83 Of The Best Celebrity Doppelgangers

There are plenty of Pandas out there who aspire to be celebrities. Beloved by their fans all over the globe, showered with attention, and able to make a large impact on the world—it sounds wonderful.

While some people are struggling to make it big in places like Hollywood at this very moment, others are enjoying the same attention as stars due to genetic luck. They were born looking almost exactly like the celebrities we know and love. While some go about their ordinary lives like Clark Kent and Peter Parker would, others love to style their hair and dress up like those stars to highlight those similarities even more.

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Bored Panda has a treat in store for you today: we’ve collected the most striking and impressive photos of celebrity lookalikes, including from the popular and well-known ‘Same de la Same’ Instagram account. Scroll down for some jaw-droppingly similar celeb doppelgangers and upvote the photos that impressed you the most. Did you have a hard time figuring out who was the star and who was the civilian? Let us know in the comments.

Bored Panda got in touch with Freddy Slivinski the founder of ‘Same de la Same,’ as well as with celebrity expert Mike Sington, from LA. Scroll down for our full interviews about stars and their lookalikes. And when you’re done enjoying this article, you might be interested in checking out some more celeb doppelgangers right here and here.

#1 Looks Like Michael Scott Started A Small Business In Turkey

Image credits: reddit.com

#2 Keanu Reeves Look-Alike

Image credits: same.de.la.same

#3 Angelina Jolie Look-Alike

Image credits: same.de.la.same

Bored Panda had a chat with Mike, who’s known as Hollywood’s Ultimate Insider, about the upsides and downsides of looking like a beloved celeb.

“It’s fun, it gets you attention, and you can actually make money at if the resemblance is extreme. There are actual agencies with rosters of celebrity lookalikes that book them for personal appearance,” he said.

#4 Look-Alike And Kim Kardashian

Image credits: same.de.la.same

#5 Look-Alike And Jennifer Aniston

Image credits: same.de.la.same

#6 I Work In A Kitchen. You Have No Idea How Many People Say ‘You Look Like The Guy From Ratatouille’. Every Damn Minute

Image credits: zombi3123

However, he warned that it’s also possible to get too much attention. “If you’re going about your day and don’t want to be bothered, you’re not in the mood to be ‘on,’ or seeing the disappointment that comes from a fan when they realize you’re not really a celebrity,” he said that it isn’t always glorious and amazing to look like a star. There are times when you’d rather blend in with the crowd.

“Actual celebrities usually love to meet their lookalikes. Celebrities have a great sense of humor about it, and there’s often an instant bonding that happens when a celebrity meets their lookalike,” the celebrity expert told us that stars are fans of doppelgangers.

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#7 So Apparently Snape Works At American Airlines

Image credits: iamgingerhearmeroar

#8 People Think I Look Like Timothée Chalamet

Image credits: daintybabyboy

#9 Bruce Willis Look-Alike On The Bus

Image credits: JM2845

According to Mike, some celebrities have used lookalikes in the past to evade the paparazzi. “Usually when they’re trying to make an entrance or exit to a building,” he told Bored Panda. “The lookalike is used as a decoy to distract the paparazzi so the actual celebrity can make their move.”

However, the expert believes that celebs wouldn’t stoop to using lookalikes to do some of their work for them. “I know of no cases where a star has employed a lookalike to meet fans. If you think about it, this would be a cruel move, and if found out, no celebrity would want the ensuing blowback. It wouldn’t be worth the risk to alienate your fan base,” he said.

#10 Vincent Van Gogh Double

Image credits: same.de.la.same

#11 Peter Dinklage Look-Alike

Image credits: same.de.la.same

#12 I Have Been Told I Was Bryan Cranston’s Doppelganger Since Breaking Bad Started. I Went To San Diego For The Comicon This Past Summer So I Could See Him And See For Myself. I Wasn’t Disappointed. I Am The Op Of This Picture, That’s Me On The Left

Image credits: breakingbadmrwhite

Meanwhile, Freddy, who founded ‘Same de la Same’ and has a major passion for celebrity doppelgangers, was kind enough to share his perspective with us again. He believes that the idea for stars to use lookalikes to evade unwanted attention is “excellent” and could be useful.

“I think the lookalikes take advantage of their resemblance to work/make money, but I don’t think the real stars need them,” Freddy told us, adding that he doesn’t mean the doubles used for filming movies.

#13 Man I Saw Playing The Poker Machines Is Gandalf’s Doppelganger

Image credits: goondalf_the_grey

#14 My Friend’s Egyptian Professor Looks Like Einstein

Image credits: okaygreatt

#15 Dear Kiki…

Image credits: Theperfectool

In Freddy’s view, learning to move and behave like stars requires a lot of energy, time, and dedication. “100% a lot of work, a lot of dedication. The lookalikes take the job seriously, they work really hard to make the resemblance works well. Without a doubt, they work really hard to do a good job like an impersonator,” he said that lookalikes try to mimic body language as well, not just the style and looks.

#16 My Sister Went To Paris And Saw Sean Connery Taking Pictures With All These People. She Muscled Her Way In And Asked For A Photo, All Pleased

It wasn’t Sean Connery. This man had been taking pictures with his family.

Image credits: reddit.com

#17 Pitbull Look-Alike

Image credits: same.de.la.same

#18 Look-Alike And Marilyn Monroe

Image credits: same.de.la.same

The founder of ‘Same de la Same’ also opened up to us about one doppelganger who recently left an impression on him. “I have a lot of favorites, not only one, everyone is amazing,” he said. “If I need to choose from the latest ones, I will say a woman that looks like Scarlett Johansson. She looks exactly like her.”

#19 Look-Alike And Doctor Strange

Image credits: same.de.la.same

#20 Look-Alike And Demi Lovato

Image credits: same.de.la.same

#21 Jason Statham Look-Alike

Image credits: same.de.la.same

During a previous interview with Bored Panda, Freddy told us all about the celeb doppelganger Instagram project that he created, ‘Same de la Same.’ In his opinion, seeing a double (whether your own or a star’s) can be one of the most surprising things that can happen to a person.

Collecting photos of ordinary people who look like stars has had a profound effect on Freddy’s life. “In recent years, thanks to my Same de la Same page, I was able to meet more than 220 people from all over the world who look like a celebrity and I can tell you for certain that that similarity completely changed their life for most of them,” he told us.

#22 Almost Lost It When I Saw My Professor At My Exam This Morning

Image credits: nolsinhere

#23 Myself And James Franco…

Image credits: thisisnotchrisd

#24 My Friend’s Dad Is Asian Danny Devito

Image credits: KyronX

“It is incredible to hear their stories and how from being a ‘normal’ person they became almost like celebrities because of their resemblance to a famous person. People who have ‘normal’ jobs change their lives and start going on shows, going on TV, doing commercials, interviews, and all just because they look like someone else,” Freddy explained how an ordinary person’s life can change once they realize that they look like some of the stars that we adore.

“There are people who from one day to the next who discover that they look just like a new celebrity that is now in a television series or a famous person from social media. And from one day to the next they go viral all over the world. It is completely incredible and without a doubt, it changes your life,” he told Bored Panda.

#25 Michael Cera

Image credits: nayohmee

#26 Andrew Zimmern And Myself At The 2019 Sobewff

Image credits: EYEBOBdoYOU

#27 So My Buddy Could Have Been A Wet Bandit

Image credits: exmof

Ella Norton, from the United Kingdom, looks almost identical to Emma Watson, who is probably best known for her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies. Ella had a few run-ins with fans and got to experience the kind of love and support that Emma gets on a daily basis.

“The most memorable experience with an Emma Watson fan would probably be when I visited Oxford once, and took photos with everyone there, including children in Harry Potter uniform, and even was asked to sign autographs. I always feel bad to let people down who think I actually am her! It is very surreal to have experienced a tiny bit of what it is like for a celebrity on a daily basis,” Ella told Bored Panda earlier.

“I always feel so bad to let people down who genuinely think I am Emma, as I don’t want to disappoint people,” the doppelganger told us that she doesn’t intend to trick fans in any way; however, she also doesn’t want to let them down.

#28 My Friend Met The Pakistani Mr. Bean

Image credits: reddit.com

#29 Michael Caine

Image credits: YogurtGhost

#30 That Time Adam Sandler Discovered His Doppelganger On Reddit And Invited Him To A Film Premier

Image credits: gene100001

“So far I’ve only really cosplayed as Hermione, but I’m looking to also cosplay Belle from Beauty and The Beast, and Meg March from Little Women. I’ve never done any professional cosplay before, but I’m looking forward to learning more about cosplay and going to conventions when I can,” Ella told us that she started taking cosplaying more seriously. What’s more, just Emma, she’s an avid bookworm.

“It’s been the dream to study at Oxford University reading English ever since I was little. After, I am hoping to go into work for human rights. I consider myself to be an advocate for human rights as well as environmental issues, and I would love to be able to make a difference in the world. That’s another reason why I like having a platform on social media; it’s great to have a voice with which I can speak on important issues,” Emma’s lookalike Ella told us about her dreams and aspirations.

#31 Samantha L. Jackson

Image credits: a_fishmonger

#32 Look-Alike And Kirsten Dunst

Image credits: same.de.la.same

#33 Lady Gaga Double

Image credits: same.de.la.same

#34 Look-Alike And Bono

Image credits: same.de.la.same

#35 Look-Alike And Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy)

Image credits: same.de.la.same

#36 Look-Alike And El Profesor (Alvaro Morte)

Image credits: same.de.la.same

#37 Look-Alike And Dua Lipa

Image credits: same.de.la.same

#38 Emilia Clarke Lookalike

Image credits: same.de.la.same

#39 That’s My Dad On The Left And Alec Baldwin On The Right

Image credits: zigzagdrums

#40 Jennifer Lopez Look-Alike

Image credits: same.de.la.same

#41 Gilbert Gottfried Responds To Reddit Lookalike Girl

Image credits: nyconfidential

#42 Spotted Young Mr Robot Doppelganger In The Bus

Image credits: evengingersdohaesoul

#43 When Your Travel Pillow Makes You Look Like Shakespeare

Image credits: Mopninja

#44 Here Is My Dad And Jimmy Fallon’s Wax Figure. We Get A Lot Of Stares In Public

Image credits: kdblol

#45 Look-Alike And Selena Gomez

Image credits: same.de.la.same

#46 A Few Days Ago A Person On Facebook Sent Me This Photo. What Do You Say?

Image credits: richarynpimaortinall

#47 Every Time I Get The Comparison, Whether It’s At Work, Running An Errand Or Online, It’s Very Flattering But Also Hard For Me To Believe. I Think Angelina Jolie Is Absolutely Gorgeous And Never Thought Of Myself In That Respect

Image credits: same.de.la.same

#48 Dj Khaled Look-Alike

Image credits: same.de.la.same

#49 Halle Berry Look-Alike

Image credits: same.de.la.same

#50 Brad Pitt Look-Alike

Image credits: same.de.la.same

#51 Orlando Bloom And Johnny Deppo Look-Alike

Image credits: same.de.la.same

#52 I Get Stopped By Strangers Because I Look Like Gaga, Oh The Stories

Image credits: ladygagalookalike

#53 Taylorswifttwin

Image credits: Christmaspencil

#54 Ghanaian Will Smith

Image credits: Dr_Skyman

#55 Kobe Bryant Look-Alike

Image credits: same.de.la.same

#56 Hulk Hogan Look-Alike

Image credits: same.de.la.same

#57 Jeremy Renner Look-Alike

Image credits: same.de.la.same

#58 Leborn James

Image credits: psychoaway

#59 Look-Alike And Laura Prepon

Image credits: casswilt

#60 I Found Alec Baldwin’s Doppelganger From The 1940’s At My Local Elk’s Lodge.

Image credits: BeardPower

#61 This Suspected Thief Whom Any Friends Fan Would Immediately Recognize As A Dead Ringer For David Schwimmer, Aka Ross

#62 I Just Discovered Amy Poehler’s Doppelganger, Actress Nancy Malone.

Image credits: deadfordead

#63 I Posted A Pic Earlier Calling My Lil Bro Kramer Jr. A Redditor Said He Looked Like Butthead… I’m Laughing Way Harder Now!

Image credits: Alex_Moser

#64 My Coworker And His Doppelganger!

Image credits: sweet_nut_nectar

#65 I Told My Dad He Looked Like Arthur Today And He Didn’t Agree Until He Saw The Picture!

Image credits: thicccymouse

#66 Laurence Fishburne

Image credits: mathewrodriguez

#67 Paul Rudd: “My Doppelgänger.”

Image credits: AdamSchefter

#68 Mr Bean Look-Alike

Image credits: same.de.la.same

#69 Emma Watson Look-Alike

Image credits: same.de.la.same

#70 Look-Alike And Captain Jack Sparrow

Image credits: same.de.la.same

#71 Look-Alike And Megan Fox

Image credits: same.de.la.same

#72 Look-Alike And Daniel Stern (Marv From Home Alone)

Image credits: thpiethief

#73 I Just Want Kathryn Hahn To Love Me Back

Image credits: terminalprancer

#74 A Few People Told Me I Looked Like Creed Bratton. What Do You Think?

Image credits: reddit.com

#75 2pac Look-Alike

Image credits: same.de.la.same

#76 Bruce Willis Double

Image credits: same.de.la.same

#77 Look-Alike And Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Image credits: same.de.la.same

#78 Cardi B Look-Alike

Image credits: same.de.la.same

#79 Look-Alike And Camila Cabello

Image credits: same.de.la.same

#80 Found A Tom Cruise Doppelganger On Tinder.

Image credits: bronsiorai

#81 I Matched With Reddit-Famous Harry Potter Doppelganger

Image credits: totesnotfreemason

#82 Looks Like He’s Still Pretty Upset About The Failure Of His Theme Park…

Image credits: reddit

#83 Conan O’brien’s Civil War Doppelganger

Image credits: CelsusMD

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