79 Times Women Spotted Cringeworthy Dating Or Social Situations, And Shamed Them Online

Dating and relationships are difficult even on a good day. And good days are pretty rare. Unfortunately, that is the reality women live in when navigating the romantic world. At least they have a place to vent.

The subreddit r/FemaleDatingStrategy has 175K members (or as it calls them, queens), constantly discussing their love lives, and that includes all the nonsense that arises too. Continue scrolling and check out what they have to say.

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#1 That Really Puts It In Perspective

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Recently we have been talking more and more about how women feel in our society. Most of these women would say they feel unsafe and threatened, usually by men. Women can’t wear what they want, in fear that they are going to attract the wrong kind of attention. Picking outfits has become a game of balancing how to be decent enough not to attract unwanted male attention, with also looking the way you want to look and feeling confident.

#2 Oops

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#3 Poetic Justice

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Women are also expected to fit into beauty standards perfectly. They can’t be too fat, but also can’t be skinny. They have to have big boobs, a skinny waist, and then a huge butt. And it goes on and on and on without end. Even going as far as how women should talk, behave and act. That’s why it’s so empowering to see women finally standing up for themselves and being who they are, instead of who people want them to be. They are aware of their worth and are raising their standards and not settling for ‘good enough.’

#4 Say It Louder For The People In The Back!!

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#5 Men Only Bringing The Audacity, Yet Again, To The Table!

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#6 Some Men Need To Learn This

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#7 Being In You 20’s Should Be About Self Development, Your Eduction And To Lay The Foundation For Financial Independence

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#8 Henry Viii’s Wives If They’d Never Met Him

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#9 Even A 35 Yo Man Has These Same Meltdowns But They’re The Logical Sex!!!

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#10 This Is Why We Can’t Even Trust The “Good” Guys

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#11 I Got You, Babe

Image credits: Myplummms

#12 How Many Of You “Developed” Issues While In A Relationship? I’ll Go First: Depression And Anxiety. Cured As Soon As We Broke Up

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#13 They Will Always Make “Single Mothers” The Villains To Shift Blame From Male Predators Or Male Parental Child Neglect

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#14 A Queen Grandmama

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#15 Never Settle For Less Than You Deserve

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#16 100% True For Me

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#17 Lol

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#18 Leave Him In The Dust

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#19 Thoughts?

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#20 It Never Ends

Image credits: Lucifers_Treasurer

#21 We Used To Think We Were Always At Fault

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#22 Tea

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#23 Used Or New, We Will Run You Over

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#24 Reminder

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#25 Nothing But Truth

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#26 Geee I Wonder Why

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#27 Why Are Males?

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#28 Cracks Me Up Every Time

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#29 The Message

Image credits: Brown_chick45

#30 If You Catch Feelings Easily, This Might Help! Stay Strong!

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#31 Keep It Real Out There

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#32 A Trend I’ve Noticed Among Lvm

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#33 “Nudes?” He Asked Hopefully

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#34 Keep Your Friends Safe!

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#35 Shrug

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#36 Mom Praising Son-In-Law For The Bare Minimum

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#37 Watch The Way Men Treat Women They’re Not Attracted To

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#38 Call Their Bluff 2020

Image credits: pascalines

#39 Stop Normalizing Men’s Immaturity

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#40 Perfect Way To Deal With Their “Jokes”

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#41 Where Is The Lie?

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#42 Never Let Them Get Comfortable!

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#43 Speaks For Itself

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#44 Seriously

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#45 This Almost Makes Me Want To Redownload Dating Apps To Do The Same!

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#46 Thought This Belongs Here. (From Selfawarewolves… Men Are So Close, I Can’t Decide If They’re Ignorant On Purpose Or Genuinely Can’t Grasp Basic Concepts)

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#47 Women Are 6x More Likely To End Up Divorced If They Are Diagnosed With Cancer Or Ms, Than If Their Male Partners Were Facing The Same Illness

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#48 Being Decent Isn’t Difficult

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#49 We All Know Why

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#50 Please Share Stories Of Some Weirdly Specific Rules You Set After *that* One Guy

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#51 Say It Louder For These Predatory Men!

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#52 Girlfriends/Wives Are Not On The List Of In-Network Therapists

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#53 Exactly

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#54 Wow

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#55 Be A Hvm In All Aspects Of Life

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#56 Love A Good Roast

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#57 Ladies, Let’s All Do Our Best To Teach The Next Generation Of Women This. While Sexual Adultification Affects Young Black Women The Most, It Definitely Occurs To Young Women Of All Backgrounds

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#58 That’s Gonna Be A No From Me

Image credits: Flums666

#59 Women Protect Women From Harm. Men Protect Other Men’s Ability To Lie, Cheat, And Knowingly Harm Women

Image credits: Twohagsover30

#60 Instead Of Holding Rapists/Harassers Accountable, He Mocks Women For Trying To Protect Themselves. A True Pos

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#61 100% Accurate. Never Let It Slide

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#62 My Wish For 2021 And Beyond Is That More Women Realise That They Don’t Have To Put Up With Callous, Selfish Behaviour In Their Relationships

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#63 So Glad He Is Her Ex

Image credits: divination__

#64 Psa: As Soon As Man Says That, Run The Opposite Direction Sis. This Is Red Flag. Manipulation

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#65 Reason #6567 Why Being Single Is Better Than Settling

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#66 Facts

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#67 ‘compromise!!’

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#68 Be That Kind Of Direct, Lol!

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#69 Most Stay-At-Moms Do Not Get The Luxury Of Building A Career, Or Even The Luxury Of A Personal Life This Is How Women End Up In A Financial Trap With No Support

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#70 For Real Though

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#71 Potent

Image credits: theterminatress

#72 Mic Drop

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#73 *internal Screaming, Forever*

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#74 Made Me Chuckle. Accurate!

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#75 Enough Said

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#76 It Do Be Like That

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#77 Hvm Right There. Take Note Scrotes

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#78 Imagine: It’s Your Life

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#79 This Is Nice But If You’re On A Date At Hooters It’s Already Not Going Well

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