77 Wedding Cakes That Only Made The Big Day Worse

To many guests, the most important part of the wedding is the cake. The location, the decor, the bride’s dress, all of these things are important, but they are to be admired. The cake, however, is to be enjoyed.

Unless the newlyweds served one that’s made out of ground meat. Or the baker got sick and asked his cat to finish the job.

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Bored Panda decided to compile a list of terrible wedding cake fails and turns out the Internet is abundant with them. Whether someone really messed up in the process of bringing it to the table or something really unfortunate — for example, a sandstorm — we included them all. Bon appétit.

#1 A Bakery In East Earl, PA., Crafted A Life-Size, Deer-Shaped Wedding Cake

Image credits: Shady Maple Farm Market

#2 Cake At The Wedding I Attended This Weekend

Image credits: blazze_eternal

#3 Groom’s Cake Disaster. What We Wanted vs. What We Got

Image credits: bananaloutay

#4 Peacock Cake Of Dreams

Image credits: Annette Davis Hill

#5 That Does Not Look Like A Sand Castle

My sister-in-law had a beach destination wedding in Mexico, and decided that she loved this sand castle cake. Upon speaking with the baker, she explained that she understood that the baker may not be able to recreate the cake exactly, but would be happy with something similar. The baker insisted that she could make a cake as equally beautiful. They agreed that the cake would be 3 tiers, with the sand castle on the top. On the wedding day, she instead got 3 separate tiers, each topped with its own version of a flesh colored sand castle.

Image credits: cakewrecks.com

#6 Who Doesn’t Love Cake? Specially One For That Wedding During The Coronavirus Outbreak – Tpcake

Image credits: LaMerMerci

#7 Spot On Cake At The Wedding I Was At Today

Image credits: Keithsheath

#8 These Wedding Cakes Are Getting Out Of Hand

Image credits: DougJudyBK99

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#9 We Wanted To Create Something Beautiful For Our Wedding Cake. I Turned Out To Be A Pregnant Sumo Wrestler

Image credits: plutchina

#10 What I Wanted vs. What Was Delivered. Yes, I Got A Full Refund

Image credits: juads

#11 The One That Assembled This Cake, Read The Instructions Wrong

#12 The “Weeding” Cake

#13 What I Ordered vs. What Was Delivered. I Paid $135 For This Mess

Image credits: JalapenoLife

#14 What Flavor Do You Want? Yellow, Please

#15 The Baker Wouldn’t Send Us A Picture Of The Cake Topper Until The Day Of The Wedding… We Soon Found Out Why

Image credits: Zsuzsifer

#16 One Of 10 Worst Wedding Cake Fails I’ve Seen

Image credits: Unik0rn

#17 Castle Tower Wedding Cake

I met with a baker for flavors and everything was great. We agreed on flavors and design (left). The end result was that the baker I hired showed up with my cake later than she stated. When I saw it, it looked like the photo on the right. People asked if we were going to circumcise our cake. The cake was cracked, falling over, and did not have the flavors we asked for so the taste was unknown.

Image credits: Mikole Dorig

#18 Cake Baker Probably Didn’t See The Bride Before Making The Cake. Or Any Other Human Being, In Fact

#19 The Wedding Cake We Ordered vs. The Cake We Picked Up

Image credits: Marrone2010

#20 Shrek And Donkey Wedding Cake

Image credits: Cakes From Beyond

#21 And There She Is. Don’t You Just Love How Different She Is? Edible Sugar Oysters

Image credits: SweetArt

#22 Cake On The Beach

#23 Even If You Really Like Sushi, This Sushi Wedding Cake Is Too Much

#24 My Wife And I Eloped During Quarantine. We Decided To Have A Hamburger Wedding Cake To Celebrate

Image credits: forgotten_weasley

#25 Remember, You Want A Cake Pretty Enough To Move Your Guests To Tears, Not Tears That Move Themselves

#26 What I Ordered On The Left, What I Got On The Right

Image credits: lrobinson626

#27 When You Order A Wedding Cake (Left Pic) And This Is What Is Sent Through The Night Before Your Wedding (Right Cake)

Image credits: _mrs.ball

#28 Hearty Wedding

Image credits: kraven420

#29 I Just Wanted To Share A Pic Of My Groom’s Cake From My Wedding

Image credits: nikdahl

#30 Pure Class In Wedding Cake Form

Image credits: inapproprievan

#31 Redneck Wedding Cake

Image credits: EmercomRed

#32 Ordered vs. Received. Looks Like It’s Melting

Image credits: cakewrecks.com

#33 This Cringeworthy Wedding Cake Topping

Image credits: florispaghett

#34 Saw This On My Fb Feed… From A Wedding

Image credits: simply_existingg

#35 Please Don’t Jam A Life-Sized Plastic Mannequin Of Yourself On The Cake

#36 Ordered A Pink, White And Black Striped Cake, Received A Black White And Purple Cake With Uneven Stripes

Image credits: cakewrecks.com

#37 A Facebook Friend’s Wedding Cake

Image credits: ilovemyking

#38 I Hope They Had A Wonderful Wedding And The Cake Tasted Better Than It Looked

Image credits: http://weddbook.com/

#39 This Roadkill Wedding Cake

Image credits: beccaremarie

#40 This Wedding Cake Made To Look Like A Meal From Popeye’s

Image credits: teaton67

#41 This “Cattle Brand” Themed Wedding Cake That Looks Like A Crusty, Infected Breast


#42 Brides These Days. When The Big Day Arrives, Some Of Them Can Really Lose Their Heads, You Know

Image credits: cakewrecks.com

#43 Do Not Put Bloody Antlers On A Wedding Cake

#44 This Wedding Cake Topper

Image credits: foxsounds

#45 The “Gold” Cake At My Sister’s Wedding Last Night

Image credits: wflancaster19

#46 This Cake Was Supposed To Spell “Wiser Wedding”

Image credits: TotallyNotARobot2

#47 A Friend’s Wedding Cake

The baker apparently put the cake in a large storage container then drove an hour and a half to the venue and delivered this monstrosity.

Image credits: LunchInABoxx

#48 My Cousin’s Wedding Cake. Rice Krispy Treats With Fruit By The Foot Flowers

Image credits: ilikebreakfastcereal

#49 “Till Death Do Us Part”. Literally

Image credits: oozabooza

#50 50th Wedding Anniversary Cake

Image credits: mrpetrolbomb

#51 My Friend Recently Ordered A Cake For Her Parents’ 50th Wedding Anniversary. She Was Very Disappointed And They Ended Up Not Charging Her For The Cake

Image credits: strawbrez

#52 Mom Made My Sister’s Wedding Cake. Yes… Wedding

Image credits: pkthunder01

#53 This Is… My Buddie’s Wedding Cake

Image credits: Chickykid

#54 One Of My Buddy’s Cakes Today For His Wedding. My Work Is Done Here

Image credits: phildoo

#55 As A Guy I Think I Am Finally Getting This Cake Thing Down

Image credits: Aksar0

#56 From My Friend’s Wedding. The Cake Was Several Layers Of Cheese

Image credits: ShirodashiRamen

#57 Borat Wedding Cake

Image credits: JoJack82

#58 Let’s Just Say, The Cake Was A Flop

#59 Stop Putting Muddy Toy Trucks On Your Wedding Cake

#60 I Present To You – Our Wedding Cake. I Will Admit They Got The Color Right. That’s It. Yes I’m Serious

Image credits: ahotmess99

#61 Yes, The Pics On The Right Are Of Our Wedding Cake

Image credits: saylahvie

#62 My Wedding Cake Fail. Expectations vs. Reality

Image credits: ciaetyn

#63 The Cake My Wife And I Expected (Without Flowers) vs. What Showed Up On Our Wedding Day

Image credits: TheKangarooKing

#64 My Barber’s Bride Found The Wedding Cake (Left) She Wanted And A Baker Said She’d Bake It For Her. Two Days Before The Wedding Baker Sent Them The Pic On The Right

Image credits: oxwearingsocks

#65 Went To My Redneck Cousin’s Wedding Today. This Was Their Cake

Image credits: grifdog4

#66 Look At This Wedding Cake

Image credits: The_Juggler17

#67 Camo. Confederate Flag Cake. Broken Down Rv. Yep, It’s A Wedding

Image credits: TeddyDuchamp

#68 Russian Wedding Cake

Image credits: rufusjonz

#69 Poop Smeared Wedding Cake

Image credits: Steel_Man23

#70 Wedding Cake. Homemade By The Groom’s Mother

The venue they got married at is capable of providing professionally made cakes, but I guess this was the groom’s mother’s kind gesture for their wedding. From what I understand, making a wedding cake is a different process than a homemade cake.

The cake eventually fell over not too long after this… sadly I didn’t get a photo as it already went out.

Image credits: Gavelus

#71 What A Beautiful Wedding Cake

Image credits: sockowl

#72 Mashed Potato Wedding Cake With Gravy Icing And Fried Chicken Topper

Image credits: ProbablyStuck

#73 Wedding Cake

Image credits: ulysses_mcgill

#74 This Towering Meat Cake At A Japanese Wedding Party

Image credits: grapee.jp

#75 Wedding Monogram Of The Month

#76 This Is How The Cake Arrived For My Brother’s Wedding Tomorrow. Let Me Tell You, It Is A Perfect Metaphor For How Covid Has Affected Their Plans

Image credits: BluSuedeNicNac81

#77 My Cousin’s Wedding Cake

Image credits: UnleashTheBeebo

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