79 Pictures And Illustrations That Might Make You Say “Nature Was Metal”

Mother nature never ceases to amaze us. It’s a source of life for awe-inspiring creatures, from delicate to humongous, and everything in between. However, some of the latter might seem delicate, too, compared to the living things that have gone extinct.

Bugs the size of a human, reptiles of ginormous proportions, and rodents with horns—these are just a few examples proving that “Nature Was Metal” back in the day. That’s why there’s an entire subreddit, under this exact name, dedicated to some of nature’s most extraordinary creations that have vanished from the face of the earth.

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Today we’ve listed a bunch of them for you to get acquainted with. Whether you find them atrocious or absolutely fascinating, they show the name of the subreddit is definitely not baseless. Scroll down to marvel at the beauties and the beasts and click here for our previous post about them.

#1 Tail Of A 99 Myo Dinosaur, The First One Ever Discovered. Perfectly Preserved, Still Covered In Feathers

Image credits: thereread

#2 This Is The Best-Preserved Dinosaur Specimen Ever Unearthed. This Mummified Nodosaur’s Bones Remain Covered By Intact Skin And Armor — 110 Million Years After The Creature’s Death

Image credits: belowshear

#3 Real Footage Of 4 Extinct Animals: Thylacine, Ivory-Billed Woodpecker, Baiji River Dolphin, And The Heath Hen

Image credits: EmptySpaceForAHeart

#4 The Only Preserved Head And Skin Of The Extinct Dodo Bird, Kept At The Oxford University Museum Of Natural History

Image credits: secretlyswear863

#5 This Is Quetzalcoatlus Northropi. It Is The Largest Pterosaur Ever Discovered And Possibly The Largest Flying Animal Ever! It Had A Wingspan Of Around 15.9 Metres (59 Feet)

Image credits: Sidelongape68

#6 The Numerous Hand Stencils Of Cueva De Las Manos, Argentina. The Hand Prints Of Many Different People Separated By Hundreds Or Thousands Of Years, Their Stories Lost To Time But Their Art Still Lingers For Us To See

Image credits: homo_artis

#7 A Barbary Lion, An Extinct Race, As Photographed In Algeria

Image credits: aquilasr

#8 Most Animals Used To Be A Lot Bigger

Image credits: sohm113

#9 The Giant Monster That Was Argentinosaurus

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Image credits: kjmnhbgvfc

#10 In 1663, The Partial Fossilised Skeleton Of A Woolly Rhinoceros Was Discovered In Germany. This Is The “Magdeburg Unicorn”, One Of The Worst Fossil Reconstructions In Human History

Image credits: beachdogs

#11 Mammoth Hut

Image credits: electroplasmasphere

#12 This Giant Crinoid Colony Is 195 Million Years Old From The Lower Jurassic Is 4 X 5 Meter And Is Now On Display At A Museum In Houston!

Image credits: GingerMsGeo

#13 The Origin Of Teeth And Jaws Has Been Pushed Back To 436 Million Years Ago

Image credits: sylvyrfyre

#14 Utahraptor Claws

Image credits: TheEternels

#15 22 Million Year Old Enhydro Methane Termite With Its Last Meal Preserved In Amber

Image credits: Ear_Drumming

#16 The Horned Gopher – The Only Known Rodent To Have Developed Horns

Image credits: MyPhoneSucksBad

#17 Triceratops Femur (Left) vs. Elephant Femur

Image credits: qimingzhuang

#18 Barosaurus Had Quite A Long Neck. Art By John Conway

Image credits: MuadDib2001

#19 A Man Holding A Nile Crocodile Skull Next To The Skull Of The Fearsome Crocodylus Thorbjarnarsoni. A Giant Crocodile Species From The Early Pleistocene In The Turkana Basin, Kenya

Image credits: homo_artis

#20 Nizar Ibrahim Between The Jaws Of Spinosaurus

Image credits: aquilasr

#21 Dromornis Leg Fossils Upon Excavation

Image credits: aquilasr

#22 Arthropleura Millipede Is The Biggest Bug Known To Ever Live

Image credits: s3rumanu_bng

#23 10,000 Year Old Skull And Antlers Of An Extinct Elk Found By Fishermen In Ireland

Image credits: veinedJamaica

#24 Gorgosaurus Taken At The Royal Tyrrell Museum

Image credits: some_cultured_swine

#25 An Incredibly Intact Crinoid Specimen Fossil Dating Back To About 345 Million Years Ago!

Image credits: tanhe123

#26 Thalassocnus Natans, An Aquatic Sloth From The Late Miocene Of Peru And Chile. Art By Mark Witton

Image credits: imprison_grover_furr

#27 Prehistoric Spider-Like Arachnid Found Preserved In Amber

Image credits: KunoMochi

#28 The Giant Ground Sloth Eremotherium

Image credits: Shadi_Shin

#29 Steller’s Sea Cow, An Enormous Creature Brought To Extinction By Humans, Compared To The Extant Dugong (Which Is About The Weight Of A Bison)

Image credits: aquilasr

#30 A Smilodon Fatalis Captured By A Camera Trap

Image credits: PantherGhost007

#31 Dinosaur Claws Were Actually Much Bigger When They Were Alive

Image credits: EmptySpaceForAHeart

#32 The Massive Size Of A Utahraptor Skull, With A Velociraptor Skull And Human Head For Scale

Image credits: Mophandel

#33 Jimbacrinus Crinoid Fossils, 280 Million Years Old, Found In Western Australia, Gascoyne Region

Image credits: Barry-McKocinue

#34 Seeing As Even Crocodilians Enjoy Butt-Scratches, Does That Mean All Archosaurs Like Dinosaurs And Pterosaurs Enjoyed It Aswell? (Mostly A Joke)

Image credits: EmptySpaceForAHeart

#35 Enormous Paraceratherium Skull

Image credits: aquilasr

#36 Parapuzosia Seppenradensis, The Largest Known Ammonite, Photographed In The Late 1800s With The Paleontologist Who Described It

Image credits: EternalPermabulk

#37 The Natural History Museum In London Outfitted Its Animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex In A Colorful Christmas Sweater

Image credits: Forward-Ad-9811

#38 Dunkleosteus

Image credits: MathiasCruz2099

#39 Fossil Of Giant 40+ Million Year Old Fish Found In Argentina

Image credits: Rahab_chloe

#40 The Levyatan Was A Whale, An Apex Predator, And A Competitor Of The Megalodon. The Skull Is 3 Meters, The Largest Teeth Are 36 Cm Each – These Are The Largest Among Animals

Image credits: heardyoumeow

#41 Diploceraspis.a Prehistoric Amphibian With A Boomerang Shaped Head

Image credits: shitterfarter58

#42 “Many People Believe The Velociraptors In The Jurassic Franchise Were Utahraptors, They’re Not. They’re Actually Deinonychus, They Were Huge And You Could Not Beat It In A Fist Fight” By Coolio_art

Image credits: EmptySpaceForAHeart

#43 Basilosaurus, A Large, Toothed Whale Whose Serpentine Appearance Caused Scientists To Initially Believe It Was A Marine Reptile

Image credits: JurassicPark9265

#44 Cartilaginous Fish Of The Late Paleozoic

Image credits: crankyjob21

#45 The Tooth Of A Liopleurodon. Discovered In England’s Peterborough Area

Image credits: JurassicPark9265

#46 It’s Been Suggested That Spitting Cobras Evolved As A Response To Bipedal Hominins, As Their Ability To Spray Venom Up To 3 M Allowed Them To Neutralize A New Enemy That Could Attack At The Distance With Stick And Stones. Spitting Cobras Appear In The Fossil Record At About The Same Time As Hominins

Image credits: seilasei

#47 The Last Known Tasmanian Tiger Photographed In 1933. They Are Now Extinct

Image credits: Rational_Rick

#48 The Largest Terrestrial Predator Since The K-T Extinction Event, Barinosuchus From Miocene South America

Image credits: Spino_Rider_77

#49 Til That Las Vegas, Nv Airport Has A Megalodon Fossil With All Original Teeth Found By One Person Who Dives For Them. I Was Walking Through The Airport And Saw The Massive Jaws

Image credits: VinkyStagina

#50 One Of The Largest Predators Of Late Miocene North America, Barbourofelis Fricki, Bow To The Superior Life Form. Art By Joschua Knüppe

Image credits: ImHalfCentaur1

#51 Sinemys Gamera: An Extinct Turtle From Late Jurassic China

Image credits: anscribhneora

#52 What Being Attacked By A T-Rex Would Look Like

Image credits: EmptySpaceForAHeart

#53 The Legendary “Fighting Dinosaurs” Fossil, Of Which A Velociraptor And Protoceratops Were Both Preserved In Mortal Combat

Image credits: EmptySpaceForAHeart

#54 Our Face From Our Recent Ancestors To Us

Image credits: Ivan_Botsky_Trollov

#55 The Pelvis Of The 440-Pound/200-Kg Giant Moa Showing Puncture Wounds From The Talons The Haast’s Eagle

Image credits: FarTooCritical

#56 Artist Working On A Life-Sized Bust Of Kaprosuchus, Sometimes Nicknamed The “Boar-Croc”

Image credits: aquilasr

#57 Triceratops Horridus Skull At The Morrison Natural History Museum, Co

Image credits: aquilasr

#58 Spinosaurus Throughout The Decades

Image credits: MyPhoneSucksBad

#59 Drepanosaurus Unguicaudatus, An Unusual Reptile Known For Its Prehensile Tail From The Late Norian Of Northern Italy. Art By Mark Witton

Image credits: imprison_grover_furr

#60 A Smilodon Populator With A Pierced Skull Likely Due To A Innerspecific Killing (With The Skull Of Another Used To Match The Bite Marks)

Image credits: aquilasr

#61 The Henodus Was A Placodont That Lived In The Late Triassic Period.the Name “Henodus” Translates To “One Thoot” In Greek

Image credits: arandompersonlol18

#62 The Last Moment For A Moa As It Is Attacked By A Haast’s Eagle

Image credits: aquilasr

#63 Carcharodontosaurus vs. Spinosaurus By Luis V Rey

Image credits: DreamingSerpent

#64 Livyatan Melvillei “Playing” With Its Prey

Image credits: MuadDib2001

#65 Neanderthal Hunters Discover A Peculiar Rock, A Fossilised Ammonite, Amongst The Vast Glaciers 125,000 Years Ago. Fantastic Art Piece By Mikhail Shekhanov

Image credits: tgood139

#66 In The Break Of Dawn, A Group Of Neanderthal Standing Upon Their Cave Bear (Ursus Spelaeus) Kill Find Themselves The Target Of A Pride Of American Cave Lions (Panthera Leo Spelaea) !

Image credits: Homunculus_316

#67 For Those Who Don’t Know, Earlier This Year, Scientists Found A New, So Far Undescribed Species Of Filter Feeding Shark From Deposits Of The Western Interior Seaway In 1975 From Morden, Manitoba. It Has Been Nicknames “Dave”

Image credits: crankyjob21

#68 Gigantoraptor, The Largest Of The Oviraptorosaurs

Image credits: Mophandel

#69 The Fossil Species Of Incredible Crocodile Subfamily Osteolaeminae, Today Only Represented By Dwarf Crocodiles

Image credits: aquilasr

#70 This Is Cryolophosaurus, Early Jurassic Antarctica’s “Cold-Crested Lizard.” Take A Look At That Bizarre Crest On Its Head!

Image credits: JurassicPark9265

#71 Deinosuchus, Arguably The Fiercest Predator North America Has Ever Known, Is Seen Here Lunging At An Albertosaurus In This Depiction. Deinosuchus Lived Between 75 Million And 82 Million Years Ago And Had Bodies At Least 33 Feet (10 Meters) Long, Easily Taking Down Any Animal Within Reach

Image credits: KimCureAll

#72 Kelenken, The Ruler Of The Collón Curá Formation

Image credits: Mophandel

#73 Giant Insular Species In The Barn Owl Family Compared In Size To A House Cat

Image credits: aquilasr

#74 A Clash Of Allosaurus

Image credits: Fluid-Ad3991

#75 Sauroposeidon Proteles Is One Of The Tallest Sauropods To Ever Live. A Mount Of The Holotype Of This Early Cretaceous Titan Was Made For The Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum Of Natural History And Was Installed In 2010

Image credits: sdh96

#76 Spinosaurus

Image credits: HarryHarrison54

#77 Mandible Of The Giant Crocodilian ???????????

Image credits: Zanclodon

#78 The Dragon From Down Under: A Massive Megalania Finds A Meal In The Form Of An Unlucky Genyornis

Image credits: AJ_Crowley_29

#79 Megantereon-The Ancestor Of Smilodon

Image credits: MuadDib2001

#80 Triceratops Horridus Skull At The Morrison Natural History Museum, Co

#81 This Image Of A Human Next To A Carcharodontosaurus Skull Never Ceases To Amaze Me

#82 A Stegosaurus Squares Up To A Hungry Torvosaurus – By Brian J Murphy

Source: boredpanda.com

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