81 Times People Had No Clue What Plant They Were Looking At, But The Internet Knew What It Was Right Away

Whatever you’re looking for out there in this big world, it must be on the internet. Even if you don’t even know the thing yourself, and in that case, the chances are you end up on Reddit.

It’s basically an online home of detectives who will use their joint effort to come up with a solid explanation for what is an object that you have no clue about. Known as r/Whatisthisthing, this community has 2M members and they help others with not necessarily the “why” but with the “what.” Read our previous posts about it here, here and here.

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And then, there’s this similarly awesome corner of Reddit with a botanical twist of hard-to-identify objects. Welcome to r/Whatsthisplant, a community of people created to identify plants that visitors submit. And let me tell you, this is one hell of a floral encyclopedia you never knew you needed. Scroll down through the best posts of mysterious plants explained and be sure to hit upvote on your favorite ones!

#1 What A Beautiful…?? What Is This


Image credits: RoseRoss186

#2 Found This Growing Voluntarily Over My Dog’s Grave

Spring beauty (Claytonia virginica)

Image credits: JoRHawke

#3 What Is This Alien Looking Flower?

Puya bromeliad

Image credits: Luckydog12

#4 What’s This Trippy Fella Called?

Cercis canadensis The Rising Sun Eastern Redbud

Image credits: Release1975

#5 What’s This Curly Cactus?

Cereus forbesii cv Spiralis

Image credits: black_rose_

#6 Beautiful Picture My Friend Sent Me To Identify

Santa Rita prickly pear

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Image credits: mixed-episodes

#7 From The Japanese Garden In Singapore

Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera)

Image credits: blabgasm

#8 What Flower Is This? Found On Facebook With No Context

Geum Reptans rose

Image credits: Raz1230

#9 Very General White Flowers. All Help Is Appreciated!

Saxifraga Arendsii

Image credits: distinct–shuffle

#10 Found In Holland, Mi. It’s Adorable Whatever It Is!

Chinese lanterns

Image credits: donja77

#11 Found In Ventura, Ca. Anyone Know What This Is?

Geraldton Carnationweed, Carnation Spurge (Euphorbia terracina)

Image credits: Wilmoire

#12 So I Found These Little Fluffballs. Not Sure What They’re Called! Location: Somewhere In Nunavut

Cotton grass, aka tundra cotton

Image credits: clarifrench

#13 My Sister’s Boyfriend Gave Her This Flower

Ornamental cabbage

Image credits: Saturnoz87

#14 What Kind Of Tree Is This?


Image credits: thephatangel

#15 Central Florida

Manihot grahamii (Hardy Tapioca)

Image credits: The_karma4ya

#16 What Are These Beach Flowers? Ignore The Elephant Seal

Ice plant

Image credits: VacuousVoid

#17 What Are These Flowers?

They are salvia but the cat is wildly distracting

Image credits: sadrice

#18 What Is This Satisfying Succulent?

Ice plant (Corpuscularia lehmannii)

Image credits: EffectiveEggplant1

#19 This Albino Plant In My Backyard. What Is It? And Have You Ever Seen An Albino Plant Before?


Image credits: DarkShadowGirl

#20 What’s This Bush?

Cotinus, aka smoke bush

Image credits: ColourMeCrazyDoctor

#21 What’s This Majestic Tree? (Must Be A Zillion Years Old?!)

Sterculia apetala

Image credits: canihavesome

#22 What Is This Whimsical Little Vine In Atlanta?

Ampelopsis brevipedunculata, “porcelain berry” or “Amur peppervine”

Image credits: moops04

#23 My Friends Parents Have A Red Rose Bush Where On One Particular Branch It Blooms These Beauties

Chimera Rose

Image credits: dishsoapalmighty

#24 Seen In Santa Monica, Ca. I Couldn’t Get Any Closer But It Looks Gorgeous!!


Image credits: arkwl

#25 What Are These Small White Flowers?

Avalanche Lilies

Image credits: NautySan

#26 What Is This Plant Object Found In Commercial Chickpea Can?

Cocklebur (Xanthium), which is toxic.

Image credits: goodgollymsdolly

#27 Unusual Cacti

Crested Mexican Fencepost Cactus, Pachycereus marginatus f. cristata

Image credits: Roughneck16

#28 Moved To A New House This Winter And This Beauty Is Welcoming The Spring. Portland, Oregon

Pink Flowering Dogwood, Cornus florida var. rubra

Image credits: serafino23

#29 Found A Squash(?) Growing In Our Apartment Garden Area. Husband For Scale

It’s known as various names such as Opo, Bottle Gourd and Calabash, Lagenaria siceraria.

Image credits: lanapocalypse

#30 Random Plant That Has Shown Up In My Garden For The First Time


Image credits: L4N3Y

#31 Would Like Know What Plant Makes These Flowers

Camellia japonica ‘pink perfection’

Image credits: Magporca

#32 My So’s Mother Has This Magnificent Plant, But She Couldn’t Identify It. Can Anyone Help

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Image credits: glowphotosglow

#33 I Guess I Don’t Really Care What It Is Just Saw This On My Hike And Thought It Looked Cool!

Wild yam (Dioscorea villosa)

Image credits: MeganopolisOkayCool

#34 Left On Our Balcony By Previous Tenants – I Love The Colours! Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Desert rose. Adenium obesum

Image credits: totoropengyou

#35 Tree In India

Fishtail Palm

Image credits: indicamon

#36 Found Online But I’m Curious To Know Which Plant Makes These Leaves

Jack’s Giant or Thailand Giant

Image credits: Contrenox

#37 I’m Obsessed With The Color Of This Tree. Would Love To Know What It Is For When I Become A Homeowner!

Orange Azalea cultivar

Image credits: mayococo

#38 Saw This Beauty Dropping My Kid Off On The First Day Is School. What Is This Tree Called. She’s Stunning

Golden dewdrop, Duranta erecta

Image credits: hp5al

#39 What Is This Fruit/Vegetable?

Perfume Wax Apple

Image credits: gangoat

#40 Seen At Huntington Botanical Gardens And I Was Sort Of Hypnotized By The Geometry

Colletia paradoxa, The Anchor Plant

Image credits: pigdoglogger

#41 This Is Robert, My Dad’s Other Pride And Joy. He Was Grown From A Cutting My Dad Made When He Moved In About 3 Years Ago

Tropic Snow Dieffenbachia

Image credits: defiantoptimist

#42 What Plant Is This, Street In Jerez, Spain

Those are common grape vines, Vitis vinifera.

Image credits: krup_z

#43 Apparently It’s A Fern!

Cyrtomium falcatum rochefordianum

Image credits: thestrible

#44 No Idea What It Is, Vietnam

Ghost’s foot (Trevesia burckii)

Image credits: Devenery

#45 Translucent Blue And Green Succulent (That I Have Never Seen Before)

Haworthia cooperi, Cooper’s Haworthia

Image credits: devi1duck

#46 Bright Purple Berries I Saw In Someone’s Front Yard. Se Pennsylvania 7a

Beautyberry, Callicarpa.


Image credits: Nuzzorama

#47 What’s The Name Of This Unusual Cactus?

Crusted Mammilaria mystax

Image credits: HorseRaper

#48 Can Someone Identify This Tree From The Biome At The Eden Project?? (Glasshouse UK)

African Corkwood Tree

Image credits: ANP92

#49 Wild Flower Found In The Mountain Area Of Central Chile

Chilean nasturtium

Image credits: lucasglas

#50 Found In Florida, Appears To Be From Whoville, What Is This Tree?

Ponytail palm, Beaucarnea recurvata

Image credits: runningfox3

#51 Mandala Looking Plant, Found The Picture Online, No Results With Tineye

Oxalis palmifrons

Image credits: applesauceplatypuss

#52 This Beautiful Two Toned Rose In My Garden. I Have Never Seen This Before

Rose Joseph’s Coat

Image credits: trieuvanvccvv

#53 Anyone Know This One?

Echeveria bloom

Image credits: harleylover2106

#54 Brought This Cactus A Couple Of Months Ago… Is This Normal? The Flower Is Hairy And Is Killing It By Its Size

Stapelia grandiflora

Image credits: Altruistic_Fox_1448

#55 Help

Spiral Aloe, Aloe polyphylla

Image credits: Pretty-Initiative630

#56 What Is This Beautiful Tree?

Rainbow Eucalyptus

Image credits: crispychickenadhd

#57 Can Anyone Tell Me What Is The Name Of This Beautiful Birdlike Plant?

Cyanotis tuberosa, Greater Cat Ears or Dew Grass

Image credits: palatino007

#58 6’ + Gorgeous Mystery Flower!

Double hollyhock

Image credits: ithappenedsofapp

#59 What Is This Plant? My Friend Ate One Of The Red Pods And I’m Concerned

Possibly cycad seed pod. I think your friend should go see a doctor.

Image credits: dldaniel123

#60 Purple And Blue, Six Petals


Image credits: Palana

#61 This Flower In South Australia?? Please And Thanks!


Image credits: sunlightbaby

#62 What Are These? The Devils Testicles? I Stepped On One With My Bare Heel And My Life Flashed Before My Eyes

Sweetgum, Liquidambar styraciflua seed pods.

Image credits: cookiemonstrosity54

#63 This Cactus I Have That Bloomed Last Year And Now This Year

Easter Lily Cactus – Echinopsis oxygona


Image credits: bikersquid

#64 These Guys Pop Up Once A Year Under My Garden Hose (Pnw)


Image credits: neverseenstarwars1

#65 Had This Little Cactus Since He Was Just One Arm. He’s So Happy Now He Has The Most Beautiful Flower I’ve Ever Seen! What Is He?

Life Saver plant, Huernia zebrina

Image credits: eatchurgreens

#66 I Don’t Know The Name Of This Plant But I Absolutely Love It

Monstera Standleyana

Image credits: plantlove101

#67 First Time Seeing This, Any Ideas?

Boophone haemanthoides, Namaqua Century Plant

Image credits: lifeonpluto

#68 Found In A Park In Qatar (Image From Google Street View)

Toborochi Tree

Image credits: CelestialChicken

#69 This Dude At A Calloway’s

Air plant, part of a group of plants called epiphytes

Image credits: bugplague

#70 My School’s Greenhouse Is A Goldmine

Tillandsia Duratii

Image credits: boobsaget_27

#71 Twisty Trees In Golden Gate Park

Leptospermum laevigatum, the coastal tea tree

Image credits: Erd319

#72 Who Is She???

Sedum Cherry Tart

Image credits: ozbo0712

#73 My Grandson Wants To Know What This Plant Is – Hope You Can Help, Thanks

Echium candicans, Pride of Maderia


Image credits: LawrenceLawler

#74 Wildflower On A Countryside Trail In Daylesford, Australia

Forget me nots

Image credits: manlikerealities

#75 Found In Rockville Md, Deep Orange Color

Cytisus ‘Lena’ (Broom)

Image credits: RANFF_R100

#76 Didn’t Know My San Pedro Cactus Had Flowers

That’s a Cereus Peruvianus, Peruvian Apple cactus, not a San Pedro


Image credits: ElBob31

#77 My Aunt Sent Me This Picture, Any Clue What It Is?

Anelsonia eurycarpa, Daggerpod

Image credits: Lofocerealis

#78 Found This Beautifully Designed Plant In My University In Malaysia. Would Like To Know What Is It And What’s The Process Used To Make It This Way

Ficus benjamima

Image credits: palatino007

#79 A Flower I Took From My Great Grandpas House After He Died, Just Started Flowering Again


Image credits: RadioPengin

#80 Found In A Walk In Keystone Colorado

Sugar pine cone


Image credits: impeesa75

#81 Biggest Leaf I’ve Ever Seen! Lancaster, Pa, USA

Princess Tree – Paulownia tomentosa

Image credits: TacoFlacaFlame

Source: boredpanda.com

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