78 Entitled Parents That Tried Using Their Kids To Get Special Treatment

It’s well known that beggars can’t be choosers. But as you probably already know, the opposite happens too.

In the minds of choosing beggars, they feel more entitled to things than the rest of us. While we stand in lines, they go straight, while we pay for a purchase or service, they think they can get it for free. Don’t ask how come it’s fair, because it’s not!

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And there’s a whole corner of Reddit dedicated to sharing such infuriating examples, known as the Choosingbeggars subreddit. This time, we take a look into the cases when parents get desperate for things and try to use their kids to gain things free of charge or with a hefty discount. Scroll down through the posts and let us know your thoughts in the comment section!

#1 The Accusation Of Being Selfish At The End Is Comedy Gold

Image credits: Chiuy

#2 So You Hate Kids

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#3 I Can’t Even Wrap My Mind Around This Story!

Image credits: KetoMyLastHope

#4 No, You Can’t Have My Dog

Image credits: coloSDhandler

#5 No Commissions

Image credits: DustinFarron

#6 Probably Not Gonna Happen, Bub

Image credits: QuesoDino

#7 What A Weird Person

Image credits: deleted

#8 Choosing Mother Tries To Trick Good Guy Neighbor Into Paying Child Support

Image credits: grubbygrampa

#9 Ah, This Nugget. The Swim Teacher

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Image credits: pretent_its_witty

#10 Is The Sweater Made Out Of $45?

Image credits: broiled_tater

#11 Free For A Birthday

Image credits: Redditor

#12 Cb Tries To Use Their Kid As An Excuse To Get A Supreme Shirt For Super Cheap

Image credits: Rylanbrit10

#13 Sister Sent Me This…she Was Blocked Immediately After

Image credits: VortexThing

#14 Ruining The Kid’s Day

Image credits: deviant_owls

#15 “My Kid Hasn’t Eaten Since Yesterday”

Image credits: megoon-

#16 My Kids Won’t Let Me Sleep…. Send Me A Phone

Image credits: Former_Coffee

#17 Christmas Day Discounts For Second Hand Cars??

Image credits: Terrifiedspork

#18 My Buddy Is A Tattoo Artist. He’s Also My Personal Hero

Image credits: TheBrennanCo

#19 Sister Asks Me If I Can Watch Her Kid, Then Asks If I Can Come Get Her And Comes Up With Lame Excuse As To Why She Can’t Drop Her Off

Image credits: suckme_beautiful

#20 Beggar Mom Is Insulted That Her Daughters Party Guests Won’t Pay For The Party

Image credits: HelloImJenni

#21 I Tried To Give Away Two Harnesses That No Longer Fit My Dog. Did Not Go Well

Image credits: littlebossman

#22 $2.50/Hr To Watch 11 Kids

Image credits: badfeelingabout_this

#23 Choosing Beggars: Halloween Edition

Image credits: reddit.com

#24 $2/Hr For A Full Time (58 Hours/Week) Babysitting Job. Sweet Deal!!

Image credits: fartypantsmcghee

#25 How Are My Kids Supposed To Live Without Juice?!

Image credits: SnooDucks9912

#26 Someone Has To Pay To Watch Her Kid

Image credits: kaimead125

#27 I Have 3 Kids To Feed Plz Look My Ahole And Pay Me

Image credits: Luxnoctiss

#28 She Wanted To Take Her 2 Year Old Daughter To A Marilyn Manson Concert

Image credits: MarcusDigitz

#29 Make It Fair! Her Kid Is Crying!

Image credits: doc_king126

#30 $80 Cutlery Set Not Good Enough For This Father. Proceeds To Roast His Own Daughter

Image credits: otterly_overwhelmed

#31 But I Need A White One For The Kids…

Image credits: vlsewell

#32 Apparently Being A Sahm Means You Should Give Away Free Childcare

Image credits: Tindal_5335

#33 My BF’s Mom Is Coming To Visit Us, And She Suggested We Buy A Mattress, When We Were Offering To Pay For A Hotel For Her And She Could Just Bring An Air Mattress That She Already Owns

Image credits: angelinchains23

#34 This Lady In My Local Mom Group Wanting A Room Painted In Exchange For Advertising On Said Mom’s Group Page

Image credits: reddit.com

#35 I’m Not Buying Anything And I Still Deserve Free Food!!

Image credits: gemini_genu

#36 Parent Asked Their Child’s Teacher To Send Restaurant Food To Their Home And Not The School Meals

Image credits: ComptrEyes

#37 Give My Son A Marker, But Not A Girl Color

Image credits: TheBreakUp2013

#38 Imagine Being Upset Over Not Being Able To Find Someone Who Is Willing To Watch Your Children For Free

Image credits: NotATransponster

#39 Anyone Who Will Voluntarily Babysit For 65 Cents An Hour Does Not Have Your Child’s Best Interest At Heart

Image credits: darkgray37

#40 I Wish Someone Would Help Take Care Of Our 3 Kids.. But It Has To Be More Than 2 Hours

Image credits: Invisible-Gorilla13

#41 Less Than $3 An Hour, Sign Me Up! She Also Posted Several Filtered Only Pics Of Her Kid

Image credits: rubber_padded_spoon

#42 This Cb Is Homeless With Three Kids And Making Demands On A Dating App

Image credits: DukeMaximum

#43 My Boyfriend Bought My Mom A Diet Coke, This Is What My Dad Had To Say

Image credits: urimisu

#44 Why Do Some Parents Act Like They’re Doing The Whole World A Favor By Being A A Parent?

Image credits: foreverwasted

#45 Mom On Facebook Begs For Free Gaming System, Then Becomes Rude & Picky With Offers

Image credits: margebeannesacke

#46 Asks For Free Stuff, Proceeds To Ask For Proof, Then Starts An Argument Over Someone’s Reaction

Image credits: Madi_Olivia

#47 I Don’t Understand How People Can Use Kids As Reasons

Image credits: DrDannny

#48 Don’t Let People Know How Much I Am Underpaying Them!

Image credits: neotheprophet

#49 This Woman That Contacted My Mom About A Kids Watch

Image credits: iiGrizzaddy

#50 I’m Sure That $100 Per Week Will Go Far To Provide The Vegan Organic Food She’s Demanding The Babysitter Supply

Image credits: keelhaulrose

#51 Free Suv, Not Old, Low Mileage, Good On Gas

Image credits: rredorr

#52 Looking For An Experienced Babysitter At $3/Hour

Image credits: BanannaKarenina

#53 Thinking You Deserve A Full Salary For Babysitting Your Own Kids While They Do Schoolwork

Image credits: jbosch2

#54 Babysitter Wanted, Must Be In Collage

Image credits: goldbricker83

#55 Must Have A Bachelors Degree To Babysit My House

Image credits: Lexia_0

#56 Please Make Sure It’s In Good Condition Also

Image credits: reddit.com

#57 Having A Child Costs Money, Cb: *surprised Pikachu*

Image credits: TacosAndBoba

#58 Cb Farmer Starts Gofundme To Get A 25k Quad. Uses Kid To Encourage Donations

Image credits: 1ll1l1l101ll111l1l1

#59 Free Babysitter Needed

Image credits: janecgard

#60 Why Don’t I Get The $1,000 Teacher Hazard Pay For Homeschooling My Kid?

Image credits: OrangerineMan

#61 For Market Price, You Can Clean Our House And Watch Our Kids!

Image credits: krn0309

#62 Woman Wants To Pay Up To $45 Dollars For 8 Hours Of Babysitting In An Area Where Minimum Wage Is $14.25

Image credits: deathbringer537

#63 I Wonder Why Her Babysitter Stopped Texting Her For Less Than $2 An Hour

Image credits: KattLahiff

#64 Facebook Mom Looking For Baby Sitter For $50 A Week

Image credits: fish_andchip

#65 Single Mom (Blue) Was Looking For A Babysitter In My Neighborhood Facebook Group

Image credits: sarcasm_included

#66 “I Don’t Wanna Cook, So Please Buy Me Food Because I Also Have A Kid”

Image credits: _gschaftlhuaba

#67 Mother Demands You Only Buy Specific Gifts For Birthday And Holiday. For Context, The Child Is Like 4 Years Old

Image credits: midnightsun08

#68 Paying You To Babysit Is “A Deal Breaker Sorry No”

Image credits: sky12340987

#69 Why Yes, I Would Love To Work Almost 50 Hrs As A Teacher, Nanny, Chef, And Maid For Your Generous Offer Of “Up To” $400 Per Week

Image credits: strawberryjacuzzis

#70 I Commented That Wages For 2 Kids Begin At $15 For Teens And Said Maybe She’d Get Lucky

Image credits: SMILF_

#71 Who Wants To Be A Nanny, Just A Free Room, No Board….

Image credits: sabbiecat

#72 Who’s Down For $2.50 An Hour?

Image credits: imalmostshy

#73 $25 Per Day To Watch His Kids

Image credits: Super_duperfly

#74 Crazy Mom On Facebook Only Wants To Pay $300 A Month For Full Time Baby Sitter

Image credits: Meow123393

#75 I Didn’t Know Having Kids Gives You A Discount

Image credits: TheDoctorGomez

#76 You Should Come Watch My Kid All Week For $150!

Image credits: Thewhitemexicangirl

#77 Cb Will Take Whatever’s Lying Around, As Long As You Deliver It

Image credits: donaxvariabilis

#78 Could I Please Have A Free Mac?

Image credits: madanmwir

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