8 Tools Still Made in USA, How Slot Machines Are Designed to Be so Addictive & More

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“My signature was a result of a class assignment in Design School. I’d read about Oscilloscope signals. My family name is four letters with the ‘M’ resembling a ray trace on an oscilloscope screen. It was relatively easy to take it from there.” —Syd Mead

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

90 artists around the world follow the instructions to “Look up, paint what you see“.

Will someone please purchase this van on my behalf?

Trump’s Sharpie sketch of the Empire State Building is being auctioned off for 12 grand.

Eight great tools still made in the USA.

A cool interactive article that demonstrates how exactly slot machines are designed to be addictive.

“The rise of the made-for-Instagram museums.”

Government breaks that can get more electric cars on the road.

“I only started weaving at this large scale in this last nine months. I was really inspired by Azilal rugs that are made in Morocco—each one tells the story of the woman who made it.” —Katherine Entis

How parks lose their playfulness.”

When you’re on conference call waiting for the person on the other line to finish their spiel…

Telecommunication Services for the 1990s (made in 1969).
But that Mewtwo though. Via Are.na.

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