78 Of The Most Interesting Comparison Images (New Pics)

Imagine a student saying they look just like their grandpa. Sounds cute. But what if they provided you with an old photograph where someone is so similar to them, you’d say it’s their clone? Or what if a person, instead of saying they found a giant skull, sends you a pic where they’re laying near the humongous thing?

Perspective is everything, as they say. Most of the time, you can only truly appreciate something by checking how that particular object fits within your existing knowledge. Comparing it with slightly altered parameters like location, age or time. And that’s what we’re about to do. Bored Panda has compiled a list of side-by-side comparison pictures that should put things into context for you. So get ready to broaden your own worldview and scroll down to check out the images!

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#1 Same Tree, Different Seasons

Image credits: Jozef Morgoš

#2 Summer Floof vs. Winter Floof

Image credits: commonvanilla

#3 William Utermohlen Was Diagnosed With Alzheimer’s Disease. He Drew Self-Portraits Until He Could Barely Recognize His Own Face

Image credits: boredpanda.com

#4 This Is How Much Food You Can Get For The Cost Of A Pack Of Cigarettes In Australia

Image credits: judy.kerrison

#5 Two Tanks Were Set Up With Water From A Virginia Stream For 24 Hours. The One On The Right Had Mussels In It, The One On The Left Didn’t

Image credits: gangbangkang

#6 The Youth Have Been Cleaning The Mithi River (Mumbai, India) For Over A Year Now. Then vs. Now

Image credits: polymurphy

#7 Me And My Grandpa In Medical School 70 Years Apart (Equally Sleep-Deprived)

Image credits: Neuromancy_

#8 The Largest Animal To Ever Exist, The Blue Whale Compared To A Diver

Image credits: camdoodlebop

#9 My Son At One Month Old And His 97-Year-Old Korean Great Grandmother

Image credits: Thermochopps

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#10 Starfish With 6, 5 And 4 Arms

Image credits: _octopus72

#11 A Whale Skull With A Human For Scale

Image credits: reddit.com

#12 What A Difference One Day Can Make. Meet Spokey

Image credits: goldie0702

#13 Shirts Before And After Losing 400 Lbs

Image credits: braaaa1ns

#14 My Daughter’s Boyfriend And My Peruvian Guinea Pig Share A Similar Hairdo

Image credits: absophoto

#15 The Canberra Transport Photo Was Taken To Illustrate The Road Space Required To Move 69 People Using Public Transport, Bicyles And Private Motor Vehicles

Image credits: We Ride Australia

#16 Mountain St Helens Before And After Its 1980 Eruption

Image credits: baryonyx257

#17 Tiny Baby Hummingbird Compared To A Size Of A Raspberry

Image credits: Heart-Bubbles

#18 Lion’s Head Compared To Man’s Head. Absolute Unit

Image credits: lionwhisperersa

#19 A Grandmother And Her Granddaughter. 61-Years-Old vs. 12-Years-Old

Image credits: geneticportraits

#20 Left: A Painting From 1892, Right: The Same Spot In 2020

Image credits: phelyan

#21 I Got A New Purse Today. Top Is Without Flash, Bottom Is With Flash

Image credits: ahrahtnamas

#22 Vials Of Heroin, Fentanyl, And Carfentanil Side By Side, Each Containing A Lethal Dose Of The Drug

Image credits: psutherland458

#23 Earth Healing Itself

Image credits: russellcrowe

#24 1 Exposure vs. 120 Exposures Stacked Together

I had never actually seen the Milky Way with my own eyes, living in central India all my life in a very light-polluted city of over 2 million people. So one night I took my camera out to the roof, clicked 120+ shots, and this was the result

Image credits: vpsj

#25 4 Weeks vs. Full Grown, With His Favorite Toy

Image credits: hergiantlove

#26 The Short-Nosed Bear’s Height Compared To The Average Human Height

Scientists speculate these delayed human migrations into N. A. because they hunted us in the Bering Strait

Image credits: zeal422

#27 Quetzalcoatlus Northropi Model Next To A 1.8m Man. The Largest Known Flying Animal Ever Exist

Image credits: EllisTomago

#28 Australia On Fire. Pictures Taken From Charles Hamey Lookout Dunbogan / Camden Head Near Port Macquarie 1 Week Apart

Image credits: bennywaters

#29 Comparison Of The Tip Of A Hypodermic Needle, A Viper’s Fang, A Spider’s Fang And The Stinger Of A Scorpion

Image credits: pontmaster

#30 My Painting Looks Way Different Sitting In Front Of A Window

Image credits: odoms365

#31 Home Telescope vs. The Hubble Space Telescope. This Is The Pillars Of Creation

Image credits: chucksastro

#32 One Hundred Years Of American Innovation

Image credits: seenhear

#33 15 Minute Difference In Seattle Weather

Image credits: Ballsfggt

#34 My Favourite Stuffed Toy vs. Exactly The Same, But New One

In 1995, my great-aunt gave me a stuffed cat. It was my absolute favourite, and slept with me every night through my childhood. When she passed, we found out she had bought an identical cat and kept it in pristine condition for two decades. The years of love certainly left their mark.

Image credits: Connguy

#35 The Different Colors Of The Honey I Harvested This Year: Spring, Summer And Fall

Image credits: Zig-Zag

#36 First Day Of School vs. Second Day Of School

Image credits: RememberWho

#37 Did You Guys Know How Big Cactus Can Get? That’s Me At The Bottom

Image credits: Tll6

#38 The Difference In Shoe Wear Between My Regular Foot And My Prosthetic Foot After A Year

Image credits: The51stState

#39 This Is How Marble Quarry Looks Like Outside And Inside

Image credits: Luca Locatelli

#40 Without And With A Flash Photo Comparison Of An Anti-Paparazzi Scarf

Image credits: whatstheishu

#41 Triceratops Femur (Left) vs. Elephant Femur

Image credits: TheGreatHsuster

#42 50 Seeds Each From Cultivated Sunflower (Left) And Wild Sunflower (Right). Both Are The Same Species

Image credits: flabby_kat

#43 The Size Of A Tiger Paw Compared To A Man’s Hand

Image credits: cHoGbOrTSwIzArDhOmE

#44 Humans Compared To Majestic Sequoias In The Winter

Image credits: commonvanilla

#45 I Took A Photo Of Every Planet In Our Solar System And Adjusted Their Size To Show How Huge Our Sun Is

Image credits: ajamesmccarthy

#46 Tried On My Old Clothes After Losing 220 Lbs (2018 vs. 2019 Comparison)

Image credits: omarthaherfit

#47 What A 4 Megabyte Hard-Drive Looked Like In 1965. iPhone X For Scale

Image credits: JoeTechBadger

#48 The Watermark Face On This Counterfeit Us $50 Bill

Image credits: kisstroyer

#49 The Arm Of A Tyrannosaurus Rex Is Only About As Long As Mine

Image credits: zelph_esteem

#50 The Difference Between Modern Corn And Corn Before It Was Domesticated

Image credits: Thiccbegs

#51 This Ridiculous, Nearly Five Pound Lobster Claw Compared To A Human Hand

Image credits: NeedCoffee214

#52 The Difference In My Lens Prescription As Seen In The Light

My right eye is substantially worse than my left eye. I didn’t notice for a long time because my left eye was compensating

Image credits: AmphoricRadix

#53 What A Difference A Few Months Make. Same Spot In Tuscany. I Took The Green One At The End Of May And The Other One In Early October

Image credits: dcdead

#54 My Great-Grandmother And Me In The Same Spot 89 Years Apart

Image credits: AffectionateName

#55 6 5/8 Inch Megalodon Tooth, 3 1/8 Inch Fossil Great White And 1 1/2 Inch Modern Day Great White Tooth

Image credits: bigmeat

#56 500 Circulated $1 Bills Next To 500 Uncirculated $1 Bills

Image credits: J_a_x_

#57 Bison vs. Human. Just To Give You An Idea Of How Big They Are, This Bison Male Weighs Around 3000 Lbs

Image credits: hootersbutwithcats

#58 In 1998, Fourfourtwo Magazine Predicted David Beckham Would Like Like This (Left) In 2020. This Is How He Actually Looks Like

Image credits: fenlandgent

#59 The Fog Lifting And Changing The View From My House Between 8am And 10am

Image credits: Westendork

#60 The Claw Of A Male Southern Cassowary Compared To A Human Hand

Image credits: PaleoFeathers

#61 What My Apartment View Should Look Like vs. What It Has Looked Like The Past Few Weeks (Canberra, Australia)

Image credits: Intothechaos

#62 Jaw Of A Great White Set Inside That Of A Megalodon

Image credits: SeriesOfAdjectives

#63 Gorilla Hands Compared To A Human Hand

Image credits: ShadowBun

#64 A Makeup Project To Illustrate What The Same Hand Looks Like With Different Tones Of Skin Color

Image credits: Jamesearljonesusa

#65 My Friend’s Dad Is Really Proud Of The Banana Tree He’s Been Growing. He’s 5’7 For Scale

Image credits: Enragedocelot

#66 Withdrew 300 Dollars From The Bank And Got 100 From 3 Different Generations

Image credits: Miffedbarracuda

#67 Human Compared To Bears

Image credits: DraftDraw

#68 A Box Of Nerds From 1984 I Found Under My Floor Boards vs. A Box I Bought Yesterday

Image credits: AlexStrange-

#69 1000g Spheres Of Magnesium, Aluminum, Titanium, Copper, And Tungsten

Image credits: designmur

#70 My Hairy Leg After And Before Shaving

Image credits: razi03

#71 Took Dog To Groomer. Got A Different Dog Back

Image credits: Pacman327

#72 Photograph Comparing Human And Gorilla Skeletons

Image credits: rijksmuseum.nl

#73 Shaquille O’neal, At 7’1″, Stands Next To A Wax Figure Of Robert Wadlow, Who Was The Tallest Man To Have Ever Lived At 8’11”

Image credits: shaq

#74 Four Seasons Of Kurdistan, Iraq

Image credits: alfredokurdi

#75 This Pizza Place Tells You The Area Of All Their Pizza Sizes And How Large They Are Compared To Each Other

Image credits: bradenkw

#76 Recreated My Great-Grandmother’s 1918 Portrait

Image credits: Taintlyn

#77 Gymnast Flavia Saraiva And Nene, Basketball Pivot, The Shortest And The Tallest Athlete Of The Brazilian Delegation In Rio 2016

Image credits: dublzz

#78 Photos I Take Of My Boyfriend vs. Photos He Takes Of Me

Image credits: s-poon

Source: boredpanda.com

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