80 Funny, Chaotic And Downright Cursed Fridges Shared On The “Fridge Detective” Online Group

How much can the contents of a refrigerator say about a person? Turns out, a lot. At least according to the subreddit ‘Fridge Detective’.

There, people share a picture of what’s inside their refrigerator and others try to deduce things about them and their life based solely on the image.

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Oftentimes, the original poster joins the discussion to congratulate the right guesses or steer them in the right direction if folks are struggling a bit.

Bored Panda won’t ask you to replicate this and solve all the cases. We will, however, invite you to see just how colorful and chaotic the interiors of people’s refrigerators can be. Who knew that this kitchen appliance is like a reflection of ourselves?

#1 Enlighten Me

Image credits: SassMasterRecon

#2 This Person… Idw Them But This Person

Image credits: BangkokQrientalCity

#3 Fridge

Image credits: krasniimishka

#4 Thought You Guys Would Get A Kick Out Of This One

Image credits: TealTemptress

#5 Missing A Couple Of Things, What Do You Think? First Time Posting Here. Be Kind Pls

Image credits: phillip357

#6 Fire Away

Image credits: failed-_-abortion

#7 Looks Like Our Jobs Might Be In Trouble

Image credits: BanAllPineapples

#8 No Milk, Only Cat

Image credits: ThePointlessTimes

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#9 Just Got Back To The Country, In Self Isolation. Haven’t Had A Chance To Go Shopping Yet

Image credits: reddit.com

#10 What Can You Deduce

Image credits: Guido300

#11 Who Am I And Why Do I Exist

Image credits: sausagemilkshake

#12 Not Debbie’s !!!!!!

Image credits: cosmosbeyondlimits

#13 Couldn’t Make It Up Even If I Wanted To

Image credits: Ariyverd

#14 Woke Up Like This

Image credits: reddit.com

#15 My Cheese Fridge Brings All The Boys To The Yard

Image credits: katiebot5000

#16 Who Am I?

Image credits: bloody_brit

#17 This LEGO Stand Has Been Holding Up My Fridge Stand For 4 Years

Image credits: AHappyTeddyBear12

#18 This Is What Happens When You Take The Ice Tray Out Of A Freezer With An Automatic Ice Maker

Image credits: HiddedNinja

#19 Give It A Go

Image credits: momzadork

#20 Who Is This?

Image credits: ManInPeas

#21 Give Me Your Best Shot

Image credits: GloomyPitch2219

#22 Give It To Me Straight

Image credits: joeldor

#23 Noodle Is #1 Fridge Detective

Image credits: friendlynoodless

#24 Every Time I Clear Some Space In The Fridge, Noodle Thinks It’s For Him. What Can You Guess About Us?

Image credits: friendlynoodless

#25 Here Ya Go Detectives! What Say You?

Image credits: quiltsohard

#26 We All Want These Snacks

Image credits: anamatrix24

#27 Hmmmm

Image credits: impossible4

#28 So This Friend Of Mine Opened His Fridge And I Saw This F**king Monster

He then proceeded to take the milk and put it back while ignoring it and he will probably ignore it for another year. Took a picture afterwards. This is supposed to be potato btw.

Image credits: theSomberscientist

#29 Diabetes – Detective In The Wild

Image credits: copyrip

#30 How Crazy Can It Be?

Image credits: Brief-Resolve-5765

#31 Hope My Fridge Counts

Image credits: CouldBeAFurry

#32 What Does This Fridge Say?

Image credits: thiefofyourfandom

#33 What Do You Guys Think About Me?

Image credits: hava_seat_over_there

#34 Just Loaded Up For The Holidays!

Image credits: cyndeeer

#35 Help Me Guess

Image credits: femboy_expert

#36 Friends Fridge Left Me Puzzled. Tell Me All About His Mind Please

Image credits: turb0T

#37 Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road? Hmmm

Image credits: chicagodads

#38 Nothing Out Of The Ordinary Here. Do Your Best!

Image credits: fimelovemachine

#39 What Can You Tell?

Image credits: lazy_sleeper67

#40 Whose Fridge Is This?

Image credits: soscofflaw

#41 Legit One Of My Best Friend’s Refrigerators

Image credits: crufire

#42 The Pot Contains Vegetarian Chili. I Do Not Plan On Eating The Cat

Image credits: EmmyDeev

#43 Well Guys, Let’s Get To It

Image credits: scruggbug

#44 Just An Ordinary Fridge, Nothing To See Here!

Image credits: mrspencernorth

#45 Let Me Know

Image credits: KP0V0C

#46 What Does My Fridge Tell About Me?

Image credits: Mansikki-Chan

#47 What’s The Dealio Boys?

Image credits: possiple

#48 The One Who Pulls The Banana From The Ice Stone Becomes King Of The Fridge. Who Am I?

Image credits: weeponxing

#49 Take Your Best Shot

Image credits: reddit.com

#50 I Know It’s Pretty Basic

Image credits: ObeyHillReddit

#51 A Fan Of This Sub Suggested I Post This Here

Image credits: hanayellocat

#52 My Fridge Tryed To Take Over A Kiwi

Image credits: Seite88

#53 Disturbing You With My Protein Choices

Image credits: Masoa

#54 Guess Who And Guess Why

Image credits: ladyfuckyou

#55 Who Am I?

Image credits: Katisphere

#56 The Pizza Box Was Empty 🙁

Image credits: Select_Board_4780

#57 In Soviet Russia, Diet Watches You

Image credits: itsupforgrabsnow1989

#58 I Told The Neighbor That I Was All Out Of Eggs

Image credits: mbright28

#59 Who Am I?

Image credits: _westi_

#60 Pickle

Image credits: Zombieattackr

#61 Breakfast Time!

Image credits: potatispizza

#62 Do Your Worst!

Image credits: I_WadeWilson_I

#63 My Mother-In-Law Just Bought A Minibar And Sent Me This Picture With The Caption “Now During Quarantine I Just Close The Door And Pretend I’m In A Hotel Room”

Image credits: reddit.com

#64 The Unfinished Floor Is A Clue

Image credits: powersnack

#65 It’s Not Gluten Free

Image credits: Idzak

#66 My Girlfriend Has A Diet Coke Problem, She Leaves The Last Bit Of It In Case Of Emergency

Image credits: montydog01

#67 How Many And What Type Of People Live In This Household?

Image credits: Machonacho7891

#68 What Am I?

Image credits: PepperCatz

#69 Do Your Worst, Detectives

Image credits: 3_more_beers

#70 Alright Fellas, Have At It

Image credits: richmoney46

#71 “How Embarrassing. A House Full Of Condiments And No Food”

Image credits: mikestpierre

#72 The Door Of My Fridge Just Fell Off

Image credits: Chtwo

#73 Take A Guess

Image credits: Tacska

#74 All I’ll Ever Need

Image credits: ChaoticRaccoon

#75 Juice Time

Image credits: Ppap_is_lyf

#76 My Fridge Was Left Unattended For 5 Months Due To Covid-19. Yes That Is A Plant Growing In There. Who Was I 5 Months Ago?

Image credits: jgrent

#77 Just Went Grocery Shopping!

Image credits: corncob1865

#78 :3

Image credits: SnowBunneh_Karry

#79 Ok Detectives, What Do You Think About This One?

Image credits: MishaMykha

#80 What Do You Think?

Image credits: trummell95

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