82 Savage Covidiot Takedowns

It’s been almost a year since the coronavirus broke out in China. Our lives have really changed during the pandemic but we humans are pretty good at adapting. While the deadly disease is still claiming many lives worldwide, Pfizer and BioNTech have announced the first ‘milestone’ vaccine which can prevent more than 90% of people from getting Covid. They hope to be able to supply 50 million doses by the end of this year, and around 1.3 billion by the end of 2021.

Until then, the vast majority of people continue being vulnerable to a coronavirus infection and it is only the restrictions on our lives that are preventing more of us from dying. However, some nutbags still can’t understand the severity of the situation. What’s even more incredible, they use the Internet to broadcast their absurd thoughts. Covid is just flu, they say, masks won’t help.

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Luckily, someone usually responds to these folks with facts and logic. Continue scrolling and check out some of the best covidiot takedowns to date.

#1 Covid Meets Abortion

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#2 I’m Gonna Take The Surgeon’s Side On This One

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#3 If He Were Here He’d Consume These Morons With Fireballs From His Eyes And Bolts Of Lightning From His Arse

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#4 Due For Some Good Luck Eventually

Image credits: BPC3

#5 In A Discussion Over The Value Of Face Masks During Covid

Image credits: TheJedibugs

#6 Rip Cooper’s Dog, And Eric

Image credits: DepressedHypeman

#7 It’s Come To This: Face Mask Nazis

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#8 Wtf Are Light Language And Sacred Geometry?

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#9 Someone On The Walmart Social Media Team Has Had Enough Of Covidiots

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#10 We Need Certainty, Think Of The Children

Image credits: extratoasty

#11 On A Facebook Post About Schools Opening Up In The Fall

Image credits: Oceansqualls

#12 It’s Simple Logic, And Therefore Completely Unfathomable

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#13 We’ve Got A Man Down

Image credits: Teh_RainbowGuy

#14 Comments On A Post About A Local Business Shutting Down For A Positive Covid Employee

Image credits: mh15634

#15 Found On Nextdoor Post About Covid-19

Image credits: 420danger_noodle420

#16 Murder By Words Covid 2nd Edition

Image credits: hellvibes

#17 If You Share An Image That Can Result In Unsafe Practices Regarding Covid, Be Prepared To Be Called Out On It.

Image credits: golde62

#18 Covid Is Just A Flu

Image credits: Hoshui

#19 Covid Obituary

Image credits: PreparedToBeReckless

#20 Tom Wolf Is The Governor Of Pennsylvania, Fyi. This Person Is Mad They Are Asked To Wear A Mask In Public

Image credits: HeyBlenderhead

#21 It’s Crazy That People Still Think Covid Is As Harmless As The Flu. It’s Just Flabbergasting To Me

Image credits: lnsert_Username_Here

#22 My Friend’s Response To A Facebook Covid Post

Image credits: LeegNight

#23 Three Words.

Image credits: Spavlia

#24 On A Post Asking If Anti Vaxxers Would Want To Get The Covid-19 Vaccine If It Gets Released Officially

Image credits: fragmaster7777

#25 Person Comparing Covid And Flu Gets Owned By This Analogy

Image credits: reddit.com

#26 In Response To Walmart Requiring Masks For All. Hope He Can Get Burn Cream From A Store Without A Mask.

Image credits: reddit.com

#27 Hillary Clinton Going In For The Kill

Image credits: imgur.com

#28 One Of The Best Responses To A “Corona Wont Kill Me So Why Should I Care??” Comment Ive Seen Yet.

Image credits: _ZR_

#29 Another Mask Denier Put In Their Place!

Image credits: URockFest

#30 Found On An Article About Masks

Image credits: wizardmage

#31 Getting Advice From Karen?

Image credits: meauho

#32 Not Understanding Basic Info To Own The Libs

Image credits: mecbirdhouse

#33 Pro-Choice Mask

Image credits: baconlovr

#34 Wear Mask Please

Image credits: Mineturtle1738

#35 Someone Suggested To Prep Younger Kids For Masks At School This Fall By Using Them At Home For Short Periods.

Image credits: LiquidImp

#36 Masks, How Do They Work

Image credits: MarshallBlathers

#37 That Was A Good One

Image credits: HelloItsMeLol

#38 Murdered Her Mask

Image credits: DDsLaboratory

#39 I Might Order That Mask Design Just To Mess With Idiots Like Her

Image credits: elricooo

#40 Coronavirus Side Effect: Major Burns

Image credits: Good4Josh2

#41 Some People Are So Callous About The Number Of Dead!

Image credits: Caldreas

#42 He Got A Point

Image credits: UrinalCake720

#43 Restaurants Are Reopening In My City. Made This Comment On A Post & Got This:

Image credits: ThisLuckyGirl

#44 People Refusing To Wear Masks…

Image credits: AvnvPS

#45 Anti-Masker “Can Live” With The Number Of People Battling/Dying From Covid-19.

Image credits: sbanc

#46 This Chick Spews The Most Outrageous Stuff

Image credits: MrBarfyy

#47 Percentages Are Just So Confusing

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#48 Yes, It’s To Refrain From Common Sense

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#49 It Seems To Hard To Remember We’re Still In The Middle Of A Global Pandemic

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#50 Who Knew It Was Just That Simple?!

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#51 Thinking Smart

Image credits: Superastroturfman

#52 Coronavirus Continues To Be A Hoax

Image credits: the_user_games

#53 You’re The Only Person You Care About

Image credits: 3slyfox

#54 My Roommate Fighting The Good Fight

Image credits: Luciditi89

#55 Local Idiot Gets Gently Corrected

Image credits: jaytix1

#56 Don’t Know If This Counts But I Don’t Know Where Else To Put It

Image credits: Dolphinman06

#57 Nothing But A Chalk Outline At The Murder Scene

Image credits: SidTheKidd

#58 Cyanide, Happiness, And A Wellness Guru

Image credits: Doomofaplanet

#59 A Good Murder Always Is Nice To See

Image credits: Woolie42_YT

#60 Remember That?

Image credits: kevinowdziej

#61 Pour One Out For Aunt Peggy

Image credits: mustardgrl69

#62 Anti-Vaxxer Got Shot Down

Image credits: Ironninja1116

#63 Murdered Nice Mask Wearing

Image credits: ZombiAcademy

#64 My Neice 30, Thinks Masks Are Unnecessary And Keeps Posting This Crap. Me (50f, With Asthma) Thinks She’s A Idiot, And I Finally Had To Say Something.

Image credits: Its_a_Mara-thon

#65 Mask Required Sign Doesn’t Want To Deal With Karen’s

Image credits: Fchykbfscgj6

#66 Local Community Forum On Fb Posted Info On Business That Require Masks. This Guy Started Calling Everyone “Sheep’s” For Supporting It…

Image credits: BMRBruins

#67 Why Not Wear A Mask

Image credits: Brookss571

#68 Mask Expert Gets Owned

Image credits: mikevanatta

#69 On A Post About Someone Getting Yelled At For Wearing A Mask

Image credits: cheesetiny

#70 Masks = Muzzles, Apparently ?

Image credits: MsButterThief

#71 Masks Are Part Of Obama’s Plan

Image credits: beadybeedee

#72 Not A Murder, But Wear Your Mask Pls

Image credits: tryfje

#73 Shocked_pikachu_face.jpeg

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#74 If I Was Bill Gates I’d Just Tell The World To Go Get Bent, I’m Done With All This Garbage

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#75 That Escalated Quickly…..

Image credits: bellchilton

#76 Facebook User Tries To Spread Misleading Meme, Gets Shut Down Quickly

Image credits: aptaintickles1

#77 What 1% Really Means

Image credits: bobekyrant

#78 The Rt For The Cincinnati Bengals Gets Murdered By A Disgruntled Fan.

Image credits: DoctorMac12

#79 Cmon Woman

Image credits: itsyaman__

#80 From A Post On A Grappling Site Encouraging Mask Use When Out In The World.

Image credits: RorschachtheWatchman

#81 Wear Them Masks

Image credits: SkillfulTiger135

#82 On A Post About Wearing Masks

Image credits: diemwoan

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