79 ‘Then And Now’ Pics That Show How Times Have Changed, Shared On ‘Old Photos In Real Life’ (New Pics)

History has a lot to tell us, and photography offers a fascinating way to peek into the past. A single old pic, captured half a century ago, placed side by side with a contemporary one, can show big differences.

The subreddit r/OldPhotosInRealLife does just that. It uses rephotography to show us old pictures of places, people, and moments from the past, combined with how they look today. Whether you’re a history lover or a person captivated by the art of visual storytelling, you’ll definitely want to explore our fresh compilation of these pictures from the online community.

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#1 Usually It’s The Other Way Around, But This Is So Nice! 1980s vs. 2022

Image credits: WhiskeyAndGingerAle

Just like books, photography can take us on a journey through time. It’s a relatively young art form, starting with Joseph Nicéphore Niépce’s earliest photo in 1826 or 1827. If pictures from a hundred years ago reveal this much change, think about what we could uncover with images from the medieval or Stone Age periods.

#2 Rio De Janeiro’s Reforestation

Image credits: GabrielLGN

#3 The Same Whale Photographed 35 Years Apart! Both Photos Taken Off The Coast Of Mexico.⁣ The Recent Image Is From 2020, While The Old Photo Dates From 1985

Image credits: thehimalayanviews

The ‘Old Photos In Real Life’ subreddit focuses on a particular style of photography called ‘rephotography‘ or ‘repeat photography’. It involves taking a picture at two different times in history and placing them next to each other. For instance, satellite images of a place before and after a flood, or photos of a person at various ages.

#4 Sitting On Their 1947 Chevrolet In Front Of A Diner, And Then 63 Years Later

Image credits: alanboston

#5 Opening Up The Original River Through Gent, Belgium. 2009 vs. 2022

Image credits: jumbo04

#6 My Hometown Kharkov In Ukraine 2022-2022

Image credits: DmitriyBragin

Rephotography started in the natural sciences to reveal changes in the environment, like erosion or melting glaciers. It’s also used in sociology to show how towns and cities transform. In education, rephotography can uncover changes in schools and campuses.

#7 1887 Queen Anne Victorian Brought Back In Remarkable Restoration (Photos)

Image credits: mrl33602

#8 Tried My Best To Find The Same Location. Satiam Wagon Road, Oregon. 2022 vs. Date Unknown. Road Was Used 1860-1930s

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Image credits: llaawwll

#9 Unlucky House In San Francisco, 1936 And 2022

Image credits: Pandalism

Rephotography is cool because it can show how cities change, and can also demonstrate the effects of climate change. For example, a picture from 2004 might capture a boat sailing along a waterway, whereas a photo from 1899 taken at the same spot shows a massive glacier. On the edges of the waterway, there are now lots of green trees and bushes growing on what used to be a snowy rocky area a hundred years ago.

#10 Oxford

Image credits: clusterlove

#11 Acropolis Of Athens (Greece) 1851 vs. 2021

Image credits: dctroll_

#12 Haarlemmerdijk Street In Amsterdam, Netherlands (1971 And 2020)

Image credits: Mackelowsky

Using old photos of Alaska as his guide, photographer Ron Karpilo embarked on an journey through mountains, rivers, and untamed terrain. His mission? To recreate views captured by photographers of the past, showing the impact of climate change. Through his lens, Karpilo captured the transformation of melting glaciers, plant life, and landscapes over time.

#13 The Ancient Theatre Of Delphi, Greece

Image credits: sunyatayo

#14 Environmental Changes

Image credits: MrMacBro

#15 An Abandoned Victorian Home Has Been Dramatically Restored In Rarden, Ohio, USA

Image credits: SteveSmithz

In a conversation with ‘Yale Climate Connections,’ Karpilo shared his thoughts about using pictures to tell stories. He used beautiful pictures of Alaska’s changing environment to keep people interested and curious. “You’re showing pretty pictures of Alaska, and they get interested, and so it kind of hooks them and makes it so they can understand,” Karpilo explained. This idea connects with a lot of people: “Everyone’s taken pictures, everyone can see what’s happening. And so it’s really a tool that speaks to anyone, and that’s my favorite part about it.”

#16 Woodstock

Image credits: Throwway-support

#17 Bran Castle/Dracula’s Castle, Romania (1920s And 2022)

Image credits: Mackelowsky

#18 1878 – 2022. Tetons. Not Much Has Really Changed In This Photo. But I Still Think It’s Neat

Image credits: andeo1996

Karpilo’s photo project clearly shows the impact of climate change. “When you show a glacier that’s just not there anymore, it’s hard to dispute,” he emphasized. “It’s disappearing, something is changing, and so that’s what’s made it such a good tool.” By combining art and caring for the environment, Karpilo not only takes pictures of how Alaska is changing, but also inspires people to take action.

#19 The Cultural As Well As Human Cost Of A 7.8 Magnitude Earthquake; Gaziantep Castle, Turkey, At The Start Of The Month vs. The End

Image credits: Brooklyn_University

#20 Saw This Post On R/Battlepaintings And Did Some Poking Around. Battle Of Vimeiro (Portugal) 1808 By Patrice Courcelle… And Today

Image credits: stumpjungle

#21 So Refreshing. No Skyscrapers Or Parking Lots In Sight!!

Image credits: carmensax

We hope Karpilo’s journey and discoveries gave you some food for thought and inspired for some positive environmental action. If not now, then when? And if these insights don’t confirm global warming, what will?

#22 A Whole City Submersed In Itá – Brazil (1985 – 2020)

Image credits: ozobguy

#23 Pripyat – Ukraine – 1986 2016

Image credits: soupytimeesoup

#24 The Oldest Surviving Camera Negative – Lacock Abbey, England, 1835 And 2022

Image credits: miiyouandmii2

We can make a positive impact on environmental change by adopting sustainable habits. Using renewable energy, recycling, and protecting nature is key. Educating others and working together in our communities can create a big difference. With smart choices and teamwork, we can create a better future for our planet and the next generations.

#25 Abandoned Subway, New York City. Built In 1904

Image credits: yongwin304

#26 Point Dume, Malibu, California. Ad 2023 And Ad 3978

Image credits: Stotallytob3r

#27 Statue Of Liberty Under Construction In Paris, Circa 1882. Photo Composite By Julian Knez

Image credits: Dave-1066

The r/OldPhotosInRealLife subreddit acts like a digital time machine, bringing generations together. It’s a bridge connecting the past and today, offering a fascinating and heartwarming visual link to history. Keep scrolling and explore more pictures by the group. Find additional historical gems in our earlier editions: here, here, here, and here.

#28 The Curecanti Needle, Black Canyon, Colorado, 1880s vs. 2023

Image credits: kredditork

#29 Warsaw City Centre, 1944/2022

Image credits: mieszkogs

#30 The World’s Oldest Undeground Station, Baker Street, England. 157 Years Apart

Image credits: JesusPrice31

#31 Van Gogh In Arles 1888 And Locations Now

Image credits: stumpjungle

#32 Hoover Dam Water Level July 1983 vs. December 2022

Image credits: HD_Adventure

#33 Sydney, Australia – 1932 vs. 2022

Image credits: theferrolgamer

#34 Acropolis Of Athens (Greece) 1670-1860s-2021

Image credits: dctroll_

#35 Route 66 Between Barstow And Oro Grande, Ca. 1917 And 2023

Image credits: cappycorn1974

#36 Monaco In To Catch A Thief In 1955 And In 2021

Image credits: BricksHaveBeenShat

#37 Naples, Italy

Image credits: Mahammad_Mammadli

#38 The Home Of Al Capone In Chicago In The Late 1920s

Image credits: reddit.com

#39 Süreyya Beach In 1940s And Nowadays, Istanbul

Image credits: Mahammad_Mammadli

#40 My. Rushmore Before And After Carving

Image credits: mrl33602

#41 San Francisco 1920 And 2020

Image credits: Redditmemebotlol

#42 The Same View Of Hong Kong In 1964 And 2016

Image credits: biwook

#43 Kedarnath Temple, Rudraprayag, Uttarakhand, India. Photos From 1882 And 2022

Image credits: 1NbSHXj4

#44 Parthenon (Athens, Greece). 1875 vs. 2022

Image credits: dctroll_

#45 Boston – Elevated Highway Moved Underground, Replaced With Green Space. (1990s V. 2010s)

Image credits: rrsafety

#46 Looking North On The East Side Of 5th Avenue From East 34th St In Midtown Manhattan, New York. (1910’s vs. Today)

Image credits: morganmonroe81

#47 Church Of The Redeemer In Toronto, 98 Years Apart

Image credits: jayatil2

#48 Miami X-Ray Clinic 1942 And 2023. Dr. Samuel H. Johnson Became The First Black Radiologist In South Florida To Serve The Area’s Black Population For Those Denied X-Rays At The Hospital

Image credits: alanboston

#49 Ouro Preto, Brazil

Image credits: lorthemario

#50 An Elephant Protecting Its Herd, Charges And Derails A Train (128 Years Ago Today)

Image credits: Dennis_Gachanja

#51 10 Years In Detroit. 2009 And 2019. House Proud Lawn Mowing To Abandoned Debris

Image credits: Christopherfromtheuk

#52 Australia’s Wonderland, Sydney. Now Lost

Image credits: bong_cumblebutt

#53 The Maplewood Hotel In Pittsfield, Mass In The Early 1900s, And The Same Spot In 2016

Image credits: ceaselesslyintopast

#54 London In 1980 vs. Now

Image credits: Real_Madrid007

#55 Grossinger’s Outdoor Pool, Olympic-Sized. Built In 1949 At A Cost Of $400,000 (About $5 Million In Today’s Market.)

Image credits: bong_cumblebutt

#56 Allen House, San Diego, California. One Of The Earliest Examples Of Modernism/Minimalism In Architecture. 1907 And 2014

Image credits: JasonBob

#57 Intersection Of Beaufait And Darby Avenues, Porter Ranch, San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles – From A Scene In “E.t.” In 1982 And In 2022

Image credits: theemmyk

#58 The Boyle Hotel In Los Angeles Has Undergone A $24.6 Million Renovation

Image credits: stevejollifee

#59 1901 Mail Coach At The Alice Springs Telegraph Station 2019

Image credits: twosharprabbitteeth

#60 Trevi Fountain, Rome

Image credits: hankmeisterr

#61 Southern Suburb Of Beirut (Lebanon) 2006 vs. 2021

Image credits: dctroll_

#62 American Embassy In Greece, 1962 And 2022

Image credits: aceraspire8920

#63 Escobar Street In Havana 1950 And Now

Image credits: alely92

#64 Ray Liotta And Joe Pesci Outside A Queens, NY Diner In The Movie Goodfellas (Filmed In 1989)

Image credits: reddit.com

#65 Home Alone Time Gap

Image credits: MrMacBro

#66 Ann Arbor 1964 & 2019

Image credits: nomutantenemy

#67 Toronto, 1973-2023

Image credits: Ourkidof91

#68 My Kids Playing Along The Shoreline At Our Camp In 2022 And My Brother And I Back In 1991

Image credits: jrinneard

#69 Saltair Pavilion, Great Salt Lake, Ut, 1910s And Now

Image credits: kredditork

#70 M*a*s*h Set Location Early 70s vs. 2023

Image credits: HD_Adventure

#71 Harlem 30 Years Ago And Now

Image credits: reddit.com

#72 Before 9/11 And After 2015

Image credits: reddit.com

#73 Mosquito Crossing, Greensboro Georgia (1939 vs. 2021) 1939 Photo Is By Marion Post Wolcott (Colorized By Me). 2021 Is Google Street View

Image credits: morganmonroe81

#74 Washington St. Brooklyn, NY – 1974 & Today

Image credits: anon

#75 Eastwick, Philadelphia, 1927 (Colorized) vs. 2022

Image credits: TheSandPeople

#76 Chicago Skyline 1986 vs. 2022 (As Seen In Perfect Strangers)

Image credits: JohnLocke815

#77 Downtown Toronto (1953 vs. 2017)

Image credits: jayatil2

#78 Irving Mall 1984 vs. Irving Mall 2022

Image credits: dogmankid2007

#79 Queen And Soho, Toronto, Canada – 2009 And Now

Image credits: UrbanThenAndNow

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