ On International Women’s Day

Image credits: julesieee

#5 Choice And Consequences

Image credits: abaganoush

#6 A Play In 4 Acts

Image credits: POTUS50

#7 Trucker Fired For Participating In Ottawa Protests With Company Truck While Displaying Right Wing Terrorist Flag.

Image credits: hamer1234

#8 McDonald’s Employee Loses Job

Image credits: kronikfumes

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#9 Two Lapd Officers Who Were Fired In 2017 For Playing Pokémon Go And Ignoring Calls For Backup While On Duty Have Had Their Appeal For Reinstatement Denied

Image credits: Chocolat3City

#10 I Have No Words.

Image credits: UnlicencedAccountant

#11 Doctor No Longer Allowed To Practice After Branding Patients’ Livers With His Initials

Image credits: hippychk

#12 Italian Man Who Tried To Use Fake Arm To Avoid Covid Shot Says Life Is ‘Ruined’

Image credits: m1cky_b

#13 Screwed With The Natives And Found Out

The racist owner of the Grand Gateway Hotel said she is banning Native Americans from the property. Five tribal leaders signed a Notice of Trespass. Indicating the hotel has violated the terms of a Treaty made with the Sioux in 1868 based on the location of the hotel, and the racist comments made that they say violate article one of the treaty. They instructed the hotel and its subsidiaries to vacate the premises or be held liable.

Image credits: Dyea_B_Tis

#14 Genius

Image credits: Jiji321456

#15 Maybe The Priest Can Give Alex His Last Rites Because Woolies Just Smoked Him.

Image credits: achybreakystacy

#16 Australian Network Spends $1,000,000 Australian Dollars ($724,685.00 Us Dollars) So Reporter Has Rights To Interview Adele About Her New Album: Reporter Doesn’t Listen To Album Before Interview

Image credits: LonelyGuyTheme

#17 Chair Of The Dept. Of Psychiatry At Columbia University Is Suspended For Commenting On A Model’s Body Via Twitter

Image credits: zenboi92

#18 “Freedom Fighter” Loses Job While Occupying Ottawa

Image credits: Negative_Day_6532

#19 Another Nurse Let Go. Oh Well.

Image credits: bagal

#20 Maga Rioter Tells Court He Lost His ‘Six-Figure Job’ To Storm The Capitol For Donald Trump

Image credits: IndianKiwi

#21 Russian Gymnast With ‘Z’ Symbol On Podium Next To Ukrainian Faces Long Ban

Image credits: thedubiousstylus

#22 Finally

Image credits: UnderstandingKind523

#23 Kanye West Barred From Performing At Grammys Due To ‘Concerning Online Behavior,’ Rep Confirms

Image credits: griftertm

#24 Professor Has To Resign Because He Posted Blatant Misinformation To His Students And Was Called Out By His Boss As Well

Image credits: Deshes011

#25 Did You, Or Did You Not Follow Protocol?

Image credits: empicecream

#26 ‘i’ve Lost It All’ I’m Homeless, My Teeth Are Falling Out And My Career Is Over Because Of My Anti-Vaxx Views, Moans Corrie Star Sean Ward

Image credits: srkdummy3

#27 Novak Djokovic Out Of U.S. Events Due To Being Unvaxxed

Image credits: BurtonDesque

#28 Travis Scott Canceled From Coachella 2022 Despite Offering To Perform For Free

Image credits: HonkinSriLankan

#29 Today Is The Day

Image credits: honkhonkbeepbeeep

#30 Elementary School Teacher Gets Caught Watching Students In A Bathroom On A Hidden Camera

Image credits: Comer_Agua

#31 Marketing Guy Fired For Bad Taste Sales Pitch

Image credits: Tob3z

#32 Paying The Price For Bullying

Image credits: vresovkamfh

#33 Manager At Dollar Tree Loses Job After Posting Job Ad Hiring “Baby Boomers Only”

Image credits: Political_Fishbulb

#34 Twitch Streamer Surprised About Getting Indefinitely Banned From The Platform After Multiple Streams Spreading Russian Propaganda/Misinformation

Image credits: mebeim

#35 They Found The “Golden Path” To Unemployment

Image credits: Krishnanana

#36 School Principal Fired And On Welfare After Posting Naked Photos Of Her Boyfriend’s Ex On Facebook

Image credits: ChrisPChicken04

#37 He Went From Hunting “Non-Binaries” At A Motel 6 To Job Hunting.

Image credits: justalazygamer

#38 Another Health Care Worker…

Image credits: shadow42069129

#39 NY Nurses Busted For Forging Vax Cards In $1.5m Scheme

Image credits: sSupreme

#40 Police Officer Who Touched Colleague’s Penis Then Shouted ‘It’s A Small One’ Is Sacked

Image credits: stankmanly

#41 Tsa Officer Accused Of Faking Armed Burglary To Avoid Consequences Of Being Late To Work

Image credits: Emperor_Quintana

#42 Ha

Image credits: LPinTheD

#43 Letitia Wright Reputedly Done With Mcu Because She’s Unwilling To Get Vaccinated

Image credits: j0a3k

#44 But They Tell Us It’s Not About Politics…

Image credits: kernalbuket

#45 She’s Been Fired

Image credits: Ehzabeth

#46 She Hates Leftists Now

Image credits: hiphop_dudung

#47 The Catholic Church Has Priest Resign Due To Using “We” Instead Of “I” During Baptisms

Image credits: RavenousFox1985

#48 “This Individual No Longer Works For The Queens District Attorney’s Office”

Image credits: peppaz

#49 Preschool Teacher Looking For Employer Who Respects “Medical Freedom” After Losing Teaching Job

Image credits: susenstoob

#50 Lanesborough Officer Fired Over Improper Use Of Criminal Records Database

Image credits: RavenousFox1985

#51 Police Officer Gets Fired And Is Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison For The Shooting Of An Unarmed Suicidal Man

Image credits: Comer_Agua

#52 Snowplow Driver Posted A Facebook Video Of Him Spraying Jews During A Storm—now It’s Being Investigated As A Hate Crime

Image credits: mdj1359

#53 Former 3rd Round Draft Pick Brett Netzer Cut By Boston Red Sox After Proudly Tweeting He Is Racist/Homophobic/Anti-Semitic/Hates Animals

Image credits: ThrowAwayAcc47777

#54 Guy Makes Multiple Harassing Videos From Hospital. Girl Tells Him To Stop. Guy Makes Fun Of Girl’s Eyebrows In Hospital Tiktok. Girl Notifies Hospital And When Multiple Such Cases Are Revealed, He Gets Fired. Bellend Makes Post With 12k Upvotes Blaming Girl With Fake Title.

Image credits: bookluvr83

#55 ?

Image credits: SnappyCapricorn

#56 Disgusting Excuse For A Human

Image credits: Kvothe_XIX

#57 She Worked In A Gas Station Deli.

Image credits: BackAlleyKittens

#58 Unvaccinated Belgian Doctor Must Close Office Due To Vaccination Mandate In April For Medical Professions

Image credits: acidcanine

#59 Deputy Va. Attorney General Resigns After Revelation Of Facebook Posts Praising Jan. 6 Rioters, Claiming Trump Won Election

Image credits: DeadMoneyDrew

#60 Singer But Mostly Just Polemic Colombian Figure Called Black Woman Vp Candidate King Kong On Tweet (Now Deleted) Faces Suing For Racism And Concert Cancelation

Image credits: tyforcalling

#61 He Told The Newspaper That He Doesn’t Believe That He Should Have Been Fired And That The Menu Calendar Was In His Office, In View Of Very Few People. He Also Said The Phrase Doesn’t Necessarily Translate Into “F— Joe Biden.” Lol Ok

Image credits: Hat-no-its-a-Tricorn

#62 Applebee’s Exec: ‘Skyrocketing Gas Prices Can Be Used To Lower Wages’. Applebee’s Said Pankratz Has Been Placed On An Individual Leave

Image credits: natteulven

#63 Police Officer Mocks George Floyd Loses His Job And Is Sentenced To Five Months In Prison

Image credits: johnnychan81

#64 North Carolina Police Chief On Unpaid Leave After Reportedly Showing Officers How To Obtain Fake Vaccine Cards

Image credits: RavenousFox1985

#65 ‘Because He Didn’t Answer You?’: Off-Duty Michigan Police Officer Fired After Pulling Gun On Teen Who Brushed Off His Initial Questions While Delivering Newspapers

Image credits: RavenousFox1985

#66 Dump Truck Driver Gets Fired From Two Separate Jobs Because Of A “Bumper Sticker”; Plans To Call A Lawyer To Get His Rights Back

Image credits: MeanCamera

#67 Man Throws Away Dream Military Career To Avoid Being Injected With The Mark Of The Beast

Image credits: KingWillly

#68 Coach Of U18 Girls Team Posts Comments About Footballers Daughter In Love Island. Resigned From Club

Image credits: Millzyboy28

#69 Personal Injury Lawyer In Ok Tweets Joke About The 2001&2011 Plane Crashes That Killed Students, Athletes, Coaches, Media Members, And Boosters Of Osu’s Mens And Womens Basketball Programs. All Because His Ftball Team Lost To Their In State Rival. Hes Purged All Socials. Profile Removed From Firm.

Image credits: Cops_R_Uneducated

#70 Well If It Isn’t The Consequences Of My Decisions

Image credits: nusyahus

#71 Fox News Star Lost Out On Job Hosting ‘The View’ After Publicly Refusing To Get Vaccinated.

Image credits: RavenousFox1985

#72 I Once Was A Defence Minister. Credits To U/Profitips

Image credits: reddit.com

#73 Tucson Police Officer Fired After Fatally Shooting A 61-Year-Old In A Mobility Scooter Nine Times

Image credits: RavenousFox1985

#74 After Traveling The Country With The People’s Convoy One Of The Members Returned Home To Learn His Employer Fired Him.

Image credits: justalazygamer

#75 911 Dispatcher Fired After Allegedly Hanging Up On Store Employee During Buffalo Shooting Call

Image credits: ExactlySorta

#76 Cop Arrested For Using Fuel Card In Personal Vehicle

Image credits: Red_Carrot

#77 Commercial Fisherman Banned From Fishing, Buying Or Selling Fish(For 5 Years) Or Boats, And Even Being Aboard A Fishing Boat For Life.

Image credits: RavenousFox1985

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