8 Questions With…Clorophilla

It’s impossible to close it in a box, imagination runs free.

New week, new interview! Here – at Feel Desain – we tried to define Ludovica Basso aka Clorophilla’s art, but the result is barley impossible. Inspiration has no place and she can turn into art everything she touches.

The Italian-based artist Clorophilla works with several mediums. Her output consists of various disciplines: collage, illustration, digital and analogic photography, animation and embroied. Below our 8 questions with…Clorophilla!

1.Holy and profane, analogue vs digital, sewing and a little bit of vintage… who’s Clorophilla? 

Clorophilla is a versatile artist that lives in front the sea and use to travel often. Her world is an imaginary one by magical creatures, hearts in fire, falling stars, ex voto, halos where holy and unholy come together and there’s no bound between different arts.

2. What kind of influence your style has and who are your reference points?

During the university I had the pleasure to work at MIAAO, Museo Arti Applicate in Turin, where I expanded my horizon in the arts. I’m always searching for stimulations and inspirations. I use to study and research a lot to enrich my background. From a stylist point of view I always try to catch up and experiment new techniques. My inspirations come everywhere from history of art, anthropology, religion, travels to yoga. My favorite masters are Picasso, Matisse, Leonora Carrington, Keith Haring and Basquiat.

3. Your passion for travel is clear. Better alone or with someone?

My curious soul always push me to find new horizons, they can be either near home or abroad, the important thing is maintain a fresh and open mind to appreciate all the surrounding. Every trip it’s unique either in good company or alone.

4. Every piece seems unique and has a magic soul that nowadays is hard to find…what do you think of digital and what about your relationship with technology?

I do love breathing life into objects gathered during my researches and my trips, manufacturing unique pieces which have a new life and a past to share. Technology keeps me up to date, it is my window on the world. I also use it to create my illustrations and animations. Socials have allowed me to build a wide net of connections on my same wave which after deepened in real life. When I travel I’d rather prefer to draw on my sketchbook, take pictures with my analog camera to fully enjoy every moment

5. If you had the possibility to choose with whom to work with (brand or other artist), what name would you do?

My 2018 was rich of awesome collaborations and I wish to have to work with some fashion brand even this year. On top of my wishlist are Gucci and Missoni!

6. Can one live comfortably as an illustrator?

Besides my illustrator job I also an online shop (to see more here), where I sell my unique pieces, from customized clothing to various objects. Furthermore, during the summer season, I manage a B&b in Liguria located on top of an ancient Saracen borgo furnished by my creations. It’s called A Creuza (www.acreuzaverezzi.com).

A view from Clorophilla’s Art B&B

7. Your personal recipe for creativity.

Creativity for me is life, passion, expression, research and color.

8. What are your upcoming projects?

My goal for 2019 is keep working on animations, possibly by supplementing collages, keep on practicing the art of handpoke tattoo and attend ceramic school.

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