80 Beautiful And Cute Bugs You May Not Have Seen Before

Yes, we did it – we’ve checked under the Internet’s rug and found some bugs, insects, caterpillars, arachnids, and their kin that’ll make you go ‘awwww’ instead of ‘ewwww’ upon inspecting the cute photos. But, really, who could’ve thought that bugs can be as cute as this? In my book, they were the lurkers of dark corners, creeping up your arm with their fragile-yet-nightmarish legs, seeing a bazillion you’s with their segmented eyes destined to horror movie fame, inspecting the crevasses of your nostrils with their mandibles in your sleep. But now, the tables have turned, and out of the seedy corners and straight into the rays of sunshine do cute bugs go. Don’t believe me? Well, just check out our list full of the cutest insects and bugs ever – it might change your mind, too! 

There are regular bugs doing cute bug stuff like possibly waving at you with their tiny legs (no mandibles here!), leaving adorable trails on your dewy car, or adorning your sweater like the fanciest brooch. Then there are exotic bugs so inherently charming that they were added to this list purely because they exist. We’re talking about the Picasso bug, the Orchid Mantis, Red-Nose Lanternfly, and many others whose names are both really descriptive and baffling at the same time. And after all, with ten quintillion (that’s nineteen zeros – 10,000,000,000,000,000,000) bugs on earth, it’s a tough job to give each colorful bug an equally adorable name. 

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Now, lovebugs, and those who love bugs, stretch your fingers, prepare your cutest grin and scroll down below. Even a bug-hater will find these colorful, smooth and shiny, or fluffy and soft bugs at least a tiny bit adorable, we promise! So, pick the not-so-creepy crawlies that you’ve treasured the most, give them your votes, and share your insights with us, wanna-be entomologists!

#1 Made A New Friend

Image credits: rachieface76

#2 My BF’s House Is Full Of Little Rosy Maple Moths

Image credits: chels182

#3 A Bumblebees Butt And Lil Legs Hanging Out Of A Flower

#4 I Found A Jumping Spider In A Makeup Brush Today

Image credits: WormWithGoodIntent

#5 Eww!! Bugs Can’t Be Adorab…. Never Mind

Image credits: RamRoach1138

#6 Hand Fed A Bumblebee

Image credits: ShiftKeyOnBus

#7 Dragonfly With A Face

Image credits: jsmooth7

#8 My Silkworm Hatched From It’s Cocoon Today And Became A Tiny Teddy-Bear Bug

Image credits: garythecoconut

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#9 Landed On My Friend And Hung For A While, Tried To Square Up Too. Found Near Water In The Willamette Valley, OR

Image credits: letwettuce

#10 I Realize This Is Unconventional, But Please Give It A Chance. Introducing: The Central American Puppy Spider! Only 2 Mm Full Grown

Image credits: joot78

#11 Saw This Little Guy At The Shooting Range Today

Image credits: wasintme

#12 Found A Bunch Of Tiny Grasshoppers While I Was Surveying A Corn Field. They’re So Cute

Image credits: squarewafflez

#13 Spicebush Swallowtail Caterpillar Pretending To Be A Snake

Image credits: crumbbelly

#14 This Cute Buff Ermine Moth

Image credits: lemonlazarus

#15 Found This Little Jumping Spider Peeking Out From His House

Image credits: BlahWitch

#16 Mississippi, Looks Like A Baby Praying Mantis

Image credits: Unit_Any

#17 The Orchid Mantis

Beautiful specimens such as this are rare because their color makes them hard to fucking see in the rain forest, which is why they are colored as such.

Image credits: LordRandAlThor

#18 So I Heard My Mom Screaming About A Spider In Her Room. Simply Terrifying

Image credits: jasonpuma

#19 Found This Guy In Iran

Image credits: Saattack

#20 This Moth My Neighbor’s Dog Found

Image credits: SleepingFoots

#21 Them Big Ol Peepers

Image credits: PlantainWide9540

#22 A Lot Of Mantis Species Are Cute But In My Eyes Nothing Can Quite Beat Eremiaphila SP. It’s A Very Small Desert Mantis That Looks Like It’s Straight Out Of A Disney Cartoon!

Image credits: Ryaquaza1

#23 Lady Bug Made A Trail In The Morning Dew On My Car

Image credits: MyDadVersusYours

#24 In AZ, Found Battling My Cat So I Moved It

Image credits: blepblopp

#25 Check Out This Moth

Image credits: SirFancii

#26 A Weevil From My Backyard, I Love Weevils So Much

Image credits: PinkFridayTheFirst

#27 Poodle Moth

Image credits: Wendelllyn

#28 Cute Little Green Grocer, He Looked Velvety Soft

Image credits: banana_llama7

#29 This Moth I Spotted

Image credits: Bedlam10

#30 This Bumblebee Carried Youngster On His Back

Image credits: Kleinbeertjie

#31 This Purely Golden Bee Landed On My Car Today

Image credits: EliteDangerous72

#32 Happy Little Stink Bug Eggs

Image credits: punchypariah

#33 One Of My Hissing Roaches Molted And Looks Like An Adorable Cartoon Character

Image credits: SmolderingDesigns

#34 Tiny Bright Red Bug Found On A Hike On A Mountain In Northern Taiwan

Image credits: Behindtheonewayglass

#35 It’s Kind Of Orangish-Yellow And A Little Fluffy. It Looks Like Some Kind Of Beetle To Me. Found In North-Eastern Germany

Image credits: beekerns

#36 Hello Friends

Image credits: stonerwitch69

#37 Spiderbro On My Hanging Plant

Image credits: frogmommyy

#38 Fuzzy Little Moth

Image credits: im_not_zelda

#39 The Eggs Of The Green Shield Bug (Palomena Prasina) Look Like Emojis

Image credits: markorokusaki

#40 My Orchid Mantis Is Cute As A Button

Image credits: SnappleBear12

#41 I Met A Cute Little Mantis Last Night

Image credits: PhotonicBoom21

#42 Here’s One Of My Isopods. He Seems Angry, But Was Just Hungry

Image credits: Thamnosebleeed

#43 Found In Gorakhpur India

Image credits: Rameshwar____

#44 Cute Moth I Rescued From A Screened In Room At My Nursery In Central FL

Image credits: cinister12

#45 Cubaris Jupiter Quickly Becoming One Of My Favorite Pet Isopods

Image credits: Isopod Source

#46 Found A Cute Jumping Spider Today At The Gardening Store

Image credits: libbeef

#47 I Was Told You All Would Like My Polite, Six-Legged Daughter!

Image credits: Major_Monotone

#48 Cute Little Spider

Image credits: macrotif

#49 Cute Male Carpenter Bee

Image credits: cognizant-iconoclast

#50 Little Moth Says “Yo”

Image credits: Svenlonhdong

#51 This Is Frank, The Jumping Spider That Eats Our House Flies For Us

Image credits: MannyDantyla

#52 Found When I Went To Pick Up My Highlighter. Little White Bug With Dark Spots, Sitting On End Of Highlighter. Central Florida

Image credits: dare-iq

#53 This Little Guy Is Climbing

Image credits: Haybayz13

#54 Little Cute Fuzz Waving Hi

Image credits: puddelles

#55 Cute Jumper

Image credits: 8legs77

#56 This Pink And Yellow Moth

Image credits: TheHighestFever

#57 Adorable Rosy Maple Moth I Found Today

Image credits: Arditi1889

#58 I Have This Image In My Phone For Years

Image credits: W00dzy87

#59 A Greedy Boi

Image credits: vethansul

#60 Sup, Little Buddy

Image credits: irrelevant_twaddle

#61 A Teal Colored Weevil

Image credits: b-amboo

#62 Yellow Lady Bug

Image credits: tomonori_ikimono

#63 I Thought I Dropped A Grape

Image credits: Kelsodore

#64 I Found This Cute Mantis The Other Day

Image credits: remotectrl

#65 I Think It’s Time For A New Artwork

Image credits: insecthaus_adi

#66 Regal Walnut Moth

Image credits: maybmayhem

#67 Weird Blonde Fly With Bright Green Eyes Found On Rottnest Island, WA

Image credits: SnailOfFail

#68 This Cute, Hairy Beetle

Image credits: mahlerific

#69 A Cute Little Weevil I Just Found In Our Garden

Image credits: nikbru

#70 A Nut Weevil That Came In The Window To Say Hello. Such A Cute Little Bug

Image credits: DidntDoItReally

#71 Two Cute Lady Bugs

Image credits: ErikTanghe

#72 My Little Girl, Magpie

Image credits: PaleontologistOk9847

#73 One Of The Cute Jumping Spiders Of My Life, Isn’t She Cute

Image credits: Formicophile

#74 One Of My Dubias, Freshly Molted So We Could See Its Cute Little Face!

Image credits: xeroxbulletgirl

#75 My Mantis Egg Case Hatched 100+ Cuties

Image credits: skullharvest

#76 Subadult Phidippus Arizonensis

Image credits: Unlucky-Newspaper228

#77 Long-Armed Scarab

Image credits: cooleoptera

#78 Hello, Is It Me You’re Looking For? I Can See It In Your Eyes… Wild Evarcha In New Mexico Garden

Image credits: Pollinator-Web

#79 A Freshly Hatched Walking Stick! So Cute And Still Soft

Image credits: ArtemisSouth

#80 Did A Little Photo Shoot With A Friend

Image credits: auttersage

Source: boredpanda.com

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