78 People Who Are So Bored Stuck At Home That They’re Doing Most Random Things

Because of the coronavirus outbreak, we’re spending most of our time at home. However, not all of us are used to spending so much time cooped up in one place and it’s starting to show!

Some people are so bored that they’re finding new and creative ways to spend their downtime. Like one person who thought it would be a brilliant idea to walk around on all fours with an Amazon box on their body. Or another who took off all the seeds from a strawberry with nothing but a pair of tweezers.

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Bored Panda has collected some of the best pictures of people doing funny things during the coronavirus lockdown. So scroll down, upvote your faves, and drop us a comment about the original ways you’re spending your time indoors, dear Pandas! Be sure to read on for our interview with Greg Whale, Joe The Doodle Boy’s dad, about how lockdowns can be the perfect time to teach others and help them unleash their creativity.

#1 Day 4 Of Quarantine

Image credits: Jill Linden

#2 Day 10 Of Quarantine. C Section Went Smooth And All Babies Are Safe

Image credits: Taja Gray-Buggage

#3 The Moment You Realise Coronavirus Boredom Has Set In

Image credits: TheGMcConnachie

While boredom is great for shenanigans, staying at home can inspire us to work on new projects and help others out with our talents.

Remember Joe The Doodle Boy from England who kept getting in trouble for drawing in class and who then went on to decorate his art school’s wall and the dining room of a restaurant? Well, he just created a new YouTube channel where he teaches other kids how to doodle, helps keep them busy, and opens up their creativity while they’re off from school.

Bored Panda spoke to Joe’s dad Greg Whale to learn more about how his son is settling into his new role as an online art teacher. “Joe is really enjoying passing on his doodle methods—he loves working on his YouTube channel and helping other kids and also many adults to open up their creativity in this very strange time!”

#4 Day 8

Image credits: mayorxofficial

#5 Quarantine Day 5

Image credits: Tacarub

#6 Not All Sports Are Cancelled

Image credits: martoo14

According to Greg, his son Joe said that “art is an amazing thing to do when we all have to stay home, so my brother Jesse and I are taking this opportunity to be positive and help others create.”

Joe spends as much time drawing as he can. Now that he’s got his YouTube channel up and running, he’s “really happy he has another thing to create.”

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Greg and his wife are teaching their 3 children at home, using online learning resources recommended to them by their school.

#7 Day 6 Of Quarantine

Image credits: sofiarudyy

#8 Day 5 Of Quarantine

Image credits: French_Fetus_Master

#9 Quarantine Day 6

Image credits: gnuman1979

The Doodle Boy has been very busy recently! “Joe has just completed a 30-piece commission for an eagerly awaited 5-star hotel in Palm Beach Florida where his work will be in each of the luxury rooms,” Joe’s dad revealed. “Joe is also working on 2 commissions for 2 of his followers. Joe now has an agent in LA, USA, who is in deep discussions with major publishers and animators.”

In other words, Joe’s on a roll and the lockdown doesn’t seem to be dampening his spirits. He’s an inspiration to all of us stuck at home to start creating. Are you up to the challenge, dear Pandas?

#10 Day 4 Of Quarantine

#11 “How’s Nationwide Self-Quarantine Going?”

#12 My Family Had Some Fun With Post-It Notes To Entertain People Who Pass By

Image credits: opie81280

#13 A Hairstylist Friend Of Mine Is Doing Her Boyfriend’s Hair Each Day They Are Quarantined! So Far We Have Leia, Amy Winehouse, 90’s Prom, Cindy Lou Who, And George Washington.

Image credits: reddit.com

#14 I Officially Reached Maximum Boredom Last Night

Image credits: Suprovation

#15 Experts Recommend Keeping Your Daily Rituals Even While Working From Home

Image credits: czmanix

#16 Every Day Of The Quarantine I Will Shave A Little More

Day 1: the monk

Day 2: I messed up going for a mohawk and had to commit to the avatar

Image credits: bymyhandsorwithfire

#17 Quarantine Day 10

Image credits: Czarcasm3

#18 Quarantine Day 9: Silvia Is On A Roll

Image credits: buchanon12

#19 Trying To Explain Why He’s Been Getting So Much More Attention Lately

Image credits: IamOldKingDoran

#20 Day 5 Of Quarantine: Social Distancing With Friends

Image credits: fuckswithducks

#21 I Made A Teeny Tiny Paper Version Of All The Office Characters Because I Have Time To Kill

Image credits: and_peggy1776

#22 Surely A Candidate For A New Sport

Image credits: mikewarburton

#23 Day 9

Image credits: YahBoyJiraiya

#24 Experts Recommend Sticking To Your Daily Routines

Image credits: reddit.com

#25 Day 10 Of Quarantine. I Think My Kid Is Up To Something

Image credits: case2000

#26 Bored At Home And Folded This Koi Fish

Image credits: zZWealthyBigPenisZz

#27 Asked My Dad How Quarantine Was Going, His Response

Image credits: BoobslikeJagger

#28 Quarantine Day 10. Dinosaurs Have Reclaimed The Land

Image credits: thehayden512

#29 Day 3. I’ve Learned To Fold A Fitted Sheet

Image credits: Prpkrew

#30 Self-Isolation, Day 5

Image credits: AtelierHeidi

#31 Day 8th Of Quarantine

Image credits: reddit.com

#32 Few Days Into Quarantine

Image credits: griever101

#33 How I’ve Been Using Quarantine Time

Image credits: hppybirthday

#34 My Grandparents Have Been Married For 67 Years. Handling This Quarantine Well

Image credits: Haggerjp

#35 My Mom Kinda Lost Her Mind In Self Quarantine

Image credits: PeteyPinguin

#36 My Hometown Knows How To Quarantine

Image credits: mumblewrapper

#37 Day 7

Image credits: posterstock

#38 Quarantine Day 4 : Chilling Again With My Childhood Friends

Image credits: Chprowtt

#39 Another Productive Day Working From Home

Image credits: KLGAviation

#40 One Week Into Self Isolation

Image credits: NaserMestarihi

#41 Day 3 Of Quarantine

Image credits: hotmanpairs

#42 Day 24 Of The Quarantine

#43 Chose And Laid Out My Outfits For The Next 2 Weeks

Image credits: atodaso

#44 Making The Best Of Quarantine

Image credits: BeelzebubYeti

#45 You Can Still Get Your Hair Done In These Quarantine Times

Image credits: swankyeggplant

#46 Every Day I Post A New Travel Picture From My Self-Quarantine. Now, Which Way To The Taj Mahal?

Image credits: KLGAviation

#47 Love My Roommates, But This Quarantine Got Me ‘Bout To Kill All Of ‘Em

Image credits: theGoose_aPrisoner

#48 Day 3 Of Self Isolation. I Received A Visitor

Image credits: rikkki84

#49 We Are Only On Day 3 Of Social Distancing

Image credits: randommutt

#50 No More Gym. Just This Every Morning

#51 While Updating A Bathroom, I Left A Surprise Under The Floor For The Next Remodeler

Image credits: aarontminded

#52 New Treasure

Image credits: LKIkost

#53 14th Day Of Quarantine. I Am Sorry Fluffy

Image credits: Escalus90

#54 Anyone Know How Long This Will Take To Grow?

Image credits: dpjhyland

#55 Quarantine Day 7. Finally Taking Down Our Christmas Tree

Image credits: mandalababee

#56 Day 3 Of Social Isolation. Wife Turns Husband Into A Karen

Image credits: randomwcuman

#57 14 Year Wedding Anniversary. Can’t Go Out To Celebrate. This Happens

Image credits: Trampolice

#58 “Daaaad, We’re Bored!” (Day 1 Of Lockdown)”Ummm Ok, Strip This Laptop Down, And This Desktop, And Then Rebuild Them”….my God It’s The Most Peace And Quiet I’ve Had All Week

Image credits: tardiusmaximus

#59 With All This Free Time And Isolation I Figured I’d Have My Own House Party. Cheers Everyone And Stay Safe Out There (In There?)

Image credits: Tutkular

#60 Italy Is On Lockdown Due To Coronavirus And I’m Doing Some Makeup In My Newfound Free Time

Image credits: giulsm99

#61 Day 2 Without Basketball

Image credits: LakeShowYo

#62 My 68 Y/O Dad Has Quarantine “Safe Box”. He Won’t Give My Mom The Combination.

Image credits: TheMasonicZelph

#63 I Don’t Know Why People Complain That There Is Nothing To Do. I’ve Spent The Day Stock Piling

Image credits: thesheemonster

#64 Day 7 In Quarantine: Don’t Ask But I Somehow Vacuum Sealed My Vacuum Sealer

Image credits: Can_I_Say_Shit

#65 Quarantine Changes People

Image credits: Su_Din

#66 Day 5 Of Quarantine

Image credits: reddit.com

#67 Quarantine Cat

Image credits: jet11924896

#68 On My Way To Working From Home

Image credits: 10TAVY

#69 Day Four

Image credits: ALutkin

#70 My Talented Sister Has Not Lost Her Sense Of Humor During This Crisis

Image credits: bonechompsky

#71 With All This Time At Home Now, Tabletop Gamers, Wash Your Dice

Image credits: Murderhands

#72 Day 5 Of Quarantine, Made Some New Friends

Image credits: baronvonpalo

#73 Someone Did Something Similar, I Decided To Try To Do It Better

Image credits: commentator184

#74 From Spain With Love

Image credits: QRancio

#75 Doing My Best To Self-Isolate From Myself During This Worldwide Quarantine

Image credits: pawow

#76 I Took My 4 Hours Of Free Time Today, To Create This

Image credits: Khyta

#77 Day 4

Image credits: DanSpenser

#78 Quarantine In 2020

Image credits: House_Troll

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