80 Entitled Pet Owners Who Are Beyond Delusional

Let’s get a few things straight, right out of the gate. Pets are not supposed to be your status symbols. They’re not meant to be something you brag about only because of how much they cost you. They’re not something you should be haggling over online. And they’re not supposed to be excuses for owners to bully others because they don’t cater to their every demand.

Our fuzzy, furry, and feathered friends are living, breathing, thinking, and feeling beings who deserve our love, care, and respect. Some owners focus on the wrong things.

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Unfortunately, the simple fact is that the world isn’t a perfect place and there are plenty of entitled pet owners who view the animals under their care from very bizarre perspectives. Some might complain about the price of a pet being way too high/low. Others are picky to the point of madness. And still, others demand that the entire world bend to them and their pets’ every desire. And then they get all angry when they don’t.

We’ve collected some of the most egregious examples of delusional and entitled pet owners from the r/ChoosingBeggars subreddit, to show you how not to behave. Scroll down, but remember to hold on to your hats, it’s going to be a wild ride. You might want to cuddle your dog or cat once you reach the bottom of the list. Oh, and before we forget, here’s a gentle reminder: don’t shop—adopt!

Bored Panda wanted to understand just how big of a responsibility it is to own a pet, as well as what the signs of a good pet owner are, so we reached out to Ingrid Johnson, a certified cat behavior consultant and the founder of Fundamentally Feline. She told us that a good pet parent is someone who educates themselves about what’s involved in caring for a pet before adoption. Read on for our full interview with Ingrid.

#1 Old Lady Demands Free Therapy Dog

Image credits: college12345678

According to cat behavior consultant Ingrid, when pet parents educate themselves before getting an animal, they ensure that they have the right resources (from time and money to actual physical space) to meet the pet’s physical and environmental needs.

“They are also going to seek the help of qualified professionals to ensure they are providing the best possible standards of care,” she said that pet owners should seek out the help of vets, behaviorists, as well as trainers.

“Cats are not the low maintenance pets they have been touted to be, they require attention, training, grooming and, in my opinion, a high standard of care to ensure quality of life,” the founder of Fundamentally Feline stressed the fact that having a cat isn’t as easy as some people think.

#2 Also What Color Would You Like Your Dog To Be?

Image credits: ycebotz

#3 Woman Looking For Someone To Walk Her Dog Every Day For Free Gets Called Out In The Comments For Asking Someone To Do It Free When She Charges People $20/H To Walk Their Dogs

Image credits: aisyale

We also spoke to Ingrid about empathy towards animals and what some people can do to increase it while also changing their perspectives on pets. The cat behavior consultant explained to Bored Panda that she’d tell someone who might treat pets as commodities to visit their local animal control.

“Not even a rescue group, but a regular, municipal shelter. If more people submerged themselves into the darker side of the animal rescue world, fewer people would want to buy the fancy purebred and hopefully opt to adopt and save someone on death row,” she said.

“They will also learn that shelters and rescue groups are stocked with fancy purebreds that have been given up on for a variety of reasons. The only way to break the cycle is education. In my opinion, we should not continue to breed animals the way we have been (and making new, ‘hybrid’ breeds) when there are hundreds of thousands dying in shelters every year! Rescue one until there are none! Don’t shop, adopt!” Ingrid urged anyone who’s thinking of getting a pet to visit their local shelter.

#4 $100 For Purebred/Designer Puppy. Justifies Price Because Humane Society’s Adoption Fees Are $85, And Needs It For Emotional Support. Has Previously Adopted, Then Given Away Multiple Dogs Due To Housing Problems. So Many Red Flags

Image credits: _easilyamused

#5 Someone Posted On Our Local Yard-Sale Site 2 Days Ago Requesting Emergency Help In Fostering A Dog For 2 Weeks While A Newly-Homeless Family Waited To Move Into Their New Home. I, A Complete Stranger, Offered To Home This Dog For Free….and This Is What I Get

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Image credits: alexsangthat

#6 Dog Park Karen Complaining Over The Size Of A Free Treat From Starbucks

Image credits: freakngeek13

There’s a lot that goes into caring for our animal buddies. We have to provide them with healthy food, water, a place to live, and ways to help keep them entertained. That’s on top of giving them enough snuggles to make all the other pets in the neighborhood jealous.

Some entitled owners might be focusing on the wrong things and completely ignoring what it is that their pet buddies actually need.

One of the worst things that any owner can allow to happen to their pet is letting it become overweight. Obesity leads to a lot of health problems in our animal companions. For example, obese dogs have an increased risk of developing diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and hypertension.

What’s more, their joints wear out faster and they can develop urinary bladder stones. Their quality of life suffers immensely. That’s why it’s vital that their owners do everything in their power to provide them with a healthy diet and sufficient opportunities for movement.

#7 Dogs Are Expensive – Even If Your Heart Is Full Of Love

Image credits: SkeeLee

#8 My Friend Encountered The Worst Cb Tonight When Trying To Find Homes For Puppies That Her Dog Had

Image credits: thisisathrowaway6394

#9 This Girl Posted An Exhaustive List Of Acceptable And Unacceptable Gifts For Her Dog’s Birthday. Yes, Her Dog. Basically She Wants Money

Image credits: annieesquad

Previously, Dr. Ernie Ward, the founder of the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, explained to Bored Panda why exactly obesity is the biggest health threat to dogs and cats.

“Dogs suffering from obesity have a much greater risk of developing arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer. Studies also show that dogs with obesity live about 2.5 years less than those at a healthy weight,” he told us.

#10 Friend Showed Me This. Some Rando Wanted Her To Dog-Sit Just Because She Fosters Rescue Dogs

Image credits: Lady_of_Shadows

#11 She Really Wants Him To Change His Dog Name, The Dog Came First

Image credits: fozzythemexican

#12 I Wanted To Buy An Old Console For 50, And They Raised The Price $5 For Fees. I Agreed To Pay The New Price, Only To Have Them Raise It Another $5 To Save Their Dog

Image credits: ahijazi73

“More recent research proves that overweight or dogs with obesity have a lower quality of life, as reported by their pet parents. To put it bluntly, the fact is that dogs with obesity aren’t able to live and enjoy their best lives, and we must do better,” he warned.

“When people ask me if it’s better for a dog or cat to have obesity, I tell them ‘neither.’ Obesity is a disease and, as a veterinarian, I swore an oath to prevent animal disease and suffering. My goal is to prevent pet obesity and I’ve spent the last twenty years researching and teaching nutrition and weight loss methods to committed veterinary professionals and concerned pet parents.”

#13 Yes, You Definitely Need To Buy A Dog So Someone Else Can Watch Him 7 Days A Week For Free

Image credits: imgur.com

#14 I Tried To Give Away Two Harnesses That No Longer Fit My Dog. Did Not Go Well

Image credits: littlebossman

#15 This Lady Demands The Neutering Of Two Free Puppies, Then Freaks Out And Claims That The Poster Doesn’t Know Anything About “Dog Breads”

Image credits: sirsquid

Dr. Ward explained to us the similarities and differences between dogs, cats, and humans when it comes to obesity. He noted that dogs and humans are similar when it comes to losing weight and moving towards a healthier lifestyle. Both are omnivores, both use similar metabolic energy sources, and both get a lot of benefit from aerobic activities like walking.

“For dogs and humans, the weight-loss equation is about 60% to 70% diet and 30% to 40% physical activity. For cats, a species with different physiology and metabolism, it’s about 90% diet and only 10% exercise,” he said.

#16 Trying To Rehome My Sisters Dog And I Get This

Image credits: reddit.com

#17 Imagine Asking People In A Generous Group For $200 To Throw Your Dog A Birthday Party…people Go Out Of Their Way To Give You Money In A Pandemic And You Post This? She Tried Saying Later That Since She Said “I’m Super Grateful” That It Excused Her Being Super Ungrateful. I Can’t Even Lie I’m Mad

Image credits: Total_Trash_Baby

#18 No Recommendation For Her Because She Went To A Funeral Instead Of Taking Care Of My Dog

Image credits: anoobsearcher

“The first step toward a healthier weight for your dog is to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian. They will first determine your dog’s Body Condition Score (BCS), establish target weight loss goals and ideal weight, and calculate the number of calories you should feed each day,” the pet health specialist said that some dogs will need special therapeutic diets while other canines might only need to reduce the number of calories they eat each day.

#19 Giving Away A Cat On Facebook

Image credits: jebsly

#20 Cb Thinks Paying 29 Cents For A Timbit (Donut Hole) Is Unacceptable If It’s For A Dog

Image credits: meglizf

#21 Dude Is Moving To New York And Wants Someone To Take Care Of His Pet For An Extended Time, Gets Mad When Someone Asks For Compensation

Image credits: OctanePhantom

“Your veterinarian will also make sure there isn’t an underlying medical condition or disease causing the weight gain and that it’s safe to begin an exercise program. In general terms, a dog (and their pet parent) needs about 30 minutes of aerobic activity each day,” he said that walking is a great form of exercise because it’s efficient and easily accessible.

#22 “Donate Your New Car To Me Because I Don’t Want My Dogs To Trash My Own Car”

Image credits: selfishxmachine

#23 You Aren’t Allowed To Sleep At My House But I Expect You To Stay There For Five Hours Watching My Dog For Free

Image credits: lindsaysymons11

#24 Giving My Murderdog Who Killed A Cat… For 350!

Image credits: mandyryce

“I prefer it [walking] to most other exercises because that’s what dogs were designed to do best and most naturally. Plus, it’s free! When walking, be sure to use a walking harness and not a neck or choke collar to prevent injury to the trachea or windpipe region of the throat and neck,” he told Bored Panda.

According to the professional, dogs can lose from 3 to 5 percent of their body mass each month safely while they’re on a vet-supervised weight loss program.

#25 “Draw My Brothers Dying Dog For Free, R*tard”

Image credits: TerriblySimpleComics

#26 Won’t Take Her Dog To The Vet Until She Reaches Her Gofundme Amount. This Is How She Asks For Help

Image credits: GalaxyDaisy

#27 “Please Watch My Poorly Trained Dog And Be Liable For My Home And Belongings”

Image credits: Cosmikwreck

“Younger and more active dogs may lose a little more, depending on the amount of exercise the pet parent can provide. The most important thing to do is to monitor the weight each month. If your dog isn’t losing the appropriate amount of weight in three months, you need to change the strategy,” Dr. Ward said.

#28 I See These Posts Every Other Day On My Neighborhood Facebook Group. Bit Of A Pet Peeve When People Request To “Adopt” A Purebred Puppy Or Kitten. Persian Kittens Cost $2000

Image credits: Herodias

#29 Even Dogs Have Standards That Must Be Met

Image credits: rider_of_the_storm

#30 I’m Completely Broke And Can’t Afford To Care For A Dog, But Can I Please Have A Puppy For Free?

Image credits: stalecupcxkes

“Weight loss is a dynamic and adaptive process, and dog parents must constantly evaluate what’s working or not. The great news is that, unlike cats, most dogs can reach their target weight within six to nine months. Cats can only lose about a half-pound per month, meaning losing four pounds will take about eight months if all goes well.”

#31 Anti-Vax Dog Mom Looking For A Groomer

Image credits: Ross1648

#32 Won’t Be Paying A Lot For Taking Care Of My Dog. Don’t Worry, At Least You Get Cuddles

Image credits: MnemicPagoda

#33 Walk My Dog In The Rain For Free!

Image credits: _whatcolouristhesky

#34 I Deserve A Free Dog Because The Shelters Are Just Going To Put Them Down Anyways

Image credits: Kabooie

#35 Sole Provider BF Generously Offers $600 For Unemployed GF To Get A New Dog, Apparently That’s “Not Enough”

Image credits: bluegrassmommy

#36 My Friend Adopted A Cat So I Want One Free And I Don’t Care If He’s Already Rehomed

Image credits: gundowncat

#37 I Can’t Afford A 3k Dog, So Just Give Me One For Free

Image credits: wickinked

#38 Want To Buy Things For My Cats?! I Can’t Afford It Myself, But I Want You To Get Them Expensive Stuff. Did I Mention I’m Adopting Another Cat I Want You To Shop For?

Image credits: MwahMwahKitteh

#39 Pay Me To Pet Sit My Dog

Image credits: bahhhhhnie

#40 There Was A $75 Reward For A Lost Cat

Image credits: enoxl

#41 Hear Me Out

Image credits: Number1DogMom

#42 Asking For Free Pets Is One Thing

Image credits: eliza_vic98

#43 I Want A Pet For Next To Nothing, You Need To Cover All The Expenses

Image credits: AssMart

#44 Responsible Pet Ownership

Image credits: imgur.com

#45 Person Offered Me There Dog For My Bike… What Should I Do?

Image credits: waynejetski96

#46 These Are The Type Of Dog Owners That’ll Dump A Dog On The Side Of The Road After A Year When It’s Not So Cute And Perfect Anymore

Image credits: QueefingQuerent

#47 ‘Give Me A Purebred Dog That Could Easily Go For $1300 For Free!!’

Image credits: SnailsandCats

#48 A Hamster Cage, That’s Free….just Wow

Image credits: NibbatoPrime

#49 Free Dog On Buy Sell Trade Post

Image credits: DamageContrl

#50 How Silly Of Me To Assume You Needed A Cat Sitter, I Wonder How I Came To That Conclusion!

Image credits: pikakim

#51 Choosing Beggar Wants You To Pay To Watch Their Dogs

Image credits: rhinothedin0

#52 In My City There’s A Cat Cafe That Has A Room With Cats Up For Adoption, Where You Can Play With Them And Have A Cup Of Coffee. Some People Don’t Understand These Proceeds Help Care For The Cats

Image credits: keeleighm359

#53 Free Cat

Image credits: iForceOP

#54 Lady Wants Someone To Pay Her For The Privilege Of Looking After Her Pets For A Month ?

Image credits: imgur.com

#55 Not Mine But Dude Literally Refuses To Return A Missing Family’s Cat. Cat Has Not Been Returned And There Is A Facebook Post Leaking His Number Asking For The Public To Help

Image credits: DumbBith19283746

#56 Was Mad That A Rescue Organization Who Spend Thousands And Can Barely Keep Up With Expenses Wouldn’t Give A Dog Away For Free

Image credits: atjmoulder

#57 Because Walgreens Is In Charge Of Feeding Your Dogs?

Image credits: AshleyJoy03

#58 I’d Love To Watch Your Dog For Like $2 An Hour!

Image credits: Retard_Alert92

#59 Local Pet Shop Gives Dogs In Shop Free Treats. Not Good Enough!

Image credits: elizabubblehead

#60 This Girl Used The Death Of Her Dog As A Means For Me To Bring Her Food

Image credits: mystifier7

#61 Looking For Doggy Playdates, But Not Willing To Pay Anything Or Host The Dogs At My House. This Neighbor Seems Fun

Image credits: mysecretredditlife

#62 Started A Small Side Hustle Of Doing Really Cheap Pet Portraits (6-10$) While I’m Out Of Work Because Of The Pandemic But Still Get Messages Everyday From People Asking For One For Free

Image credits: pachukisunrise

#63 Call In Sick To Work To Watch My Dog For The Day

Image credits: nicola90

#64 You Didn’t Have A “Good Experience” With Free Long-Term Pet Sitting? Shocking

Image credits: okaybutfirstcoffee

#65 I Want An Expensive, Purebreed Dog But I’m Not Willing To Pay For It

Image credits: 3789460947994

#66 You Bring Me Dog Now

Image credits: ChelBellsie

#67 I’m Here For A Free Pet. Can You Do All The Work, Though?

Image credits: ArinDClub

#68 Just Happened A Few Minutes Ago, Hope This Belongs. (They Wanted Someone To Watch Their 2 Dogs For 2 Months)

Image credits: reddit.com

#69 Free But No Shelter Pets

Image credits: stephenmcqueen

#70 Cb Spent All His Money On His Pets And Is Hungry. Neighbors Offer Him Food And He Declines For Cash Instead

Image credits: wjp1984

#71 Wants A Psychic Dog

Image credits: GoldenRetreevee

#72 Wants Dog For Free And You Have To Bring It To Them! Additional Child Guilt Trip Too

Image credits: YourWengerIsOut

#73 Lady Wants 5+ Acres For Free To Run An Animal Rescue, But Refuses To Foster Animals Because She Already Has A Couple Dogs

Image credits: Possibility_Just

#74 Just Got Sent This Via Instagram From A Page That Has 200 Followers. Seems Like A Way To Get Free Portrait Of Your Dogs Disguised As A Competition

Image credits: jessa1234

#75 Cb Is Willing To Pay $2.23 An Hour For A Full Time Pet Sitting Gig

Image credits: sweetdawg99

#76 You Didn’t Adopt My Pet? Well My Kid Killed It. Which Is Your Fault. And I Want Some Money

Image credits: SusieOPath

#77 Give Me Free Dog…aye No Bother

Image credits: big-g1980

#78 Gave A Donation For Shelter Volunteers To Draw Their Pet, Complains When It’s Not On Paper When The Shelter Said It Could Be Graphic Art Beforehand

Image credits: hdaszkie

#79 Need Someone To Watch My Pet For The Week Of Thanksgiving, During A Pandemic, And For Only $40

Image credits: Throwaway47321

#80 Donate $500+ Exotic Pets To Me But You Need To Be Close. I Ain’t Driving

Image credits: NotMyRealNameAgain

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