82 Oddly Terrifying Pictures That Gave People The Creeps (New Pics)

Welcome to the corner of Reddit known as ‘Oddly Terrifying‘ that fires up your brain with some tingly sensations. How? Well, the title says it all. This community of a whopping 2M members has people sharing the weirdest, creepiest, and most unsettling pics of random objects, from natural artifacts to computer-generated images.

The whole entertainment of oddly terrifying pictures lies in its paradox—although it’s terrifying, it’s also impossible to look away. The pics captivate you like a horror movie you never signed up for, but still watch until the end with palms obscuring the screen. You look once, you look twice, and go “this is enough for me today,” only until realizing you’d like to see some more. After all, we all need some distraction.

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So scroll down through Bored Panda’s new batch of oddly terrifying pics, and be sure to check our previous post for some more when you’re done with this one.

#1 280 Million Year Old Fossil Found In Western Australia, Photo By Tom Kapitany

Image credits: creepthekid_

#2 A Webcam Appeared In The Bottom Of My Computer Screen After It Blue Screened

Image credits: LittleDuffy

#3 A British Tourist Filmed A ‘Monitor Lizard’ Coming Out From His/Her Toilet Bowl In Thailand

Image credits: YusufDumanN_

#4 Sears Tower During A Blackout

Image credits: bobolover90

#5 Mahatma Gandhi’s Statue After Some Prankster Added Red Lights To The Eyes Of It (San Francisco, 2019)

Image credits: Grimwolf-77

#6 This Abandoned Hospital Had A Visitor Last Night

Image credits: killHACKS

#7 They Are Evolving

Image credits: BigBlackOnyx

#8 This Statue With A Beehive For A Head

Image credits: babytigertooth005

#9 Fingers Without Nails

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Image credits: V3nd3l

#10 Biblically Accurate Angel

Image credits: Yachisaorick

#11 I’m So Disturbed Yet Also Intrigued

Image credits: Katsuki_Bakugo__

#12 Best Cinema Ever

Image credits: __ZEL

#13 My Daughter’s Bat Morph Suit

Image credits: mountainmorticia

#14 This Extremely Disturbing Face Swap

Image credits: FlameHank

#15 Oh No

Image credits: Electronic_Ad_8535

#16 This Corridor, Man… This Is Gonna Haunt Me On Dreams

Image credits: EltioEmiGomez7u7

#17 The Black Crack, A 65-Foot-Deep Fissure Along A Trail In Canyonlands National Park In Utah

Image credits: Boojibs

#18 At Vezio’s Castle In Italy There Are Lots Of These “Phantom” Like Statues

Image credits: Holt_97

#19 Imagine Seeing One In The Middle Of The Road While Driving

Image credits: GummyYummyBears

#20 The Ants Are Up To Something

Image credits: hahagnarlydude

#21 Pregnant With Triplets

Image credits: Chlorofil

#22 This Is True Fear

Image credits: Squaliebawse

#23 The Remains Of This Caribou In Greenland

Image credits: KoalaTeaNip

#24 War Changes You

Image credits: NN_besomething_iWish

#25 Found This In My Apartment While Living In Japan. They Are Fast!

Image credits: Saucy_Lemur

#26 Found This In My Girlfriends Loft. She Only Moved In 3 Months Ago And Says She Has Never Been Up There. Guess What My Name Is…

Image credits: n515o

#27 Robot With A Face Is Quite Creepy

Image credits: Sbyien

#28 Was Playing Video Games When I Heard A Sounds To My Left. Looked Over And Saw This

Image credits: JulesGirth

#29 Well That’s Not A Good Sign

Image credits: XyRow666

#30 No Matter How Many Times I Wash It…. It Turns Red

Image credits: Full_Havels

#31 The Tornado Showing Up Because Of The Lightning Strikes

Image credits: WizzerKrizzer

#32 Corn Maze

Image credits: mrcrabs6464

#33 All Of A Sudden You Hear Sirens

Image credits: Saltycrackers_mp4

#34 Man Goes In Narrow Underwater Cave

Image credits: Interesting_Force_65

#35 Just Wait When Night Falls…

Image credits: Flying-Armpit

#36 A Creepy Standing Goat.

Image credits: Megumins_AE86

#37 This School Project Someone’s Kid Made

Image credits: cherrythrow7

#38 Working At An Oil Rig In The Night

Image credits: i_am_gladius_boi

#39 A Whale Skeleton Found In The Hot Dunes Of Egypt

Image credits: SufficientTrack4193

#40 An Image Created By An Ai With Keywords “Abandoned Prison Covered In Fog”

Image credits: Holt_97

#41 There Is A Mutation In Frogs Where Their Eyes Grow On The Inside Of Their Mouth.

Image credits: Valentiniy0210

#42 Found This In The Basement Of My New

Image credits: franco-noce

#43 Woke Up Scared Stiff Last Night When I Noticed A Victorian Ghost Floating At The End Of My Bed. Took Me A Few Minutes To Realise It Was My Clothes On The Door

Image credits: sesse301187

#44 Amazing Halloween Costume

Image credits: frenchy614

#45 The Toilets At My Work

Image credits: Crackracket

#46 Eye Injury Causes Man’s Iris To Collapse

Image credits: WhyIsLife12

#47 What Is This?

Image credits: peakyblinderonroll

#48 Never Letting A Cat Touch Me Again

Image credits: fools_gear

#49 One Of The Last Known Pictures Taken By The Hikers Of The Dyatlov Pass Incident (1959)

Image credits: Multiversee

#50 A Doll Chillin In A Graveyard

Image credits: B-L-O-C-K-S

#51 A Peanut Lodged Inside A Child’s Trachea

Image credits: JM_2903

#52 This Isn’t A Halloween Haunted House — It’s A Part Of A Factory My Brother Worked In…

Image credits: renaissance_thot

#53 Mother! I Request Your Soul!

Image credits: AbolishAsh

#54 This Happens To My Hands At Cold Temperatures

Image credits: Zealousideal_Talk479

#55 Spacex Has Robot Dogs Patrolling Their Rocket Factory Now

Image credits: EricFromOuterSpace

#56 This Is The Witches Ball In A Cemetary In Memphis, Michigan. Weighing Almost 3000 Lbs, It Has Slowly Been Moving Upward Since 1903

Image credits: wintersoldier1287

#57 This Jack O Lantern With Mold Growing From Inside

Image credits: SnapDragon0420

#58 The Boötes Void, A 330 Million Diameter Void (Or .27% Of The Observable Universe) Of Sheer Nothingness Contains Only 60 Galaxies

Image credits: Z3D101

#59 This Is What Running Birds Look Like

Image credits: Csab7722

#60 Pov: Polar Bear Is Trying To Eat You

Image credits: IamPotato14

#61 This Footage Of The Reason For A Blocked Pipe In An Industrial Plant…

Image credits: Dredd907

#62 Feeding Time At An Eel Farm.

Image credits: rainbowarriorhere

#63 Slug Going In A Venus Fly Trap

Image credits: Goatath

#64 Lightning Hitting Vehicle In Turkish.

Image credits: Cyber_Being_

#65 I Don’t Like It

Image credits: trinerr

#66 What The Hell

Image credits: literally_anything8

#67 Ah Yes. Biblically Accurate Fish

Image credits: creepthekid_

#68 Mysterious Cube Shaped Object…?

Image credits: kshark12

#69 Rabid Fox Wants To Get Inside

Image credits: Spectus1

#70 I Walked Up To My Front Door At 10pm While Swinging My Lanyard, And This Is The Image My Doorbell Used To Send A Motion Notification

Image credits: sleeplessaddict

Source: boredpanda.com

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